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B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
B2 B Social Networking
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B2 B Social Networking


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Tactics to Grow Your Network and earn more profits through linkedin
    B2B Social Networking
    Entrepreneur advisors, December 2009
  • 2. The Trade Show
    Like a trade show, LinkedIN gives B2B sales professionals the unique opportunity to connect with potential clients in a business focused environment. Taking a strategic approach without going overboard will net a larger network and more profits.
    LinkedIN Benefits
    Self-Organized Network
    Focused on business
    Capture new connections
    24/7 Availability
  • 3. Brand Yourself
    Complete your profile to the greatest extent possible
    Resume/Work Experience
    Up to date information
    Create a Positive Perceptions
    Transperency– Be open and honest
    Activity – Update and engage regularly
    Knowledge – Post content interesting, useful and self-less for your audience of peers and clients
  • 4. Start and Grow Your Network
    Work with what you got
    Upload an existing database
    Send invitations
    Generate new connections
    Meet someone new? Invite them to connect
    Actively discuss your LinkedIN account in conversation
    See who your network knows
    A current contact is bound to be connected to an old contact
  • 5. Join Relevant Groups
    Join industry groups
    Be a thought leaders
    Join groups your clients would join
    Actively Participate
    Comment on discussions
    Pose questions
    Seek connections with other group members
    Ask other members to connect
    Focus on active members
  • 6. Start a Group
    Administer a group for your peers
    Be the thought leader
    Create lively discussions
    Promote among your peers
    Administer a group your clients would want to join
    What connections do they want to make?
    What are their needs and how can you fulfill them?
    Start a group around a popular event
    Industry trade shows, meetings, conventions
    Tip: Take groups offline by hosting in-person networking events
  • 7. Search for Your Market
    Research to find connections
    Make note of groups, recent activity, current connections
    Use data for sales prospecting
    Learn organizational structure, current roles
  • 8. Actively Promote Yourself
    LinkedIN Paid Advertising
    Target key LinkedIN users based on seven different criteria: location, company size, industry, job function, age, seniority, gender
  • 9. Go Premium
    Create greater efficiency by upgrading your LinkedIN account
  • 10. Look in the Mirror
    Content Matters
    Regular and measured activity
    Useful information for others to use
    Ask for them and give them selflessly
    Transparency Matters
    Always post unique recommendations, comments and discussions
    The skills and experiences that you have earned is what matters the most
  • 11. Entrepreneur Advisors Twitter: @entadvisors