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Enterprise Ireland - eMarketing Event - Kilkenny - June 2014

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  • UL CPM – project management page on main UL CPM site.
  • UL CPM – new microsite.
  • Poor website can work
    Ireland, then UK – no physical presence – only search marketing
    Proof that works, therefore going to the next level
  • Tag live
    Main message
    Big phone number
    3 product categories, and custom
  • Virtual Access – homepage before.
  • Virtual Access – moodboard.
  • Virtual Access – homepage after.
  • Analogy
    Planning a house
  • (What’s going on at a broad/global level? What’s driving the need for a solution?)
  • [What pain/problems/fears is this resulting in for the individual?]
  • [what are the needs of the individual?].
  • [In truth, what solution, regardless of provider, would meet these needs].
  • [In truth, what solution, regardless of provider, would meet these needs].
  • Analogy
    Planning a house
  • Purpose
    Know why you exist? What are you about? Where are you coming from? Why do you exist?
    Be clear on where do you sit relative to the others? What are you offering? What do you want to own in the customers mind?
    What are you like? Really? How do you sound? How do you look?
    Where can you go? How can you get there? Who can help? How much?
    The logic, the words, the elements, hit the right notes and leave the rest, craft the copy
    Brand identity, words, images, graphics and video.
    Core Comms Pieces
    Website, brochures, PowerPoint presentation, trade show stand…
    Tactical Pieces
    Emails, direct mail, advertising…

  • Analogy
    Planning a house
  • The secrets of powerful b2 b communications | Ed Field - Maverick Marketing

    1. 1. Enterprise Ireland eBusiness Workshop Kilkenny, 26th June 2014
    2. 2. Secrets of powerful B2B communications
    3. 3. Challenge/Opportunity
    4. 4. What can be achieved?
    5. 5. // University of Limerick Global exposure for online masters. Client: University of Limerick Sector: Post graduate education Markets: Global HQ: Limerick, Ireland Website(s): Client since: UL 2008, CPM faculty 2012
    6. 6. With a website and some digital marketing can you sell a two year, €13,000 online masters?
    7. 7. To people who have never heard of UL and live 6,000 miles away?
    8. 8. Persuade people to choose UL over Penn State, Harvard and others?
    9. 9. Brought to life in a new website
    10. 10. Magnetic marketing to find needles in a haystack
    11. 11. Results
    12. 12. Safety Storage takes the UK Client: Safety Storage Sector: Bespoke chemical storage units Markets: Ireland & UK HQ: Limerick, Ireland Website(s): Client since: 2006
    13. 13. Can we enter a new market without a physical presence?
    14. 14. With a website and some search marketing can we develop the UK market?
    15. 15. Marketing
    16. 16. Results
    17. 17. UK sales from zero to 60% of turnover in just 3 years.
    18. 18. Compete with the big boys Client: Virtual Access Sector: Telecoms infrastructure Markets: Global HQ: Dublin, Ireland Website(s): Client since: 2012
    19. 19. Where VA’s were coming from
    20. 20. Re-crafting VA’s pitch & style
    21. 21. Brought to life in a new website, brochures etc.
    22. 22. Marketing Tactics
    23. 23. Results
    24. 24. A strong marketing engine A steady, flow of high quality sales leads from international markets.
    25. 25. Secrets of powerful B2B communications
    26. 26. Secret #1 Know why you exist
    27. 27. Our purpose is to harness technology to fundamentally simplify and strengthen the entire supervisory lifecycle for every financial regulatory body in the world. To make systems smarter, faster and easier to use.
    28. 28. To apply our expertise, experience and systems to regulatory affairs, making the process as simple and easy for clients. To lessen the pain of regulation.
    29. 29. To provide high tech, portable, fabric & air structures so work can get done whatever the conditions, whatever the location.
    30. 30. Secret #2 The logic of engagement
    31. 31. The logic of engagement. I understand your world I understand your challenge/pain/problems I understand your needs The ideal solution is... Our solution is... 1 2 3 4 5
    32. 32. Worldview Off the ground, in the air. You have to minimise AOG time. Whether planned or unplanned you’re under pressure to get your aircraft repairs completed as quickly as possible. You can’t tolerate delays.
    33. 33. Pain/Fear/Problems Without a hangar, you’re at the mercy of the elements. Regardless of location, weather or hangar facilities you need to get the work done safely and quickly. But working, unprotected, outdoors is neither safe or efficient. Both your people and your planes are at risk. AOG’s quickly get expensive and disruptive if you can’t get the work done.
    34. 34. Need On the spot aircraft repairs. Whatever the conditions. You need instant protection. Regardless of location. Regardless of weather. You need hangar like conditions. To get the job done. To get your planes back in the sky.
    35. 35. Solution Required A ready to go, pop-up hangar in a box. Hangar like conditions. Fully protecting both people and planes. Quick and easy installation. Compact enough to fly and store anywhere.
    36. 36. JB Roche Solution Pop-up, precision fit hangars. On the spot aircraft repairs. Quickly encapsulate an engine, windscreen or fuselage. Fully protected, whatever the conditions. No need to hangar the entire aircraft. JB Roche manufacturer the world’s most advanced inflatable, all fabric, all weather hangars. Create a controlled, hangar like work area in minutes, whatever the conditions. Quicker repairs to get your planes back in the sky.
    37. 37. Secret #3 Words before design
    38. 38. We know what we’re doing 10M+ Lines of clean, logical code 2m+ People interacting with our solutions each month 180+ Projects delivered ACTION POINT | The wisdom of grey hairs, the creativity of youth. We know what works and we see where things are going. We’re more than 10 years delivering premium quality code, striving for the highest standards. A genuine, passionate, capable partner you can trust.
    39. 39. Need to streamline compliance and minimise risk? Under pressure to meet standards and stay compliant? Increasingly swamped with data, admin, and paperwork?
    40. 40. Secret #4 Be human
    41. 41. Our Promise No fibs: We’re wired for service; always doing what’s right for you. We tell it as it is. We take the right road even if it’s the hard road. And we won’t compromise ourselves for our pocket, our ego or an easier day. You get the goods: We have the passion, the processes and the people to deliver. We’ve do what we say we’ll do. We’ll get the job done right. We’ll deliver.
    42. 42. To deliver higher standards with less resources you need everyone’s commitment. Are you under increasing pressure to meet and maintain standards across your organisation? Are you in a highly regulated industry where standards, in such areas as, safety, quality and environment, increase relentlessly? Yet your resources are tightening?
    43. 43. Born from our experience at the front lines of compliance Each of our founders, Darragh, Billy and Colm, found themselves in roles where they felt pain of outdated, cumbersome, paper based safety management systems… A happy marriage of compliance and technology people The Effective platform is the child of a happy marriage; we’ve blended seasoned compliance people with brilliant technology people…
    44. 44. Secret #5 Layer it up There’s no other way
    45. 45. Secrets of powerful B2B communications Know why you exist The logic of engagement Words before design Be human Layer it up 1 2 3 4 5
    46. 46. What can be achieved?
    47. 47. Results with more powerful communications Right customers. A faster sale. Competitive edge. Increased engagement with all. Stand out. Cut through. Reach further. More focus. Strength. Growth. Profit.
    48. 48. Ed Field 087-699-7068