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2012 ndeam 2012 ndeam Presentation Transcript

  • October is National DisabilityEmployment Awareness Month
  • During this month we pay tribute to the accomplishments ofAmericans with disabilities whose work helps keep ournation’s economy strong; and by reaffirming theircommitment to ensure equal opportunity for everyone inAmerica. But this is just the beginning of the story…
  • Employment should bean opportunity available to all View slide
  • ...but UNEMPLOYMENT among the visually impaired andseverely disabled is at a staggering 70%Finding Employment and holding onto it are difficult View slide
  • Their path to employment is filled with many obstacles•Lack of Appropriate Jobs •Transportation•Employer Negativity •Employee Negativity
  • And they often need help overcoming these obstacles
  • Our Goal is to help by building AWARENESSabout the overwhelming odds these individualsface while seeking employment because… …awareness creates opportunities
  • That is where the true spirit of NDEAM’S message lies……in the efforts of those who desire to create thisawareness…efforts evident in the observancesheld at the grassroots level across the nationevery year.
  • Are you willing tobecome a part of this
  • The is yours…
  • Your decision to make a change inthe lives of these individuals willset you on a journey that will never
  • And progress comes one life at a time, like the individual pieces of ajigsaw puzzle slowly coming together.
  • So together we must OPTIMIZE all of our resources - our talents, ourknowledge, our creativity and our ideas!
  • Your effortswill achieve And lives will be
  • Are you ready? Then let’s Go!
  • Welcome to the Envision Xpress celebration of NDEAM! Growing GrowingAwareness AbilityOne Dollars
  • Employment, made possible through the AbilityOne program, brings sweet dividends for two of McConnell’s visually impaired employees Everyone enjoyed cake at McConnell’s recent NDEAM celebration but John Moore, manager treated his visually impaired employees, Michelle and Bryan with their very own cupcakes. Both employees are examples of how NDEAM and the AbilityOne program pay off huge dividends. They have overcome the obstacles and succeeded!McConnell
  • Fort Riley Fort Riley made sure their customersknew what the celebration was all about
  • The message was right on target… …and Millington’s interactive tour gave employees the perfect opportunity to chat with attendees about NDEAM and AbilityOneMillington
  • Mountain Home National Disability Employment Awareness Month! There was no shortage of posters touting the benefits of the AbilityOne Program at Mountain Home’s celebration
  • EMPLOYMENT – The final breakthrough of success!A representative from “A Ticket toSuccess “ was on hand atLemoore’s celebration to explainhow they play a part in securingemployment for the visuallyimpaired and severely disabled. Lemoore
  • LeavenworthAnyone for a game of Connect Four…. BLINDFOLDED?? Leavenworth’s visually impaired employee demonstrates adaptive aids as well as her skill at Connect Four!
  • WhitemanWas it the tale of the one that gotaway or the breadth of the value of the AbilityOne program?
  • The adaptive aids displayat McConnell’s NDEAM celebration gave attendees an IDEA ofthe aids available and how they can help the visually impairedovercome obstacles in the workplaceMcConnell
  • October offers the perfecttime of year to celebrate NDEAMMillington’s visually impairedemployee, Christian Misteruses his magnifying glass so allcan see the carving in thisspecial tree created just fortheir NDEAM celebration.Christian knows, all toowell, the reality of thismessage. In his words – “ I ama living witness of the truth ofthat message”. Millington
  • WHAT’S NDEAM?Lemoore Employees were ready togreet customers and answer anyquestions about the reason for thecelebration. Making others aware iswhat the event is all about…onemore piece of the puzzle! Lemoore
  • NDEAM 2012There was no mirror, mirroron the wall but plenty ofbanners and posters helpedto spread the word of thespecial celebration atWhiteman Air Force BaseWhiteman
  • Mountain Home
  • Offutt’s NDEAM celebration included educating the attendees Offutt’s manager demonstrates a simulator of various types of visual impairments while their visuallyOffutt impaired employee demonstrates adaptive aids
  • It was a great time tocook and eat at Peterson’s NDEAM celebration! Peterson
  • I see something you don’t see and it’s……yeah sure; does she really think a little camo can hide THAT HAT?? Never Doubt the Power of Pink, Pizza or AbilityOne!Air Force Academy
  • Buckley NationalDisability Employment Awareness Month! The Banners and Cake at Buckley Air Force Base left no doubt of what the celebration was all about.
  • Looks like everyone at Millington enjoyed “BUILDING AWARENESS” But the trick is, d oing it in less than 30 seco nds and maki ng it stay!Millington
  • Where’s the Beef - or is that Venison or Moose or Bear or…?Feeding folks is a sure way of getting them to your NDEAM celebrationMinot
  • F.E. Warren Ladder Toss was thehit of the day at F.E. Warren’s NDEAM Celebration
  • BUILDING AWARENESS – OVERCOMING OBSTACLESGloria Bradler, Customer Service Representative atFt. Carson takes advantage of their recent NDEAMcelebration to demonstrate how adaptive aids helpvisually impaired employees to overcome obstaclesin their every day work duties. Ft. Carson
  • They all pulled together and got this feast ready just in time for their NDEAM celebration Leavenworth
  • Study First, Snack Second, Door Prize Third! Flyers were on hand to educate attendees about NDEAM and AbilityOne Lemoore
  • One piece, two pieces…. oh this BIG piece will fit nicely right here! Pizza was the treat of choice at AirForce Academy’s recent NDEAM celebration Air Force Academy
  • It’s easy to smile when you knowyour purchases provideemployment for over 46,000 visuallyimpaired and severely disabledindividuals Whiteman
  • Peterson Banners, posters… …and AbilityOne products provided this Peterson employee with the perfect opportunity to tell others about NDEAM
  • AWARENESS and Chili Go Hand-in-Hand at LemooreFor many years a chili cook-off has proven to be a sure winner for drawing a crowd Lemoore
  • Education sometimes comes piece by piece until you have the whole picture A table displaying adaptive aids along with an Envision/AbilityOne video help to spreadFt. Riley AWARENESS
  • The Plan:Entice them with donuts and fill them with valuable knowledge of NDEAM and AbilityOne – one bite, one fact at a time! Ft. Carson
  • MAPPING the destination of over 46,000 visually impairedand severely disabled individuals with AbilityOne dollars Interactive stations placed throughout the store offered guests at Millington an opportunity to see how important their AbilityOne dollars actually are Millington
  • Just Like AbilityOne –With Spin-a-Prize everyone is a WINNER! Lemoore
  • A table full of goodies was a sure crowdpleaser at Fort Riley’s NDEAM celebrationFt. Riley
  • Offutt’s team was ready for questions about NDEAM and the AbilityOne ProgramOffutt
  • The real message behind thecelebration at AFA was flying high and wide Air Force Academy
  • Congrats Minot! It looks like you came up with the most logical answer of where to hang that second banner….by the food!Minot
  • From near and far, your AbilityOne teamprovides quality products and services to the federal government Mountain Home Air Force Base Mountain Home
  • Offutt Visitors from several different commands enjoyed the festivities at Offutt’s NDEAM celebration
  • Teamwork and planning spellSUCCESS for Ft. Carson’sannual NDEAM celebration. Ft. Carson
  • Grand Fork’s Employees were ready for the NDEAM celebrations of the dayGrand Forks
  • Air Force Academy Hmmm….pink hat distraction again. I’m going for the GOOD Stuff!!!! It looks like this pink hat was all a part of a master plan at the AFA NDEAM Celebration!!!
  • With AbilityOne-Every Penny Counts! And concentration counts when you’re guessing the weight of our pennies!Millington
  • F.E. Warren The food was great and the games were fun, but the rewards of the AbilityOne program are life-changing!!
  • When you just don’t have theanswers, adaptive aids can provide a solution A visually impaired employee at McConnell demonstrates a money identifier for one of their customers. McConnell
  • Treats Celebrating NDEAM with snacks is always fun and tasty!! Grand Forks