Jaspersoft BI suite and Entando integration


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Business Intelligence tools are a fundamental component of modern analytics, too often dispersed in third-party systems requiring a separate login from enterprise portal intranets. Entando integrated Jaspersoft BI Suite in its Enterprise Edition to provide a single point of access to personalized and customizable dashboards based on individual interests and organizational role.

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Jaspersoft BI suite and Entando integration

  1. 1. Entando Corporation integrating Jaspersoft BI Suite Your Dashboard in Minutes www.entando.com
  2. 2. Who we are We are the Java Open Source software company committed to Simplifying Enterprise Portal Development. Our aim is to make developers and IT teams more efficient, quicker, and happier when building social enterprise-class solutions and provide them with a set of out-of-the-box components, social and collaboration tools, and best practices.
  3. 3. What we offer The new alternative information management platform providing: ● Enterprise horizontal portal ● Web content management ● Framework features Entando Enterprise Edition includes add on modules, connectors, and Support Service Plan.
  4. 4. Our solutions Examples of projects you can create with Entando
  5. 5. Integrated Systems • BI • CRM • ERP • Financial • DMS • --- Sources Entando • Mobile Apps • Web Apps • Dashboards Results
  6. 6. Scenario Companies and Governments require a solution allowing employees to • Collaborate • Share information • Access web services A simple solution is a customizable dashboard with single access and synthetic views on activities, services, and information to support decisions
  7. 7. Portals and Business Intelligence Portals provide a single point of access to information and data from different systems through customizable elements Business Intelligence empowers professionals (managers, technicians, administrators) when taking strategic decisions BI tools are part of the features our platform easily integrates inside its Portal System thanks to customizable widgets
  8. 8. Entando and Jaspersoft Entando Enteprise Edition fully integrates Jaspersoft BI Suite
  9. 9. Why Entando chose Jaspersoft Jaspersoft BI Enterprise Edition was the natural choice because of Entando’s history with the Jaspersoft Community Edition. It provided • a perfect match in terms of both technology and business model • a perfectly compatible Open Source licensing model • availability of REST (Representational State Transfer) Web Services • API allowing access to Jaspersoft technology from Entando portals • a mutual passion and compatibility of our team
  10. 10. Why Entando and Jaspersoft Benefits of a solution based Entando and Jaspersoft include: ● ● ● ● ● ● Customizable interfaces Information sharing A role-based user experience Enabling BI to Web 2.0 Accessible data for people with disabilities Easy integration and aggregation for mobile devices (responsive dashboards)
  11. 11. Deployment Scenarios Intranet • Limited users access through authentication • Profiling "sets" determined by the organization • Filtered information per person / role / group Internet • Extended users, free and authenticated navigation • User-driven profiling • Selected information based on preferences
  12. 12. Solutions This integrated technology allows the creation of • • • • • Customized Dashboards Showlet / Widgets Configuration / Management features Services through API → multidevices Mobile Apps
  13. 13. Case Studies • Base Protection http://www.baseprotection.com/ • Smeg • Lapam http://www.lapam.mo.it/ • Cagliari 2020 - Smartcities Project http://nitweb.crs4.it/ca2020/ •Caffè Molinari
  14. 14. Features • Extract BI data and present it new, more meaningful contexts through the portal • Extend widget customization capabilities to business users • Allow business users to create a customized list of reports and personalized access environments with individual filters • Allow BI data to easily interact with data from other applications,CMS, and richly integrate it with portal functions (widgets) • Allow real-time collaboration (forum, crowdsourcing, social tools) • Standardize navigation across BI architectures, providing a single point of access to all information
  15. 15. Benefits for end-users End users, without previous BI experience, can now access BI functionality, create their own dashboards and develop their own reports IT teams now have more time to spend on core BI projects as they have fewer requests from other departments such as marketing or human resources for changing or providing additional reports System Integrators estimate time savings of around 25% through the use of the Entando Jaspersoft connector in developing vertical and social applications or deploying intranets, extranets, and portals
  16. 16. Thank You! www.entando.com info@entando.com Follow us @Entando facebook.com/Entando linkedin.com/company/Entando