Developments of action man conceptual design slideshow


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Developments of action man conceptual design slideshow

  1. 1. In this design of the classic hero 'Superman', he appears contradictory to the typical look of a superhero and instead looks vicious and merciless. Yet because we are so familiar with this superhero we know that this image does not truly and entirely depict the kind of hero that 'Superman' actually is. Developments of Action Man Design In this design I decided to Give the hero a more intense and almost ferocious look, to make him appear very intense, grim and serious and almost makes him seem anti-heroic. The hero is battered and bruised which illustrates the tough and brutal hardships that comes with various encounterings with enemies that he and many other heroes have to go through Enyinna Ezebuiro
  2. 2. I made sure to implement the key physical features which defines the hero such as the scar on his right cheek, his hair style, his 'eagle eyes' and like many other typical super/ action heroes, his bulk and muscle Enyinna Ezebuiro Hair colour changes to Black
  3. 3. Enyinna Ezebuiro Blue eyes added
  4. 4. Enyinna Ezebuiro Colour placed on eyes in order to gain the unique blue iris that Action Man ('Epic Man') is known for. The 'Eagle Eyes' are an iconic feature of his.
  5. 5. Enyinna Ezebuiro Skin colour and toning Implemented within this development
  6. 6. Enyinna Ezebuiro The eyebrows of the hero and the shadows/ dirt underneath the eyes by the eye-bags have been re-shaded within this step
  7. 7. Enyinna Ezebuiro The suit undertakes colour beginning with this step
  8. 8. Enyinna Ezebuiro Colour is also applied to The armour within this Step, to match the hero's unique, iconic, brand Colours. The hero's skin underneath the holes and cuts in his costume has also been given colour
  9. 9. Enyinna Ezebuiro Colour applied to rest of Armour on the hero's Shoulder to complete it Along with the completing The colour scheme. Black Colour also added to The rest of the hero's clothing
  10. 10. Enyinna Ezebuiro Colour has been added Upon the headset which Also matches the distinct Colour scheme of the hero
  11. 11. Enyinna Ezebuiro Effects applied on the Broken headset to add Greater shading and lighting
  12. 12. Enyinna Ezebuiro Experimentation made on The eyes to make them Appear brighter and more intense
  13. 13. Enyinna Ezebuiro Effects added on the hero To implement a more Accurate and Appropriate comic-book style Within the next few steps, further experimentation was taken with the hero's eyes to see which would appear most suitable for the art style and the character himself
  14. 14. Enyinna Ezebuiro Eyes made brighter
  15. 15. Enyinna Ezebuiro Eyes given further brightness
  16. 16. Enyinna Ezebuiro More effects added on the hero to give a smoother look and touch of shading which comic book characters often have
  17. 17. Enyinna Ezebuiro Eyes made brighter
  18. 18. Enyinna Ezebuiro Eyes given further brightness
  19. 19. Enyinna Ezebuiro Armour given greater lighting for aesthetical reasons along with reasons for the texture as now it appears To have better shine
  20. 20. Development of the brightness within the hero’s eyes. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  21. 21. Development of the brightness within the hero’s eyes. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  22. 22. Enyinna Ezebuiro Within this development I paid attention to the lighting and shading of the character to make this already battered and beaten up hero appear even more dramatic
  23. 23. Development of the brightness within the hero’s eyes. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  24. 24. Development of the brightness within the hero’s eyes. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  25. 25. Enyinna Ezebuiro In this stage I decided to make the hero's body appear almost entirely in shadow, darkness and silhouette. however I believe that the dark look I had initially wanted to give to the hero has become overhauled within this development,
  26. 26. Development of the brightness within the hero’s eyes. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  27. 27. Development of the brightness within the hero’s eyes. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  28. 28. Development of the brightness within the hero’s eyes. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  29. 29. Enyinna Ezebuiro Experiment of eye brightness. I believe really bright eyes would work well for a dark image because of The great contrast and the appearance of making the iconic eyes of the hero grant light to the image, therefore portraying power.
  30. 30. Enyinna Ezebuiro Added a great amount of light to the hero's eyes here to make him appear incredibly powerful , however I believe it overdoes this by a lso making him seem too f rightening . This development also eliminates the iconic feature of his classic blue, 'Eagle Eyes '.
  31. 31. Enyinna Ezebuiro Effects and shines applied to the hero's headset to give the overall image a more dramatic and 'epic' touch to it.
  32. 32. Decided to tone down the eye colour to keep a certain amount of intensity within them, yet make them still appear very natural and gentle. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  33. 33. Although I personally favor the dark look applied on the hero here, I am aware that it may be less suitable for the target audience that the action figure is targeted at, as they are young boys, therefore I decided not go with this look as it's final. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  34. 34. I believe that the look existent within these designs are more appropriate as they make the hero look strong, tough and brutal; with a hint of a sinister touch to it. It all builds to illustrating a mighty yet troubled hero that truly feels immersive, believable and unique. With heroes like batman and sometimes even Superman, he is dark yet still contains his sense of justice. Life for him is not sweet and dandy, yet he still does what he needs to do to survive and help others. Enyinna Ezebuiro
  35. 35. The Action Man THE FINAL STEP.jpg For the final outcome I decided to touch up the image by adding stronger contrast and intensity within the black fabric parts of the hero’s armour, but also to the entirety of the image in general. I believed this would help it look aesthetically more pleasing, and not appear to have a somewhat washed out appearance. Enyinna Ezebuiro FINAL PRODUCT