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Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile


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Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile is a family of identity applications that leverage existing mobile devices for greater security, including transaction verification, one-time-passcode (OTP) authentication and embedded mobile application security.

And Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile is available on today's leading smartphone platforms, including the Apple iPhone, Google Android, RIM BlackBerry, Microsoft Windows Mobile and Symbian.

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Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile

  1. 1. Entrust IdentityGuard MobileMobile Solutions for Greater Authentication Security Product BenefitsAs mobile devices continue to expand in capability and popularity, they present • Enables strong mobile authentication with out-of-band transactiontremendous opportunities for consumers and enterprises alike. This shift to more confirmationmobile-centric environments spans consumer-based activities like mobile banking • Leverages mobile devices to boostor smartphone transactions, as well as more enterprise-specific tasks such as email authentication strength withoutcommunication, secure VPN, and physical, logical and mobile access. inconvenience • Provides soft token authentication forFinancial Institutions Fight Fraud customer or enterprise environmentsWhile there are many safeguards deployed inside financial institutions today, • Transforms today’s popular smartphones into mobile credentialscriminals are increasingly turning to highly effective social engineering tactics,combined with stealthy malware, to illegally obtain consumer identities. • Includes standards-based (OATH) authentication and signatureTo combat these attacks, Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile provides three tools • Support for leading mobile platformsthat help organizations stop many types of online and mobile fraud threats. including Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android and Microsoft Windows• Mobile One-Time-Passcode Tokens Mobile (6.0-6.5) Entrust enables organizations to transform smartphones into convenient, secure • Customizable to include organization- one-time-passcode (OTP) tokens, leveraging devices that are widely deployed, specific branding for increased user to provide convenient security for online banking. Organizations can also brand acceptance these soft tokens for better customer or employee recognition. And this is a proven method that helps defend against today’s advanced malware, like man-in-the-browser attacks.• Out-of-Band Verification Entrust’s mobile application provides out-of-band notification of transaction details as part of the authentication process, and enables users to confirm the legitimacy of transactions. Entrust IdentityGuard also includes the ability to store and refer to transaction history.• Transparent Strong Authentication Entrusts easy-to-use software development kit (SDK) helps organizations embed transparent strong authentication right into their own mobile application. This provides transparent security for consumers using mobile banking, while enabling organizations to enhance security for the online channel. And embedding OTP technology in a mobile device is more cost-effective than purchasing, issuing and deploying hardware tokens because it leverages devices that are already widely deployed — increasing user acceptance.
  2. 2. Mobile Devices Improve Enterprise Security Through the Entrust IdentityGuard platform, organizationsMuch like the approach to securing mobile-banking may even transform end-user smartphones into truecustomers, affordable solutions are available to secure mobile credentials. Further convenience is realized formobile devices that interact or gain access to corporate physical and logical access with the support of the latestenvironments. But enterprises face a different set of industry standards including near-field communicationchallenges with mobile devices co-existing within secure (NFC) and Bluetooth.corporate infrastructures. Stronger Authentication via Mobile DevicesThe use of mobile soft tokens — primarily to enable Entrust provides mobile security capabilities via distinctstrong authentication to enterprise networks, applications solution areas — mobile authentication, transactionand resources — dramatically improves enterprise security. verification, mobile smart credentials, and transparentNot only are they simple to use and deploy, they increase authentication technology with an advanced softwareend-user adoption and promote cost-savings by removing development kit (SDK).the need to issue expensive hardware tokens. In addition to enabling strong authentication with a software-based OTP token, Entrust IdentityGuard also strongly authenticates online transactions, taking into consideration the details of that specific transaction.Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile User logs in to the online application. This will often Login 1 include transparent forms of authentication beyond username and password (e.g., device authentication). Transfer User decides to undertake a more risky transaction; 2 $32,150 a large money transfer or adding a new bill payee, for example. The bank displays a Web confirmation screen to 3 the user and also sends the transaction information directly to Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile. Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile automatically alerts the user that they have a waiting transaction. The user compares the details of the transaction and, if correct, types the generated confirmation code into the Web application to complete the action.Figure 1: A common example of how Entrust IdentityGuard helps authenticate and verify a Web-based transaction via a mobile device.
  3. 3. Advantages PortableSimple Soft Tokens Use the most popular mobile platforms to boostTransform smartphones into convenient, secure authentication strength by not requiring the user toone-time-passcode (OTP) tokens. This approach has a high carry an extra hardware device or have access to auser-adoption rate and can include organizations-specific specific computer.branding for better customer or employee recognition. FlexibleMobile Smart Credentials Supports the use of both simple time-based OTP as wellEntrust adds smart credential capabilities to mobile devices as out-of-band transaction signatures. Also supportsfor physical and logical access, but also provides smartcard- multiple identities within the same application, enablingbased security for desktops and laptops without native organizations to fully leverage the deployed applicationsmartcard readers. (e.g., a banking ID as well as a corporate remote access ID).Beat MITB Broad Platform SupportOne of the only mobile authentication solution on Supports the leading mobile platforms on thethe market today that helps defeat advanced malware, market today, including Apple iOS, RIM BlackBerry,including man-in-the-browser attacks. Key to interoperability, Google Android and Microsoft Windows Mobile (6.0-6.5).it leverages proven time-based, OATH-compliant OTPauthentication and out-of-band transaction verification Standards-Complianton leading mobile devices. Uses the OATH standard for time-based, one-time- passcode and transaction signature generation.Easy to UseEnables out-of-band transaction verification, CustomizableOATH-compliant signatures and even a method to Includes the ability to add organization-specific brandingimmediately report suspicions account behavior. to each identity, improving usability and reinforcing brandThe end-user isnt forced to enter any data within the image.smartphone application, only a straightforward Webconfirmation code to complete the transaction online. For Developers Entrusts easy-to-use SDK helps organizations embedEnterprise Mobility transparent and strong authentication right into theirEntrust provides the only authentication platform that fully own mobile applications.enables today’s leading mobile platforms for real-worldbusiness use. Entrust’s mobile capabilities make it easy forend-users to enroll their mobile devices for devicecertificate issuance. And advanced mobile smartcredentials can be used with Bluetooth and NFCtechnology for even greater convenience.Easy IntegrationEntrust’s open API architecture allows for tight integrationwith todays leading mobile device management (MDM),identity access management (IAM) and public keyinfrastructure (PKI) vendors. This enables EntrustIdentityGuard to work with new and existing enterpriseimplementations, plus adds the ability to integrate in-house or managed service-based digital certificates.
  4. 4. Entrust & You Company FactsMore than ever, Entrust understands your organization’s Website: www.entrust.comsecurity pain points. Whether it’s the protection of Employees: 359information, securing online customers, regulatory Customers: 5,000compliance or large-scale government projects, Entrust Offices: 10 globallyprovides identity-based security solutions that are notonly proven in real-world environments, but cost-effective Headquartersin today’s uncertain economic climate. One Lincoln Centre 5400 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1340The smart choice for properly securing digital identities Dallas, Texas 75240 USAand information, Entrust solutions represent the rightbalance between affordability, expertise and service. For Salesmore information on Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile, contact North America: 1-888-690-2424the Entrust representative in your area at 888-690-2424 or EMEA: +44 (0) 118 953 3000visit entrust.com/mobile. Email: entrust@entrust.comAbout EntrustA trusted provider of identity-based security solutions, Entrust empowers governments, enterprises and financial institutions in more than 5,000 organizationsspanning 85 countries. Entrust’s award-winning software authentication platforms manage today’s most secure identity credentials, addressing customer painpoints for cloud and mobile security, physical and logical access, citizen eID initiatives, certificate management and SSL. For more information about Entrustproducts and services, call 888-690-2424, email entrust@entrust.com or visit www.entrust.com.Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. In Canada, Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust Limited. All other Entrust productnames and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Entrust, Inc. or Entrust Limited in certain countries. All other company names, product names and logos are trademarksor registered trademarks of their respective owners. © Copyright 2012 Entrust. All rights reserved. 24003/4-12