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    ≪-BR≫-Being-Hailed-As-&Quot;Fiercely-Competi13 ≪-BR≫-Being-Hailed-As-&Quot;Fiercely-Competi13 Document Transcript

    • < BR> being hailed as "fiercely competitive in the Red Sea "?? urban market, regionalblue ocean strategy
    • Home Appliances Chain are still capable of finding business opportunities,access to its own regional market share and maximize the benefits of spaceSimilarly, in the not yet fully mature, not fully open up the rural market, growthin this area for many home appliance chain enterprises, a space will be hugeopportunities for many new blue ocean market <BR> Recent years,exchange silver appliances, Pearl integration, 100 Cheng Electric, East Bridge,electrical appliances, with interest as represented by the regional householdappliances household appliances chain, active distribution of 234 emergingmarkets and, through unique business operation mode, out of a "uniquecompetitive characteristics, and sustainable development" a new path
    • <BR> Reporter was informed that the layout mode of exchange of silverappliances, taking first in all county-level city to open a self-chain, this store isthe banner of Health and silver shop, model shop, which is one of logistics,management and Service And other functions in an integrated control centerEach county-level cities around the re-establishment of around 10? 20 satellite
    • towns, in every town to open one? Two franchises In the middle of opening astore every two Service Shop, eventually became a weaving all over the ruralmarket Sell Large network and services
    • <BR> Tsinghua University, China Retail Research Center DeputyDirector Li Fei said: When States United States , Suning Appliances and otherlarge chain operators in 12 markets channel high-speed expansion of the bigprice war, they have neglected their behind that sea of blue, that has apopulation of 900 million rural market Various phenomena that will adapt to alaw of the citys successful replication to the rural market is not applicable TheExchange Bank of household appliances market in rural areas 10 years hasbeen hard work, a preliminary exploration of a set of competitive strategy toadapt to the rural market and model, as an 34 rural markets in the new forcecan not be ignored
    • <BR> Recent years, and Beijing, Shanghai and provincial capitals such asecondary market compared to more than 2,000 across the country and morethan 50,000 county-level cities of rural market towns consumer appliancesmore than 20% average annual growth rate Consumption growth in urbanhousehold appliances is only about 5%, as Refrigerator , Air conditioning, colorTV, etc or even negative growth
    • <BR> Although 34 potential urban consumption, but due to theparticularity of its market, such as the average low-income consumers,residence dispersed, difficult to carry out service work and other issues,making a national commercial and home appliance chain enterprises intoseparate the rural market, building professionals Marketing Sales channels,the high cost and low success rate The exchange banks have adopted a
    • unique business model, home appliances, building a "sales andservice" simultaneous development of the fly wing, a 34 rural markets inthe new power surge can not be ignored
    • <BR> However, many regional appliance chain leader also pointed blueocean strategy out that the "present, 34 home appliance market is still inthe early stages of development, particularly in the sales network of businessquality, after-sales service system, logistics and other key links, Appliancemanufacturers need lots of manpower, material resources such as theconstruction and planning, but also a large home appliance manufacturers toestablish norms of sustainable development with the market competition order,should be first to market bigger and stronger in rural areas, business andrelated businesses can be achieved business, sustainable development"
    • blue ocean strategy