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Social mediamarketing have dominated the ATL marketing tactics now a days . Most business were cautious at first, however, the majority of successful business now have social media strategies and are leveraging the popularity of social media as an integral part of their marketing efforts. Social media can be used for much more than just marketing, including customer support, research and development, public relations, just to name a few.
To summarize, social media has attracted such large audiences that you cannot ignore joining them and adopt social media strategies as a significant part of your overall marketing plan. The benefits are numerous:
1. Increase exposure
2. Increase operational efficiencies
3. Decrease marketing expenses
4. Communicate better – better engagement
5. Build better relationships with your prospects and

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  • Internet Marketing Notes: The best online strategy often involves an integration of conventional and Internet marketing strategies. Even popular Internet vendors who want to expand their customer bases frequently resort to physical world promotional tactics. Consistency in appearance and other cues, as well as an Internet marketing plan are essential. Examples include Yahoo’s television ads and AOL’s prolific distribution of sign-up CDs. Discussion/Team Activity: List companies that have excelled at integrating conventional and Internet marketing strategies. Review their Web site and traditional advertisements for consistency.
  • Internet Marketing
  • Internet Marketing Notes: Several popular promotion tools exist for the Internet marketer. Spam, most often considered annoying, is still in use in many areas, but buzz beats spam. Buzz, or viral marketing, means spreading the news about a product, service, or site via word of mouth (or word of email
  • Internet Marketing Notes: Some statistics show more U.S. women online than U.S. men; others show the reverse. Nonetheless, the percentages are roughly equal.
  • Internet Marketing ONLINE Comparing B2B Exchanges Go to the Global Wine & Spirits Web site. Identify the features that could benefit a wine producer as well as the features that could benefit a wine retailer. Next, go to the TransCore Web site. How does its features compare to those you found at Global Wine & Spirits? Which site do you believe does a better job of serving the visitors seeking business-to-business services? Notes: B2B exchanges function like a virtual trading floor, where buyers and sellers can transact business and exchange information. B2B exchanges are not proving to be as successful as anticipated. Over half of those in existence in 2001 were out of business by 2002.
  • Internet Marketing Notes: Statistics based on racial demographics indicate that minority populations in the United States are closing the gap on whites in Internet access and usage.
  • Internet Marketing Notes: The same is true of the education demographic. Increasingly, those with less education are obtaining Internet access, although the percentage difference between college and post-graduates and those who did not complete high school is drastic.
  • Internet Marketing Notes: Internet marketing to consumers is commonly referred to as business-to-consumer (or B2C) electronic commerce. Internet activity is called business-to-business (or B2B) electronic commerce. A third type of growing Internet commerce is consumer-to-consumer (C2C), as eBay and other auction/trading sites.
  • Internet Marketing ONLINE Comparing B2B Exchanges Go to the Global Wine & Spirits Web site. Identify the features that could benefit a wine producer as well as the features that could benefit a wine retailer. Next, go to the TransCore Web site. How does its features compare to those you found at Global Wine & Spirits? Which site do you believe does a better job of serving the visitors seeking business-to-business services? Notes: B2B exchanges function like a virtual trading floor, where buyers and sellers can transact business and exchange information. B2B exchanges are not proving to be as successful as anticipated. Over half of those in existence in 2001 were out of business by 2002.
  • Internet Marketing Notes: By capturing information about customer purchases, a Web merchant can build profiles of customer likes and dislikes, send email notifications, and conduct customer service functions such as checking an order status. Cookies play a large role in Internet CRM efforts since they are the vehicle for collecting data about the consumer. Cookies make possible personalized Web content and they allow marketers to keep the same person from seeing the same ad at different sites.
  • Internet Marketing Notes: Before shoppers can purchase anything, they must first find an online store that sells what they are seeking. To do this online, a shopper will frequently turn to a search engine. In fact at least 75 percent of all Internet users rely on search engine results to find what they are looking for. Marketers must actively seek to improve their rank in search engine listings.
  • Internet Marketing Note: Servers can collect loads of data, but unless offline marketing information is merged with them, marketers will not be able to fully leverage their online campaigns.
  • Internet Marketing Note: The new metric is stickiness. Frequency X Duration X Site Reach = Stickiness. Simply put, it’s how often a person goes to a site and how long the person stays. The more people that go to a site frequently and stay long indicate a sticky site.
  • Much better. In a nut shell: You need develop a product, then identify who your customers would be and the proceed to sell them your idea on why they want to buy your product. People will buy things they want faster then what they need. So you will need to create a wanted product. Which many of you have already done.
  • Presentation social media marketing for Real Estate

    1. 1. Social MediaSocial Media MarketingMarketingOptions For Real EstateOptions For Real EstateSandeep PandeyMBA-Real EstateAmity University,Noida+91-9911539003
    2. 2. How Technology ChangesHow Technology Changesthe 4Psthe 4PsEra of: Product Place Promotion PricePersonalSelling(pre-1840s)Commodities Retail Store Store Displays Going RateAdvertising(1840s to1990s)NationalBrandsMalls &SuperstoresNationalAdvertisingRetail PriceInteractiveCommerce(1994 andbeyond)• BrandedCommodities• MassCustomization• WorldwideMarketplace• AffiliatePrograms• Internet-basedWeb Sites• InteractiveAds• InstantMessagingIntelligentSoftwareAgents2
    3. 3. ObjectivesObjectivesDescribe how marketers are leveraging thepower of online technology.How To Get the visitor to perform thedesired “Action”. Measure the effectiveness of an onlinemarketing campaignTo Reach the widest audience of potentialbuyers.How Social Media impact our business ?How to use for enhancing business?Discuss the effects of the Internet onmarketing objectives and strategy
    4. 4. Why Internet Marketing Now?• Traditional Marketing Tactics Becoming Less Effective• Benefits of Internet Marketing– Targeted– Measurable– Cost-Effective– “Early Mover” Advantage Still Exists• Smart Allocation During a Downturn
    5. 5. But What, Exactly, Is Internet Marketing?Key Components1. Website Design2. Search Engine Optimization3. Social Media Marketing4. Pay Per Click Advertising5. Email Marketing
    6. 6. What Typically Goes Wrong? (IN RE )• Website Design• Search Engine Optimization• Social Media• Pay Per Click Marketing• Email
    7. 7. Top Website Design Mistakes (IN REALESTATE)1. Impeding search engines2. Poor cross-browser compliance3. Egocentric site copy4. Lacking clear USP5. Lacking clear call-to-action6. “Brochure”Website Design
    8. 8. What is SEO? Why Does it Matter?• Reach people who are specifically seeking your information and products• Investment in SEO provides on-going streams of relevant website trafficSEO
    9. 9. Top SEO Mistakes (Real Estate)1. Web design impediments2. Believing SEO is only a web design issue3. Not identifying words that people actually search4. Not optimizing pages for desired “keywords”5. Keyword-stuffing / over-optimizingSEO
    10. 10. Top SEO Mistakes (continued)6. Writing for “robots” instead of humans7. Duplicate content and “near” duplicate content8. Stagnant content9. Not building links to website10. Focus on rankings vs. traffic (or transactions)SEO
    11. 11. The New Kid on the BlockWhy Social Media Matters For RealEstate• Communicate with and gain insights from targetcustomers• Social media provides tremendous reach at afraction of the cost of traditional marketingmethods• Create awareness and buzz around your brand,service, or product• Successful social media marketing campaigns attractlinks, and as a result, enhance SEO effortsSocial Media
    12. 12. Top Social Media Mistakes (Real Estate)1. Not doing it“I don’t have time…”2. Not having a purpose + planRandom, meaningless content3. Being too promotionalBeware of the “Amway” guy4. Not sticking with it“I got busy…”Social Media
    13. 13. What is Pay Per Click?• Reach people who are specifically searching for your information and products• Receive immediate and detailed feedback on performance of campaign• Reach thousands of potential customers within minutesPPC
    14. 14. Top PPC Mistakes In Real Estate1. Not being targeted2. Not being relevant3. No conversion tracking4. No email capture5. Not testingPPC
    15. 15. Email Marketing For Real Estate• Guide customers through buying cycle– Browser– Shopper– Buyer– Lifetime Customer• Cost-effective, automated, scalable• Newsletters, follow-up campaignsEmail Marketing
    16. 16. Top Email Marketing Mistakes1. Not opting-in2. Not being relevant3. Not adding value4. Not taking advantage of powerful technologiesEmail Marketing
    17. 17. How to Do it Right?
    18. 18. Take an Integrated ApproachYou might be thinking• “I’m comfortable with SEO…”• “I’m used to PPC…”• “I’m afraid of social media…”Why not just do one piece?Integrated Approach Provides:• Synergy• Cumulative Results• and Spreads/Limits RiskHow to Do it Right
    19. 19. How We Work with Clients• Initial Call to Determine Business Goals– What is your current status? What do you want to achieve?– Who is your audience, who are your competitors?– How will your business benefit from an integrated internet marketing campaign?• Create Customized Action Plan– Audit website– Perform research (keyword, competitive research)– Develop custom SEO, social media, PPC, and email strategies to achieve business goals• Implement CampaignHow to Do it Right
    20. 20. A survey to homebuyers who recentlymoved were asked:“Do you think the internet is becomingmore important than print advertising tomarket a home?”YOUR HOME’S PRESENCE ON THE INTERNETYOUR HOME’S PRESENCE ON THE INTERNETIS NOW MORE IMPORTANT TO A LARGERIS NOW MORE IMPORTANT TO A LARGERPART OF THE INTERNETPART OF THE INTERNETYES – 49.3%NO –19.7%Source: Conducted by linkedin polls
    21. 21. CONTINEOUSLY INCREASING2002-06: Internetsurpassed print ads2012: More buyers foundtheir home on internet thanfrom signs2012THE INTERNET IS NOWTHE INTERNET IS NOW 9 TIMES9 TIMES MOREMOREEFFECTIVE THAN PRINT ADS!EFFECTIVE THAN PRINT ADS!Source: National Association of REALTORS®, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 2012
    23. 23. 23Corporate Web sitesCorporate Web sitesResellers’ Web sitesResellers’ Web sitesAffiliate programsAffiliate programsPPC/VIDEOSPPC/VIDEOS
    24. 24. Promotion MethodsPromotion MethodsSeveral popular promotion tools exist for the Internet marketer. Spam, most often considered annoying, is still in use in many areas, but buzz beatsspam. Buzz, or viral marketing, means spreading the news about a product, service, or site via word of mouth (or word of email24Mass-MaillingMass-MaillingSOCIAL WebsiteSOCIAL WebsiteInstant MessagingInstant MessagingInteractive Ads/ppcInteractive Ads/ppcSearch Engine Listings/seo/SEMSearch Engine Listings/seo/SEMOnline PORTALSOnline PORTALSAn INTEGRATED OnlineAn INTEGRATED OnlinepromotionpromotionapproachapproachAn INTEGRATED OnlineAn INTEGRATED Onlinepromotionpromotionapproachapproach
    25. 25. Internet Demographics and TrendsInternet Demographics and TrendsASSOCHAM-The global online population as of July 2012 stands close to 1.5 billionusers, growing at a rate of 7% Y-o-Y. 25Online:Online:By GenderBy GenderOnline:Online:By GenderBy Gender60% of Men56% of Women
    26. 26. B2B ExchangesB2B Exchanges26Online trading floorOnline trading floorStruggling to surviveStruggling to surviveOver half out of businesssince 2002Over half out of businesssince 2002On Line Line
    27. 27. Internet Demographics and TrendsInternet Demographics and Trends27Online:Online:ByByOnline:Online:ByBy% of% of% of
    28. 28. Internet Demographics and TrendsInternet Demographics and Trends28Online:Online:ByByeducation ieducation iOnline:Online:ByByeducation ieducation i23% no high school45% of high school grads82% of college grads andpost-graduates
    29. 29. Basic Forms ofVirtual BusinessBasic Forms ofVirtual Business29Forms ofForms ofInternetInternetcommercecommerceForms ofForms ofInternetInternetcommercecommerceBusiness-to-businessB2BBusiness-to-ConsumerB2CConsumer-to-ConsumerC2C
    30. 30. B2B ExchangesB2B Exchanges30Online trading floorOnline trading floorStruggling to surviveStruggling to surviveOver half out of businesssince 2002Over half out of businesssince 2002On Line Line
    31. 31. Maximizing Customer RelationshipMaximizing Customer RelationshipMarketing on the InternetMarketing on the Internet31UsingUsingCookiesCookiesUsingUsingCookiesCookiesData trackingData trackingNeeded for personalizedcontentNeeded for personalizedcontentKeep ad content freshKeep ad content freshControversial because ofprivacy concernsControversial because ofprivacy concerns
    32. 32. Improving Search Engine ResultsImproving Search Engine Results321 – Choose the right words1 – Choose the right words2 – Put those words at top of page2 – Put those words at top of page3 – Use meta tags, like bold type3 – Use meta tags, like bold type4 – Increase non-reciprocal links4 – Increase non-reciprocal links5 – Incorporate graphics5 – Incorporate graphics6 – Incorporate video/audio6 – Incorporate video/audio7 – Pay for a better link7 – Pay for a better link
    33. 33. MetricsMetricsThe server can tell:The server can tell:Who visitedHow many times(hits)And where (pageviews)The server can’t tell:The server can’t tell: Recency Frequency Monetary value33The server can’t tell:The server can’t tell:RecencyFrequencyMonetary valueThe server can tell:The server can tell:Who visitedHow many times (hits)And where (page views)
    34. 34. Stickiness as the New MetricStickiness as the New Metric34Stickiness =FrequencyDurationSite Reach
    35. 35. Product IdeaYour CustomersMarketingIdentifyDevelop Sell
    36. 36.  Recently iAcquire partnered with SurveyMonkey Audience and askedinternet users about how they use social media.They studied theirsocial behavior and summed up the answers in a nice infographic.The most important key insights of the social behavior study are:  75% of people object to sharing their private search data; “Likes” or “+1s”influence only 12% of users’ search behavior; 50% of users don’t care about images in search results; Facebook is not preferred by users under the age of 30; LinkedIn, Facebook andTwitter are most popular with 30+ users; 75% of older user (45+) share using email; 70% of people don’t use the Facebook search engine; from 2011-2012 time spent on social media has increased byroughly 30 billion minutes. Social Media And Behavior Study
    37. 37. Blogs still more influential than Twitter, saysstudy
    38. 38. “Budget-wise, brands are spending only10% on social, more than half of whichgoes to Facebook (57%).YouTube andTwitter each get 13% of the brand digitalbudget, while about 6% is spent oninfluencers and 5% advertising on blogs.”
    39. 39. While it’s understandable that a bulk of moneygoes on Facebook, which is still influential, quiteclearly some more of that digital marketingbudget needs to start swing the way of bloggersand influences – only 11% does so far, despite theclear trust that consumers have for blogs. Brandsare spending money to drive likes, and consumersare sharing content, but they are turning to blogsthey trust to guide making purchases.Customers like to ‘follow’ and ‘like’ brands tokeep up to date with them, they very rarely usethem to make purchases:
    40. 40.
    41. 41. Customer Service In Social MediaCustomers are looking for information about products, seek answers. So provide themwith these also through channels and communicate, as it’s the fundamental of socialmedia.People make mistakes and it’s easy to overlook something when there are hundredthousands Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Than it’s not that difficult to get somesocial media tool in place that tracks all the communication coming though social mediachannels, assigns importance and much more.
    42. 42. LINKEDINLINKEDINLinkedIn is exploding with popularity, and with LinkedIn Today, it cansend loads of high quality traffic and customers for Real Estate.LinkedIn has since evolved and has created a world of opportunity forReal Estate & Other Business. 
    43. 43. LinkedIn has been an importantLinkedIn has been an importantmarketing tool for several reasons:marketing tool for several reasons:The basic plan costs nothing. Companies can have all employeesregister, create a page for their company and have employees followthe company to start a fan base. Personal connections: Put a Name to a Face. In a technology-driven world where personal connections on which small business is builtare dissolving, LinkedIn adds a personal touch to business.Join Groups. Groups are one of the best ways to expose your company.Join groups related to your company, your industry, and yourself on anindividual level. Then, contribute to discussions or start your own, post alink and share. Watch how many people start looking at your profile! 
    44. 44. Steps To Explore LinkedIN for RESteps To Explore LinkedIN for REThe easiest and best ways to use LinkedInis to add your company to the site.Andjoin it as one of its employees.A company page on LinkedIn can be usedto display news about your activities,drive traffic to your corporate website,post job offers and much more.
    45. 45. Slideshare presentationsSlideshare presentations::your company is sure toproduce presentations (powerpoint, PDF,…) with a scope wider than your internalorganisation. It is surprising how manypeople are interested in the informationyou share. By creating an accounton Slideshare you can upload yourpresentations.The application in LinkedInwill then show the latest presentations youhave uploaded and will even inform yournetwork.
    46. 46. Wordpress or Blog Link:Wordpress or Blog Link:If your company has a blog with news youcan use one of these LinkedIn applicationsto connect it to your profile.This allowsyour LinkedIn contacts to discover postswhich they may find interesting.
    47. 47. Create a LinkedIn Group-Create a LinkedIn Group- Setup a group with a broader theme related yourindustry. Use the group to lead thinking in yourmarket, then promote the group and buildmembership. There are a lot of ways to promote your group:Invite relevant contacts from your network tojoin this group. Feature the group on yourcompanys website.Ask people in your companyto join the group. Build a dedicated page or blogfor your group. Invite key customers and contactsto join. Create an ad or widget in one of youremail campaigns. Invite other experts in your fieldto join your network or group.Above all, becreative. 
    48. 48. Use LinkedIns DirectAds-Use LinkedIns DirectAds-This is a new feature on LinkedIn and isstill in beta. It allows you to push relevantads to targeted demographics in theentire LinkedIn subscriber base. Its verysimilar to ad targeting in Facebook orGoogles AdWords.
    49. 49. Source-Businesses and Their Hatred for Twitter
    50. 50. FacebookFacebook
    51. 51. Facebook Ads have also become a popular way for agents to marketboth themselves as well as new properties. To get the most value, thereare a few key things to keep in mind.When designing your ad, Facebook recommends that you write clear,targeted ads with concise text that speaks directly to the audience you willreach.Secondly, be smart about the image you use in the ad. “People want tosee properties, not your smiling face,” 
    52. 52. How to Sell Real Estate on FacebookCreate a Facebookpage for your realestate sellingbusiness. Thisseparates yourpersonal profilefrom yourprofessional profile.Personal messagesmay interfere withyour sales effortsand make you seemless professional.Update your status regularly.Post new real estate listings orlet your Facebook friends andfans know what youre up to.For example, post a new statuswhen you have an open house,an interview, a vacation or ameeting to stay connected sopeople think of you when theywant to buy real estate.
    53. 53. Post photos of real estateproperties for sale on yourprofessional Facebook profilepage. Include details such as askingprice and open house dates soprospective buyers have moreinformation when consideringwhether to pursue the property.Even if your Facebook friends andfans dont plan to buy any timesoon, they may pass theinformation along to someonewho is in the market to buy aproperty.Link your Facebook pageto your other social mediaavenues, such as Twitter,your professional websiteor YouTube. This increasesyour exposure so you canreach more potentialbuyers.
    54. 54. Link your Facebook page to yourother social media avenues, suchas Twitter, your professionalwebsite or YouTube. Thisincreases your exposure so youcan reach more potential buyers.Hire a design company to create aQuick Response (QR) code for yourFacebook profile, and print the code onyour business card or brochure. Whena prospective buyer scans the QR codewith a mobile device, his Internetbrowser will open your Facebookprofile page so he can become yourFacebook friend or fan. This allows youto reach a larger Web audiencethrough the prospective buyer and alsolets you stay in touch with him.
    55. 55. Facebook is the clear leader as far associal networks are concerned with usersconnecting to friends and relatives andsharing all aspects of their daily lives.This community aspect can also beyielded for real estate purposes.
    56. 56. An example of a project xyz worked onis ‘JOGGERS-CASA’, a mainlyresidential project in the area of NCRA Facebook page was created for theproject and used to broadcast news,photographs and so forth related toconstruction.
    57. 57. In a second phase this page was used inconjunction with an ad campaign and aFacebook event page to draw more peopleto the launch event.In the ideal scenario such a page shouldevolve into a homepage for the futureneighbours to interact and discuss theproject, independently of your input.Thismay seem a little daunting but it is better tooffer an open platform in which you canparticipate in discussions rather than turn ablind eye and hope for the best.
    58. 58. twittertwitter
    59. 59.  Twitter was originally intended to allowits users to answer one question:“Whatare you doing right now?”.However, not all users remain as active aswhen they just joined up.There is also alot being Tweeted, but not many of theseshort messages lead to meaningfulinteractions.
    60. 60. Putting company onTwitterPutting company onTwitterUse this Twitter profile to broadcastmessages related to your activities ingeneral. Have you signed any new deals? Did oneof your projects get a certain energyefficiency label? Are you attendingupcoming corporate events? All RelatedTo your company steps.
    61. 61. Start by posting important events relatedto the permit, the construction and soforth.As the project is finished you canuse Twitter to continue to raiseawareness by tweeting about the sale ofan apartment, a signed contract for officesor a new company deciding to have ashop in your retail building. Don’t forgetto link to local newspapers who havementioned your project!
    62. 62. Methodlogy For Generatin Leads ByMethodlogy For Generatin Leads BySocial MediaSocial MediaLinkedINMake company profile on LINKEDINPromote the link in different socialgroups for branding(m) &marketing ofproducts.Make group exactly related to ourbusiness.Then add people in your profilewhich suits for my business ,After adding them sends card ofappreciaton and wishes.
    63. 63. I shall Get Responses in revert after that Ishall send group invitation for joining ourGroup .They will join it.Then I invite them for respectivediscussions and mean while discussion I llput my business advertisement throughpersonal messages and in discussion.
    64. 64. We find some potential customers whichare exactly interested in our project orinteresting in investments.
    66. 66. ThankYouThankYouSandeep PandeyMBA-Real EstateAmity University,Noida+91-9911539003