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Help the poor, Pay them more

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  • Our team name is Equilibrium and our strap line is Help The Poor, Pay Them More.
  • Our project is about Multi National Companies(MNC) going to poor countries and making them work 14 hour shifts and paying them no more than £3. The employees don’t like the jobs but have to do it to earn money and feed their family's. Each time they make a mistake there is the danger of them losing their job so they have to be extra careful. Would you be able to live off this amount of money, and carry on your life style?
  • Many have tried but have failed, our big idea will lead us to our goal and the main point is that we are never going to quit. Our voices will be heard.Its Down to you if we fail or succeed, give us the chance to fulfil our dreams, and give people rights that they deserve. JOIN US!!
  • We want Multi National Companies to pay these poor people slandered wages that they can live off. We will do this by showing the companies how bad the conditions are and ask them what they would do if a family member had to do that. We can make web petitions on social network sites so the message gets out to the world. We could talk to world governments and reason with them to try and make laws to stop this injustice. We will also show them they can profit from this, as that is the only reason why they do this.
  • Using the fair trade policy we are going to enforce a reasonable wage for the jobs.
  • Health of these people is crucial, the state of these houses are jaw dropping. The companies just want the money so they tell the employees to live in the houses they have built. They also make fake promises like saying they will give them good utilities but they lie. After they realise the company’s are lying, they can’t quit because they don’t have enough money.
  • Our logo is going to be a symbol that a lot of people remember we will ask all the companies who don’t under pay their workers to add it. Have you ever seen the logo on books to show they plant a tree for every book.
  • This shows the Gross National Income of the world. As you can see countries that are next to each other have a massive difference. For example America and Mexico
  • Look at these images and think for a minute and realise how lucky you are. We never thank our parents for all the hard work they do day and night just to keep us happy. These people are only doing this for their family and to survive the harsh circumstances.
  • Equilibrum

    1. 1. Our project is about Low salary forMNC employeesThey get paid no more than £3If they work for 14hours. Would you be able to live off this amount of money, and carry on your life style?
    2. 2. A lot of people have tried We may be little but we haveto achieve what we are BIG ambitions. we will neverdoing, but have failed. give up. We will succeed because together our voices will be heard. Join Us!
    3. 3. We will put a petition on a socialWe want MNC to pay these network site and ask people to join thispoor people standard wages will raise awareness and people willthat they can live off. stop buying them.We will do this by showingthe companies how bad theconditions are.We could also make a law that Fair trade which means weEvery MNC have to follow if they will show them they canDon’t they will be fined. profit from this if they do it.
    4. 4. Fair trade is a policy that helpspoor people by giving them moreprofit. We will use Fair trade by telling the factories to raise the wages. If they pay them more thy will try harder and The company leaders will also have a healthier life. feel happy for helping someone. The reason for this is because a lot of them die because of extra labour.
    5. 5. A lot of the They may say if you Work for us we will give youcompanies make good utilities but then lie.fake promises After they realise there lying they cant afford to quit, because of there circumstances. 7 people would live in this house they would all work for that company.
    6. 6. This is how our logo We will make a logo toWill be like. It is show if the companiesmemorable and pays the workers fairlysimple. or not. Such as Gap they do not Underpay workers, so we will strike a deal with them and tell them to add our Logo.
    7. 7. This shows the National income of the world per year.
    8. 8. No satisfactory. Unbearable heat House’s they live in