Demetrios Katis (Credits English)


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Demetrios Katis (Credits English)

  1. 1. DEMETRIOS KATISMULTI AWARD WINNING COMPOSER of Epic Scores* LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS WINNER - Best Classical 2007*HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARDS Winner - Best Classical / Orchestral2008*LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS – Hollywood F.A.M.E AwardsWinner – International Best Conposer 2008, He was presented witha framed HOLLYWOOD STAR from walk of fame.* BILLBOARD World Song Contest music Awards WINNER -Soundtrack / Electronica 2008* EMI Platinum Disc Winning Composer.* Mayor of Athens Mr. N.Kaklamanis presents to Demetrios theAward of Honor of the City Hall.*the Mayor of Portland Maine, ED SUSLOVIC honored Demetriospresenting him with the Golden Key of the Town.* US AMBASSADOR to Greece Mr. Daniel V. Speckhard presentsthe "Special Music" AWARD to composer DEMETRIOS KATIS at the
  2. 2. "Euro American Womens Council" Artemis Award Ceremony, Julythe 7th, 2010 hosted by the renowed American journalist RITACOSBY. The ceremony took place at renowed Zappeion Megaron" -Athens Greece.*Award of Hellenism by The Order of AHEPA, 2008 forOutstanding Work performance on the “THE BACCHAE” byEuripides (ancient Greek tragedy), at the Community PerformingArts Theater Media, Pennsylvania,USA.· ‘West Coast Songwriters’ Honorable Mention· “John Lennon’’ music awards – Honorable Mention· “100% Songwriting contest – Winner France 2008* Just Plain Folks Music Awards official Nomination 2006* His 1st album released via POLYGRAM at the age of 17.* Greece’s biggest selling rock band of all time “EXORISTOI” wasfounded by Demetrios Katis in 1989 –Gold & Platinum record EMI
  3. 3. * Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra performed & recorded Demetriossmasterpieace "Arrogance and Fear"* The board of directors of the ‘Greek educational institute’unanimously approved Demetris "Blazing March" to be included aspart of the high school curriculum in music* LIONS Best Young composer Music Award Winner* ARTEMIS AWARDS HONOREE 2009 by the Euro-AmericanWomens Council.* Demetrios hosts the TV Shows MetalMania & Star Club for theGreek National TV in the 90sDemetrios produces & presents his own radio show : "The Dance ofthe Danans" on "Athens 9.84 FM"* Demetrios musical work, "Europe Hymn and Duty", featuring thelyrics of Kostas K. Katis (veteran journalist IF J), James Edwards(British Royal Opera) on tenor vocals and Joe Lamachia(CNN,MIRAMAX) as a narrator. "Europe Hymn and Duty" is an epicmusical tribute to the historic course of the United Europe,released on CD.
  4. 4. * Numerous US, EU & Canadian film music publishers (Boosey &Hawkes, Dennis Music, Kool Music, Octobertunes, Abaco Library,Feature Sounds, Manifest Media, Sonichouse Publishing, ERMMedia, Atlanta Music Group, etc) sign contracts with DemetriosKatis.* The VICE PRESIDENT of the European Union Commission MrGUNTER FERHEUGEN writes & sends a personal letter to Demetriosto warmly congratulate him for his Musical Project Europe Hymn &Duty, July 2005* The CULTURAL FOUNDATION of the OFFICIAL UNION of JOURNALISTS inAthens honors & awards Demetrios for his music work at the Union’s Hallon 3rd of June 2008.* NOBEL PRIZE WINNER DR. CHRISTOS ZEREFOS HIGHLY SPEAKSFOR DEMETRIOS WORK AT THE ATHENIAN OFFICIAL HALL OFJOURNALISTS ON MONDAY 3RD, JUNE 2008. www.300SPARTANS.TV www.EUROPEHYMN.EU