Leading Change: 5 ways to transform your organisation's culture


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A guide to leading change is based upon the authors experiences of over 10 years research and insights gained from working across multiple industries and helping large organisations to deliver transformative change. The authors are Ian Duncan and Cormac Murphy.

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Leading Change: 5 ways to transform your organisation's culture

  1. 1. LEADING  CHANGE:  5  WAYS  TO   TRANSFORM  YOUR  ORGANISATION’S  CULTURE   …..… and build a bridge between a leader and their staff www.ennovateconsulCng.ie  
  2. 2.        1:  Create  a  Single  Page  View             TransformaCon   PracCce   When  you  are  in  the  middle  of  a   transformaCon,   everything   seems   complicated.   The   Single   Page   View   will   keep   the   programme  on  the  right  track.     Don’t  rush  this  stage,  do  engage   your   senior   team   in   developing   the  Single  Page  View.     A  Single  Page  View  describes   where  are  you  today,   why  you  need   to  change,  what  are  you  trying  to  achieve  and  how  do  you  make   it  happen.  
  3. 3.        2:  Coach  and  Mentor  your  staff               TransformaCon   PracCce   Coaching and mentoring in an organisation is about developing listening skills and building reflective practices that give people the opportunity to think differently about their work and what it means to them.
  4. 4.        2:  Coach  and  Mentor  your  staff               TransformaCon   PracCce   IniCate  a  conversaCon  with  each  member  of   the   team   and   discuss   what   excites   them   about   the   work   they   do   and   what   they   care   about.     •  What  leaders  care  most  about   only  connect  with  20%  of  their   workforce.     •  You  will  only  get  people  to   accept  change  if  they  have  a   genuine  opCon  to  reject  it   •  The  way  to  get  them  to   accept  change  is  to  ensure   that  it  aligns  with  what  they   value  /  care  about.     Connect   the   change   to   what   a   person   values   to   avoid   blockages   and   eliminate  resistance.  
  5. 5.        3:  Move  to  acCon             TransformaCon   PracCce   Despite the level of training people get in developing their professional disciplines, people seldom get the opportunity to learn to be better at driving effective actions.
  6. 6.        3:  Move  to  acCon             TransformaCon   PracCce   Use  of  direct  and  simple  language.   It  starts  by  a  leader  making  a  request  to  an   individual.     Give   the   individual   a   choice   to   reject   or   accept  the  request.  This  choice  generates   a   deeper   passion   and   energy   when   an   individual    agrees  to  the  request.   The  principles  of  commitment   management  underpin  the  acCon  pracCces.   AcCon  PracCce  gives  individuals  the  power  to  say  ‘no’  to  a  change,   reframing  the  relaConships  between  managers  and  their  team.  
  7. 7.        4:  Create  a  Learning  Culture             TransformaCon   PracCce   Learning practices are team-based learning meetings where a a team coach or manager facilitates a discussion with their team that creates new insights.
  8. 8.        4:  Create  a  Learning  Culture             TransformaCon   PracCce   How?  A  learning  team  pracCce  becomes  part   of  their  standard  way  of  working  when  the   majority  of  team    members  commit  to  engage  in   an  open  and  honest  dialogue   •  Encourage  team  members  to  tell   stories  of  a  parCcular  task  or  event   •  Create  an  environment  where  the   manager  or  leader  promotes  discussion   in  a  non-­‐judgmental  way   •  When  a  team  engages  in  collecCve   learning,  it  creates  a  social  pressure  for   others  to  parCcipate   Sharing  insights  produces  valuable  shared  learning.    Learning  pracCces  created  in   a  trusted  environment  generate  the  opportunity  for  individuals  to  learn  for  each  other   and  try  new  things.    
  9. 9.        5:  Measure  &  Tracking             TransformaCon   PracCce   Very quickly leaders can tell if they’re going to hit their numbers or if they are heading into tough territory. There are only a handful of measures that actually assess business performance.
  10. 10.        5:  Measure  &  Tracking               TransformaCon   PracCce   What  should  you  measure?     Rigorously  measure  the  commitments   individuals  are  making  and  hold  them   accountable   Promote  a  culture  where  asking  for  help  is   seen  as  a  strength,  not  a  weakness   Do  not  tolerate  blame  or  individuals  that   are  deflecCng  their  responsibiliCes   Reward  honourable  failed  abempts  as   promotes  learning  and  demonstrates   humility  and  care     The  opinions  that  staff  and  customers  have  about  the  effecCveness  of  the  operaCon   are  both  valuable  and  measurable.    These  should  be  tracked  alongside  harder   financial  measure.    
  11. 11.    To  Conclude   Follow this 5 practices and you will succeed in delivering a sustainable change   •  Only way to succeed: make sure your people own the process. •  Your organisation can change through introducing new learning practices and new ways of working. •  5 Practices of Transformation is a systematic way to build new capability and ensure your transformation delivers
  12. 12. 5  PracCces  of  TransformaCon   •  The  slides  are  a  summary  overview  of  a  more   comprehensive  document  on  how  to  deliver   transformaConal  change     •  The  thinking  is  based  upon  the  lessons  learnt   from  dozens  of  transformaCons  over  a  10  year   period,  leading  to  the  development  of  the  5   pracCces  of  transformaCon   •  The  authors  are  Ian  Duncan  and  Cormac  Murphy   •  Further  reading:  www.ennovateconsulCng.ie     Copyright©  2013  Ennovate   All  Rights  Reserved.  
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