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Security solutions mag videofied 2010


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Security solutions mag videofied 2010

  2. 2. S OL H P TI T G ADVERTORIALVideofied - The Futureof Alarms Has Arrived!Videofied XL – It‘s here. Not to be confused communication in all the Videofied devices. to catch intruders the client is likely payingwith video surveillance, Videofied is a The robust, reliable, secure and highly 500% more than they should have paid withburglar alarm system with built in video penetrating wireless radio communication the Videofied video verification system.and voice verification. The availability of the makes the new Videofied XL system the MotionViewers using a wireless andVideofied XL now makes video verification most versatile and most technologically self–powered secure and encrypted networkburglar alarms affordable to the domestic advanced burglar alarm system on the planet. make the Videofied XL sound like the mostmarketplace, and leads the way forward in The Videofied XL is a worthy compliment cost-efficient security guard force one couldshaping the future in security alarm systems. to the simple genius of the MotionViewer. deploy. The MotionViewer is available asAlbeit priced for the domestic-small business The Videofied MotionViewer is a self– an indoor or outdoor unit. There is no sitemarket, the Videofied XL is packed full of powered wireless radio device that combines that can not be quickly and easily secured,the most advanced technologies including a PIR and digital day/night vision camera in either indoors or outdoors. The outdoora combination of video and audio burglar one unit. The Videofied XL system is capable MotionViewer is IP65 rated and uses aalarm verification capabilities, wireless of accommodating up to 20 MotionViewers. unique algorithm that automatically adjustsGPRS and GSM communicators, a touch MotionViewers are only active when the XL to the environmental temperatures of upscreen keypad and the unique feature of a panel is armed. In essence, the MotionViewer to 68 degrees Celsius and down to -20proximity tag arming and disarming station. performs the role of a virtual electronic degrees Celsius, activating the night visionVideo verification and Voice verification on a security guard, and reports exactly what has camera only after intelligently detecting thesingle system — all for the same price as a been seen by the MotionViewers PIR through movement of a subject (intruder). Problematicblind burglar alarm makes the Videofied XL the eye of the day/night vision camera. As outdoor site installations previously requiringthe next generation alarm–system for the Privacy is important, viewing is permitted extensive, costly and time consuming labordomestic to commercial markets. only when the Videofied system is in an and cabling now simply become a breeze The Videofied XL and peripheral devices alarm state. Verification is the objective of the as wireless outdoor MotionViewers canare all completely self–powered and wireless. MotionViewer, not identification. Is it a person be instantly mounted anywhere to protectManufactured by RSI Video Technologies or not? Surveillance cameras recording in high detached garages, building perimeters,in France, the state of the art engineering definition at 100 frames per second is good external doorways, boats, containers, workcapabilities are demonstrated in the design evidence if the offenders are apprehended, vans and utes, building sites and the list goesof the power-efficient Videofied XL, which but immediate video advice and verification of on. Flexible functionality is also an importantcan operate for up to four years on one set of intrusion is the most important step to getting feature, whereby the Videofied XL panelbatteries. police and guards deployed with urgency, and can arm the Outdoor MotionViewers whilst Further feats of engineering marvels facilitating the apprehension of the offender. the main indoors of the premises, protectedperformed by RSI Video Technologies include Depending what security solution suits a by indoor MotionViewers, is disarmed —the incorporation of the unique military–grade client’s needs, if a hi–resolution CCTV-DVR allowing occupants to have the perimeterencrypted wireless bi–directional radio style system is being used in an attempt secured whilst safely inside. Unlessotherwiseexpresslystated,thereviewoftheproductorproductsappearinginthissectionrepresenttheopinionsoftherelevantadvertiseranddonot120 represent the views or opinions of Australian Media Group Pty Ltd or the other advertisers or contributors to this publication.
  3. 3. VD OLA ME H OO I S I E A R T C N L GEInstallation time with the XL is reduced to couldn’t be farther from the truth. The would surely get out of the premises hour, and rarely is a site too large traditional ‘blind’ burglar alarm has become a On the other hand, if it is the owner, then afor the robust wireless communication victim of itself. Synonymous to the age–old voice authority can be provided over the twoincorporated in each and every Videofied expression of the boy who cried wolf, police way voice channel and the alarm activationdevice, including the outdoor MotionViewers. now notionally consider reported alarm deemed unwanted.The Videofied XL literally needs no wires activations to be false or non–genuine. A The Videofied XL has been an eagerlyor cables. Fast wireless installations makes burglar alarm does not perform the role anticipated addition to the Videofied arsenalthe Videofied XL stand apart from the rest. of arresting burglars, but rather police and of products that have seen scores ofUsing the built-in quad band GPRS modem guards do. Once police are aware that a real intruders, vandals, trespassers and graffitito communicate alarms and videos to the burglary is in progress, all indications are offenders arrested by police and guardscentral monitoring station, the Videofied that an urgent response is likely. Urgency throughout Australia over the past year.XL has even catered for a home owner that is the key, and the seamless and simple These arrests have largely been due todoesn’t have a phone land line. Value for video verification solution that is provided Australian law enforcement alarm responsemoney is the paramount consideration when by Videofied will enable police and guards policies and practice focusing on Videoa client decides upon a security solution, to respond with urgency, and an appropriate Verification of alarm activations. Policingand it is important as a security service level of force. the community is a far too important taskprovider to maintain a first class reputation Going one step further, the Videofied to have the time of our police wasted withand competitive edge to win and get repeat XL uniquely incorporates another alarm unnecessary deployment to reported falsebusiness. There is no better value for money verification tool that has been used an end user client than the Videofied XL extensively throughout Europe for some time, And in an era where wireless technologiessystem, as the dollar value is in the Videofied and that is two–way voice verification. This are flourishing, it should be no surpriseequipment, not in the labor of the wired feature of the Videofied XL is active whilst that the traditional ‘blind’ retired detectorinstallation. This in turn makes a Videofied the system is in an alarm state, then enabling technologies need to step aside for aXL purchase an investment in security that the control room operator the ability to turn responsibly efficient and valued solution.can be easily relocated from location to on the alarm panel microphone and speaker Coupled with the new police alarm responselocation at a fraction of the cost of a complete to initiate a conversation through the GSM policies, and the availability of the Videofiedinstallation, thus making it better value for voice module in the XL panel. Imagine the XL system, is there really a choice whenmoney. difference for a control room operator given considering the best burglar alarm option Home and business owners have the ability to see the actual intruder on video for an installer, consumer, guard or policepreviously installed burglar alarm systems — and then challenging that intruder’s right agency?believing that if the alarm system is activated, to be in the premises — through an audiblepolice would urgently respond to arrest speaker on the Videofied XL unit. If it is in fact Contact Video Alarm Technologies onthe would–be burglars. Unfortunately, this an intruder, then there is little doubt that they 1300 464455 for more information.Unlessotherwiseexpresslystated,thereviewoftheproductorproductsappearinginthissectionrepresenttheopinionsoftherelevantadvertiseranddonotrepresent the views or opinions of Australian Media Group Pty Ltd or the other advertisers or contributors to this publication. 121
  4. 4. Does your old burglar alarm... Totally Wireless Video Security System see nothing? hear nothing? speak nothing? Video is recorded and sent upon alarm detection only - protecting your privacy INDOOR MOTIONVIEWER Motion Sensor Day / Night Camera Infrared Illuminators Contacts Get the NEW OUTDOOR MOTIONVIEWER VIDEOFIED XL ™ MotionViewer IP 65 WEATHERPROOF - 20˚ + 60˚ Video and 2-way voice Motion Sensor over Mobile Network for the price of your blind system. Proximity Arming Fob Day / Night Camera Standard VIDEOFIED ™ XL Kit Infrared Illuminators Motion activates theNew Videofied XL Features integrated Day / Night Camera - Instant video of intrusion with 2-way voice over GSM mobile - Wireless MotionViewer (sensor/camera) with true night vision - GSM mobile communicator eliminates all VoIP, IP or PSTN connections A 10 second video of the intruder is sent over the GPRS network to the monitoring - Privacy assured as each MotionViewer camera is only active during alarm station and then to a nominated recipient. - UNPLUGGED - totally wireless and no AC power needed - Intergrated proximity card arming/disarming for ease of use - Up to 20 cameras (sirens, reed contacts, keypads or other devices) Fewer False Alarms. - 4 years battery life on panel and other devices Faster Police Response. Greater Situation Awareness. PORTABLE PRACTICAL AFFORDABLEor call Video Alarm Technologies on1300 46 44 55 for more information or call Video Alarm Technologies on1300 46 44 55 for more information