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Pharmaceutical ERP cGMP Compliant - eresource ERP. With the introduction of cGMP complaint ERP solution, eresource ERP has been armed with highly regulated ERP solution for Pharmaceutical industry

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Pharmaceutical erp-ebroucher

  1. 1. A Pill for GrowthERP Solution to help your Business succeed.Manufacturing as per WHO cGMPeresource ERP is India’s No. 1 ERP solution designed exclusively forpharmaceutical manufacturing companies. eresource ERP has successfully empowered many of demanding customers across theeresource ERP for pharmaceutical is designed with operation efficiency in world by perusing excellence, building andmind. Operation efficiency requires a system that runs every aspects of your delivering enterprise solutions. eresource’sbusiness, as you can cut cost, bring product to the market sooner, comply withregulations and improve customer relationship. ERP practice is primarily process driven and provide organization with the strategic insight,eresource contributes the industry best practices for e-documenting the BPR. ability to differentiate, increased productivityThe BPR in eresource allows you to track the Batch manufacturing right from and flexibility they need to succeed.the Raw Material Requisition until the release order issued by the QualityAssurance department, thus, making Batch Work-in-Progress monitoring just Access your business Anytime, Anywherea click away. It also handles the In-progress Quality Check ( IPQC ) and Working online with eresource ERP, youllQuality Assurance record for each batch after the beginning and completion ofeach processes. gain the freedom and flexibility to manage your Enterprise the way that works for you.For any Pharmaceutical ERP, compliance with GMP & FDA requirement is of Work from home or while on move. Shareprime importance, eresource is the only ERP that comprises all information with your colleagues withoutPharmaceutical requirements. sending files back and forth.All Pharmaceutical Industry falls under Batch Process Manufacturing.eresource ERP makes the process of forecasting simple. It is a powerful end-to-end business integrated solution.
  2. 2. Grow your Business faster and more profitable with eresource ERPMedical Representative (MR) and Sales ManagementMR and Sales Management in eresource is an online Sales ForceAutomation system enabling sales field personals across the country interactwith the headquarter. Whether it is maintaining Information and Contacts ofDoctors, Chemists, Stockiest, Primary or secondary sales, eresourceprovides you right solution and efficient flow of information. eresource MRand Sales Management also provides stock information with Stockiest,Depots and Gifts/Samples with MR.Planning and SchedulingPlanning right from Sales until Production will be available to theManagement on a click of a button. The Planning module comprises ofForecasting based on Weighted Average, Multi Level Production Planning,Inventory and Material Planning, Capacity Planning and many moreManufacturing ModuleManufacturing module in eresource provides a collaborative environment forperforming manufacturing tasks. eresource ERP allows Self DefinedConfiguration Management of Processes for different products. In the caseof Tablet Manufacturing, the Production manager can define Processessuch as, Job Card Creation, Batch Production Checklist, BPR EquipmentCleaning, BPR ingredients, Powder preparation, Lubrication, IPQC, etc.R & D Formulation Managementeresource R&D Module comprises of multi-level formulas and easy materialchangeover. eresource R&D is formula based and not BOM based, withingredients mixing by approved proportion measurement. The module isflexible to meet the specific need, no matter what type of product youmanufacture. Formula proportion is user-definable.Total Quality Managementeresource TQM Module helps Quality Assurance & Control department withits integrated Total Quality Management. Quality is of extreme importance forpharmaceutical company. eresource ERP helps Quality Control departmentto monitor quality by control plans in purchasing and manufacturing and alsoprovides real-time process capability index for quick review.
  3. 3. Stay Ahead of your CompetitorsInventory and Material ManagementInventory Module provides powerful and flexible set of features to help youmanage and report inventory information. Material Requirement Planning isderived automatically based on Minimum Order Quantity, Economic OrderQuantity and Periodic Order Quantity. Inventory Module is provided withfacilities to handle receipts, transfers, returns, sales, issues from stock,stock movement analysis and ageing analysis of stocks.Purchasing ManagementPurchase Module streamlines procurement of required Raw Materials,packaging materials based on Sales Order Planning and MaterialRequirement Planning. It automates the process of identifying potentialsuppliers, supplier evaluation, supplier quote evaluation, awarding purchaseorder to the suppliers and billing. Purchase module is tightly integrated withInventory Control, Production Planning & Finance.Maintenance ModuleMaintenance Module in eresource captures information of equipmentmaintenance, Breakdown Analysis. It allows the maintenance department toschedule Maintenance task calendar for all equipments.Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Module streamlines the management of human resourcesand human capitals. It comprises of four broad sections, mainly, Training,Recruitment, Payroll and Attendance. It also maintains a complete employeedatabase including contact information, salary details, attendance,performance evaluation and promotion of all employees.Accounts & Finance ManagementThe eresource Finance management module has the capability of meeting allthe accounting and financial needs of an organization. It is with this modulethat Financial Manager as well as other Managers within business can reviewthe financial position of the company in real time and allows for betterdecision-making and strategic planning.
  4. 4. Access your Business Anytime, AnywhereManage Your Business More Effectivelyeresource ERP allows users to access features based on the access grant permitted to them. Similarly, even the contractors,customers and suppliers can access their respective information without having access to the rest of the features. All the eventsclicked by any user is logged in the activity log section, which makes sure that everyone is accountable and every transaction istraceable.It is affordable, easy to use and quick to ImplementWith eresource, you and your colleagues can access the enterprise solution modules from anywhere with a desktop andan Internet connection. Simply put, you have the flexibility to manage and access your companys information from anywhereand at any time. eresource ERP Benefits Security Manufacturing as per WHO cGMP Standards eresource ERP provides you with rich Increase Operational efficiency security features to protect your valuable data. Granting and controlling user Gain Business Visibility authentication is far more flexible and Improve Customer Relationship provides security at micro level. Streamline Production and Planning Optimize IT investments Comply with Regulations Cut Costs Implementation Support Bring product to market sooner A proven Implementation methodology for Monitor and control and expenses rapid deployment and time to value, Reduce errors backed by unmatched customer support resources to ensure 24x7 accessibility and Get accurate, timely information service. Support your changing needs Get a complete view of your business. Make better business decisions. Deliver the right product at the right time System Requirements Keep customer promises eresource Online Edition requires a Ability to modify / configure statutory changes computer with Microsoft Windows 2000, Improved closure rates, increased market share XP or Vista, an Internet connection (a Improved sales and opportunity visibility, better customer high-speed connection is recommended), relationships, lower customer service costs and at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Global reach, better inventory visibility, reduced distribution costs, higher customer satisfaction REGISTERED OFFICE: TMA House, 1st Floor, Road No 16, Plot No. 6, Thane (West) 400 604, Maharashtra T: +91 22 25827692 / +91 22 25828775 / +91 22 65130234 e-mail : Dubai Office: eresource International FZCO, P O Box : 32339, Dubai, UAE T: 00971 4 3262550 / Mob : 050 653 5029 email:, Website: