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Which postgres is_right_for_me_20130517



The key points covered during the presentation were: ...

The key points covered during the presentation were:
• An overview of PostgreSQL and Advanced Server
• EnterpriseDB’s support of community PostgreSQL including add-ons & support
• A high-level feature comparison of PostgreSQL and Advanced Server
• Working with Oracle and Advanced Server
• Summary characteristics for choosing one database or the other
If you have any questions please email info@enterprisedb.com.



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Which postgres is_right_for_me_20130517 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Which Postgres is Right for Me?!PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server?!1© 2013 EnterpriseDB . All rights reserved.
  • 2. EnterpriseDB - The Company!u  The  Postgres  Database  Company  u  Founded  in  2004,  first  product  GA  in  2005  u  130+  employees  u  1,400+  customers  across  all  market  segments  u  70,000+  downloads/week  of  PostgreSQL  and  related  products  u  Enabling  database  consolidaMon  using  PostgreSQL  and  advanced  Oracle  compaMbility  in  Postgres  Plus  Advanced  Server  u  Saving  customers  millions  through  the  value  of  open  source  u  Strong  financial  backing:  2© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 3. What is PostgreSQL? (a.k.a. Postgres)!u  1986 The Berkeley Postgres Project•  Led by Michael Stonebreaker!•  Succeeded his work on Ingres!u  1995 Postgres95•  SQL Query Language added!•  Public-domain, open source descendant of the original Berkeley code!u  1996 PostgreSQL•  PostgreSQL Global Development Group organized!•  Consistency and uniformity to the code base!•  Detailed regression tests for quality assurance!•  Mailing lists for bug processing and new features!•  Addition of user and developer documentation!3© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 4. What is PostgreSQL? (cont’d)!u  Today•  Reputation for stability!•  Adherence to standards !•  Modern features !•  Last true open source RDMS!•  Active community that is accelerating development!•  Common alternative to Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server!–  comparable functionality, performance, quality, security and usability!•  Widespread use!–  Federal Government (FAA and DOD)!–  Financial institutions of all types (TD Ameritrade)!–  High Tech companies (SalesForce.com, Facebook)!4© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 5. PostgreSQL Core Features!u  RDBMS that excels at OLTP (it just works)u  Runs on all major OS platforms that you may haveu  MVCC supports large numbers of concurrent usersu  Extensive indexing for high performance reportingu  Support for modern applications (XML and JSON)u  ANSI SQL support for transportable skills/codeu  Foreign keys support for efficient storage of datau  Table joins and views for flexible data retrievalu  Triggers/Stored Procedures for complex programs and transactionsu  Support for multiple programming languagesu  Add-on component ecosystem e.g. PostGISu  Replication for data backup and read scalabilityu  Extensive Security (data, authentication, communications)5© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 6. Working with Open Source (the DIY way)!u  PostgreSQL has high quality code and documentation•  Easy to work with!•  A thousand mile head start!u  PostgreSQL License is very liberal•  Easy to customize, use, and re-distribute!u  You control:•  the software build process!•  testing!•  installation!•  configuration!u  You:•  monitor the community for updates and issues!•  find related open source tools to fill in the application gaps!•  are the main source of technical support backed by community mail lists!u  Contributors: strong focus on core technology6© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 7. Consumers of Open Source software !u  No time or expertise to be a contributoru  Control and DIY are not the consumer’s key concernsu  Typical consumers want enhanced usability:•  Simplified packaging, installation and configuration!•  One stop shopping for tools!u  Typical consumers need a broader solution•  Additional components for scalability and availability!•  Integrated performance tools!•  Monitoring and alerting for mission critical applications!u  Typical consumers want Services and Support•  Support when needed instead of when available!•  Training!•  Professional Services!•  Access to deep skills expertise !7© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 8. The Enterprise-Readiness Gap!u  The difference between how contributors work with open sourcesoftware and what typical consumers of open source softwareneed8© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 9. The Enterprise-Readiness Gap (cont’d)!u  Commercial entities can fill the gap:•  Red Hat for Linux, EnterpriseDB for PostgreSQL (community proxies?)!•  Simplified packaging, installation and maintenance!•  One stop shopping for tools!•  Access to community expertise!•  Focus on Enterprise needs!•  Broader base of solutions (scalability and availability)!•  Performance and monitoring tools!•  SLA based Support, Consulting, and Training!!9© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 10. The Enterprise-Readiness Gap (cont’d)!u  Commercial entities also provide:•  Community developer sponsorships to ensure and expand development!•  Marketing awareness and public acceptance!•  Proof of project and partner viability!10© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 11. How EnterpriseDB Helps Fill the Gap !u  Freely available downloads of community packages•  GUI installers and RPM installers!u  StackBuilder•  Free downloads for ancillary add-on modules like drivers and PostGIS!u  Developer Sponsorship•  Helps increase the number of dedicated developers PostgreSQL andrelated projects!u  Conference and Expo sponsorship•  Builds commercial awareness and viability for PostgreSQL!u  Enterprise Grade Tools for PostgreSQL•  Enterprise Manager for monitoring and tuning!•  xDB Replication Server for customized single-master and multi-masterreplication!•  Update Monitor!u  Postgres Plus Advanced Server (a.k.a. Advanced Server)•  PostgreSQL plus additional features!11© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 12. What is Advanced Server? !u  A superset of community PostgreSQL with added features for:•  Performance!•  Security!•  Compatibility!u  Generally Available since 2005u  Developed in Lock-step with PostgreSQL•  Synchronized with each major and minor release!u  Proprietary IP of EnterpriseDB•  Distributed under a commercial license!u  Technology licensed to:•  IBM for DB2!•  Neteeza for the Twin Fin appliance for Data Warehousing!u  Focus on Enterprise grade needs and users12© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 13. Advanced Server Features!u  Performance•  SQL Profiler!•  Index Advisor!•  Query Hints!•  DynaTune!•  Hi-speed bulk loader!•  Bulk Collect/Fetch/Binding!•  Multi-threaded Replication!•  DRITA (discover SQL wait bottlenecks)!u  Security•  Audit Logging!•  Row Level Security!•  SQL Injection Protection!•  Server Code Obfuscation!13© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 14. Advanced Server Features (cont’d) !u  Oracle Compatibility•  PL/SQL support!•  PL/SQL Debugger!•  Oracle SQL Extensions!•  OCI support!•  User Defined Objects!•  Popular Function Packages!•  Dictionary Views!•  Database Links!•  EDB*Loader, EDB*Plus and EDB*Wrap!u  Bundled Tools and Support SLAs•  xDB Replication Server!•  Postgres Enterprise Manager!•  SQL/Protect and Update Monitor!14© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 15. Working with Oracle and Advanced Server !u  Cost control with complimentary and replacement strategies•  New applications – low risk and high savings!•  Extend existing Oracle deployments – e.g. reporting servers!•  Migrate existing applications – DIY or with EnterpriseDB assistance!u  Services/tools to contain risk or expedite deployments•  Oracle Migration Assessment – identifies candidate applications!•  Oracle Migration Factory – on schedule test ready implementations!•  On staff Oracle/Postgres experts – manage implementations andknowledge transfer!•  xDB Replication Server – bi-directional replication between AdvancedServer and Oracle (standby servers, data migration, testing)!15© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 16. Which Postgres is Right for Me? !u  Decided on Postgres?•  You’ve already made a smart decision.!u  Now which Postgres will best meet your needs?•  Let’s get prescriptive but recognize that not every choice is black or whiteand EnterpriseDB is available to help you decide.!16© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 17. Choose community PostgreSQL when... !u  You must utilize software with an open source license•  Contractual obligations!•  Organization policy!•  No budget!•  Too cool to resist!u  You wish to customize or modify PostgreSQL for your needs•  Facebook - customized for unique social media needs!•  Greenplum – PostgreSQL plus BI features from EMC!•  HadoopDB – hybrid of DBMS and MapReduce from Yale University!u  Your needs are unsophisticated but you want growth potentialand reliability•  Startups!•  No formal DBA role!•  Migrating from MySQL?!•  Integrating with NoSQL?!17© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 18. Choose Advanced Server when... !u  You want to extend your Oracle infrastructure at reduced costs•  and continue using Oracle skills!u  You want to migrate applications off Oracle•  for significant budget changing cost reductions!u  You want Oracle-like features•  advanced programming techniques, function packages, objects, and more!u  You need more security than is available in PostgreSQL•  row level access, server code protection, auditing, SQL Injection attacks!u  You need a performance toolbox•  Index Advisor, Query Hints, SQL Wait analysis, SQL Profiler, Hi-speed BulkLoader!u  You need a partner offering a complete enterprise-gradedatabase solution including supporting products and services18© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 19. For PostgreSQL or Advanced Server ...!... all of the following are available from EnterpriseDB:u  24x7 world wide support – your help desk’s help desku  DBA and Developer training – in depth best practice workshopsu  Remote DBA Services – temp/permanent staff extensionu  Architectural Health Check – analysis and recommendationsu  Professional consulting – when it must be done right and on timeu  Postgres Enterprise Manager – monitoring, alerts and tuningu  xDB Replication Server•  Oracle or MS SQL Server to PostgreSQL or Advanced Server!•  Single-master or multi-master replication!19© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 20. The End!20© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.
  • 21. Questions and more information...!u  Questions?u  PostgreSQL vs Advanced Server features•  www.enterprisedb.com/postgresql-vs-advanced-server!u  EnterpriseDB and the PostgreSQL community•  www.enterprisedb.com/community-participation!u  Want to talk more?•  Email: sales@enterprisedb.com!21© 2013 EnterpriseDB. All rights reserved.