Why every business should care about social media 09 sep2010


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This slide deck was presented by Pradeep Chopra (Digital Vidya) and Sahil Parikh (Deskaway) as a part of the LIVE webinar of a 3 part series called Digital Gurukul on Enterprising.IN.

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  • WOM is inexpensive and powerful.   Paying $ on old-school marketing is very expensive for a startup. Rather spend your money on your service and product and give people a chance to talk about it. If they like it, you are in business...
  •   - Go where your audience goes - It is ok if there is a bad review - Participate in comments - People will hear about you, like you and remember you. - Conversations will drive sales. Don't be pushy.
  • Knew people who read WWD could use our product Were active readers and commentators on their blog Dropped an email to their editors a few times When the time was right they wrote about us.
  • Traffic spiked. A signup every 30 secs for a day and then tapering off. 15% of them converted. Still get traffic from this blog
  • Same with Mashable
  • Use it mostly for brand awareness and let people know we exist Participation is easy since we can be mobile and share stuff Lead gen is difficult to measure
  • Closing a sale
  • Closing a sale
  • Closing a sale
  • Closing a sale - We have Darrin participating on our blog and even submitting a casestudy as to how his company uses DeskAway. We hope this will drive more sales.
  • Spreading the love
  • Why every business should care about social media 09 sep2010

    1. 1. DIGITAL GURUKUL #2 Why every business needs to care about Social Media?
    2. 2. What is Social Media Marketing?
    3. 3. “ The process of reaching out to and engaging with your customers/users through Social Media (FB, Twitter, YouTube etc) ”
    4. 4. Is Social Media just about Sales & Marketing?
    5. 5. Sales Ideation/Product Dev HR CRM Marketing NO
    6. 6. Search for your name on Google!
    7. 7. Timings can’t be Better! Opportunity to build competitive edge
    8. 9. Let’s look at some Interesting Success Stories!
    9. 10. Kogi Korean BBQ Taco Truck Blog + Flickr + Twitter - 10 people/stop to 800 people/stop
    10. 11. Online Leads & Sales
    11. 12. 89,22,844 Views | 20,223 Ratings
    12. 13. Auto Driver in Chennai
    13. 14. Sahil Parikh CEO DeskAway Case Study: Sahil Parikh
    14. 15. Driving sales through online WOM Sahil Parikh
    15. 16. We are self-funded We use only low-cost online marketing SEO, Blogs & Social Media Sahil Parikh
    16. 17. What’s not worked is… Sahil Parikh
    17. 18. Drive traffic through blogs Sahil Parikh
    18. 19. Reviews/ mentions helps us drive traffic Conversations drive signup Last 2 years 50% of traffic has come from blogs/ referring sites. Sahil Parikh
    19. 20. 1 signup every 30 seconds. Top 3 traffic source. 15% converted to paid accounts Quadrupled sales in a month! We didn’t push… Sahil Parikh
    20. 21. Sahil Parikh
    21. 22. 18% converted to paid. Top 3 traffic source. We didn’t push again… Potential reach… 3 million followers on twitter 500,000 readers for their blog Sahil Parikh
    22. 23. Hello world, we exist! Find people with similar interest. Reach out to a larger audience. Sahil Parikh
    23. 24. The little birdie has sent us 5-7% of our total traffic in the last 2 years. 9-12% converted. We wonder how many people heard about us on Twitter and then later came to our site? Sahil Parikh
    24. 25. Closing a sale… Sahil Parikh
    25. 26. Sahil Parikh
    26. 27. Sahil Parikh
    27. 28. Sahil Parikh
    28. 29. Sahil Parikh
    29. 30. Sahil Parikh
    30. 31. Customer service… Sahil Parikh
    31. 32. Sahil Parikh
    32. 33. She is a customer today. Sahil Parikh
    33. 34. Thank You! Follow us on @deskaway or @sahilparikh Sahil Parikh
    34. 35. The Mantra for Success! Be Social Be Visible Be Relevant Be Credible
    35. 37. Let’s stay in touch through Social Media! http://facebook.com/pradeepchopra http://linkedin.com/in/pradeepchopra http://twitter.com/pradeepchopra Follow-Up : More Qs and discussions
    36. 38. Thank You! Please give your Feedback @ http://bit.ly/dg2-feedback