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Epicor Corporate Overview


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  • 1. Epicor delivers an entirely new approach to business software. We inspire businesses by offeringchoices and unprecedented flexibility. Epicor solutions free our customers from focusing ontechnology to focusing on what they do—their core, revenue-generating activities.From point of product origin to point of purchase, Epicor affords a single pointof accountability that inspires the individuals—manufacturers, distributors, retailers,and service providers—who comprise the connected stream of inspiration thatis innovating business today.With an enduring focus on the markets we serve, we inspire industries. No one else has the sameindustry emphasis, open access, or customer intimacy. Our customers know that Epicor solutionsopen vistas of possibility not previously imagined.More than 20,000 customers in more than 150 countries rely on Epicor to help them meetbusiness challenges today, and empower them for even greater success tomorrow.With solutions available in more than 30 languages, Epicor can reinvent your organization,whether you conduct business locally, regionally, or internationally.Designed for the unique needs of the manufacturing, distribution, retail and service industries,Epicor provides end-to-end solutions coupled with the technology expertise you need to increaseoperational efficiency and drive competitive advantage. With more than 40 years of experience indelivering innovative, award-winning solutions to our customers, Epicor is a visionary andstable partner you can rely on now and in the future.By delivering a complete range of business software solutions along with a single point ofaccountability, our customers can achieve operational excellence and sustained market leadership.that Inspires• Commitment to delivering industry-specific software and innovative technologies• Global infrastructure and experience designed to support emerging businesses aseffortlessly as international enterprises• Dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and satisfaction• Strength, vision, and viability to be a long-term business partner• Motivation to place our customers at the center of everything we doRealizing Success Through:Epicor – Innovation
  • 2. As a technology innovator, Epicor is a leader in the adoption and delivery of Webservices as well as the development of model-driven, service-oriented architectures. Thesetechnologies are robust enough for a Global 1000 corporation, yet practical enough forthe stand-alone enterprise. Our advanced solutions inspire and enable your company’sgrowth, and provide the agility to match your changing business environment.Epicor has a long, successful history of innovation and leading-edge technology adoption,particularly through our partnership with Microsoft®as an elite Global Alliance Partnerand a Gold Certified Partner. Epicor has a close working relationship with Microsoft,enabling us to be one of the first enterprise providers to deliver solutions leveragingMicrosoft SQL Server®, Office Business Applications, XML, and .NET technologies. Ourexpertise leveraging the Microsoft .NET Framework and Web services allows us to offercomplete solutions that can be implemented on-premise, hosted, or in the cloud. Then,as business conditions dictate, the solution can evolve as well—scaling to meet theopportunities of growth, entering new markets, increased competition—and adapting tomaximize efficiency and profits.When you invest in an Epicor solution, you invest ina highly proven, flexible, and progressive technologyplatform that scales to meet your aspirations.for BusinessInnovating Technology
  • 3. When you implement an Epicor solution, you’ve made an excellent investment—for the short and long term.Designed to stimulate performance and deliver prompt operational excellence across your enterprise, ourproducts deliver the unmatched scalability and flexibility to handle the rigors of a globally distributed value chain.Epicor solutions are focused on minimizing the cost and complexity of implementation, integration, and supportby allowing your employees to focus on business processes and best practices rather than technology. Bydelivering business applications that can be implemented and managed as services—easily deployed anywhere,on any device—we can provoke the low total cost of ownership (TCO) and rapid return on investment (ROI) thattranslate into an improved top and bottom line, and, ultimately, to market inspiration.
  • 4. Market leaders are driven by industry focus, disciplined innovation,improved efficiency, and reduced complexity. Relying on a business systemcreated by bolting together products from a variety of vendors after thefact is hardly an efficient way to reduce complexity—in fact, it creates it.What inspires companies to become market leaders?Motivating Market Leaders
  • 5. With Epicor, you can inspire the efficiency of your IT resourcesthrough partnership with a world-class, full-suite solution providerthat can support you worldwide. Our end-to-end, industry-specificapplications and strong domain expertise provide you with acomplete solution for your business and industry.
  • 6. Today’s manufacturers mustidentify, consider, and respondto a new set of challenges and variables almost every day. Some aredue to the extended enterprise and globalization of manufacturing,while other challenges are the result of internal inefficienciesthat affect dimensions such as cost, quality, or response time.The need to blend business processes with those of customers,suppliers, other plants, warehouses, and distribution channels makemanufacturing today even more complex.Epicor provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) softwaresolutions to maximize efficiencies within the four walls of eachmanufacturing plant, while providing innovative technology toinspire efficiency across the globally extended enterprise. Thecomprehensive Epicor solution portfolio enables manufacturers toplan, schedule, execute, and monitor the entire business—from rawmaterials to final product, to pick, pack, and ship. With a full rangeof functionality, Epicor provides manufacturers with flexibility andagility, and inspires a competitive edge.“The users adapt reallyquickly. You don’t haveto spend a 10-to-1 ratioof integration costs tosoftware costs to get itrunning effectively. It justgoes in easy and it runsvery reliably.”—Randy Benz, CIO,Energizer Holdings, Inc.InspiredInspire ProductionManufacturers
  • 7. Business ChallengeNeeded a localized enterpriseresource planning solutionacross its global operations in50 countries and distributionin more than 160 countriesSolutionComprehensive enterprise suitethat rolls up to the company’sTier-1 solution at the corporatelevel and streamlines businessprocesses across globaloperationsBusiness Benefits• Ease of use• Reliable and users adapt quickly• Fraction of the cost of a Tier-1 solutionIndustryGlobal manufacturerand distributorHeadquartersSt. Louis, MissouriEmployees16,000Energizer Holdings, Inc.
  • 8. Business ChallengeIdentify areas for improvementand redesign processes toadd value for customers of apremier industrial supplier in theNorthwestSolutionEpicor DistributionBusiness Benefits• Saved 1,400 man hours a year by leaningout the order expediting process• Yielded positive employee feedback• Grew annual revenues to $50 millionIndustryIndustrialHeadquartersTacoma, WashingtonStellar Industrial Supply
  • 9. Today, customers demandmore product options,heightened quality and shortened lead times, so driving businessperformance that maximizes profit is even more challenging.Delivering on these expectations with flawless execution andminimal business interruption takes inspiration, and leads tosuccess for the entire value chain.Epicor delivers end-to-end solutions with the right tools toefficiently forecast, assemble, and deliver the goods thatcustomers want, when they want them. With solutionsconceived specifically for distributors, Epicor offers a full rangeof purchasing and inventory management, sales and ordermanagement, and warehousing capabilities. Epicor distributionsolutions are complemented by a full suite of enterprisecapabilities to drive efficiency and spur growth.“No one outpacesEpicor. They havethe leading offeringin the industrialdistribution space,and working withthem has definitelymade our businessmore successful. Anycompany will benefitfrom their industryknowledge base.”—John Wiborg, President,Stellar Industrial SupplyInspiredInspire the Supply ChainDistributors
  • 10. Business ChallengeMaintain its leadership position aslargest retailer-owned hardwarecooperative in the industrysupporting individual stores with afully integrated technology solutionSolutionEpicor Eagle point ofsale (POS) named asonly recommendedsolution for AceHardware retailersBusiness Benefits• Leverage decades of Epicor industryexperience and expertise• Extensive functionality, flexibility andintegration capabilities• Retailers gain tools needed to excel atmission critical business processes• Streamlined management of inventory,orders and customer loyalty programsIndustryRetail Hardware andHome ImprovementHeadquartersOak Brook, IllinoisAce Hardware Corporation
  • 11. In today’s challenging retailenvironment,customers have more choices and purchasing power than ever before.Epicor inspires customer loyalty by helping retailers offer the rightmerchandise and superb service—all while driving profits. To meet thedemands of this increasingly sophisticated market, retailers are seekingadvanced retail software and point of sale (POS) systems designedto persuade educated shoppers and increase revenue. Whether yourbusiness focuses on retail distribution or retail services, Epicor can helpyou overcome the challenges of managing multiple sales channels,obtaining the right merchandise assortments, and integratingenterprise systems, all while driving growth.Thousands of the world’s leading retailers use award-winning Epicorretail software to become more profitable and competitive. Inspiredby the complex and shifting demands of the B2C environment,we’ve created retail solutions that give you the agility to meet theevolving merchandise and service expectations of today’s connected,cross-channel shoppers. Epicor designs comprehensive retail softwaresolutions for regional chains and multichannel global brands,allowing you to deliver outstanding retail experiences that inspirecustomer loyalty.“We look forwardto continuing ourrelationship with Epicorthe next three yearsto enhance Ace storeoperations by furthersimplifying processesin the store, andtightening integrationbetween the Epicorstore system and Acebusiness systems.”—Mike Elmore, CIO,Ace Hardware CorporationInspiredInspire CustomersRetailers
  • 12. In a fast-paced worldin which quality,responsiveness, accuracy, and loyalty can mean the differencebetween inspiration and discouragement, the opportunities andchallenges for service sector companies have never been greater.Epicor provides a comprehensive global solution that enablesservice and hospitality organizations to manage and streamlinevirtually every aspect of operations. Highly flexible, Epicor solutionsdeliver the necessary tools for refining processes, increasingprofitability, and prompting growth against the backdrop ofheightened customer expectations and increased legislativerequirements that define the market today.With innovative solutions available for specific service andhospitality industries—including hotels and casinos, senior living,financial services, professional services, non-profits, government,and education—Epicor has engineered the foundation to inspireprofitability and drive compliance within service organizations.With bid management, project accounting, engagement delivery,resource management, and time and expense, Epicor offers acomplete view of project and resource utilization, and the toolsto streamline all aspects of a service enterprise. Epicor providesa complete software solution for connecting people,processes, and applications for an agile business.“By implementingworldwide the processesand technologies thathave been successful inthe U.S., we aim to morebroadly aggregate ourspend, further reduceour purchasing costs, andmake the process easy forour end users.”—Suzanne Puccino, Vice Presidentand Director of Corporate Services,Parsons BrinckerhoffInspiredInspire OpportunityServiceProviders
  • 13. Business ChallengeDecentralized purchasingsystems created inefficienciesand absorbed excessivefinancial and human resourcesSolutionAutomated purchasingmanagement solution thathelps aggregate spend andreduce purchasing costsBusiness Benefits• Aggregated spending enables better contract negotiation• Streamlined processes through automated workflowand approvals• Ability to manage a purchasing solution used across multiplelocations without the need for on-site administration• Year-over-year savings of 40% on average through bettercontract negotiation• 24% savings on software and equipment compared toretail pricing• Spend on printed materials reduced to $51,000 from $150,000IndustryEngineering/ConstructionManagementHeadquartersNew York, New YorkEmployees14,000Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • 14. “The Epicor Support Team continues tobe a critical partner in our successfulimplementation of Epicor ERP solutions…Theirresponse times are quick, and our issues aretypically resolved in the first call.”—Terry McSweeney, Director of Information Services, Colt Defense LLC
  • 15. Headquartered in California, Epicor spans the globe, with more than 4,000dedicated professionals in offices across the Americas, Europe, Africa,Asia, and Australia. With a unified global infrastructure operating 24x7,our award-winning service and support organization supports more than20,000 customers in more than 150 countries. Epicor has major supportcenters in each of our key operating regions. Together with softwaredevelopment centers located in each region, Epicor ensures that you areconsistently inspired by the highest quality products and service.forGlobal SuccessEpicor Solutions
  • 16. Epicor Consulting provides a variety of services around implementation, training, processimprovement, and software customization. Our consulting organization employs over 800 highlyskilled and tenured consultants who have unmatched experience in delivering industry solutions thatspan manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service organizations worldwide. Our teams offer localknow-how coupled with a global outlook to ensure tangible results for our customers anywhere inthe world—always with a focus on profitable growth and long-term business success.ConsultingInspires KnowledgeFor software to deliver value, end users must be inspired to develop the skills and knowledge to usethe solution efficiently. End-user adoption is critical to a successful software implementation andits ongoing use. This is only possible with effective education and training. Our extensive library oftraining courses, educational materials, and user resources provide customers an excellent platformto develop a custom training program. The array of resources enable customers to choose the bestoptions to meet their needs and tailor programs to their individual user preferences.EducationInspires AdoptionOur customers depend not only on our software, but also on our experience in supporting thosesolutions with industry-specific expertise. Epicor stands behind all of our products with an award-winning support organization, capable of serving our global customer base. Epicor Support is aworldwide operation with support centers located in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacificregion. We motivate our customers with the best possible technical and application support availabletoday through personnel who are experts in the technology and industry. We offer advancedsupport tools and technology to inspire customers to focus on how their organizations run,not what software is running.SupportInspires ConfidenceEpicor understands that in order for our customers to grow, they need the freedom to concentrateon their core business and strategy. Outsourcing the day-to-day management of systems oroperations has become a viable option for companies of all sizes to reduce costs, improveoperations, and, most importantly, free up valuable time and resources to concentrate on strategicneeds and initiatives. To this end, Epicor Outsourcing provides a set of services that leverage our corecompetencies, including application management, managed hosting, and helpdesk outsourcing.These services provide our customers with access to knowledgeable experts, specialized resources,and world-class facilities.OutsourcingInspires Freedom
  • 17. “Our Epicor support team is a critical part of oursuccess. They are very knowledgeable, professional,and timely in dealing with any issues that arise.They have built a strong working relationship withour user community.”—Lisa Hodska, Director of IT, TOMRA North America Inc.
  • 18. Latin America and CaribbeanBlvd. Antonio L. Rodriguez #1882 Int. 104Plaza Central, Col. Santa MariaMonterrey, Nuevo Leon, CP 64650MexicoPhone: +52.81.1551.7100Fax: +52.81.1551.7117Australia and New ZealandLevel 34101 Miller StreetNorth Sydney NSW 2060AustraliaPhone: +61.2.9927.6200Fax: +61.2.9927.6298Asia238A Thomson Road #23-06Novena Square Tower ASingapore 307684SingaporePhone: +65.6333.8121Fax: +65.6333.8131Europe, Middle East and AfricaNo. 1 The ArenaDownshire WayBracknell, Berkshire RG12 1PUUnited KingdomPhone: +44.1344.468468Fax: +44.1344.468010Worldwide HeadquartersSan Francisco Bay Area4120 Dublin Boulevard, Suite 300Dublin, CA 94568 USAToll Free: +1.888.448.2636Direct: +1.925.361.9900Fax: +1.925.361.9999The contents of this document are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Epicor Software Corporation makes no guarantee, representations or warranties with regard to the enclosed information and specificallydisclaims, to the full extent of the law, any applicable implied warranties, such as fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, satisfactory quality or reasonable skill and care.This document and its contents, including the viewpoints, dates andfunctional content expressed herein are believed to be accurate as of its date of publication, September, 2012. As each user of Epicor software is likely to be unique in their requirements in the use of such software and their business processes,users of this document are always advised to discuss the content of this document with their Epicor account manager.The usage of any Epicor software shall be pursuant to the applicable end user license agreement and the performance of anyconsulting services by Epicor personnel shall be pursuant to applicable standard services terms and conditions. Usage of the solution(s) described in this document with other Epicor software or third party products may require the purchase oflicenses for such other products. Epicor and the Epicor logo are trademarks of Epicor Software Corporation, registered in the United States and certain other countries. All other trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.Copyright © 2012 Epicor Software Corporation. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior written consent of Epicor Software Corporation. +1.800.999.6995    www.epicor.comContact us for more information on Epicor Products and ServicesAbout EpicorEpicor Software Corporationis a global leader deliveringbusiness software solutions to themanufacturing, distribution, retail, andservice industries. With more than 40years of experience, Epicor has more than20,000 customers in over 150 countries.Epicor solutions enable companies to driveincreased efficiency and improve profitability.With a history of innovation, industry expertise,and passion for excellence, Epicor inspires customersto build lasting competitive advantage. Epicor providesthe single point of accountability that local, regional, andglobal businesses demand. For more information,visit