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Customer pres 1 general intro to at&t  mobility
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Customer pres 1 general intro to at&t mobility


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  • This is our vision … “Connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else.” It’s that simple. This vision captures all the elements of who we are as a company … all our assets … but more importantly, what we represent to our customers. We connect them with their world … wherever, whenever, however. We have 3 supporting messages around the vision … which speak to … how our global network delivers a seamless world of communications to our customers … how we let people choose how, when and where they communicate … and how we’ll set the pace for progressive innovation and unmatched customer experience. I think there is something here that speaks to all customers …we’re focused on delivering communication solutions to meet your business challenges and enable your long term business competitiveness. Let’s talk about the trends driving the business market and the challenges you face…and what AT&T’s unique value is in improving your business velocity for success.
  • Our far-reaching IP infrastructure enables us to take advantage of key industry trends. Our customers are demanding anywhere, anytime access to their business applications via IP-based VPNs. And they want to accomplish this by a wide variety of access technologies – dedicated bandwidth, DSL, Ethernet, and ever increasingly, wireless. The first of these trends is globalization. Large enterprises have globalized their business processes … and begun to deploy IP networks to support their expansion. Six of every 10 North American enterprises have business units operating in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Most of their growth, in fact, will occur in emerging economies and markets – particularly Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Two notable examples: Intel earns 80% of its revenues outside the United States, McDonald’s, 64%. To support this global expansion, and provide a consistent experience for their clients and employees, a seamless MPLS-based infrastructure is critical. Our global strategy is very focused and targeted to the needs of our primary customer base. The second trend is virtualization. As companies transform to this next-generation network, technology enables them to extend their supply chains around the world…and outsource key business functions such as engineering, manufacturing, logistics and customer service. According to one survey: Half of U.S. corporations outsource their logistics and warehousing functions. Close to 40 percent have outsourced their entire supply chains. Global outsourcing is projected to reach $450 billion in 2007 alone. Regardless of where key functions are being performed, companies need to deliver a consistent face and experience. Which, again, reconfirms the need for a seamless IP infrastructure. Last is our mobile society . Mobility technologies are creating a new set of opportunities for companies. The deployment of 3G networks, coupled with the proliferation of more and more intelligent handsets and devices globally, is delivering a much better user experience in accessing critical corporate applications. The lack of sufficient speed in the wireless networks had been a deterrent to wide-scale acceptance of enterprise mobility. 3G is removing that deterrent. The statistics are clear: 67% of all U.S. workers employ mobile computing Wi-Fi sessions in the U.S. are quadrupling every year By 2010, there will be more than 9.5 million data card users. With full control of our wireless assets, we are, uniquely positioned to take advantage of the exploding demand for mobility services and solutions in the enterprise space, where data today represents less than 25% of our mobility revenue.
  • Clarify that these are options, not all of the hardware we offer.
  • Year-over-year growth is attributed to: The growing availability of richer, wireless corporate applications Increased reliability of network carriers for high bandwidth data transfers Increased availability of wireless synch Improved wireless sync functionality Improved device and design technologies
  • Knowing where companies are likely to deploy solutions first, we have focused our activities on the following horizontal solutions. <discuss> I am going to cover each of these in more detail in the next slides.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Why AT&T Mobility? General Overview Presented by: All Things Telecom
    • 2. Why AT&T Mobility? Value Proposition
      • Best Network
      • The best worldwide coverage. More Bars in More Places™
      • Nations fastest 3G network. Only carrier providing simultaneous voice and data usage
      • The nation’s largest Wi-Fi network
      • Greatest Value
      • Unlimited Mobile to Mobile calling - over 77 million AT&T wireless customers
      • Unlimited Nights and Weekend calling from 9PM to 6AM
      • Industry leading loyalty program with the AT&T Upgrade Advantage
      • Best Products
      • The most innovative and exclusive product portfolio
      • The only carrier to offer Video Share
      • The most consumer friendly Push to Talk next generation walkie-talkie service
    • 3. Page Connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. AT&T’s Vision We let people choose how, when and where they communicate. We’ll set the pace for progressive innovation and unmatched customer experience . Our global network delivers a seamless world of communications to our customers.
    • 4. Page Business Trends Driving The Market Globalization Mobile Society Virtualization
    • 5. Page © 2007 AT&T Knowledge Ventures. All rights reserved. AT&T is a registered trademark of AT&T Knowledge Ventures. 1 AT&T Mobile Solutions Corporate Responsible User (CRU) Program
      • Program supports Features:
        • Potential Mobile Termination and MARC Contribution*
        • CRU & IRU revenue retires Corporation’s wireless revenue commitment to AT&T which could increase the Corporation’s service discount.
        • Single eBill invoicing for integrated wireline/wireless
        • Employees receive discounted rates for mobile services and have a choice of plans and devices
        • Enterprise control over subscriber features/fees
        • Reduced administrative burden for both corporations and employees: No employee vouchers.
      Corporate & Employee Benefits
      • Contracts with AT&T for CRU Program
      • Identifies / maintains employees eligible for CRU Program
      • Orders in bulk, or allows employee enrollment into the Program
      • Pays entire employee invoice
      Corporation: Fully Responsible Advanced Features
      • Enterprise Assists in the Activation of Features:
        • Defining Pooling participants
        • Mobile Termination enrollment
        • MARC Contribution availability*
        • Choice of pricing plans
      • GSM/Global footprint for voice and data
      • Free Mobile to Mobile
      • Free Domestic Roaming
      • Competitive/flexible pricing
      • Competitive voice and data features
      • Rollover minutes
      Provides mobile services and features to corporate employees. Corporations with greater than 6 devices receive competitive enterprise rates and are fully responsible for their employees wireless bills *VTNS, OneNet, ABN only
    • 6. Page © 2007 AT&T Knowledge Ventures. All rights reserved. AT&T is a registered trademark of AT&T Knowledge Ventures. AT&T Mobile Solutions Split Liability Program Provides mobile service to corporate employees and allows corporations with greater than 6 devices to contribute towards their employee wireless bill AT&T Mobile Solutions Monthly SLB IRU Data Contribution # of Employees Total Bill Amount Due AT&T Mobile Solutions Monthly Company Contribution Total Voice Total Data Total Bill Amount Due Corporation is billed by AT&T for the total sum of corporate contributions Employee monthly bill reflects Company Contribution Corporate Bill Employee Bill $90 $ 80 $ 90 $170 $ 80 50 $ 1,500 $ 1,500 2 Corporation
      • Contracts with AT&T for Split Liability
      • Identifies employees/IRU eligible for Split Liability
      • Maintains employee/IRU eligibility
      • Corporation pays for the data portion of the IRU’s bill
      Employee: Contract Responsibility
      • Company notifies employees/IRU of Split Liability eligibility
      • Employee/IRU contracts for mobile services and is liable for the contract
      • Employee/IRU pays for the voice portion of their bill.
      Corporate & Employee Benefits
      • Increasing wireless spend lowers rates under Attainment Discounting option
      • Enterprises have tighter control over wireless expenses.
      • Employees benefit from corporate contribution to their wireless bills
      • Single eBill invoice for integrated wireline/wireless
      • Employees receive discounted rates for mobile services & have a choice of plans and devices
      • Reduced administrative burden for corporations & employees
    • 7. Page © 2007 AT&T Knowledge Ventures. All rights reserved. AT&T is a registered trademark of AT&T Knowledge Ventures.
      • Individual Responsible User Program
        • Provides a discounted mobile services to employees who do not receive a corporate subsidy towards their monthly wireless bill
        • Employee is fully responsible for this program
      ON-LINE 3 AT&T Mobile Solutions Individual Responsible User (IRU) Program
      • Corporate and Employee Benefits
        • Enterprises can provide employees a Discounted Rate for their mobility services due to their corporate affiliation
        • All IRU revenue retires Corporation’s wireless revenue commitment to AT&T which could increase the Corporation’s service discount.
        • Employees have the ability to choose the plan and device that meets both their business and personal needs
      This Screen Shot is for illustrative purposes only
    • 8.
      • Ability to call worldwide from the US
      • Reaching to over 200 countries
      • Dial “1+” followed by the country code, city and local number
      • Charged on a per minute basis and apply to both Bucket of Minute and Per Minute Plans
      • Optional reduced rates for an additional MRC
      Page © 2007 AT&T Knowledge Ventures. All rights reserved. AT&T is a registered trademark of AT&T Knowledge Ventures.
      • Ability to make and receive calls while traveling outside the US: Country to Country, Calling to the US, Incoming Calls
      • Voice Roaming in over 185 countries; Data Roaming in over 100 Countries
      • Rates are in addition to all other charges under a plan and are deducted from the monthly Bucket of minutes
      • Provides customers with the ability to rent a device and purchase service so that they can have mobile service in countries that utilize 3G wireless service such as Korea and Japan
      • AT&T has partnered with Cellhire to provide this capability
      Outbound Country to Country Extended Coverage AT&T Mobile Solutions International Calling
    • 9. Wireless Value Drivers
      • What Businesses Expect from Wireless
      • Wireless Value Drivers
        • Workflow enhancers
          • Work order management
          • Sales order quote / commit
        • Knowledge enhancers
          • Knowledge base lookup
          • Mobile inventory
        • Transaction enhancers
          • Alerting & response
          • Print
        • Reporting enhancers
          • Sales Pipeline
          • Executive Dashboard
      Page Source: AT&T and Accenture White Paper “Creating business value with wirelessly enabled business processes” Two Areas of Focus for Today’s Businesses: 1) Broad Impact from adoption of Wireless Email & Remote Access beyond executive ranks 2) Deep Impact from Mobility in the Right Business Processes INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY REDUCE COSTS IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION REDUCE STAFF INCREASE EMPLOYEE RETENTION IMPROVE DATA QUALITY CREATE COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATION INCREASE REVENUE 64% 52% 28% 16% 20% 8% 16% 8%
    • 11. Specialty Vertical Devices
      • The largest, most comprehensive selection of special purpose devices in the industry
        • Rugged PDAs — durable wireless devices designed to suit specific industry requirements
        • Ruggedized Notebooks — feature larger touch screen displays and keyboards required to run complex business applications
        • Specialty Devices — include trunk mounted modems for fleet management and telemetry devices to monitor remote equipment
      Page Note: AT&T does not directly sell ruggedized devices. Please contact equipment manufacturer for more information. Wireless Router Fleet Management Telemetry S M A R T D E V I C E S 138+ Certified Devices
    • 12. Broadest Selection of Business Devices Global Standard continues to enable increase number of devices We test and certify all mobile devices that we offer over our network Limited Data Voice SOLUTION FUNCTIONALITY Robust, “PC-like” Forms filling, data access Full business applications Basic text messaging, instant messaging, e-Mail, PIM PHONE CENTRIC DEVICES Windows Smartphones Blackberry Pearl PC CARDS for LAPTOPS and TABLET PCs Integrated LAPTOPS & TABLETS EMAIL OPTIMIZED DEVICES Treo 680 Palm OS Treo 750 HANDHELD COMPUTING AT&T 8925 Windows Mobile Device for Every Worker and Every Type of Work AT&T 5700 Motorola Q Samsung Blackjack II BlackBerry Curve BlackBerry 8820 Windows Mobile
      • GSM Phones
      • PTT
      • Text Msg
    • 13. The AT&T Push to Talk Solution
      • Key AT&T PTT Capabilities
      • Coverage:
        • The largest Push to Talk network coverage area
      • Exclusive Features:
        • Convert to Cellular
        • Availability
        • Contact Alerts
      • Additional Features:
        • Quick Groups:
        • “ Call Me” Alerts
        • Voice Messaging
        • Call Waiting
      • Roadmap Capabilities:
        • Central Group Messaging
        • UMTS
      V O I C E S O L U T I O N S Current Line-up (Stocked) Motorola MC35 (certified non-stocked)
      • Product Summary
        • Competitively priced as a feature add on
        • Supported Devices:
      Strategic Treo 680 BlackBerry 8700 AT&T 8525 Motorola V365 SAM d407 LG CU405 BlackBerry Pearl BlackBerry Curve AT&T 8925
    • 14. Benefits of Wireless E-mail Page Increase in Productivity Per Employee/Day with Wireless E-mail (Min.) Source: The Radicati Group, Inc. 2004
    • 15. AT&T Mobility Solutions Turn mobility into a competitive advantage
          • APPLICATIONS
          • Messaging and collaboration From the #1 provider of wireless email for mobile professionals
          • Mobile business applications GPS Solutions, Field Service Management, Sales Force Automation, Vehicle Tracking
          • Industry specific applications Mobilize your business with solutions created for your industry
          • DEVICES
          • Smart devices Broadest selection of BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Palm devices
          • LaptopConnect Connect your laptop to the Internet with mobile broadband speed
          • Push-to-Talk See who is available when you quickly connect with one person or your whole team
          • NETWORK
          • AT&T’s wireless network Nation’s largest digital voice & data network
          • BroadbandConnect speed High speed mobile access to the Internet and applications
          • Broadest international coverage Wireless voice in 200+ countries Wireless data in 145+ countries
    • 16. Check email before the first cup of coffee and decide to go directly to a customer location Your office locates the closest team to a customer via vehicle tracking and dispatches a work order wirelessly Your field team receives the order and uses turn by turn directions to get there fast Log into your office system and check on the status of your team via LaptopConnect Finalize a proposal and forward it to your sales person at mobile broadband speed With International Roaming your sales team has the proposal in hand even a continent away Bring remote workers together to close the big sale End a great day and be as connected as you choose Your team gets flexible support online or on the phone Unleash Your Potential A Day in the Life of an AT&T Powered Business Page
    • 17.
      • Fleet / Asset Management
        • GPS-enabled devices to communicate vehicle / asset tracking info to an enterprise computer or via a hosted solution
      • Location-Based Services (“LBS”)
        • Impact individual productivity and operations via navigation, mapping, tracking and reporting utilizing GPS-enabled handheld devices
      • Field Service Automation (“FSA”)
        • Extend enterprise data and applications to mobile devices providing real-time information to field personnel
      • Sale Force Automation (“SFA”)
        • Extend enterprise data and applications to mobile devices providing real-time information to sales personnel
      Page Improving Business Processes
    • 18. What Next?
      • Call All Things Telecom to arrange detailed demonstration of how AT&T Enterprise Solutions will give you the edge needed to advance to the new generation of technology.
      • Jason Ashton
      • All Things Telecom
      • (314) 880-7201
      Page © 2007 AT&T Knowledge Ventures. All rights reserved. AT&T is a registered trademark of AT&T Knowledge Ventures.