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The Entrepreneurs Radio Show 024 Zsuzsa Novak

  1. 1. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 1 of 26 EPISODE #24: ZSUZSA NOVAK Zsuzsa Novak Travis: Hi, it‟s Travis Lane Jenkins. Sandra: And this is Sandra Champlain and we would like to welcome you to Diamonds n Your Own Backyard. Travis: Hello Sandra. Sandra: Hi Travis. Travis: How are you my dear? Sandra: I am great, I am feeling inspired. Travis: I am super excited I just did my warm up exercises. I was doing my deep knee bend getting ready for the show. Sandra: I feel good and I am doing my vocal warm ups „‟ so I am ready. Travis: „Mi..mi..mi..mi..mi..mi..mi‟. Yeah. Sandra: It‟s all about you. Travis: No, it‟s about you too. Listen I am super excited because today we are going to be talking about how you turn your passion and your purpose into a profitable business with our incredible guest. Although before I introduce you, I have a favour to ask of you. If you enjoy this free podcast we‟ve been creating for you, go to ITunes and post the comment and rate the show. This would be a big help for us in reaching as many entrepreneurs as possible and helping them to get either to get started or to take their existing business to the next level just like we are helping you with the guest we bring into the show. If you take that comment did you write on iTunes and then go over to Facebook Page and just page it in a Fan review section, it would be a major help to us and what we are trying to accomplish by just helping as many people as possible. Does that make sense Sandra?
  2. 2. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 2 of 26 Sandra: Perfect sense because we all know that if it‟s a good restaurant or great movie and we recommended people more time to watch or go there or in this case listen to an episode, so we really appreciate that. Travis: Yeah. Now we are going to do two things as a way of saying thank you. We will give you 20 chances to win the Galaxy Tablet. We are giving away for people that are interactive with our website and with the comment. We‟ll take a minute and just mention you on the show as a way of saying thank you. We had a recent comment I don‟t know if you saw this Sandra but it‟s a really wonderful comment from it looks like Trinema, T-R-I-N-E-M-A on iTunes that left an incredible comment about the show. Anyways, do you have anything you want to add to that before we segue into our guest and our show? Sandra: No, but I am excited and maybe for next time we can hear those comment that Trinema left. Travis: Well, let me read that comment right now real quick. Sandra: That would be great because I didn‟t read it. Not that I didn‟t. Travis: I believe it‟s he. He says, “After listening to the show I first thought wow, this guy Garrett is speaking from heart. He is not afraid to talk about his failures and personal struggles and set backs on the way to success. I thought this interview was an anomaly, it wasn’t. Until listening to several other podcast that I learned that the heart of the host and the entrepreneurs that they interviewed, the realness, the vulnerability, the struggle, the truth behind the picture of success that the public sees. If you are an entrepreneur, subscribe and get inspired by hearing the real story of an entrepreneur’s journey. It will be a huge shot in the arm to get you through the next big breakthrough.” Sandra: I am so grateful you shared that, thank you. Travis: What an impressive comment. Listen, our objective with each and every show is to give you a seat right next to us. So that you are part of the conversation with some of the most brightest entrepreneurs in the world, people that have found success themselves. And want to I help others by basically sharing what they know or how you got there. It has taken me years and lots of money to get access to this or at this level and know with the show, you have basically a backstage path to have just a very personal conversation with me, you and the guest that‟s on the show, right? We try to phrase this; I think one of the common problems when I listen to shows, is that they speak to everybody. We want to speak to you, the guest, our guests we know there are lots of you. We want this to be a personal conversation between us four. Fair enough? Sandra, does that make sense?
  3. 3. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 3 of 26 Sandra: Perfect. Travis: Ain‟t that right? Sandra: Perfect. Travis: Yeah, you have anything you want to add? Sandra: No, I‟m ready to segue because I know who‟s on the line with us. Travis: Alright. I am afraid I am going to mess up her name. But I will say it right. Sandra: You won‟t. Travis: I‟m going to try this right. Zsuzsa Novak is our guest on our show today and she is an internationally sought-after speaker, trainer and business strategy expert. She helps you turn your passion and your purpose into a profitable business. Zsuzsa is committed to helping entrepreneurs make money while making a difference. Zsuzsa welcome to the show. Hello Zsuzsa. Sandra: Hi Zsuzsa, hello. Zsuzsa: Hi. Thank you, thank you so much for having me. Hi Travis, so good to be talking to you I‟m really excited. Travis: Oh, I‟m super excited. Sandra: It‟s good to have you here. Yeah, I‟ve met Zsuzsa a few times but we‟ve never sat down and have a real heart to heart so I am so grateful that we can spend an hour together today. Zsuzsa: Me too. It‟s going to be wonderful. So, let‟s get to it, shouldn‟t you be asking me questions? Travis: Let me explain the premises, like I explain so many times people feel like that successful entrepreneurs are smarter or they‟re perfect or they have skills set that everybody else doesn‟t have. That‟s really not the truth so we are just more tenacious normally and we continue to get up every time we get knocked down. Really the name of the show Diamonds in Your Own Backyard is about finding, or taking, or talking about a failure in your life or your business that actually become the turning point
  4. 4. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 4 of 26 for the success that you used in your business. Can you tell us how that would relate to you and your life and your business? Zsuzsa: Yes absolutely, I would say I‟m just along the lines of how you opened this up and when you said that entrepreneurs are more tenacious. I completely agree and I would also add that successful entrepreneurs are just simply more tuned in. They are more tuned in with themselves; they are more tuned in with their vision, their mission and their BIG WHY. Because I truly believe it starts with that BIG WHY and as I say when your vision is big enough, you don‟t have to push forward, you simply will be pulled ahead. I firmly believed that because I have experienced with my whole life. I was basically born into a prison. I grew up in communist Hungary behind the iron curtain. I was put into a tiny little box where I had to fit in and blend in because that was the way of the communist system. Big brother would be watching and we were always told what to do. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: We knew that in order to stay safe, you have to stay within those boundaries. Now, I feel that an entrepreneur, a successful entrepreneur does just the opposite. Travis: Oh, exactly. Zsuzsa: That‟s why I love entrepreneurship. And though I never set out to be an entrepreneur, has you know, entrepreneurship didn‟t even exist in communist Hungary, right? I didn‟t have any idea of a concept but ever since I was a little girl I knew that I am not the kind of person that wants to fit in and blend in „thank you very much‟. My idea was always to bust out of the box and that‟s what I‟ve done in my life and that‟s what I have entrepreneurs and expert to do to really bust out of the box, brave do with the boundaries, go beyond that and be there fully expressed self in every sense of the way because I believe that that is a huge part of success. Obviously it doesn‟t always come very easy but if we dig deep enough and we find the purpose and we really contemplate, why do we do what we do? Then, I think we‟ll get really charged and excited and motivated and then we can start something truly magnificent or take our business to the next level. Because I feel that a lot of entrepreneurs loose that juiciness. Along the way we have so much going on and we got caught up in the logistics, in the technicalities and operational aspects of our business and when we do that it really doesn‟t serve us, it doesn‟t serve our business and it doesn‟t serve our customers. Travis: Right, right.
  5. 5. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 5 of 26 Zsuzsa: I kind of a coach consultant because I am a Certified Master Coach as well as I am a Business Consultant, I do both. I do the strategy but I often do the coaching part of it which is huge to helping people head back into that why. Why am I doing this? Travis: Let me ask you something. I don‟t want to interrupt you there but I don‟t want to get far along because number one I completely agree with everything that you are saying. And for me when I first started out I didn‟t have this deep why, this is just a complete clarity, okay? Maybe you can do some coaching with me right now. As a young man I started my first business at 24. I didn‟t necessary want to change the world; I didn‟t want to really educate people. I had some very shallow goals. I want a complete financial freedom. I wanted to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. On my journey as I got older, and as I achieved some of those things I started to get more doubts to my desires, my wants, and my needs because some of those more shallow things like the fancy cars and all the great things that come with that. It wasn‟t fulfilling a deeper need but I think at times a lot of people think „I don‟t want to solve the world hunger just starting out‟. Do you always have to have a deep purpose to get started? Zsuzsa: I believe so, honestly I believe so. I am not saying that you have to have a big why as big as the world. It doesn‟t necessarily need to be about world peace or world hunger but I feel that you bear it in the roots and for you too I mean, maybe it starts by the time you are very young. I came into entrepreneurship at a later age. Obviously it depends where you are at in life but I would, all of you that you perhaps have much deeper why even then and maybe you were not aware of it. Sure you can have the money, the car, throwing parties, attracting the stakes, whatever it was, right? But I am sure that underneath it all there was something else whether it is about situation? Or feeling good about yourself whatever it is, right? Travis: You are right, I agree with you but most people aren‟t in touch with that. I think you are hitting on it I was not in touch with that. Ideas and clarity and a deeper understanding only it seems to come out whenever you have conversation and talk about it. I have had ideas in my head for 15 years that I thought were accurate until I talked about them and then I realized that they didn‟t really make sense. I think you are probably right that I wanted to provide for my family, I wanted freedom. I wanted security. A lot of times people can‟t move to step 2 because they are busy worrying about step 3 and step 4, right? Zsuzsa: Exactly, exactly. Travis: How do you do that?
  6. 6. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 6 of 26 Zsuzsa: I think you hit the nail on the head. I think it is really important that as an entrepreneur you work on your business and not in your business. Many of us find that we get caught up in the nitty gritty and we going around the wheel like the little durable wheel, when you are turning and turning and turning and you can‟t get out. I think it‟s crucial to take a timeout and not accidentally because your business is on the verge of bankruptcy let‟s say or because some kind of a consultation set through and all of a sudden you have an error. I feel and truly believe that it‟s one of the most important aspects of successful entrepreneurship to take timeout before you jump in or if you already jumped in to take timeout and really dedicate a full day where you sit down and just feel into it and think into it from a bird‟s eye view to have that perspective because if you don‟t do that you end up on a path that you probably didn‟t want to end up on. You got to look at first the map, right? And you got to say „here‟s what I am‟. Now where do I want to go? And how do I get there, why do I want to get there? Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: Again, it might not be because I would like to solve peace in the Middle East but you want to say why is that important to me? Money is never the answer. Money is the first one that may come up but that‟s sort of the first aider and you got to dig deep and you probably go on under and feel what‟s important for me to provide for my children. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: I want to make sure they‟ll have a good education like why is that important to me and you just keep asking yourself that question. Obviously if you hire a coach it‟s easier because they will be the standing board for you, they will ask those questions or if you have a mastermind and you get together with other like-minded entrepreneurs that you can turn to and say, „give me some feedback on that like you said it‟s great but even if you don‟t, it‟s essential to take a timeout and you really think about why you want to go where you want to go. Also reflect like how could I get there? What would be other ways of thinking outside of the box, right? Not just go for what seems like the logical answer but think creatively because I feel that we don‟t have enough of that in our day to day businesses so that‟s what I mean by it. Travis: Let‟s begin a little deeper to that. It sounds to me and I want to make sure that I am on a right path with you here. It sounds to me that you are basically suggesting that I map it out. Zsuzsa: Exactly.
  7. 7. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 7 of 26 Travis: I will speak from my own experience. I gave myself permission to be wrong and so I will just take a piece of paper and I will map it overly crude, or write something and arrow to the next thing and to the next thing. Then I will find that the first iteration of that is got a lot of things that I didn‟t say really in a succinct clear way or didn‟t fit and that I redo it and I redo it. Is that along the lines of something that you are talking about? Zsuzsa: Somewhat. But what I would like to clarify is that when I say like think a bird‟s eye view of your business I mean, like really try to hit some milestone. You don‟t need to create the same exact thing. As a matter of fact the strength of a good entrepreneur is that you are able to improvise and course correct along the way. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: It‟s not like you need to know step by step by step what you are going to do. In fact it‟s not going to work it that way anyhow. But you want to be able to come up with a grand vision and for example as the year is ending now, you are coming to the end of 2012. You must, you seriously must look a year ahead and say, “Okay, here’s 2013, or in some bigger businesses you might want to look 5 years ahead and say what’s going on?” Where I am at? Where do I want to go? How does this looks like? What about partnership? What about clients? What about business? What about operations? Look at it from an objective point of view. Remove yourself from being the little widget in the system. Remove yourself and look at it objectively and figure out what are these milestones that you want to hit to get your goal and once you have that then you can go kind of descended hanging to the business and say, “Okay, what is it going to take?” But if it happens that without having those milestones you are just kind of going with the flow. That doesn‟t necessarily work and I feel that there should be a structure and within that you can improvise and you should go with the flow. Travis: Right, right. Sandra: Travis, can I jump in through? Travis: Yeah, please do. Sandra: So Zsuzsa, start with a why, right? You don‟t have to push you are going to be pulled forward.
  8. 8. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 8 of 26 Zsuzsa: That‟s right. Sandra: Let‟s just say, look a year ahead of time where we want to be from a bird‟s eye view. Take our self kind of out of the picture and I am taking that as our emotions and also seeing that for myself if I am looking at Sandra Champlain who‟s playing a game. I think from an outside objective point of view I can say, here are her strengths, here‟s what she needs, kind of a reverse engineer from a year from now. What would have made it to happen and then take action steps forward, is that correct? Zsuzsa: Yes, it is correct, it is correct. Looking into I can just kind of give you a bird‟s eye view of one of my systems that‟s called the Bliss Biz System that have experts and entrepreneurs live their bliss through their business. Essentially, talking about failures, trying to make sure you talk about failures or make sure you talk about tough times and what makes things happens. I think that it is when we struggle, when we are not finding our way is when we come upon some of our greatest ideas. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: In my life the way that came around was that after, you know, in 1990 after I left communist Hungary, I came to the US to be a maid, to be a maid and a live-in nanny with a newborn. So, I literally scrubbed bath tubs and toilets and changed diapers and strived my way up in the world and put myself through school. But I still had that notion that if I just work very hard and stay on the path everything is going to work out really great. That‟s why I stay being driven and being tenacious, doing what it is important. It is not everything because in my case I ended up on the path of working in a corporate set up. I worked in the entertainment industry for various movie studios like Synergy Productions, and New Regency Productions, and then I worked for Warner Brothers from Spain, from Madrid for a year and I loved it. I thought it was creative and my dream, my big why was always like how to inspire and empower people to be all they can be, and I thought, “Okay I’m doing that, I am doing that through movies how phenomenal.” Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: And what‟s great is that they just did that like Ibiza, but then there were movies like Judge Dredd and I was like, “Oh really?” Sometimes I realized that my values, my vision was not in alignment with the corporation‟s ideas. There are this studio‟s ideas of having to hit the bottom line. That‟s when I realized that if I am an entrepreneur then I can really shape my company to fit my vision. That‟s what prompted me to leave Corporate America behind though I was in a very, very successful path, and I decided that, “No! I would like to be an entrepreneur.” I went back to school, I got my MBA from UCLA
  9. 9. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 9 of 26 and it was great education but very general. In a way, though they teach you how to ask the right questions they don‟t necessarily give you all the answers. How could they? I guess. All of a sudden after having completed my degree I thought, okay wait, now what? I had my son during my 2 years of Business school which was planned and worked out great because I thought right after I am going to go and get started but then my daughter was along the way and all of a sudden I thought wait a minute it‟s so important for me to be there, for my children, to be a mom. Because I raised so many other people‟s children that I knew that when they are mine I would like to be there, I would like to be the one seeing them walk for the first time, say those first words. Though I had this great education and perhaps others saw that I had the answers, I didn‟t. And I find myself in a sort of roller coaster trying to figure out how can I create a business that will fix my lifestyle that allows me to be with my children? And, „who am I now?‟ because all of a sudden in my early 30‟s I was a very different person that I was in my early 20‟s. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: When I got to the US, I had to unplug myself the way and I suggest that other entrepreneurs and entrepreneur-wannabe want to do it because otherwise you drive yourself crazy. I mean I tried everything in the world. I was a translator. I was a consultant. I was a teacher. Then, I started teaching cardio social class at the gym. I mean I have done whatever I thought I could that I loved and I had a passion for that would allow me to be with my kids but not one of them really fulfilled me. So I thought, “Okay there has to be a method to the madness.” So let‟s see, how would this come together and that‟s how I kind of stumbled upon and created my Bliss Biz System and I usually mapped it out. I said okay first, if I think about myself forget about the business. Let‟s think about who am I, what do I want? What matters to me? What makes my heart sink? Let‟s could do things done so essentially that became the 7th Bliss Pillars and it started a purpose. Again, that is the core; I feel what is your purpose? Then my second one would be what are my passions? What are my unique abilities, skills, talents, and life experiences that I could draw from? After the passion, I thought what would be that path that would lead to prosperity? How could I do that? What are my priorities? What are my priorities in life that would be for example, the children, right? Finally, thinking about the performance that I would need to bring, how could I perform to my best, to my optimum in order to fulfil which is the last one, my potential. So I look at all these elements that started out with me. Who am I and what matters to me, I really thought that it‟s only after I figure those parts out that I can even consider thinking about the business part.
  10. 10. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 10 of 26 Travis: Zsuzsa let me jump in, how old were you when you figured this out? Zsuzsa: I was 33 years old. Travis: I don‟t want to mess up your stride here but I want to go a little deeper on some of what you‟re saying here. I believe that this level of clarity comes with age. Would you agree with that? Travis: I think it depends on the person to be honest. Travis: Well, yeah, there‟s a formula. Zsuzsa: It depends, yeah. Obviously you won‟t have this level of clarity when you‟re 18. However, if I think about not just my former clients but some of my friends, some people have that clarity at 20. Travis: I agree with you 100%. It‟s all pieces of the puzzle here. Your education is part of the puzzle. Your tenacity is part of the puzzle. Also where you are, your level of maturity determines whether you start getting this deep at 24, 28, or at 33. Do you agree with that? Zsuzsa: Yes, oh absolutely! I think your heart and your willingness to wanting to find those answers and how you search for it. That is how I feel, that, for example with this system that I developed, there is no age limit in it, it is not rated R. I feel that my way of paying the bliss forward is to say, “Hey! You know what; I figured this out 10 years ago.” I applied this to my business. I was able to build a highly successful business that helped others build 6 figure businesses. I am doing what I love. It fits my global lifestyle. I teach 6 weeks off every summer, and I spend time with my children and my family. It‟s one of the things that it has nothing to do with my MBA, granted that I am grateful I have done my training that I am grateful to be at UCLA but it has nothing to do with my training. It has to do with me seeing it‟s done, figuring it out and asking those questions and now you can take this. Even if you are 18, you can take this formula and walk through it, and again give you that structure within which you can flow. Within which you can find yourself. So that your business will be the organic extension of who you are, instead of who I am, right? Travis: Yeah, that did make sense. What I was challenging you on is, maybe this is just due to my lack of maturity as a young man. It took me until I got into my 40‟s before I got the clarity that I wanted to make a big difference with entrepreneurs across the world. I wanted to make up a huge impact and so now it sounds to me like maybe this is the way to fast forward because it took me 20 years or almost 20 years to get to that level. Basically you are saying this is a formula for fast forwarding to that level of clarity regardless of what age you are at.
  11. 11. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 11 of 26 Zsuzsa: Yeah, absolutely. I feel that what happened was when I came into the entrepreneurial arena, I went to several seminars and I‟ve learned from some amazing people. But probably as both you and Sandra have seen there are several people out there selling the instant business, this million dollar mindset. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: There are certain things that you can take from me but if somebody tells you the million dollar business that it is almost like at an instant sloping down in your own backyard. Right? Travis: Right. Sandra: And sell off. Zsuzsa: Right. It is important you find the diamonds that were already in that I just want to say “no”. That does not happen that way, you need to dig down in your own backyard to find the diamonds, to figure out what are your gifts set you are bringing to the world. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: Nobody can give that to you. As with this Bliss Biz System what you can do is get those sets and ask yourself those questions so you can figure it out for yourself. Travis: I like that. As a matter of fact I think your diamonds and tell me if I am right. Your diamonds is growing up in a society that was oppressive and insisted that you colour within the lines and then once you made it out of that oppressive society you got the chance to colour out of the lines as much as possible, is that correct? Zsuzsa: Absolutely, absolutely. Travis: And that‟s your diamonds? Zsuzsa: Yeah, definitely. The other thing is that fearlessness that key again from having to leave it all behind. I mean I grew up in an extremely caring, loving family. My parents, my grandparents, my cousins, we are so, so close it was a warm little nest. I‟ve never been away for more than 2 weeks from my family. All of a sudden at age 20 to say, “You know what, I think I should fly from the nest to
  12. 12. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 12 of 26 the other side of the globe”. For them to let me go it was heartbreaking but as my parents said, like, “We can never give you those opportunities.” I just knew that I had to make it happen. I wasn‟t sure how, but along the way I realized that as long as I keep that vision and I keep going forward and wanted it badly enough I will make it happen. It just confidence, confidence look that the more you do it the more confident you feel about yourself. As an entrepreneur you know that, that‟s what happened in my life. That‟s what brought that fearlessness, that‟s what brought for me I think the feeling of life. Why I don‟t try that? Worst comes to worst I‟m going to fail it‟s not going to work. Well, I‟m going to get up and dust myself off and try again. But the thing of not being intimidated by making that link because I had to make that it‟s so early in my age. Sandra: I want to jump in, may I? Zsuzsa: Sure. Sandra: Zsuzsa, I am so inspired by you and I am so grateful because what I am seeing is Travis you spent a lifetime and you have now reached an age where it‟s all come clear who you are, what your life is for and where your life is for. What I see about Zsuzsa is that because of her life and what she has created and she has found her 7 Pillars and it all begin with P as I wrote them all down. Zsuzsa: Yeah. Sandra: It can really shorten the path so that you may not need 20 years. It sounds Zsuzsa that you really dial in with people and I guess it sounds like your system is that, that people can answer these questions for themselves. I think it may cut out a whole bunch of years of experience and go right through the core who they are, what they are up to, what their passion is, what their path is, those priorities, how are they are going to perform to reach their full potentials. Zsuzsa: Yes. Sandra: That you really shortcutting the path for people, it sounds to me as we are diamonds in your own backyard that you are an individual that helps extra powers to diamonds quickly. Also Travis I get that you‟ve reached your level of success and then only then can you look up really deep and to who you are and what your life for. And Zsuzsa sounds like correct me if I am wrong, when you expedite that process and people get there faster, there is a real sense of fulfilment because there is a whole
  13. 13. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 13 of 26 another level of looking at what you are going to give your life for. So you can create the wealth, the happiness, the fulfilment and then you are left with, what else? Bravo! Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: Well, thank you. We all have our passions and what I want to convey is that it is never too late. I had several clients some of whom you actually guys interviewed on your show. I am not going to mention them by name but I have several clients who are in their mid 60‟s. I am approaching my mid 40‟s but they are in their mid 60‟s and they come to me saying like things are working but they‟re not quite working as well as I would like or I would like to catapult my business forward. I would like to feel like that it is more aligned with who I am. The idea is here, you may not necessarily need to do a total overhaul right? If you get this idea of like okay, here are these 7 Pillars on top of which comes the 7 Business Components that I can quickly go through so there is a sense of completion of what the system is about. But if you get it right out of courage, good for you, go with it, run with it. As a matter of fact, my son who is 11, he is already working through it. What do I love, how could I bring that creativity into my life, how could that eventually be a business. You cannot be young enough; you cannot start early enough, yes. It could be that you are in the mid 60‟s and you are in 70‟s and all of a sudden you say, “You know what, I want to do more, I want to accomplish more, I would like to live a lasting legacy that truly feels like it reflects who I am at the core”. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: You can still work through these steps and ask yourself those questions and we will come up with something great and for some people again it‟s something from the grand of they are going to build. For other entrepreneurs who have successful businesses already they might just need a little twist, ability to twist which creates a grand impact. Travis: Well, I want to help you make your case, some of this is we are talking it out loud. I‟ve been on this journey of entrepreneurship for 23 years and I would love it if I can help someone cut 20 years out of that journey and surpass my accomplishments or find me a level of accomplishments they want. One of the things that I find, so this is making sense for me, I did not become a deeper person until I started digging. Does that make sense? Zsuzsa: Yes, full of sense.
  14. 14. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 14 of 26 Travis: Once I started digging for knowledge and not just a topical business knowledge or not just on my trade but deeper into myself, deeper, big picture stuff as I dug there that‟s when I really started having a big picture of who I am and getting fulfilled on a deeper level. I feel like I have been saying that I am really kind of making the case for what you are saying your point anyways. Is that correct Zsuzsa? Zsuzsa: Yeah. Again, it‟s so fascinating to me that there is no such thing as the right time. If the time is going to be just right when it comes for you. It is so much depends on who you are and your circumstances and your life and how you grew up and how you got started, your experience or my experience yet entirely different. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: They are just the perfect experiences for us. In my case for me enough, I didn‟t even have to do any diggings; my life purposely got pour down on my lap on December 9th of 1980 when I was 10 years old. It was accidental, for some people they‟re life‟s purpose kind of comes out like sort of like the sunrise. You started having these feelings for it and this out there in the distance and all of a sudden you experience up your life or maybe you are in your 40‟s, 50‟s, 60‟s or later. That‟s right, that‟s what my life was all about. For some of us like in my case, my life purpose hit me like streaking lightning it was a bam, there it is. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: It was accidental and just a regular ordinary week day when I ran home from school and I was done with my homework. We didn‟t have television at the time during the day, we have two stations during the day there were no shows on TV at all so there was only the radio. They would always show or air I would say, government propaganda and Russian songs obviously everything was monitored by the government. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: I was sitting in front of the radio and I started turning the knob and I was really hoping to find something other than that. All of a sudden the sounds of the piano started playing and it was so different than anything I‟ve ever heard in my life. As the piano was playing I was just hit in my soul, at my core, and I thought “Oh my God, what is this?” and then the man started singing in English which is the language that at this stage I do not speak because I have to learn Russian obviously. So I went to the shop and grabbed the dictionary and I tried to decipher the words, what is he singing because I
  15. 15. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 15 of 26 knew that this man is singing to me. I started getting the words, imagine, boundaries, love. What is it? What is it? So I got all these tidbits and as it turns out later on I accidentally tuned in to this underground station called “Voice of America”. This was the day after John Lennon was assassinated. And they were playing „Imagine‟. I am having a hard time talking through it because that‟s when I got it. And I said, “Oh my God!” Travis: That was your turning point? Zsuzsa: That was it, and I was 10 years old and I was on a mission. I was like, this is the kind of world I‟m going to live in and this is the kind of world I want to create and I have no idea how but I will make it happen and it will so be that oftentimes the moment I hear „Imagine‟, when I say and talk about it my voice cracks and it hits me and I am in goose bumps and in short, so at the core. But again for everybody, our past are different and I think it is very important that you realize that there is no right way, there is no right time. We truly value each other‟s experiences but to say what could we contribute and I truly feel that you know, my way of contributing to the entrepreneurial world that I feel is changing the world and they are the ones that going to bring grand world beyond boundaries. There is a global community of entrepreneurs for change that I could say, well guys this is what I found, this is the system I came up with. Travis: Right., Zsuzsa: I am really grateful that I am able to live my dream of helping others make their dreams come true. It‟s tremendous. Travis: Wonderful stuff. You beat me to the point I was going to ask what was the turning point for you and I believe you described what the turning point for you was on a personal level. What was the turning point for your business for you to find actual, financial success in your business? Zsuzsa: The financial success came from again figuring out this system that I put together and it came from my inability to do that for a couple of years. I was just fumbling around and trying one line of work and the other and trying to figure out what it is the thing to be the path. The minute I did and the minute I made sense out of it all I found this magic formula all of a sudden literally people were like, „oh my god, what happened? I was just so back on my mission and back on the track and I initially had people come up to me without advertising fees saying like what am I doing like „oh my God‟, it‟s just working well.
  16. 16. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 16 of 26 I started to speak and because I am plugged into my Alma Mater at UCLA. I had some opportunities there, I had some of my ex-classmates, my MBA classmates that like I said before they should know but had to admit that they didn‟t and they were not fulfilled in their careers, and clients came and started to find me and said, you know what?, „My grandfather was a lawyer, my father was a lawyer, I am a lawyer but I am so damn unhappy. What can I do? What can I do with all the knowledge that I gathered along the way? How can I find a way?‟ Then I had entrepreneurs that came and said, „I am getting 6 figures, how do I move this into 7 figures? What do I need to treat? Obviously, the internet have afterwards in the last couple of years that has become a big component, Social Media and having my own event as well as going to other people‟s events and meeting with entrepreneurs and experts and connecting. At this stage I really have both the online as well as the offline platform. For me particularly, I know that the offline platform will always be closer to my heart and they are for the bigger part of my business because that‟s how I designed it. It‟s who I am, I love that personal connections. Travis: Because you like to connect with people on a personal level? Zsuzsa: Exactly. Travis: Okay. I guess, convinced that for me, the turning point was the discovery of the formula, your formula? Zsuzsa: Yes, absolutely, absolutely. Travis: Okay. Zsuzsa: That is what it was and there from there on to go and take that message in a way that you sat right to me. Because in our expert stage, there are some amazing people out there, whether it‟s Steven Pigram? Or Frank Kern or Brendon Burchard. All are tremendous and wonderful people who share a lot of knowledge. But I feel that a lot of us and I can speak also for my former clients, my current clients feel that there‟s that sense of loss like, okay, which formula is the right formula? Which one do I follow? Will I go into the footsteps of person A or person B? In a way I feel that my system is saying that there is more of a general idea, there is not a one set of formula that works because the system needs to jive with and stick with who you are. Travis: Right.
  17. 17. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 17 of 26 Zsuzsa: Once people started applying it, learning it and seeing the results in their lives, that‟s what created a lot of my success. I still have a lot of my clients, like, Social Media or people seeing me speak coming to my event or meeting with people like other people‟s event, the expert industry association event but also a lot of people come to me by recommendation and I love that because that means that somebody has also copied with my work and the results they have received, so, that‟s great. Travis: Yeah, the overwhelm, I understand the overwhelm as if they are lost. Do I follow Frank? Do I follow Eden? Do I follow Zsuzsa? Or what do I do and so one of the things that I understand that you do is that you have that personal touch and you help take them by the hand. Tell me what our listener can, the other person that is sitting here at the table, remembering it the fast forward. What can they do right now to start making a difference in their business? Zsuzsa: Okay. I would say again as I went through the Bliss part of the system. I say it really starts with what matters to you. It may need some kind of Google and all there but believe me if you are like 99.9% of us out there you probably don‟t get enough time to think about and reflect on that. What matters to you, purpose, passion, priorities and all that I have mentioned. Once you have done that, then you can start thinking about your business. Those 7 components, Business Components that I like to share with your listeners right now that are very convenient start with the C will build on those pillars that we talked about before, so the first one would be your Core. And your core has to do with your message and your brand. Your message is how do you go from me to the meaning that my eyes has, to my mission and my message? How do I take that‟s to the marketing, to the mentoring of other people and creating the movement, right? That‟s really about your message or signature stories and all that. Then part of the core also is the Brand what you stand for. I don‟t have the time to go deeply enough into. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: But once you figure it out this core, you know your message, you know your brand. Then and only then you can start thinking about your customers. Who is your tribe, who is that community that you want to reach out? Who are your ideal clients? I do this Ideal Client so much, or exercise where you really, really done and think specifically of one person that is your ideal client. You want to get to know them and their psychological level. What are their biggest fears, frustrations and desires because it is that psychology and it is the emotions that make people purchase anything from you? That‟s how you think about the customers. The third one is your Content, the content that your product and services. Then you can design that content around your core that will fit your customers, right?
  18. 18. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 18 of 26 And after the content you can think about the Channel, your market place. Where do your customers hang out? What are these channels that you can reach them? It‟s very different, if you‟re dealing with 20 something year old dude, yes you want to have a mobile access something because that‟s where they hang out. If your customers are baby boomers, that channel is not going to work. Then you want to find out whether or maybe a goal flying and meet with the man and speak to them. Coming to speaking, number five would be Communication. How do you communicate clearly with the right psychology through your clients whether it‟s again offline or online when you think about your copywriting? Because when that communication is so transparent, true and authentic, yes, link targeted to that client based and the right channel there is no way that you will not be super successful. The sixth one is the Call to Action. Again it doesn‟t only apply online but the end of the communication is always a call to action. But I oftentimes, in the case of my clients, they don‟t think about the goals ahead of time like whether is that a call to action. What is that you want to accomplish? You want to create a buzz? Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: Do you want to get more lead? You want to get more traffic to your site? You want people to purchase? Depending on those goals it calls for us very different call to action, right? Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: Last but not the least, it‟s about the Cycle, Business Cycle of which, Travis, you are probably very, very familiar with because regardless of what business you are in they‟re always 3 different cycles. There‟s the Birth cycle, when you are starting out there‟s a Building cycle the second cycle which you are expanding. There is third one which is the Booth. It‟s very important to really figure out which cycle you are in because based on where you are at in your business you have very different thing that you need to do. You have very different support and system, you need to look out for yourself they would be different. And looking ahead, you want to prepare always for the next cycle so you can keep going and advancing. That is why the cycle is the last part, you can really create those systems and solutions and support. Some of it you can automate and delegate so can you can leverage your time. Travis: Right.
  19. 19. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 19 of 26 Zsuzsa: To build that coming for circles, to create that lifestyle you really want and to speak to what you really love within your business so can you can live the lifestyle you deserve and make a difference or as you go to the scale as you can. Travis: Right, right. Yeah, the maturation cycle is what you are referring to with the business? Zsuzsa: Yes. Travis: Sandra, go ahead. Sandra: Thanks. Zsuzsa, something you mentioned from your 10 year old self that I thought would be a great action steps for our listeners and for all of us is to imagine. I am bringing myself, Travis and I had a really profound conversation the other night that I really don‟t know what I want. I know the basics but as to imagine as far out as possible, to dream and explore and let our minds imagine further than we‟ve ever let ourselves imagine before. What our lives could be like, what our families could be like. These things we want really make us choosy. Not just to imagine that but also it takes a new imaginative steps within our business. We have been doing things the same old way over and over and over. But let‟s try again, let‟s just imagine and be open to some new thoughts. Zsuzsa: Yes, exactly. Oh my God, you just summed it up exactly Sandra. That‟s the idea, that‟s what the idea behind bursting out of the box. Do not put any limitations on yourself. Usually, you know what, the more seasoned entrepreneur you are, the more educated you are, the less likely you are to take risk because you are so freaking brilliant. Your mind is going to be there to protect you and you are going to have this wall. Have you ever had that wall, like you are going back and forth and I should do that and like there‟s no way, that‟s not going to work, it‟s not going to make sense. Because you are so brilliant, you are coming out with great argument. Again, something that is seemingly does not make any sense but if you look at the most amazing entrepreneurs, whether going back in time or currently, I mean what did Richard Branson create, does it create any sense. How to know? I mean it‟s huge, but that‟s the idea. You want to make it fun, you want to plug back into that groove within that was with you ever since you were born the one that gave you the crazy ideas when you were a kid that lets you dream, that lets you go beyond the boundary. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: That‟s what is going to charge you up and move you forward. I feel really believe, if you just believe and if you imagine. Afterwards your logical mind will make it happen.
  20. 20. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 20 of 26 Sandra: Is that amazing how that happens it‟s like you plant the seed, plant the picture. I think that‟s great how that happens. Zsuzsa: Yeah. Travis: Yeah. Hey, we are getting close on time. I have a couple of things I want to run through the paces real quick to add some more value here beyond all the incredibly wonderful steps that Zsuzsa shared with us so far. Zsuzsa, what book or training program had a single biggest impact on you? Zsuzsa: Oh, that‟s a very loaded question. Oh my God, that‟s a tough one. To be honest I don‟t think I could pick just one. Travis: You want to say two? You have a couple that come to mind? Zsuzsa: Yeah, I feel that at different times in our lives and I imagine that you are looking for something that would be entrepreneurial. I really feel that it depends like it has to be the right book at the right time. Travis: It didn‟t have to be just entrepreneur. It could be something that grows you personally that opens your eyes on other levels that is fine too. Zsuzsa: Okay. There are several of them. For the entrepreneurship, I remember that when I got Gary Vaynerchuck‟s book, “Crush It!” I don‟t know if guys if you read it. Travis: Oh yeah, I‟ve read it. Zsuzsa: That was amazing. That was like, „oh my God‟ that was just absolutely unbelievable. Travis: I agree with you. Zsuzsa: I love that sense of passion and Gary talks about how he created also something that did not make sense. As of his passion and love for wine, against all odds, like people said, „how the heck he is going to sell wines online. It didn‟t make any sense‟. Travis: Right.
  21. 21. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 21 of 26 Zsuzsa: The last that I have just read that I love which is from Guy Kawasaki. I love the guy it‟s not because we went to the same business school as I did, several years ahead of me. But I love the guy because he is one of those entrepreneurs that is good at what he does that he just opens himself. He is the kind of guy that dares to dream and imagine. The last book I‟ve read is “Enchantment”. The subtitle under Enchantment is The Art of Changing Hearts, Mind and Action. It‟s a really great book. I love it. Another one I read actually from Guy at the beginning was “The Art of the Start”. Another wonderful, wonderful book, other than that, like on a personal development from Eckhart Tolle. I love to read all of his books. Paulo Coelho I absolutely love and read the “Ultimate” several years and I love it. The next book I am going to read his is “Ola” I have it I am really excited about that. Travis: Yeah, wonderful. Wonderful! Zsuzsa: But those were the ones that come to mind. I really love the combination of the heart, the mind, the right brain and left brain. Something that is practical and strategic yet inspiring. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: I love that combination, those are the ones that are really, really juicy for me. On the branding, there is one more that I thought about from Simon Mainwaring whom I love. I was supporting him at his event. He is a brilliant, brilliant branding guy that came from a corporate environment. He wrote the book “We First” and it‟s about how brand and consumers use Social Media to build a better world. It‟s again about how to create a business that fulfils you yet it is community oriented. It‟s like what do you do for others. Those will be the ones. I knew I said more than I gave you a handful. Travis: That‟s okay. You are going to love, Sandra recommended “A Left To Me” about Paulo Coelho. It‟s an incredible ending you are going to love it. Zsuzsa: Oh. Travis: Thanks for the recommendations on that. What is your one favourite tool or piece of technology that you‟ve recently found that you think everybody should know about? Does anything come to mind I know I am catching you on this far, does anything come to mind for you that people need to know about?
  22. 22. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 22 of 26 Zsuzsa: When it comes to technology, I have to say that first of all, just a disclaimer; I am not a technical genius. It was huge for me to own this because at the beginning that‟s the mistake I made when I came online a few years ago. I really felt like I need to figure this out. I need to be good at it, I need to know how to put and how to get things on YouTube and how to do technicalities. My biggest learning in all honesty with technology was if you are not a techy genius, that‟s okay, outsource it. That was my biggest learning in technology. I really felt that why would I take away that bliss from others? Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: Thank God there are people out there that love to do this technical things and figuring out the latest plug ins for WordPress and why would I take the joy away from them. At that level it only both give me pain and frustration so outsourcing would be one thing that I would say about technology. The other thing that when it comes to technology is Basecamp, I used for coordinating projects. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: It really works for me very well. There are several others as well but I signed the Basecamp, it‟s really good because you can easily communicate and share files as well as you can attach different audios and videos. Travis: Right. Zsuzsa: I love Basecamp for that reason but again, in the grand scheme of things it is going to slow you down and take you away from what is your true genius zone just finds somebody else to do it. Travis: Ah, great advise. We are coming up to the end of the hour there. Basically, your advice, which is great advice, rather than try to learn everything, outsource it. That‟s one of the reasons why so many people are overwhelmed trying to learn everything when you need to learn some things, you need to learn course skills and then outsource the other stuff so that you are working on your business rather than constantly working in your business. I am a fan of Basecamp myself, I do everything there. It‟s an incredible way to stay organized and keep people whether they are employees or contractors or whatever. Have everybody collaborate and work in one space so excellent, excellent advice there. Thank you for being on the show. I am going to segue in to the quote of today. I want to thank you for taking time out of your day and sharing your incredible wisdom and insights and even your personal journey of defining your diamond and overcoming that oppressive place that you come from. In an environment to where you feed just the opposite of that, so, kudos and I‟m glad to know you, so thanks for coming on the show.
  23. 23. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 23 of 26 Zsuzsa: Thank you, thank you so much. Sandra: Thank you for me and to our listeners, you‟ll never see or meet perhaps someone who has heard this interview today. You‟ll never know the imaginations that might have taken place tonight before they go to bed or new idea when they brainstorm. So a whole new world can open up for people right now from this interview so thank you for your generosity and your time. For our listener, if you ever get the chance to meet Zsuzsa, you‟ll find the most beautiful, radiant, loving human being that‟s really is out to make a difference with every person she meets. So, thank you Zsuzsa. Zsuzsa: Oh, thank you so much. You are going to make me cry. Thank you so much guys. I think I am so grateful to you because you give people the way to share the avenue to share their message on a bigger scale. That‟s how all of us can make a difference together and create that world be on boundaries where we can all find our own diamonds in our own backyards and fully shed up and let it shine so all of our lives can shine together and make our world a brighter place. Thank you again for having me I am so grateful to you both. I guess I would leave your listeners with those three sentences is that my plans set me failed with 22 years ago which was, “It’s your life, it’s your time, go for it.” Travis: Oh, I love it. Hey Zsuzsa, real quick. How can everybody find you? Zsuzsa: Okay. My website is and it is Z as Zebra, S as Sun, U as University, Z as Zebra again, S as Sun and A as an Apple. After that my last name is Novak. N as Nancy, O as Oliver, V as Victor, A as an Apple, K as King. So it‟s Also on Social Media, find me on Facebook. Whether my personal page or my Fan page, I am very accessible. Travis: We‟ll find those and plug those in there for you. Zsuzsa: Oh, thank you. Travis: Would you mind? Zsuzsa: Oh, not at all. Absolutely. Whether it‟s Twitter or YouTube or Google Plus or Facebook. Seriously I am so accessible, I love, love, love connecting with people. So if you are listening to this, please if it resonated with you, do not hesitate to reach out to me. You do not need to be formally become a client, I am happy to support you along your journey and inspire and empower you so can make a difference in your life. So, thank you so much guys.
  24. 24. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 24 of 26 End of Interview Travis: Oh, wonderful, wonderful. Sandra: Thank you. Travis: The quote for the day is by Zig Ziglar, “If you want to reach your goal, you must see the reaching in your own mind before you actually arrive at your goal.” So what is he saying is, it takes some time, set with your goal, see yourself accomplishing it, see yourself living it, and see yourself doing it. And this will begin the process of taking the steps to arrive at your goal. Remember to go to instead of typing in diamonds in your own backyard. We got a URL that would be easy for you to go to so it‟s Then opt- in we are going to send you the 2013 Business Owner‟s Guide, from Frustration to 70 Million Dollars, the Truth about Achieving Incredible Levels of Success over the next 18 months. Also you will be given an access to our private roller decks. Sandra doesn‟t know about this but she is going to pitch in. Sandra: Okay. Travis: Because I know that you are down for whatever. Basically what I am going to do is I want to set up a private roller decks for the people and the resources meaning tools we used and we recommend. We will have this for you up in few weeks. This will be extremely valuable for you for several reasons. There is so much height that makes it almost impossible to know who you really can or cannot trust and rather than focusing on who we think is negative or who people says is negative. We really would rather tell you who we have come to know and trust. I‟ve personally spent more than a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to get to know these people through masterminds and events that I have travelled all over the place to see. This doesn‟t even taken any considerations the money that Sandra spent on her education I know she spent a fortune as well. What we basically want to do is we want to give you a place to where you can go and connect with these people and move forward if that is what you need. Everybody needs something different in their business. So, basically, that‟s why we are going to put this together. I found that once you get connected with high level people, we have a different preview than most because we get to see who is who behind the scenes. What I ultimately want to do is I just want to connect you with the best of the best so that you have the things you need to take your business and your success to the next level. Basically, I want to close the show by reminding you that if you change your strategy to your business, you take these strategies that we are talking about here and you apply them to your business, you will
  25. 25. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 25 of 26 change your business. And in turn you will change your life. So change your strategy, change your business and you really will change your life. Have a great day. Sandra: Thanks everyone.
  26. 26. THE ENTREPRENEUR’S RADIO SHOW Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs that Grow Your Business Copyright © 2012, 2013 The Entrepreneur‟s Radio Show Page 26 of 26 How We Can Help You We know that finding someone that you can trust online today is hard and that so many “so called gurus” are self-‐appointed and have never really even done what they teach you to do. That‟s exactly why we created the Double Your Profits Business Accelerator. This is an exclusive offer for our fans at a fraction of its normal cost. Here's what to expect. We'll Schedule a 'One on One' private session, where we'll take the time to dive deep into your business and tell you what is missing, so that you can have your best year ever! We'll do this by performing a S.W.O.T. Analysis. This tells us your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats within your business. This will be an eye opener for YOU, for several reasons, however some of the most common reasons are. As the 'Business Owner' it‟s difficult to see the big picture of your own business because you‟re in the middle of a daily management. And you are too emotionally involved to completely impartial. This is a common problem for EVERY business owner. It doesn‟t matter if you are a one-man army, or an army of 150, the problem is still the same. Travis Lane Jenkins Business Mentor-Turn Around Specialist Radio Host of The Entrepreneurs Radio Show “Conversations with Self-made Millionaires and High-level Entrepreneurs That Grow Your Business"