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Job-Hunters-Should-Do-Specific-Actions-Before-Each36 Job-Hunters-Should-Do-Specific-Actions-Before-Each36 Document Transcript

  • Job hunters should do specific actions before each job interview. Here are seven job hunting tips that you should do before every job interview - to help you get job offers. When you use this pre-interview job huntingadvice you will stand out as enormously more wonderful than other job candidatescompeting for the same job. And that is what you want, isnt it?resume builder online
  • 1 MAIL LETTER to INTERVIEWER to CONFIRM YOUR INTERVIEWAPPOINTMENT Here is job hunting advice you will not get anywhereelse - and it will dramatically help you look fantastic in the jobinterviewers eyes before you show up: The same day the potentialemployer schedules you to come in for interview, type a brief letterconfirming your interviews (a) day, (b) date, and (c) time Guarantee: Noother job hunter will do this pre-interview confirmation letter - so youimmediately earn "points" and start with a deliciously unfair advantage 2PRINT 2 - 4 ITEMS of USEFUL INFORMATION about THE COMPANYJob searchers easily can do this by (a) looking at the company websitesNews Room or Press Room, (b) doing online search about the company,and (c) phoning the company and asking it to mail you its product/servicebrochures and, if publically traded, annual report Before your jobinterview, study these items Later, at your job interview, make sure theinterviewer sees the informative materials you wisely obtained - andstudied
  • This instantly gives you many "points" from the interviewer - plus makesyou stick out as preferable to other job candidates who did not pre-gathercompany info 3 FIND OUT TYPICAL ATTIRE of COMPANYSMANAGERS - & DRESS LIKE THEM Job hunting tip on how to dress:Every company has unwritten dress code followed by its managers andexecutives So, find out what that is - and dress like the managers andexecutives who, ultimately, may make job offers to you Discover howformal or informal - or how businesslike or casual - those decision-makersdress Then dress similarly - and they instantly will get the impression youmay "fit in" their companys culture How do you discover the unwrittendress code? Two ways
  • First, you can sit in the companys parking lot 5:00 - 6:00 p m - end ofworkday - and observe how the professional-looking people are dressedwhen they leave for the day Second, on the companys website, look atphotos of managers and executives How businesslike or casual is theirattire? Copy that level of formality when you dress for your job interview
  • 4 BRING EXTRA COPIES of YOUR RESUME + TESTIMONIALLETTERS In my JOB HUNTING MADE EASY book, I explain how tomake your attention-grabbing 1-page resume that noticeably highlights4-6 of your measurable "Achievements
  • " So, make that sort of resume, and bring extra copies Also, bring colorcopies of all your testimonial letters In my JOB HUNTING MADE EASYbook I tell you how to easily get knock-your-socks-off testimonial lettersUnder 1% of job hunters get testimonial letters Join that elite group - andyou will stand out high above other job candidates 5
  • IN WAITING ROOM, CHARM THE RECEPTIONIST Job hunters advicefew job hunters know: Everyone who sees you before your job interviewmay say good or bad things about the impression you made on them!You can make sure they say you seem magnificent!! Start with thereceptionist They sit 40 hours/week observing everyone in the waitingroom Most people treat receptionists impersonally or like human robots But, you must treat the receptionist like gold Smile, make friendlyeye-contact, compliment something about the companys office, and doeverything to make you shine in the receptionists heart Doing thesecharming actions increases your likelihood the receptionist will make acompliment about you to the job interviewer
  • Again, you earned "points" from job interviewers - even before they starttalking to you 6 IN WAITING ROOM, HIDE YOUR CELL PHONE + DONOT USE IT Job search advice: You are on-stage starting the momentyou enter the building! So, focus on the company interviewing you - andabandon all use of your cell phone Making or getting cell phone calls orresume builder online texting or anything you do with your cell phoneshows you are NOT focused on the company interviewing you Instead,you MUST do the next job hunting tip in waiting room
  • 7 IN WAITING ROON, NOTICEABLY READ INFORMATION aboutTHE COMPANY Again, job search tip: Job hunters every action isobserved - and discussed So, do the following job hunter theatre:Extremely noticeably make sure everyone sees you reading company (a)brochures, (b) annual reports, and (c) online information you printed Youwill stick out as the job hunter who ACTS seriously interested in thecompanys business - and a possible career there While other jobapplicants are playing with their cell phones or fidgeting or readingnon-company materials, there you are 100% absorbed in soaking up infoon the company that may make a job offer
  • SUMMARY: JOB HUNTING ADVICE & TIPS - for BEFORE YOUR JOBINTERVIEWS Remember this job hunting advice: Successful jobsearchers start earning "points" from interviewers even before the jobinterview starts You can use these job hunting tips to make you standout as immensely superior to the 99 9999% of job hunters who do notknow - or use - these pre-job interview job hunting tips COPYRIGHT2011 MICHAEL MERCER, PH D ,
  • resume builder online