11 panel - hang on tight mobile has arrived

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  • 1. Hang on Tight!Mobile Has Arrived February 1, 2013
  • 2. Our Panelists Andrew Edwards CEO, Technology Leaders Benjamin Diggles Director of Digital Marketing, Webtrends Greg Dowling Vice President of Mobile Strategy, Semphonic
  • 3. Why Mobile Matters
  • 4. Why Mobile MattersMobile is the most popular and rapidly adopted personal technology in the world.
  • 5. Why Mobile MattersMobile web browsing is experiencing a meteoric rise, but still a small percentage. Source: Mary Meeker (KPCB), StatCounter Global Stats, 11/12
  • 6. Why Mobile MattersIn 2011, smartphone sales exceeded PC sales for the first time…
  • 7. Why Mobile MattersU.S. and other markets are past the halfway point…
  • 8. Why Mobile MattersSmartphone adoption still has a tremendous upside… Source: Mary Meeker (KPBC), Morgan Stanley Research estimates
  • 9. Why Mobile MattersMobile monetization presents a substantial opportunity… Source: Mary Meeker (KPCB), Gartner, eMarketer, Strategy Analytics
  • 10. Why Mobile MattersSignificant gap between time spent and mobile ad spend… Source: Mary Meeker (KPCB), eMarketer, IAB
  • 11. Why Mobile MattersMajority of mobile ad spend is in mobile search + display ads on mobile web
  • 12. Why Mobile MattersBut what about apps? Source: Nielsen Smartphone Analytics
  • 13. Why Mobile MattersApp Store downloads to exceed 60 billion by mid 2013
  • 14. Why Mobile MattersMobile app revenue growing fast, but still relatively small – Freemium dominates
  • 15. Why Mobile MattersBut who dominates the mobile platform?
  • 16. Why Mobile MattersBut what about app revenue?
  • 17. Why Mobile MattersAnd mobile commerce and web traffic?
  • 18. Mobile Measurement
  • 19. Measurement StrategiesThere are four common Mobile Measurement Strategies • JavaScript Tagging • Server-Side Image Requests • Server-Side Data Capture • Vendor SDKsEach have some advantages and each have some significant disadvantages
  • 20. JavaScript Tagging Pros Cons
  • 21. Server Side Image Requests Pros Cons
  • 22. Server Side Data Capture Pros Cons
  • 23. Vendor SDKs Pros Cons
  • 24. Of course, you can always leveragea Tag Management System!
  • 25. Panel Q&A