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Enterprise Ireland - eMarketing Event - Galway - July 2013

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Web presence abroad Susanne Dirks | e-Vorsprung Consulting

  1. 1. Susanne Dirks sudirks@evorsprung.com Ph. 086-2375131 Web presence abroad: What’s so different and how to approach it
  2. 2. Web Presence Best Practice for Germany • Handbook for creating a successful online presence in Germany • Will be available from EI website in due course e-Vorsprung Consulting
  3. 3. Need for action: Unleveraged opportunity Audit of EI companies for: • Website Visibility – 17 criteria across 4 categories: Technical Tuning, Onsite SEO, Offside SEO and Social media • Website Impact – 17 criteria across 4 categories: Content & Translation, Customer Service Support, Clarity of Website, Trust- enhancing Features – Plus 4 additional criteria for any companies that provided e-commerce type of transactions e-Vorsprung Consulting 0.00 0.20 0.40 0.60 0.80 1.00 1.20 1.40 1.60 1 Best Worst Average score
  4. 4. Web presence abroad means operating in a different environment e-Vorsprung Consulting Competitive Environment Technology Environment Socio-cultural Environment Legal Environment
  5. 5. Example ‘Butter’: Different offline competitors in Germany e-Vorsprung Consulting
  6. 6. Example: ‘Butter’ Different online (types of) competitors in Germany Ireland (google.ie) Germany (google.de) e-Vorsprung Consulting Search: butter
  7. 7. Example: ‘Mobile Phone’ Different online competitors in Germany Ireland (google.ie) Germany (google.de) e-Vorsprung Consulting Search: (in native language): Mobile phone vs. Handy
  8. 8. The impact of a different cultural environment on web presence in Germany e-Vorsprung Consulting Competitive Environment Technology Environment Socio-cultural Environment Legal Environment
  9. 9. The cultural environment directly determines the (online) marketing approach • Culture is … – “a universal orientation system typical of a society, organisation or group” – Influences the way all of its members perceive, think, value, act : • Attention • Interest • Desire • Action e-Vorsprung Consulting “The web is not a culturally neutral medium … a website has to be designed for a targetted customer segment … Local adaptation should be based on a complete understanding of a customer group’s culture …”
  10. 10. Many users only perceive, think, and value only in their own language e-Vorsprung Consulting Considerable country variances ! Question: Do you use a language other than your own to read/watch content on the Internet ?
  11. 11. ... and usage of another language is not very frequent (and not necessarily English) ... e-Vorsprung Consulting
  12. 12. ... and usage of other language(s) online declines, the more serious the transaction is e-Vorsprung Consulting
  13. 13. Language’s influence on purchasing decisions: “Can’t read, won’t buy !” • Real foreign language proficiency (and use) is lower than you think • Most people prefer to buy in their own language – 52.4% only buy from websites in their own language • Language is particularly important for complex and larger purchases • No translation or ‘bad’ translation is not really an option – First impressions count ! • After ‘brand’, the most important decision factor is ‘language’ e-Vorsprung Consulting
  14. 14. At the most basic level, cultural localisation is about local standards and conventions • Important conventions for cultural web presence localisation include: – Use of colours – Use of formats – Use of measurements – Use of symbols – Use of icons – Use of pictures – Use of currency e-Vorsprung Consulting
  15. 15. But culture goes deeper and impacts thinking (“value”) and behaviours (“act”) Hofstede’s cultural dimensions • Power distance – Attitude of the culture towards these inequalities amongst its members • Individualism – Degree of interdependence a society maintains among its members • Masculinity/femininity – Main motivations in people, wanting to be the best (masculine) versus liking what you do (feminine). • Uncertainty avoidance – Extent to which people feel threatened by ambiguous or unknown situations • Long-term orientation – Extent to which a society shows a long-term versus a short-term point of view of the future e-Vorsprung Consulting
  16. 16. Comparison: Ireland - US - UK e-Vorsprung Consulting PDI = Power Distance IDV = Individuallism MAS = Masculinity/Femininity UAI = Uncertainty Avoidance LTO = Long-term Orientation
  17. 17. Comparison: Ireland - China e-Vorsprung Consulting PDI = Power Distance IDV = Individuallism MAS = Masculinity/Femininity UAI = Uncertainty Avoidance LTO = Long-term Orientation
  18. 18. Comparison: Ireland - Spain e-Vorsprung Consulting PDI = Power Distance IDV = Individuallism MAS = Masculinity/Femininity UAI = Uncertainty Avoidance LTO = Long-term Orientation
  19. 19. The impact of different technology usage on web presence in Germany e-Vorsprung Consulting Competitive Environment Technology Environment Socio-cultural Environment Legal Environment
  20. 20. Successful web presence abroad requires an understanding of technology usage patterns • Preferred search engines • Approach to search • Preferred websites / blogs • Preferred social media platforms/channels • Preferred online directories • Preferred price comparison engines • Online usage patterns e-Vorsprung Consulting
  21. 21. Example: Different social networks in Germany e-Vorsprung Consulting
  22. 22. Example: Different preferred retail sites e-Vorsprung Consulting
  23. 23. The impact of different legal and/or regulatory requirements on web presence in Germany e-Vorsprung Consulting Competitive Environment Technology Environment Socio-cultural Environment Legal Environment
  24. 24. Legal considerations for web presence abroad • Online legal aspects different from country to country include areas such as: – Privacy and data protection legislation – Advertising legislation – Brand legislation – Consumer legislation – Copyright – Terms and conditions – Liability – Domain names – Website content e-Vorsprung Consulting
  25. 25. Example of legal requirement in Germany: ‘Impressum’ • ‘Impressum’ is a legally mandated statement of the ownership and authorship • Required in Germany for all forms of web presence as per § 5 of the Telemediengesetz (2007) • Needs to be clearly visible and easy to find, and immediately and always available • Needs to contain certain minimum information, including: information about the publisher, including their name and address, telephone number or e-mail address, trade registry number, VAT number, and other information depending on the type of company e-Vorsprung Consulting
  26. 26. 4 steps for a successful web presence abroad • Content • Culture • Language • Channnels • Resources • Processes • Domain strategy • Search Engine Marketing • Social Media • Target market research • Online Marketing Strategy ...getting ready for them ...getting them to find you ... getting tehm to engage with you ....getting them to do lasting business e-Vorsprung Consulting 1 2 34
  27. 27. Step 1: Define your online strategy for the new market • Do target market research – Offline market – Online market • Review and refine your online value proposition for your target market – Clear competitive differentiation • Online content and design • Online visibility e-Vorsprung Consulting
  28. 28. e-Vorsprung Consulting Kerrygold Ireland value proposition as per Irish home page
  29. 29. Kerrygold Germany value proposition as per German home page e-Vorsprung Consulting
  30. 30. The impact of Kerrygold’s German value proposition on search results Searching for “Gesunde Butter” In www.google.de => SERP 1 for Kerrygold e-Vorsprung Consulting
  31. 31. Aldi Sued Germany value proposition e-Vorsprung Consulting
  32. 32. Aldi Nord Germany value proposition e-Vorsprung Consulting
  33. 33. Aldi Austria value proposition e-Vorsprung Consulting
  34. 34. Aldi UK value proposition e-Vorsprung Consulting
  35. 35. Aldi Ireland value proposition e-Vorsprung Consulting
  36. 36. Step 2: Make sure your target customers can find you online • Domain Strategy – Domain name – Domain URL structure • Search Engine Marketing – Search engine optimisation – Keywords for the target market • Social Media for target market e-Vorsprung Consulting
  37. 37. Domain name: Name that is meaningful and easy for target market If possible, a search-friendly domain name • For search engines and target market users • Meaningful in native language – Example (Germany): www.franchise-direkt.com – Example (Germany): www.promobecher.de • Keyword-friendly in native language • Easy to remember • Easy to spell • No double meaning e-Vorsprung Consulting
  38. 38. Domain URL Structure Options • Option 1: Country-code TLD (ccTLD) – Example: www.vitalograph.de • Option 2: Subdirectory – Examples: www.combilift.com/de, www.keenan.com/de-de – Avoid non-standard subdirectories:/ger,/deutsch • Option 3: Subdomain – Example: www.German.hostelworld.com e-Vorsprung Consulting
  39. 39. Search engine marketing for new market Social Media Optimisation Search Engine Optimisation Search Engine Advertising • Keywords for SEO and SEA for target market – Value proposition – Target market language – Used by target market online users – Differentiating • Off-page SEO for target market • Social Media for target market e-Vorsprung Consulting Keywords !!!
  40. 40. SEO and SEA play a key role in attracting online customers abroad Example: German e-commerce companies’ approach to internationalisation: e-Vorsprung Consulting
  41. 41. Good keywords are not only translated, but must also reflect native language search patterns e-Vorsprung Consulting Source: Google Trends on 103372013, Germany, past 12 months Also watch: - Language and grammar - Different thinking patterns 79 1
  42. 42. Example Kerrygold: Good keywords express local differentiators Keyword Irish search result (google.ie) German search result (google.de) butter Page 1 (Place 5) Page 5 * healthy butter (gesunde butter) Not found (on first five pages) Page 1 (place 6) ** Irish butter (irische butter) Page 1 (Place 1) Page 1 (place 2) ** e-Vorsprung Consulting •Organic search results only, Google ads shows earlier ** First product in the listing
  43. 43. • Create inbound links from reputable websites in the target market – Example: www.german.hostelworld.com • Encourage local links and followers e-Vorsprung Consulting Off-page SEO for foreign markets: The importance of local links
  44. 44. Other Off-page SEO for new markets: Being seen in the ‘right places’ • Locally used generic directories • e.g. for Germany: www.allesklar.de • Locally used industry directories • e.g. for Germany: www.psiproductfinder.de • Local price comparison websites • e.g. for Germany: www.geizhals.de • Social networks • e.g. for Germany: Xing • Social bookmarking sites • e.g. for Germany: www.mister-wong.de e-Vorsprung Consulting
  45. 45. Step 3: Make sure your target market customers buy into you online • Appropriate and local language content • Cultural adaptation of web presence • Making your web presence looks local • Legal requirements for web presence e-Vorsprung Consulting
  46. 46. Kerrygold content for German products page e-Vorsprung Consulting
  47. 47. Different countries prefer different formats of content e-Vorsprung Consulting
  48. 48. Website translation is more than just translation • Translation quality • Translation scope • Translation updates • Style of translated text • Formatting of translated text • Consistency of translation • Keyword focus on translated text • Quality assurance e-Vorsprung Consulting Avoid: - Google Translate & Co! - Unqualified translators - Mixed-language approaches
  49. 49. Examples of translation considerations • Video content: – Keenans – fully dubbed – Combilift – ‘silent’ movie • News section: – Franchise Direct e-Vorsprung Consulting Franchise Direkt
  50. 50. Tackling ‘uncertainty avoidance’ online e-Vorsprung Consulting • Customer service: FAQs, customer service options, customer help/contact • Guided navigation: Site maps, well-displayed links, forward/backward navigation • Tradition theme: Emphasis on company history, phrases like ‘company legacy’, ‘for generations’ etc. • Local stores: Contact information for local dealers, shops etc • Local terminology: Use of country-specific metaphors, local touch of the website • Free trials or downloads: Free stuff, free downloads, free product trials, free memberships, free service information, toll- free numbers • Transaction security and testimonials: Customer testimonials, seals of trust, ethical business practices from third parties
  51. 51. Tackling uncertainty avoidance: Customer service support in forms of FAQs e-Vorsprung Consulting 3DIssue Keenan *
  52. 52. Tackling uncertainty avoidance: Different forms of customer service support e-Vorsprung Consulting Vitalograph e-Vorsprung Consulting
  53. 53. Tackling uncertainty avoidance: Sitemaps for website clarity and structure e-Vorsprung Consulting Multihog
  54. 54. Tackling uncertainty avoidance: Breadcrumb navigation for website clarity and structure e-Vorsprung Consulting
  55. 55. Tackling uncertainty avoidance: Scientific/academic evidence helps build trust e-Vorsprung Consulting Keenan Kerrygold
  56. 56. Tackling uncertainty avoidance: Displaying seals of quality • Online seals of quality recommended by D21 initiative for Germany e-Vorsprung Consulting
  57. 57. Tackling uncertainty avoidance: Tradition and trust go hand in hand e-Vorsprung Consulting Vitalograph
  58. 58. Making your web presence look local • German domain name and/or German ccTLC • Providing local payment options • Local contact options, e.g. Address/phone number • Local case studies • Seals of approval by local organisations/bodies • List of local events • List of local websites e-Vorsprung Consulting
  59. 59. e-Vorsprung Consulting Germans’ preference for payment options Preferences for payment on the Internet (averaged):
  60. 60. Example: Country-specific payment types Country Country-specific payment type Benelux Bancontact / Mister Cash IDEAL France 4etoiles, Carte Bleu, Carte Aurore, Cofinoga United Kingdom Maestro UK Italy Carta PostePay, CartaSi / Sipay Austria Eps-Online-Überweisung Paybox Switzerland myOne, Postfinance Card / e-finance Scandinavia eDankort e-Vorsprung Consulting
  61. 61. Looking local: Local contact options and/or local presence e-Vorsprung Consulting Keenan
  62. 62. Looking local: Local case studies have more relevance e-Vorsprung Consulting Kingspan
  63. 63. Looking local: Local approval of quality counts more e-Vorsprung Consulting
  64. 64. Looking Local: Listing local events e-Vorsprung Consulting Keenan UK
  65. 65. Looking local: Listing links to locally relevant websites e-Vorsprung Consulting www.vitalograph.de
  66. 66. Looking local: Meeting legal requirements and conventions e-Vorsprung Consulting Vitalograph
  67. 67. Step 4: Make sure you can do business with the your new target market customers e-Vorsprung Consulting • Channels • Communication • Resources • Skills • Processes
  68. 68. Channel strategy for new markets • New channel created due to web presence in new market – Where does this fit in overall channel strategy for new market? • New web channel will lead to increased communications – What are the implications for channel strategy, resources, skills, response speed/format ? – How to best deal with your new communications: Planned and unplanned as well as incoming, outgoing, ongoing ? e-Vorsprung Consulting Source: Alex Osterwalder: Business Model Canvas
  69. 69. Question: How to you provide telephone support to non-English speakers ? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 EU-27 Sweden Germany France At least 1 language At least 2 languages At least 3 languages No foreign languages e-Vorsprung Consulting Languages spoken well enough to hold a conversation
  70. 70. Question: How do you deal with foreign language enquiries or comments ? e-Vorsprung Consulting
  71. 71. Language strategy is worth the effort e-Vorsprung Consulting Source: European Commission PIMLICO Report: Language Management Strategy and Best Practice in European SMEs (4/2011) 74.7 % say availability of after-sales support in own language influences their buying decision
  72. 72. Next steps • Planning web presence for new market – Online value proposition for new market – Monitoring – Strategy – Quickwins • e.g. Domain registration, homepage • Improving web presence for new market – Checklist – Quickwins • E.g. FAQ, Certification, QA, Audit e-Vorsprung Consulting
  73. 73. THANK YOU For more info, contact: sudirks@evorsprung.com e-Vorsprung Consulting