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The Entrepreneurs Radio Show 056 Yifat Cohen

  1. 1. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 1 of 27 EPISODE #56: YIFAT COHEN On Episode 56 of “Diamonds in Your Own Backyard: The Entrepreneurs Radio show,” Travis and Sandra are going to be chatting with Yifat Cohen, one of the leading experts on Google+. Yifat is one of the pioneers of this Google platform and has been voted the best Google+ user of 2011. She also runs a workshop, teaching people how to optimize the use of Google+. Listen in as she explains the benefits of this platform and how it can, in her view, change the world by changing the way people interact online. Yifat Cohen – Using Google+ to grow your business Travis: Hey, it‟s Travis Lane Jenkins. Sandra: And this is Sandra Champlain. Travis: Welcome to the Entrepreneurs Radio Show. Sandra: Thanks. Travis: Episode number 56, Sandra. Sandra: Wow, Travis. What a difference we‟re making, huh? Travis: Yes. Sandra: Even with myself--every interview, I get so much out of. How about yourself? Travis: I do, too. I absolutely love the amount of people that we‟re connecting everyone with. It‟s just surprising to see… I don‟t know. It seems like we just started, and we are already at Episode 56. Sandra: Yes, that‟s great. Travis: Lots and lots of good stuff. Hey, before we get started, you know I like to remind everybody to be sure and stay with us until the very end, if you can. We want to share a little inspiration, and we‟ll also reveal who we‟re going to connect you within the next episode. Right, Sandra?
  2. 2. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 2 of 27 Sandra: Yes, and I love the quotes that you give at the end, Travis, because it‟s like I‟m empowered to set sail and take action on something. They‟re a really awesome way to complete the interviews. Travis: Thank you. That‟s exactly what we had in mind. One quick reminder: if you enjoy this free podcast that we create for you, we‟d really appreciate it if you‟d go to because that stands for what, Sandra? Sandra: Diamonds in Your Own Backyard. Travis: Don‟t you forget it. Click on the iTunes icon and then post a comment and rate the show. This would help us reach, instruct and inspire more great entrepreneurs just like yourself with each and every guest that we bring on the show, right? Sandra: Right. Travis: Our guest today--do you know who it is? Sandra: I don‟t. Who is it? Travis: It is Yifat Cohen. Sandra: She‟s marvelous. Travis: Yes. You say, “yee-fat,” and I say, “yi-fat.” You notice the difference? Sandra: No. Travis: Yes, one‟s like a Y-E-E, and the other one is like a “e-fat.” Anyway, it‟s an interesting name. Tomato, tomato—one and the same. She is a great gal, and it was an excellent interview, wasn‟t it? Sandra: Yes, super, and for our listeners, Travis and I have perfected this. Instead of just giving you a preview of what might come, we record the show and then we give you hints as what was in it. They‟re really great quality interviews. Yifat, if I may tell, Travis, is the leading authority on Google+. I don‟t know if you‟re like me, but it‟s been a world that I don‟t know, don‟t understand. I just assumed it was another--like a Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or something like that. It‟s an unbelievable world and, I think, we entrepreneurs should all be in.
  3. 3. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 3 of 27 Travis: Yes. She answers a lot of questions. It‟s a mystery. I‟m on Google+ and I really don‟t completely understand it. Of course, I know you don‟t, Sandra. I even have her critique some of the things on my page. There‟s lots of great, usable information that you can go, once you listen to the episode, and take action with your Google+ page, right? Sandra: Yes. You‟re going to want to listen and maybe have a notebook because Google+ really sounds like the way of the future, completely different, and she gives a whole context of why it‟s something we need to be involved with. It‟s really awesome interview. Travis: Right, right. One quick thing: now Yifat is listed as the number one top Google+ user, working as Google+ marketing on Google+ data. I don‟t know if I said that right, but I know she‟s listed as the number one. She‟s also been voted the best Google+ user in 2011, chosen by Google+ community. It‟s almost like I‟m trying to see how many times I can say the word Google+. She‟s 286th on the Who‟s Who? for Google+ and the top 1,000 Google+ers in the world for 2012. Sandra: Wow. Travis: Pretty impressive, huh? Sandra: Impressive. Let‟s dive right in and meet Ms. Yifat Cohen. Travis: All right. Without further ado, welcome to the show, Yifat. Yifat: Hi, Travis. Thanks for having me. Travis: We‟re super excited to have you here. Sandra, you want to jump in and say hello? Sandra: Hello. I‟ve got a big smile on my face because I think… I‟m just looking up you and your site and what you‟re up to, and it‟s a world I know nothing about, so I get very excited to learn new things. I‟m so excited that you‟re here. Thank you for your time and your generosity. Yifat: Thanks for having me, Sandra. Good to meet you, too. Sandra: Yes. Travis: Yes. Hey, before we get into what you teach so many people, do you mind giving us the backstory of how you got started and what brought you into that today, where you‟re at today? Yifat: You know how the best thing in life happen unplanned? Life happens when you‟re busy making other plans.
  4. 4. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 4 of 27 Travis: Right. Yifat: One day, I received an invitation two years ago from Google to join their Beta testing of Google+. I was one of the 100 people who got it. They gave it to us and then they asked, “Spread the invitations around.” It was a very small group. I just jumped in, and I started testing it out with a few people there, a few geeks, and we tested what‟s working. What happens when you block someone? What happens when you share something privately? It was just fun. For some reason, this kind of clicked better for me than Facebook and Twitter and all the other networks that I „tran sack‟ on. I‟m really bad with them. Sandra: You‟re funny. Yifat: Thank you. But this one kind of felt safe. It felt safe because your privacy settings were very, very tight and you can show any aspect of yourself to whoever you want to show it to, and then keep the normal stuff public. We made really great connections, and now I have a whole new family that I met just through Google+. They started rolling things slowly, slowly. First day, they rolled out Hangouts, and I was a black man because I didn‟t have--I didn‟t dare put my face on camera. Then I was cat. Then slowly, slowly, we got used to it. I met another guy on Google+ and we started doing Hangouts. Back then, there was not the ability to do Hangouts on the air, which is publicly broadcasted on YouTube, so we did it through live stream. Then when they launched Hangouts on air, it was only for a small crowd, and we asked our audience if they want to see us on air and they said yes, and so Google gave us the privileges, and we got to test it before anyone else did. That‟s it. We built the show from interviewing people like what you‟re doing right now, but we did it with video and face to face, and of course people mean to interact with them. Then we parted ways, and I left that story for some time, for a different time. I continued with the show, and I continued playing with Google+ and learning how it works. At that time, and I think even now, the media is kind of misleading people because they‟re making them say that Google+ is like Facebook or Twitter and there‟s always a competition. Who‟s going to be first: Facebook or Google+? Google+ just passed Twitter nine floors, and they‟re number two now. The problem is that it‟s not a social website, so you can‟t compare it to Twitter or Facebook. It‟s really a social platform that sits on top of all of Google services. So without you knowing, Google is pushing Google+ to YouTube and to Search and Analytics and Drive, and connects everything together with this social interaction. To me, that‟s the fascinating part and the part that a lot of people are missing because they‟re like, “I don‟t have time for another social network. I‟m not going to dive into it.” It‟s going to hurt you in rank eventually. Anything you‟re doing online is tied to Google+.
  5. 5. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 5 of 27 Sandra: Could you give a little bit more clarity on that because I am exactly who you just described. I have a Google+ account, haven‟t a clue what it is. I don‟t really get involved because it‟s like, “Oh, yes, it‟s just another one.” I think most people don‟t realize what it is and the value and also I don‟t know what a Hangout is, and I think if you could just give some distinction, a little bit more as to why--what sets Google+ aside and different, why it‟s important, and a little bit about that because I would love to jump in, but again I don‟t know what it is and how and... Yifat: And why. Sandra: Yes. Why? That‟s another one, but it‟s not. Tell me more. Yifat: I can talk about this for hours, so just stop me when you want. It‟s my passion. Sandra: Yay! Yifat: So Google+ is a social layer that sits on top of all of Google services. It came about because Google‟s mission really is to give you the information that you want, right? They know that word of mouth and social connections are really how you make your decisions. If a business places an ad, buys an ad from Google, and that shows up in Search and next to it, Sandra, you see Travis‟ picture that says, “Yes, this is an ad that I actually verified and I know this business and I like them,” you‟re going to click on that ad which means Google will make more money. What happens is Google is trying to fight spam, all these fake ads and fake SEO, black SEO links, that rate sites that are not valuable to you. Instead, what they do is they want to see real people saying, “Yes, this person is an authority on this subject. I‟m going to rank their information higher in Search.” Also, they‟re connected to these people, so when these people are searching, we‟re going to bring in information from someone they know and trust, thus giving them really exactly what they want. Google wants to become the big search engine that provides a personalized information for you. They do that by the +1s, the sharing, the comments. If you post anything on podcasting or blog radio and you have a lot of shares, that tells Google that you know what you‟re talking about and a lot of people agree with you and they‟re going to follow you, which means you‟re the authority. If you are not participating in Google+ and someone else is capturing that space of blog talk radio, you‟re going to miss your spot. Right now, because a lot of people don‟t understand how Google+ works, those who do really capture free organic real estate in Search, and that‟s where a lot of people are missing the boat because they‟re like, “Ah, it‟s social network. I‟m not going to get into it.” It affects your ranking in Search. It affects your connection. It affects your organic ranking, traffic to your sites. Yesterday, I got an e-mail from one of my coaching clients who said, “You know, I followed what you said and we posted something on Google+ at 2:47. From 2:47 to 5 o‟clock, we got 15 visitors to our
  6. 6. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 6 of 27 site, and they spent 10 minutes on the site watching stuff.” And that‟s just… right. That‟s huge and that organic, not paid, direct traffic, right, with qualified leads because they know exactly what you‟re about and they‟re coming there and spending time. Travis: So what I hear you saying is instead of it being another social network like Facebook, what I understand it more to be now based on what I‟m hearing is it‟s kind of the glue that brings all of or a lot of Google services together. Is that right? Yifat: Exactly. You got it. Exactly. You can think about it as what happens in Facebook stays in Facebook, and what happens in Google+ is all over the place. It‟s kind of like a virus. Sandra: That makes lots of sense. Yifat: If you do a Hangout--a Hangout is a free 10-man video chat which is integrated also with YouTube videos and Drive and all the other services. Hangout on Air is the same thing, but it‟s broadcasted live on YouTube, so now you have your own TV channel that is open to the world and it‟s also being recorded for later use. If you do a Hangout, someone can find you and come to your site or join you or meet you face to face. That increases your ranking and your visibility in Search. Hangout is connected to Google+. It‟s connected to YouTube, and it‟s connected to Search. If you start doing that kind of stuff, you‟re going to increase your visibility and your click-throughs. Travis: It seems like they‟re really going to annihilate a lot of businesses that are charging for these services. Yifat: You‟re so on, Travis. It‟s crazy. I think Skype will go away, GoToMeeting, Office eventually, because Microsoft is training people to use the Cloud and when they‟re trained to use the Cloud, they‟ll be like, “Okay. I have a free Cloud with Google,” so that; Eventbrite because there‟s event services within Google. I don‟t know about Yelp because Google+ is ranking sites based on Zagat, Zagat reviews, and a lot of people don‟t like Yelp. So there‟s a lot of services that Google offers for free and they‟re all tied together--with your network, your Gmail, your calendar—everything that you‟re doing everyday online anyway are tied together with this social layer that‟s called Google+. Travis: Well, the social profile is what really has eliminated a lot of the spam, and it‟s something that you were talking about in the very beginning, because so many people… One of the biggest problems in the Internet is the anonymous part of the Internet. When people can remain anonymous, they do and say very cruel things for several different reasons, and when all of actions or the majority of actions start getting tied into social profiles, then a lot of that started getting eliminated because they could quickly tell whether you were someone bogus or not, right?
  7. 7. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 7 of 27 Yifat: Yes, and you know what‟s funny? You know all these hate comments on YouTube that people put up just to be hating--why do people do that? On Google+, the atmosphere is totally different. It‟s very collaborative, very supporting. Like I said, I met my family there, people who are really close to my heart. I think it‟s because you really don‟t want people to hate you, right? It‟s like you said: it‟s easy to hide behind an avatar or a pseudonym. Here you have to be a real person, and actually Google is connecting your Google+ profile with your YouTube, so I think maybe we‟re going to start seeing hate go down in YouTube and actually be more supportive and collaborative. Travis: Yes. I‟ve been around several different environments. I‟ve seen a lot of black hat things over the years. There‟s people with a hundred different profiles that log in and use them for different mischievous-type things. Google has used a lot of algorithms to reverse-engineer those people and track them down and shut them down. This is just taking it one step closer. I‟ve spoken with a couple of people in the past about Google+, and they felt like that it was kind of… Yifat: A ghost town? Travis: Well, yes, I‟ve heard that, but there are people that said that it was early adopter, tastemaker-type people that were on Google+. Do you agree with that, and why do you think Google+ is so slow to catch on in relation to Facebook? Yifat: Two reasons. Well, first, I disagree with it. There are over 500 million people in Google+. But again, Google+, you‟re comparing it to kind of like a Facebook again, right? You‟re thinking, “Okay, it‟s a social layer, my audience is not there.” But your audience is also on YouTube, right? There are a billion visits a day, right? They‟re also all using Gmail. They‟re also using Calendar, and many of them are on Search. All of these services together are integrated. People will come into--they are starting to be aware of this social layer because they see people popping up in their Gmail or in YouTube. You can start a Hangout from YouTube, and you can go to a person‟s profile from YouTube also. Everything is connected, and as soon as people come and realize that, you realize that your market is not really just the people on Google+ but it‟s all of Google users. That‟s way more than--that‟s the Internet. That‟s a misconception because we always compare it. Well, Facebook has, what, 700 million people in it. Google+ only has 500 million, so they‟re not there yet, but you also have Google Local and all the local businesses that don‟t have the Google pages that they used to have. Now they have to have Google+ Local if you want to show up in Search with the maps and everything. You have all the businesses there. People slowly, slowly are catching on. That‟s one. The other one is you asked me--what was that? Travis: I got so deeply involved in your answer that I forgot what it was. You‟re mesmerizing me, Yifat.
  8. 8. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 8 of 27 Yifat: Thank you. I think the problem is that people come to Google+ thinking it‟s a social network, and they do what they do on social network which is post. “I need to post five tweets a day. I need to post five times on Facebook if I want anything.” Oh, that‟s what you asked me: “Why is it catching on slowly?” Travis: Right. Yifat: It‟s different from Facebook because Facebook is basically the people that you know already, and now you interact with them online, right? If you post your breakfast or your kids‟ pictures or something… Sandra: Which everybody does. Yifat: Your mom or your college friends or someone will like it, and you feel like there‟s engagement. Also, it‟s something close to their heart, right? It‟s their nephew, their son, their— someone, but it‟s someone that you know in real life. Google+ did something different, which is fascinating to me how they managed to do that. If now, Travis and Sandra, you guys want to find entrepreneurs, you‟re going to go locally to local meetings, like meet-ups or BNI or any places where entrepreneurs meet and connect with them there. You‟ll go to LinkedIn maybe and you try to figure out who the entrepreneurs are. What Google did is they connect you on Google+ with passionate people, people who share your passion. As a person, you‟re not only interested in entrepreneurship and blog radio and all that stuff. You also may be interested in kids if you‟re a parent, or you might be interested in workouts if you‟re a woman or clothes or fashion or something like that, and on that topic, you want to find the like-minded people that you can share that passion with without annoying the rest of the world that this is what you‟re passionate about. Google allows you to do that with Circles. If you think about the people in your own life--you have the circle of friends, the circle of co-workers, your vendors, your partners, your family--if you go out on a night on the town, your co-workers will never find out about it because they‟re not in the same circle as your friend. Travis: Okay, right. Yifat: The same concept works on Google+. You can be a gamer and talk about World of Warcraft. You can type it and all, but your parenting people will never know about this. You will feel like you are interacting and engaging and you are being listened to and understood. You have so much fun because you are talking with the same people. That‟s what Google+ is about. It connects you based on passion.
  9. 9. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 9 of 27 Sandra: You know what I‟m thinking--is way back when I got an invitation for Facebook from a friend of mine who lives way up in the Yukon, in Canada. I thought, “Okay, I‟ll be your friend.” It was, I don‟t know, two or three years before Facebook caught on and then all of a sudden was really rolling and I thought, “Wow, I was into this in the beginning. Who knew? ” I thought it was so stupid when I first got that. I thought--no one else joined in as a friend and I‟m like, “This will never last.” What I‟m thinking in the world of Google+ is I don‟t want that experience again. I want to be cutting edge so, yes, I‟ve been listening to this but… Yifat, I‟ve also been to your website. I just signed up for your VIP club. I‟m right here. I‟m getting started with understanding Google+ because I find myself--I want all of that. I‟m a new author. I‟ve got a good book. I want to get it out in the world. I want to use all the tools that are there, and so I‟m excited to learn something new. I have a funny feeling some of our listeners right now are doing the exact same thing while they‟re listening--is they‟re at their keyboards looking you up as well. Yifat: Awesome. Sandra: So this is fun. What else? What should we know? How should we get started? We have a really great group of entrepreneur-listeners that--after every episode, we like to have to have actions steps that they can get started in something. I don‟t even know the appropriate questions to ask. This is your floor. Yifat: Right. Thank you. The challenge really, I think, is coming to Google+ and not knowing how to engage with people, not knowing what to say and how to start a relationship with someone new even if you‟re passionate about the same thing. There‟s a lot of information out there. So what I‟m trying to do, I‟m launching this month--it‟s not done yet--but I‟m launching a hands-on workshop. Basically, we‟re going to meet for two days, and I‟m going to teach you how to optimize your profile for your keywords, how to build your auto sheet, how to engage with people, how to find your audience. I‟ll teach you that. You‟ll go do it. You‟ll come back. We‟ll review for two days. By the end of it, you‟ll finish with a complete profile and you‟ll know how to start getting followers and getting engagement. Then this will follow up with an engagement workshop, Analytics, because you have to track what you‟re doing to know if you need to change anything, Hangouts, then Communities, and then Google+ Local. So it‟s six workshops that‟s hands on and it‟ll be in the course of the next six months. Hopefully, this week I‟ll be able to share with you the sign-up page so you can all join and get your profiles started. You‟ll join a community of people who are doing exactly the same thing. It‟s a supportive community to help you grow and position yourself correctly in the Google sphere of influences.
  10. 10. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 10 of 27 Sandra: That‟s exciting. Travis: Hey, Yifat, this is pre-recorded so by the time this comes out--it‟s going to be three or four weeks before this comes out, so all of that will be… If your timeline holds to what you‟re talking about, all of that will be live--when this goes live. Yifat: So the URL would be Travis: Cool. I‟m glad you‟re talking to that, talking to the usability in how to make it work for you. That‟s one of my issues with Google+ is it‟s not very intuitive. I like Apple‟s model to where they make things so simple that you really don‟t need any instructions. With Google+, that‟s not the case. I‟m pretty advanced on a lot of different platforms, and I find myself confused. Yifat: Yes, and the other challenge is that they keep changing things. They keep improving them. They get user feedback, and so they change the layout; they change where the buttons are. So, yes, it is a challenge. Also, it‟s a different mindset, interacting with people rather than posting all the time; or starting curating and sharing, rather than creating your own content. It‟s a totally different mindset that you have to come in to Google+ with. Maybe that‟s part of the challenge. Travis: Yes. Do you feel like it‟s not as good of a platform to curate content off of? Yifat: No. Actually, it‟s great. Google gives people ranks right now like they do for pages. You can, if you have a high rank, you can outrank people for their own content. I‟ll be happy to share a video with you where I outranked a guy for authorship. I am not an author. I never talk about author rank and authorship, but I outranked him. I guess because Google gave me a high rank. Travis: Right, right. Sandra: Wow. That‟s cool. Yifat: So it‟s like if you start… But you know what, Sandra, what‟s really cool about it is that you can‟t fake it. You have to actually get involved and engage with people before you get that rank. For me, it‟s wonderful because I think that if you are engaged, then you will give a lot of value to the people who are following you, and so you‟re deserving of that kind of rank because people like you and you are serving them, rather than, “Look I‟m this guru and I know everything. Give me your 500 dollars, and I‟ll teach you half of what I know.” Travis: Now how is that scalable for business owners that are super-busy? Is there a model to where they can set up a staff member to help curate and keep things moving?
  11. 11. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 11 of 27 Yifat: Yes, and you don‟t have to post every day, five times a day. You can build a strategy of when you‟re posting, what your keywords are. I use them in the title. Also, if you are connected to people who post a lot and they share your information, then that‟s heaven, right? Because they‟re sharing you instead of you having to go out and make sure you‟re everywhere. But also… There‟s also. And Hangouts are huge, guys. If you guys are going to start doing a little bit of a Hangout on Air and keyword them, like optimize your YouTube video, you‟ll be found way higher in Search. Because Google really loves Hangouts right now, and they want to push people to use them. If you‟re using even a 10-minute Hangout, nothing big, just you on the screen talking a little bit or a 5- minute Hangout, it will rank you higher and it will bring more clicks and eyes to your site and your videos. Sandra: Is a Hang… Travis: How about moving this to our show to the Google Hangouts because we‟ve been thinking about adding the video element to that. Do you think that would be worthwhile? Yifat: Definitely. I mean, I encourage everybody to do that. Sandra: Is a Hangout between, in the conversation, between two people or can someone get up in 10 minutes, share something? Yifat: Hangouts are a conversation between up to ten people. It can be you, Travis and eight other people, like one guest and, you know, eight fans, for example. You can integrate YouTube into it. You can integrate Drive. Instead of having a PowerPoint, you can have images that you bring in that are lying over the face. Kind of like the news, like lower third, where you have those animations happening and Jon Stewart on the side--you can have that. You can share your screen. You have so many apps in there. You can mute people. You can have effects, all kind of sweet things. But it‟s live so that might be different for you guys. You can pre-record, of course, and share it afterwards, but you can take that like--this is a video, right? So you can take a video. You can turn it into a transcript. You can download the mp3s, and now you have the podcast format. You can turn it into an entire product. When you interview people, you can actually create a little kindle out of it. Travis: I know the video capacity is 10. Can you get anybody, more people on there than that that just can‟t get on video? Yifat: You have millions of people watching. So if it‟s on air, they‟re watching you and you decide how many people are there. You can also rotate people. You can say, “Hey, you can come in, ask a question. When you‟re done, drop out, and I‟ll invite someone else in.”
  12. 12. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 12 of 27 Travis: Okay. Okay. So it‟s basically the full-blown, GoToWebinar model that is just automatically uploading up to YouTube. That‟s really what I see it as, right? Yifat: Yes, yes. And, also, it can be shared. So all the people who are on Hangout watching it and all the people on the Hangout, all the people who are watching the Hangout, everybody could share it like they share a YouTube video. You can embed it on your site, so it‟s kind of like you‟re embedded like any other YouTube video on your site. Rather than sending people to YouTube where they lose you, you can send them to your site and have a call to action right next to it. If this was on a Hangout, for example, we could have had a little sign-up form to direct people to join my program, for example. You won‟t have to tell them, “Hey, here‟s the link, blah, blah.” You just say, “Here, right here to the right if you‟re interested, you know, click here.” Travis: Now does it always have to be live? Yifat: Hangouts on Air are live. You can make it in private if you want to, just for your members, by removing the post from your stream in Google+ and setting your YouTube channel not to show the live videos that you‟re having. You can come afterwards and make it private. You might get the five eyes, depending how popular you are, but you might gain a few people watching it live, and then you make it private and you release it whenever you want to. Travis: Right. Right. Okay. So what are the five things you think people are missing whenever they‟re setting up their Google+ channel or… Well, I don‟t want to get in trouble with you. We‟ll say Google platform. Yifat: The Google Profile. Travis: Yes, there you go. Yifat: A few things. One, they‟re not putting up a banner, so it makes them lazy, seem lazy. They don‟t put up a picture, so they‟re showing up as blue heads, and many people don‟t Circle blue heads because a lot of spammers don‟t take the time to optimize their profile. They don‟t add any description, so you would go to their profile and it just says male, you know, Texas. You‟re like, “I don‟t know this person,” so they‟re not allowing you to get to know them. They‟re not setting up any of their keywords, so if you‟re searching for, you know, blogger, they‟re not going to come up, so they are missing the random or the organic Circling that Google offers. What else? They‟re posting, posting, posting, posting and not interacting, not engaging, not finding other people to converse with. Travis: Okay. When you went to my Google+ channel, were you impressed? I‟m just kidding. Sandra: You did that with a straight face, didn‟t you? I‟m thinking, “Oh, my gosh! Wow!”
  13. 13. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 13 of 27 Travis: I caught you there, Yifat. Yifat: I don‟t really remember actually finding you in Google. Sandra: See? There you go. Travis: I actually am in there, yes, and I‟ve got an assistant… Yifat: I found you. Okay, hold on. Let me see. No, you know what, actually, I was impressed because the banner that you have is amazing. It‟s really, really cool. Yes, and it actually made me go like, “Wow, yes, I want to be on that show.” Travis: You‟re saving my ego. Thank you. Yifat: No, it‟s really good. Yes. Let me tell you something else. Your profile picture is perfect because to receive authorship in Google, you have to have a smiling face in there. If you put anything else like, I don‟t know, your dog or something… I saw people put their underwear. Sandra: No. Yifat: Yes. Crazy, right? You won‟t be found in Search. Google is not going to put your image next to your content. So what you have there is beautiful. Travis: Nice. What did we get wrong? Yifat: What do you mean? Travis: With the setup there, I‟ve got an assistant that helps me with everything. In setting up this profile, what did we miss? What did we not do right? Yifat: You‟re missing some of the story. You have a few keywords, but your introduction is, “I teach business owners the secret to an extremely profitable and fun business while working less.” That doesn‟t tell me anything about you. That‟s LinkedIn, right? I want to know Travis. I want to know you as a person. Travis: Right. Yifat: And I want to know more keywords, like introduction, more than just two sentences. Also, in the introduction, that‟s how Google decides where to… Travis: Break you or where to place you?
  14. 14. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 14 of 27 Yifat: Yes, there you go--where to place you. So if I‟m looking at the introduction and all I have is “business owners,” “extremely profitable”--nobody‟s going to look for this, right? If they put anything like “entrepreneurs” or “podcaster,” anything, you‟re not going to come up, so you need to change that. Sandra: I see. Travis: Good point. Yifat: You have that in the Bragging Rights. You have speaker, teacher, author. Bragging Rights is not part of what Google looks at for SEO because that‟s just a fun place to say, you know, “I was in the Israeli army, and I didn‟t shoot anyone.” Sandra: Right. But they look in the introduction. Yifat: Right, exactly. Tagline also is not in the SEO part of your About page, so you can be fun there, like you are. Change your strategy, change your business, change your life. But the introduction-- put some links in there, call to action, like, “I have this radio talk show. This is where to find it,” backlinks. This will actually be backlinks from Google to your website. Travis: I thought you critiquing what we‟ve done is a great way to illustrate some of the things that you teach. For me, I love to see examples. When I can hear someone draw exact examples, then I can parallel that to my own business. Does that make sense? Yifat: Yes, exactly. I‟ll give you that during the workshop. I‟ll show you a few people who are doing it very well. But you don‟t have to wait for me. What you can do is to go to Google+ and search for the keyword that you want to be found for and find the people Google suggests to you and just see how they wrote their About page. Travis: That‟s great advice. I‟m actually jotting that down right now. Sandra: Me, too. This is a great interview. What else should we know? This is a quiet moment. I don‟t know what to ask and I‟m very excited as a student. Yifat: I think what you probably… Let me see. Hold on. I see Travis you joined Communities, and that‟s really great. When you post your Community and you post on your profile, Google shows both posts on your stream, and so it shows as if you‟re posting the same thing over and over again and you‟re kind of like spamming your readers. There‟s a setting on your profile that says, “Don‟t show my Community posts.” If you do that, all they‟ll see is what you‟re sharing publicly, and the posts that you share with the Community will stay within the Community.
  15. 15. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 15 of 27 Travis: I‟ve always wondered about that. I thought, “Why is this showing up multiple times?” So it‟s just a setting there. Yifat: Just a setting, yes. Travis: Okay. You were so quick with the top five things that people should be doing. It sounded to me like that well is much deeper for you. Is there some other things that come off the top of your head that people should be doing? Not to put you on the spot. Yifat: No, no. I‟m just thinking how deep you want me to go. Travis: Well, just simple fixes for now. Anything beyond the quick changes I think really should be put into context and taught through some of the videos that you already put out. Were there any other quick fixes that come to mind? Yifat: Well, yes. Okay. So one of the things is hashtags. The same way that you are using hashtags in Twitter, Google trends hashtags. If you search for anything on Google, even the word just “hat,” let‟s say, whatever you‟re searching. This would have been great in a Hangout because I would have shown you my screen and walked you through it. Today, for example, trending on Google+: “MayDate,” “We love you, Hamberton”--I don‟t know what that is—“Galaxy 4,” “Waterfall Wednesday,” so if any of the words, the hashtags, were trending on Google+ fit anything that you can write about, then people will start discovering you organically just from the search, just from the hashtags. Travis: Okay. Yifat: If there are any of the hashtags that you want to be known for, create a little Google Drive page, like a document in Google Drive or wherever, post it or something--better yet, on the computer so you can just copy and paste—and just keep the hashtags you want to be known for. Every time you post something about that, use those hashtags. But take it a step further. Look for the same hashtags, find out who is using those hashtags, and interact with them, because now you found someone passionate about the same thing. You start building friendships and relationships based on your passions and your interests. Travis: That makes sense. I didn‟t know anything about the hashtags. Yifat: It‟s little things that Google puts in there and you‟re like, “What is that?” Sandra: This is exciting. I want to just say, Yifat, that you‟re following your passion. You‟re doing something new and unique. I think a lot of times as entrepreneurs we think we should be doing something one way, that‟s what everybody else is doing, that‟s the right way. You‟re really showing us
  16. 16. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 16 of 27 that you can totally step out into unchartered territory, do your own thing, follow your passion. I have a question as an entrepreneur. How do you monetize your expertise to make this all into a business? Yifat: Finally, people are getting to the point where they‟re like, “I want someone to teach me Google+,” or, “I want, actually, a few +1s, and I‟ll pay someone to get me the +1s.” So I can coach you on how to do it yourself. I can do it for you, or I can actually speak to you about this and you can do whatever you want with it. I‟m a speaker, I‟m a coach, strategy coach, and I also do it for you. If you‟re a business owner and you‟re not interested in getting the followers and building engagement and getting the +1s, then I‟ll be happy to do it for you. Sandra: I need to ask because I‟m not clear what a +1 is. I know I want them, but what is it? I‟m a newbie, and I don‟t think I‟m the only one. Yifat: No, that‟s perfect. That‟s awesome. This is going to a different topic of--a new topic that‟s called emotional SEO, which is causing people to actually take action and share and comment and +1. So +1, you can think about it like the Like of Facebook. The difference is the Like of Facebook, again, stays in Facebook, and +1 is all over the Web. Your +1s can be visible to other people. They can show up in Search when you +1 and add. They can show up on YouTube videos as, “Hey, Sandra liked this one.” And it tells your Circles and your connections what you like, what your preferences are. It tells Google what you like and what your preferences are so they can offer you more of what you like and what your preferences are. So you want to get a lot of +1s on your post because that actually tells Google that, “Hey, this is a valid post.” Travis: And a +1 is below in the organic search section, Sandra. There‟s a little +1 that you can press so that indicates that you like it. It‟s basically Google‟s version of a thumbs up. Yifat: Like. Yes. Where Google+ messed up and actually made your job harder is that if you think about the Like of Facebook, there‟s an emotional weight to Like, right? You like something. You don‟t like it. That‟s kind of like an emotion. Where +1 is very neutral, so people don‟t give a lot of +1s because they don‟t think about it. It‟s not like, “I want a thumbs up for you.” It‟s not like, “Okay, I like this.” There are four levels of engagement. Now we‟re going even deeper. There are four levels of engagement. The lowest one is the +1 and that says, “Hey, I kind of like it. I have nothing to say. Here‟s a thumbs up. You made me laugh,” or something. The second one is comment. It‟s actually, “You made me think. I want to say something.” The third one is sharing. It‟s like, “I like it, and I also want to tell the world that I did.” The fourth one is Hangouts, and that‟s really taking my time, meeting with you face to face, and sharing my likes and dislikes or my thoughts with you.
  17. 17. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 17 of 27 When you start a relationship with someone--let‟s say you did a search for a hashtag, and you found someone that shares your interest in podcasting, and you start talking to them. You can‟t just jump to bed right away and say, “Hey, let‟s hang out.” You want to build up. You want to start with a +1, the comments, the shares, and one of the… Here‟s a super tip for you guys to get someone to love you right away. If I want to build rapport with Travis or Sandra, and I‟m going to your profiles, and I see something that I really love, I‟m going to share it on my stream and I‟m going to say, ”Oh my god, I just saw Sandra writing something brilliant. I can‟t believe she thought about it. She is such a wonderful speaker. Guys, you got to check it out.” What will happen is Sandra will get a notification that says, “Hey, Yifat said something about you.” She‟s going to go and see what I said about her and she‟ll like, “Wow, she‟s praising me? She doesn‟t even know me. Who‟s that person?” You‟re going to like me right away because I‟m saying all these nice things about you. You‟re going to come and check my profile, and in my profile you‟re going to see my About. You‟re going to see who I am. You can see my picture. It‟s going to be a made profile, so I‟m not a blue head or a stranger to you, and you‟re going to say something on my post. You might say, “Thanks for sharing,” or, “I appreciate that,” or, “Wow.” If I added my own thoughts, you might continue the conversation and now, we have a little something to build on or work from. Travis: I like it. Sandra: That‟s great. Yifat: It takes more time and it takes really caring about people and really getting to know them, which is hard for network marketers because all they do is put up products out there and create an automated webinar and if you want to really talk to them--I don‟t know, good luck. Travis: Right, yes. Yifat: This one is different and that‟s why a lot of people kind of have a hard time starting because they don‟t… Not a lot of people really care about people, right? Travis: On a deeper authentic level, yes. I agree with you. Yifat: That‟s why I‟m so passionate about it because I think this will change the world. Imagine businesses really caring about their customer, kind of like the „”Cheers” mentality where everybody knows your name, right? So they really care about you and they know what you like. They know your likes and they cater to them and they change the business based on the likes of their customers. And they‟re transparent because with the Hangout, it‟s not just voice or text. You can see eye to eye, like the white in your eyes. I can see if you like me or don‟t like me or if you‟re a nice person or not.
  18. 18. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 18 of 27 That transparency and that human interaction, I think, will change the world in ripples. I think it will make people happier because they‟ll connect with people who share the same passion. All three of us right now are like, “Yes, this is great.” That kind of happiness and excitement and passion will ripple, and I think it will change the world. I want to be the catalyst behind it. Travis: I like it. Sandra: I want to play with you. This is awesome. Yifat: Yeah! Sandra: Yes. Yifat: Awesome! Sandra: We know video is the wave of the future. I mean, we‟ve got to be out there and on it. Google‟s got more--I don‟t even know what you call it, but I mean, they just reach everywhere, and so it makes sense. I think, Yifat, you‟ve just put the context around and made us understand that it‟s not another Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter. It‟s a whole different world, and it‟s an important world. You‟ve helped us understand it, and now I feel comfortable to get some more information about it and actually step in and play in the water. I‟m excited. Travis: Yes. Hey, I have a question for you. Do you know why Google sent you an invite in the very beginning, if there was just such a… I‟m sure you‟re extremely special in your own special way, but what was it that made them select you in this beta group, you think? Do you know? Yifat: I have no idea. I‟m trying to come up with a really smart, unique thing, and I‟m like… I have nothing. Travis: Well, I mean, it‟s probably because you‟re beautiful. I‟m naturally inquisitive, so I‟m always thinking, hmm… Yifat: I know. Why did I get the invite? That‟s what you‟re thinking, “I‟m a geek. I‟m doing all this stuff online. I‟m like that. Why didn‟t I get the invite? I would have jumped in.” Travis: Why not me, too? Sandra: Where were you, Yifat, before getting involved with Google+? Because before… I mean, I know, in my life, I‟ve changed so many passions, and it‟s all okay because they build upon each other. What were you up to career-wise before you jumped into this new love?
  19. 19. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 19 of 27 Yifat; I‟m very embarrassed to say, actually. So pre-history… How far do you want to go? I traveled South America. I backpacked by myself for eight months, and then I came to the US and I had to become a student because I was on a tourist visa. So I said, “Okay, I‟ll go to UT in Texas, and I‟ll study something, and I didn‟t know what.” My friend said, “Well, you like Spanish. Why don‟t you study Spanish?” I said okay, so I studied Spanish, and then when that was over, I started network marketing. It was in the technology--like I found companies that do technology stuff. I realized I really didn‟t like that, but I liked the Internet. I like building websites and I like to search and finding--people finding me and buying from me without me having to talk to them. I didn‟t like the convincing aspect of network marketing, “You could make a million dollars, just join me and find five other friends.” Sandra: Right. Yifat: But I love the products, and the products are awesome. If I can educate you on the product, then I don‟t have to convince you to do anything. I‟m fine with you just buying the product and using it. That was what I was doing. I was building websites, writing articles and doing videos and all that stuff. Then Google+ came along. Travis: Donde vive? Yifat: Donde vivo? In Austin, Texas. Travis: Okay. Yifat: We‟re neighbors. Travis: Yes, I‟m in Houston, Texas. I didn‟t realize that you were in Austin. Yifat: If you‟re coming to us, then, Travis, let‟s have coffee. Travis: Yes, definitely. I come to Austin quite often. Yifat: Yes. Well, you know how to reach me. And I‟m reading my… So here‟s a few more things. I‟m reading my Google+ a lot, so if you want to mention me… But I‟m also starting this new experiment that you guys might be interested in. On the app, on the mobile app, there is a feature that‟s called Messenger. It allows you to connect with 50 people at a time on their mobile device. My problem, my issue right now, is that it‟s hard for me to connect with my 44,000 followers. I want to find a group of more engaged people and connect with them daily on my phone. So I sent out an e-mail to all my followers and all my people in my membership club and I said, “Hey, if you want to connect with me on your phone, join my circle, and we‟ll interact there.” If you, guys, would like to be part of that messaging thing, I want to see how you can bring Google+ into the mobile device and build
  20. 20. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 20 of 27 higher engagement because I think that‟s where the money is, not just the followers, and see if connecting the two will actually increase conversions and engagements and followers and all that stuff. Travis: Interesting. Yes, I think the amount of engagement with someone speaks to the level of raving fan they are, right? Yifat: Yes. You know what‟s really interesting? Everybody who comes to Google+ or any other platform, they‟re running after followers. If you have a million-and-a-half followers, you‟re superstar and you have some clout because of the number of the followers. I think the real measurement is the engagement. How many people comment? How many people share? How many people +1 your post? You can be talking to the void, and you can have a million-and-a-half fake followers who don‟t even check you out. Travis: Yes, agree with you. Yifat: There‟s a guy, Curt Smith, who has 34, 000 followers and he gets about 200 comments and shares for every post that he does. Travis: Wow. Yifat: He bypasses people with three-and-a-half million followers in the amount of interactions that he gets. The next question, Travis, is what does he post about? He‟s consulting. He‟s a marriage consultant. He uses the emotions that we talked about before. He talks about cheating and about divorce and about love and about relationships, stuff that kind of stirs people to react and uses a lot of images. You see a love image or you see a word or something, but it makes you react. It makes you comment and share. Travis: Right. Yes. In the political world, that is called demagoguing. They talk about stuff that stir you up. Yifat: Yes, yes. Travis: Emotionally stir you up. Yifat: Yes, but if you take that now, if you‟re thinking about ranking and you realize that Google now ranks based on social signals, and to get social signals, you have to stir something of an emotion. There‟s a new field that‟s called emotional SEO, and then how do you do that in your posts so that you get more engagement interaction? Go for that. Go for the long run, the marathon. How do I increase my engagement? And the followers will come, but it doesn‟t really matter because if you get 200 shares, you‟re going to be ranking higher than someone with a million-and-half followers who never talk to you.
  21. 21. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 21 of 27 Travis: Right. Well, you know, I interviewed Guy Kawasaki, and he‟s got a ton of people in his Google+, right? Yifat: Yes. Travis: I want to say he‟s got something like two million followers or people in his Circle or however you say that. Yifat: Yes, four million. Travis: Okay, four million. Sandra: Wow. Travis: But if you look at the interaction, the Likes or 300 Likes on a post… Yifat: He gets about 45 comments and 79 shares per post, which is nice. Travis: But still four out of four million? Yifat: Exactly. The ratio is not that big, yes. Travis: I asked him about it, on air, and he told me… I said, “Guy, you have four million people in your Google+.” He goes, “Oh, well, Google invited me” and then also made him a recommendation early on. Yifat: Yes, yes. It‟s called a Suggested User List. There are people who… Everybody who comes in to Google, Google suggests people and it‟s like, “Hey, if you want news, these are the news people. If you want technology, these are the technology people.” So, Guy gets a bunch of people who just add him by default. Travis: Yes, which is really kind of a waste of time other than for ego, ego measuring. Hey, I‟m not trying to give any commentary on Guy because Guy is a great person, but to have this gigantic number of people that are connected to you but they really don‟t care about what you‟re talking about or they‟re passionate about is just irrelevant, right? Yifat: Yes, exactly. The challenge really is how do you build engagements in Google+? If you think about this, Travis, the average person, a $1,000 a month will change your life. It will be a car payment. It may mean more vacations. Just 1,000 bucks. To get 1,000 bucks from 1,000 followers by charging 10 dollars for just 100 people of them, that‟s not a lot of effort. You will be able to get that kind of money just from engaging with 100 people. That‟s not brain surgery. That‟s not hard. That‟s
  22. 22. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 22 of 27 something that you really care about. And if those 100 people are really passionate about what you‟re doing, you‟re not selling anything. You‟re just simply sharing with them, and they‟re loving you for it. Travis: Yes, and you‟re furthering their cause in whatever they‟re trying to do. Whatever you‟re teaching them, you‟re helping them move one step closer to that goal. Yifat: Right. So, I will encourage people not to go for the followers, but to go for the engagement. Travis: There you go, there you go. Sandra: Perfect. Travis: Hey, we‟re getting close on time, so I have to ask you… We have to segue into the lightning round. Are you ready for the lightning round? Yifat: I am. Travis: You are? Now I sent you a couple of questions as we talked. We like this to be an organic conversation, although there‟s a few questions that really require some deeper thought to come up with an answer. The first one is: If you and Sandra were on an arm-wrestling contest, who would win? Yifat: Sandra. Travis: You think Sandra would win? Yifat: No, probably with my military background, Israeli military background, I‟d probably... Travis: You look pretty tough. Sandra: I‟m pretty strong. I‟m going to have to come to Austin. Yifat: It‟s with oil or without oil? Travis: Let‟s start without, see where it goes from there. Okay. What book or program made an impact on you related to business that you would most recommend and why? Yifat: I‟m reading “The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive” by Brendon Burchard. Travis: Yes.
  23. 23. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 23 of 27 Yifat: It‟s great because, again, it‟s going back to passion. If you know what drives you, you‟ll wake up in the morning energized and happy. One of the things that really caught my eye there is that you don‟t have to have arrived to live a charged life, which to me it‟s like, “Yeah!” Travis: Good news, right? Yifat: Yes. It‟s great. It makes you realize what you‟re good at and go for it. I can‟t remember who said it, maybe the most interesting man in the world, who said, “Find out what you‟re weak at and don‟t do it.” Travis: Good advice. Yifat: Right? So just find out what you‟re really good at and attract the people who will make your life charged and passionate. Travis: All right. Brendon‟s a good guy. I was in his Mastermind. Yifat: Oh, really? Wow. Travis: Yes. I‟ve been through many training programs with him. I‟ve done his personal mastermind and he‟s a super, super sharp and good guy. Yifat: Okay, and another thing from him… Tell him he‟s great. The thing that he said, “Celebrate your daily successes.” That‟s a game-changer right there because we never do. We never feel like we‟re enough. We didn‟t finish everything. We didn‟t do everything that we need to. But if you stop and realize, “Hey, I just learned to ride a bike today. Let me celebrate.” Before you go to the jumping and stuff like that, then, you feel like you‟re actually improving. That‟s an intimate part of actually being a good entrepreneur, always moving. Travis: Yes, I agree with you. Hey, what‟s your favorite tools or pieces of technology that you recently discovered, if any, that you‟d like to recommend to other business owners and why? Yifat: Can I give you two guesses? Travis: Sure, sure. Yifat: No, you guess. Sandra: Google+ and Hangouts. Yifat: Yeah! Travis: You passed, Sandra.
  24. 24. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 24 of 27 Sandra: I‟m smarter of the two of us, Travis. Travis: I know. You‟re not supposed to tell everybody that. Sandra: Oh, they already know. Travis: What famous quote would best summarize your belief or your attitude in business? Yifat: That‟s Zig Ziglar: “You can have anything you want in life if you help enough people to get what they want in life.” Sandra: Love it. Travis: Agree with it. Great quote. What do you dream of? Yifat: Last night, I dreamt that I shot a lady and she fell from really, really high and made a splash that made her come out of the water again. I don‟t know why. Travis: You shot her? Yifat: I shot her with a gun. She asked me to. I don‟t know why. Travis: Wow. Sandra: I can translate that into: you‟re the type of person that injects people with passion and gets them out of their comfort zone so that they can make a splash in their business and impact millions of lives. How‟s that? Yifat: I love you. That was awesome. Travis: That was brilliant. Yifat, how do people connect with you? Yifat: Best on my Google+ profile, but you have to send me a private message and let me know that you‟re following me so I know that you are, or connect with me on comments and shares and also my website I check all my e-mails and I read all my comments from there. I‟m very engaged. Travis: Excellent. I want to personally thank you for taking time out to spend with us today. You gave us a lot of extremely valuable information on an area that is kind of a mystery to a lot of us, so I thank you for that. You‟re an absolute pleasure to spend time with. Sandra? Sandra: I feel the same way. It‟s like all of a sudden there‟s a door or a window that I didn‟t know was in the room. By opening it, there‟s this whole new area with new results, new fun. I
  25. 25. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 25 of 27 love, love, love the idea of building relationships because we all know that it‟s within relationships that we‟re the most successful and we‟re the happiest. Thanks for sharing that. I‟m personally very excited to learn more about Google+ and Hangouts and you and be your friend and support you and your mission to help others, so thanks. Yifat: Thank you, guys, for having me. This is fun. I‟m happy to talk about my passion anytime you want. Travis: Yes. Excellent. Can you hang out for a couple more minutes? Yifat: Yes. Travis: All right. Listen, I want to remind you guys that you can go to, which is short for, and you‟ll find all of the links to the resources and the books and the show notes, everything that we‟ve basically talked about in this interview. Also, while you‟re there, enter your name and e-mail and we‟ll send you the “2013 Business Owner‟s Guide to a Profitable Million Dollar Business.” It‟s a candid behind-the-scenes look of what you need to know to grow your business to incredible levels of success. What I tell you in the guide is critical to your success, and no one‟s really talking about many of these issues because I feel like it‟s not in their best interest financially or they just don‟t know. In the guide, we‟ll cover the six misconceptions that are costing most businesses an absolute fortune, the five skills that will determine the success of your business over the next 18 months, and lots of more great information for taking your business to that next level. Before we end the show today, we want to remind you, whether you know it or not, no matter where you are as an entrepreneur, that what you‟re doing matters, and you‟re an inspiration to those around you to go after their dreams, too. We want to encourage you to keep it up. Right, Sandra? Sandra: Right, Travis. Travis: So, are you ready for my quote or our quote for today? Sandra: I am. Travis: Do you want to read the quote? Sandra: Aren‟t you funny as we are 2,000 miles away from each other, and we are not in the Google Hangout that I could see what‟s on your screen. Right, Yifat? Yifat: Exactly.
  26. 26. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 26 of 27 End of Interview Travis: Right. That‟s just me being difficult. Sandra: Always. Keeps me on my toes. Travis: Yes, I know. I try to throw you a fast ball every now and then. The quote today comes from Henry Ward Beecher, and the quote reads: “Your best successes come after their disappointments.” This is Travis Lane Jenkins signing off for now. Sandra, say good-bye. Sandra: Everybody, this is Sandra Champlain and saying not only good-bye, but often what we really desire is just outside of our comfort zone, so take a chance today and maybe go to Google+ and try Google and check it out. Travis: You‟re good. I like it. Sandra: Always. Travis: All right. So, listen, to your incredible success, take care. Sandra: Bye-bye.
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