Production Of Double Page Spread


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Production Of Double Page Spread

  1. 1. Production Stages of Double Page Spread Main Picture Image manipulation and adjustments at work here, as the models needed to be cropped out as the background was casting too strong of shadows; and also the artist ‘Jamie Biggums’ needed to be closer to the other two artists to not make him seem distant and isolated from them.
  2. 2. Black background been added to created a more powerful connotation and make the pages seem more unique. Black also plays a heavy part in my Colour scheme and Brand identity so it works efficiently here, and also specifically suits the colour scheme of the smart attire of the group.
  3. 3. First Page First Attempt at Double Page Spread The file became damaged and started displaying unneeded bars of colours on the main image, so that needed to be replaced. A glow and shine effect was added to the title of the article to give a very rich and sophisticated touch, and be very aesthetically attracting. The layout of the text was also altered a bit to provide best organisation and quality in viewing.
  4. 4. Images added to the page along with a caption, to make the page more attractive and hold a higher variety of content in it.
  5. 5. The images have been properly fixed into place, and straightened together properly and also the layout of the text has been fixed accordingly to the images
  6. 6. The text has been fixed and completely laid out on the page in order to increase the neatness and organisation of it. The Questions of the article have also been highlighted in gold in order to contrast from the answers and stay within the brand identity. A floating quote has also been added in order to attract and entice the viewer to read on.
  7. 7. Second Page The main image of this page has been added, along with the text. The text has been shifted in order to fit around the artist ‘Denise Greene’ for visual purposes, and also to provide more space in order to make the page still appear neat.
  8. 8. The questions on this page have also been highlighted in gold to stick out. Additional image has been added as well to create more attention on the other artist, and even it out. Typography has been adjusted around image
  9. 9. Another additional image has been added here as well to create more attention on the other artist, and even it out. Typography has been adjusted around this image too. Another caption has been added but now to this image.
  10. 10. Complete Stage of the Double Page Spread Page numbers have been added.