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Epom Ad Server. Overview


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Epom ad serving platform provides publishers and advertisers with everything they need to get the most from their ad campaigns. Processes of planning, ad optimizing, data analyzing, gathering the …

Epom ad serving platform provides publishers and advertisers with everything they need to get the most from their ad campaigns. Processes of planning, ad optimizing, data analyzing, gathering the reports have been made much easier. With Epom comprehensive ad serving solution ad campaigns creation has become an intuitive process that requires minimum time and efforts.

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  • 1. Ad serving and ad management platform
  • 2. What is Epom? Epom is an advanced ad serving and managing platform. Epom makes sure planning, buying, optimizing and analyzing your ad campaigns all done in one place, thus saving time, resources and bringing more profit. Get started using Epom ad server to: Use one unified ad platform to run ads from different advertising platforms, mobile advertising networks and direct ads combined with any defaults you wish Effectively manage your inventory applying advanced targeting options on a variety of ad campaigns. Get the real-time reports to continuously improve campaign's key metrics and generate more revenue. Make comprehensive forecasting to get the best campaign performance in the future Get the exceptionally reliable serving that guarantee a 99.75% uptime SLA Enjoy intuitive interface to manage daily routine, thus save staff time and reduce costs
  • 3. Ером Unique Benefits Free 60 days trial. Enjoy the fully-functional Epom ad serving platform for 60 days absolutely for free. No hidden expenses. No set-up fee. No monthly minimums. Free banner hosting. Free targeting. Free mobile solution. Truly free. Use it for free. Serve up to 250K per month absolutely for free. Need more? Epom enterprise pricing is the cheapest offering on the market. Serve up to 250K per month absolutely for free. Need more? Epom enterprise pricing is the cheapest offering on the market. Ready for a change but afraid that migration is not that easy? Personal assistant will help you migrate easily and help with the system. 100% web-based. Epom is an exceptionally reliable web hosted application. No installation. Quick set-up. Exceptionally reliable. Offering the cheapest solution on the market, we don't compromise quality. 99.75% of uptime SLA guaranteed.
  • 4. Epom Key Features Publisher, Network, and Advertiser accounts Different needs, one solution. The Epom ad serving platform offers unique features and functionalities for publishers, networks, and advertisers. Campaings management and optimization Maximize your inventory's revenue by precise optimization: CTR Optimization, Easy Weighting, CPM/CPC/CPA Pricing, Performance Tracking. Any ad formats. Any device. Epom supports image, rich media, interactive ads, text ads and popup capabilities. Deliver campaings on all devices. Advanced targeting Geographical, Language, Browser and Operational System, IP range, Date & Time, Frequency & Click capping, and many more. Real-time reporting Statistics is processed in real-time, so you have the full control on what is going on at any moment. User-friendly interface Start serving ads in munutes! Most of our clients never read our support guides.
  • 5. Solution for All The Epom ad serving platform offers unique features and functionalities for publishers, multi-site content networks, ad networks, and advertisers to effectively manage their digital inventory. Epom ad serving platform is designed using advanced technologies that makes it exceptionally reliable even under heavy load. The Epom infrastructure had been developed with scalability in mind. Some of our publishers serve up to 7 billions of impressions per month and more. With us you can be sure that you can serve billions of ads per month without breaking a sweat using one single ad serving solution.
  • 6. Epom Ad Server for Publishers With Epom you can effectively manage several networks, direct advertisers, internal banners to build a strategy getting the maximum revenue. Why to choose Epom ad server for publishers: 60 days trial. No set-up fee. Real-time tools & detailed reports Display, Mobile and Video in one place Supports all media formats Effective Campaigns Management Exceptionally reliable Advanced Targeting Cross-platform support Intuitive User Interface Customer Support 24/7 Remnant Inventory Monetization Assisting in Migration
  • 7. Epom Ad Server for Networks Epom offers the most effective solutions of managing and modifying your network structure in the most convenient way. Our advanced ad management platform enables you to track, report, manage and optimize your campaigns in a faster and more effective way. With Epom advanced solutions you can: Maximize your ad revenue Prioritize your ad campaigns Use eCPM optimization Employ multiple pricing models including ACPM, CPC and CPA Use frequency capping to optimize your ad Acampaigns Meet your advertisers’ needs Target ad campaigns to all your visitors by content, audience, geography, custom data and much more! Provide each of your advertisers with their own secure login to check campaign performance and manage creatives.
  • 8. Epom Ad Server for Advertisers Use The Advertisers Tab to create new advertisers, to activate and to deactivate ad campaigns, for adding banners, targeting settings, capping, to set priorities and ad campaign weights settings, etc. With Epom advanced solutions for advertisers you can effectively perform: Media planning Trafficking, targeting and optimization Media buying Conversion measurement and attribution Remarketing Reporting
  • 9. Epom Mobile Ad Server Epom mobile ad server is integrated into the Epom platform and we offer it absolutely for free as part of the package. With Epom Mobile ad serving solution you have single ad technology platform to manage your inventory across desktop, video, mobile, and more. Quick and simple integration Reporting & Analytics • Ad sizes • Tablet sizes • • Excel, CSV, HTML, and PDF formats Smartphone sizes • Graphical dashboard Custom sizes Mobile Ad Exchange Targeting Ad Tags • Geographic: city, state, country • Operating System/Platform: iOS, Android, etc. • Creative Support. • Banner images and HTML5 rich media creatives.
  • 10. Epom Video Ad Server With Epom Video ad serving solution you can set-up, track, optimize video ad campaigns. The following types of ads are supported: • In-line video ads: A video appears before (pre), or after (post) the video stream with advertiser's site opening. • Overlay video ads: An image, Flash (swf), text or HTML ad that appears on top of the main video stream and lead to the advertiser's site. Video ad formats: • Pre-roll (a video appears before the main video stream) • Post-roll (a video appears after the main video stream) • Overlay The following video player configurations are currently supported: • Flowplayer 3.1.3 or later • JW FLV Media Player 4.5 or later • Custom player implementations (in accordance with Open Video Ads VAST Actionscript3 Framework)
  • 11. Advanced Targeting Geographical targeting Mobile device and carrier targeting Language targeting Date & Time IP Range targeting Frequency & click capping Browser, Operational System Post-impression tracking
  • 12. Campaigns Management Manual weighting View to conversion time frame CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing Click to conversion time frame CTR optimization Performance tracking
  • 13. Reporting & Analysis Real-time statistics processing Comprehensive Reports (Excel, CSV, HTML, PDF formats) Inventory forecasting Graphical customizable dashboard with user-adjusted widgets Automatically generated charts representing statistics visually
  • 14. Advertising Formats Flash video & expandable content VAST 2.0 support Integrated display, video, & mobile Custom HTML & rich media
  • 15. Epom Market Epom Market is Epom server-based ad exchange which connects publishers, agencies, advertisers and ad networks in one open, transparent marketplace. With the help of Epom Market, advertisers can access and target inventory that matches their needs best. Publishers can sell more of their inventory at a good price ad be sure that no impressions are left unsold. All the participants benefit from using Epom Market ad exchange.
  • 16. Why do you need Epom Market New publishers Epom market accumulates the publishers that are willing to cooperate and increase mutual benefit. New business partners will come along. Better publishers communication Participating in Epom Market gives you higher brand awareness. Global reach Many companies are willing to run an advertising campaign in some specific region, but they don't have publishers there. Epom Market has such a publisher, who is ready to cooperate with you right now. By choosing specific region in a chart-box, an advertiser and traffic will be found easily. Evolving We are constantly deploying features, fixing issues, and innovating for the publishers and networks on our system. Reliability Epom is always up and always delivers what you sell your advertisers. Epom offers an 100% up-time SLA for all accounts.
  • 17. How it All Works? 1 Publisher agrees to use Epom Market tags to show ads from Epom Market 2 Network agrees to allocate its ads within approved Publishers in Epom Market 3 Epom Market analyzes bids from all add suppliers and fills publishers' inventory with ads with most expansive rates 4 We accept payment from network, charge 10% Fee and pay to Publishers
  • 18. Epom Premium Assistance We provide our new clients with free personal assistance during the trial period. Instead of having your team to do everything on its own, let us help you. When you have a project that need to be migrated, Personal Assistant will help you: Do it faster Lower labor expenses Do proper optimization and customization When you start using Epom, Personal Assistant will assist on: Set-upping campaings Trafficking Campaign optimization Campaigns analysis and optimization Reporting and forecasting Epom Personal Assistant is available for help and troubleshooting 24/7.
  • 19. Case Studies Our clients are saying: 4shared Alexa TOP 100, one of the biggest filesharing services Epom significantly optimized 4shared ad inventory which resulted into a total revenue boost of 23%. The platform is serving 3.3B of 4shared's ad impressions monthly, including a big volume of mobile traffic. Before we had tried Epom, we experienced troubles with monetizing mobile traffic and video, Epom has solved this problem effectively. Critically for us, Epom customer support is just as good as their server. If you are looking for a good ad server, I highly recommend to try Epom. I’m happy to provide further information if required. Andrey Luilko Sales Director Ocentrum Media large advertising network connecting millions of websites worldwide I used a variety of ad servers for managing ads, but I love Epom most of all for its simplicity, effectiveness and great support. Epom has worked fantastically for us. The system offers several unique features and functionalities that set it apart from any other solution on the market. Rohmat Sugito Chief Executive Officer Ocentrum Media
  • 20. Case Studies Our clients are saying: Telegrafi The largest Albanian news and entertainment portal With full responsibility we can say that Epom is our smartest investment for online marketing toward managing advertising space. Epom enables to launch and manage the banners easily depending on the preferences of the clients. Also, Epom offers the best customer service that we have ever had. Gentian Lluka, Chief Executive Officer Display Traffic House Scandinavian ad network Epom provides us with a lot of advantages like deep targeting, excellent mobile solution, detailed analysis and campaigns management. With Epom we rapidly increased our key efficiency metrics. Epom provides clients with personal assistance, which was a great value for us. We deeply appreciate Epom’s outstanding services and cooperation. They know the market and care about our needs and requirements. Raymond Fenech Chief Executive Officer
  • 21. Our Partners
  • 22. Contact us For cooperation requests: For business inquires: For technical support: For invest programs: Skype: Epom_Support_Team Website: Feel free to give us a call at +48 22 219 5028