EPiServer CMO - Optimize and measure your web campaigns


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With EPiServer CMO you can easily optimize and measure your web campaigns. Set as many KPIs as you like and see your KPI performance displayed in real time. Monitor users' conversion rates, test performance and analyze your landing pages, run perceptual testing etc.

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EPiServer CMO - Optimize and measure your web campaigns

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION » With EPiServer Campaign Monitor and Optimization (CMO) you can easily measure and monitor campaigns on your Web site and optimize your landing pages. » Now, you have a tool where you get an instant answer on how your campaigns are performing and which landings pages are delivering the best result. You don’t need any technical skills and can easily test and analyze the result yourself. » It has never been easier to measure your Web presence
  4. 4. FACTS » EPiServer CMS 5 module, fully integrated with EPiServer CMS » Licensed per CMS 5 Web site » Support for CMS 5 version: - SP3, R2, R2 SP1, R2 SP2 » Release in October 09
  5. 5. TARGET GROUPS » For all users who need a tool to test, monitor and optimize Web site effectiveness and measure performance against campaign goals - Marketing directors - Site owners - Product- and Sales managers - Agencies - Others
  6. 6. BUYING SITUATIONS » Partner offer (Before launch) » Anytime in the Web lifecycle (After launch) » When upgrading to EPiServer CMS 5/6 » When moving to EPiServer hosting » As part of package » And more!
  7. 7. MAIN BENEFITS » Real time monitoring • Find out exactly how effective your online communication is on your Web site(s) through real time monitoring. You will receive immediate feedback and an instant understanding of how your Web users are responding to your campaign. » Key Performance Indicators • Ability to clearly measure performance against campaign goals. Set as many KPIs as you like and view your KPI performance displayed graphically in real time. » Test and optimize your landing pages • Easy optimization of the campaign by analyzing and testing your landing pages. Set the test period and then choose the winner and kill the losers. Ability to run perpetual testing; new challengers versus the champion. » Campaign statistics • Complete access to vital statistics such as number of visitors, new and returning visitors, page views, visit duration times, user info, browser types. » Shorter time to market • Ability to act immediately on test results and shorten the time to market and deployment for the campaigns since EPiServer CMO is completely integrated with EPiServer CMS.
  8. 8. PRODUCT FEATURES EPiServer CMO 1.0 CTP (Preview version)
  9. 9. Landing Page Optimizer (LPO)
  10. 10. LPO, Landing Page Optimizer » A/B testing – Well established method in the market » Switching incoming traffic between landing pages based on predefined % value - Original page (CMS page) - Variation 1 (CMS page version) - Variation 2 (CMS page version) » Measures when a user enter the common Conversion page - E.g. the “Thank you page” after a form registration. » Finalize the test, during the test or after the test period - Publish the test winner » Excel export
  11. 11. The LPO-test flow Web visitors are randomly showed different landing pages Landing pages (Page variations) Web pages users visit in between Conversion Page. Users are tracked from the landing page version to the conversion page LPO Report in CMO shows which landing page has attracted users to visit the conversion page
  12. 12. LPO test scenario » The Marketing department wants to increase the number of Web registrations for the upcoming customer event - The marketing assistant decides to test different ways of attract Web visitors to register for the event by: 1. Creating three variations of one Web page in EPiServer CMS. The pages have different appearance (e.g. headings, images, and content and *layout) 2. Creating a new LPO-test in CMO 3. Select the created page and page variations to be included in the test 4. Select the conversion page for the test. - The test will start and visitors will randomly be switched between the page variations during the test period. 5. Finalize the LPO-test by choose the test winner. The winner will be the new published versions of the page. - The result will be more attendees at the customer event and more effective and attractive communication towards your target group! *Layout changes can be made more easily with EPiServer Composer
  13. 13. LPO test – Step 1 Original (Published page) Variation 1 (Unpublished page version) Variation 2 (Unpublished page version) » Create new page variations in CMS » Create new or select the Conversion page Conversion page
  14. 14. LPO test – Step 2 » Create a new LPO test in CMO » Give the test a name » Select the test period » Select the original page » Select the page variation of that page » Select Conversion page » The test starts automatically LPO Test - Settings
  15. 15. LPO test – Step 3 » Monitor the test result in real time - Note! To get relevant test values, test data from the test will not be show until a minimum number of conversions has been reached (100 Conversions is the default value, configurable in CMO settings in CMS Admin, ) » Finalize the test - Select the winner based on the test result - You can finalize the test during a active test or after the test period LPO Test - Report » The selected winner will be the new published version
  16. 16. Campaign Monitor
  17. 17. Campaign Monitor » Create and monitor independent selected pages in CMS as a campaign » Main functions - General Statistics are stored for selected pages • Statistics of Campaign pages, independent and for the whole campaign - KPI, Key Performance Indicators • Define and measure different predefined actions on the Web pages • Plan and budget for an estimated KPI value for the campaign - Conversion paths • Monitors the users’ conversion rates between predefined Web pages. - Live Monitor • Real time monitoring of users visiting the campaign pages
  18. 18. Campaign Monitor - overview General statistics (Detailed view per page) KPI (Detailed view per page) Campaign Report (Summary) Conversion paths* Live Monitor (Detailed view) * NOTE! Not included as a function in CMO 1.0 CTP release.
  19. 19. General statistics » Detailed statistics of the campaign pages during the campaign period - Number of visits - New and returning visitors - Number of page views - Visit duration times - Browser types » Statistics per page or for the whole campaign » Analyze statistics from specific dates
  20. 20. KPI, Key Performance Indicators » Define and measure different predefined actions on the Web pages • KPIs are converted into KPI values, (e.g. points, €, £, $, kr) • Plan and budget for an estimated KPI value for the campaign period » Monitor the result in real time • KPI details per page or summary for the whole campaign » KPI values can be set on actions* • Downloads of files • Web form postings • Web page visits • Incoming traffic to a page from a specific URL (to track users from specific Web sites banner ads and more) * To achieve full functionality some customization of the product needs to be done.
  21. 21. KPI - Types X-Form - KPI Page view - KPI Download of files* HTTP Referer – KPI + Thank you Page *Requires a custom CMS download template + Page view KPI http://www.customer.com http://subdomain.customer.com Specific URL: http://adserver.adtech.de/?adlink|3.0|552|1110008|1|16|AdId=2311492;BnId=1;link=http://www.foretagsinfo.se
  22. 22. Conversion Path* » Monitors the users’ conversion rates between predefined Web pages. - Support for up to four CMS pages in one path » Reach a deeper understanding of your Web visitors’ behavior to optimize the Web site and achieve better results. * NOTE! Not included as a function in CMO 1.0 CTP release.
  23. 23. Live Monitor » Monitor campaign visitors in real time - View the visitors on campaign pages in a unique user interface - Shows campaign pages location in Web site hierarchy - Current visitors list with referrer information - History list - Real time updates - Statistics
  24. 24. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS » Supported EPiServer CMS versions » CMS 5 SP3 , R2, R2 SP1, R2 SP2 and later versions » Server Operative Systems and Supported Databases » Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 IIS6/IIS7 » Microsoft SQL 2005/2008 » Client Requirements for CMO users » Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, MacOSX 10.5 » Supported browsers IE 6, 7, 8 and Firefox 3 » Microsoft Silverlight 3
  25. 25. NEAR FUTURE
  26. 26. CMO iPhone Support
  27. 27. CMO Gadgets for SiteCenter in EPiServer 6!
  29. 29. PRODUCT MANAGER » Per Rask » per.rask@episerver.com