2012 Corporate Brochure


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2012 Corporate Brochure

  2. 2. DELIVERING PEACE OF MINDDELIVERING PEACE OF MIND 1 CORPORATE PROFILE 1 CEO’S MESSAGE 2SAILING TO A NEW HORIZON 6 AWARDS & CORPORATE HISTORY 8MOVING THE WORLD ONE SHIP AT A TIME 12 CONTAINER BUSINESS 14 BULK BUSINESS 16 TERMINAL BUSINESS 18 THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS 20 TRUSTED AFFILIATES & SUBSIDIARIES 22FULFILLING OUR CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY 28 CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 30 ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY 32 SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 34 GLOBAL NETWORKS 36 AIMING TO BE THE WORLD’S GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER GLOBAL DIRECTORY 38 Hanjin Shipping’s corporate vision, “The Global Logistics Leader,” captures the company’s mission to become the global leader not only in the shipping industry but also in total logistics services. This is Hanjin Shipping’s main objective in realizing our mission: “We move global trade.” We know that to become the world’s logistics leader, we need to strengthen our core container and bulk businesses through fleet expansion and efficient trade management. At the same time, we will continue to diversify our business portfolio to include marine terminals, third party logistics services, ship repair yards, IT service providers, and ship management businesses. Hanjin Shipping’s slogan, “Beyond the Ocean,” represents our pioneering spirit to encompass the seven seas and six continents. It also represents our firm resolve to overcome the current economic hardships and to solidify our leadership in global logistics. GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 1
  3. 3. CEO’S MESSAGEDear Valued Customers and Shareholders,I would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support. It is that support which hasenabled us to grow into one of the world’s leading maritime carriers.We believe that customer satisfaction and trust are the two primary sources of our growth. Over theyears, we have proven our commitment to customers in every corner of the world.We have not limited ourselves to simply transporting cargo. We have established ourselves as a truebusiness partner who understands the many and varied needs of our customers. We championtransparent management and corporate responsibility, and we recognize that our responsibilityextends beyond our customers to the environment and society at large.Hanjin Shipping’s belief in customer-oriented service has been the driving force in expanding ourbusiness and reinforcing our corporate values. This belief is being demonstrated at this very momenton every ocean and continent in the world.With shipping at our core, we will continue to provide optimum logistics solutions to our customers.Those solutions are made possible by the synergy effect among our many businesses, including 3PL,ship management, ship repair, logistics IT, terminal operations and more. All of these endeavorspromise us a bright future “Beyond the Ocean.”Our challenge to become the best global logistics provider, growing side by side with our customers,will never stop. Chairwoman & CEO Eun Young Choi GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 2 | 3
  4. 4. CEO’S MESSAGE MissionThank you for your continuous and unwavering support of Hanjin Shipping.Hanjin Shipping is a global total logistics company transporting over 100 million tons of WE MOVE GLOBAL TRADEcargo annually with approximately 200 ships, including container, bulk, tanker and LNG.With a network of offices located worldwide, we provide our customers with optimumlogistics services and advanced global IT systems. Our service has enabled us to be Visionrecognized as the best logistics partner by many of the world’s foremost companies. THE GLOBALWe are also a global terminal operator, running 13 dedicated terminals and ODCYs inthe world’s major logistics hubs. Today, we are expanding our logistics network whileremaining highly competitive in the world marketplace.3PL is one of our major business endeavors as we aim to be the world’s best SCM(Supply Chain Management) provider. We are stretching our network around the globeand developing new products and services to satisfy our customers’ needs. LOGISTICS LEADERTo ensure their success, Hanjin Shipping will continue to provide customers with theservices they expect and deserve. President & CEO Young Min Kim Hanjin Shipping aims to become a total logistics service provider that is trusted and preferred by our customers. In order to attain that goal, we will continue to broaden our service networks and enhance operational efficiency. GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 4 | 5
  5. 5. SAILING TOA NEW HORIZONIn December 2009, Hanjin Shipping Holdings was launched, with HanjinShipping as its ocean transportation subsidiary. This transformation reflectedHanjin Shipping’s vision and commitment to provide the best customer service.Today, 99% of global trade is done via ocean transportation, making our servicethe pulse of global trade. As the top global transportation provider, HanjinShipping is looking beyond the ocean carrier business, and is expanding thevalue of the supply chain as customers’ preferred total logistics provider. 1949 1988 2009 - - - Korea Shipping Corp. Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. Hanjin Shipping Holdings Co., Ltd. Hanjin Shipping is proud to have inher- After the merger with Korea Shipping Hanjin Shipping Holdings will utilize all ited and succeed in operating South Corp. and through continued growth, its knowledge, resources, and opportu- Korea’s very first global ocean trans- Hanjin Shipping operates many dedicat- nities to provide the best global logistics portation business, and we are dedicat- ed container terminals around the service available to our customers ed to maintaining our reputation as the world, offering comprehensive services around the world. leader in global logistics. that span every part of East Asia, right to the tip of the African continent. GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 6 | 7
  6. 6. CORPORATE HISTORY1949 • Established Korea Shipping Corp. 2002 • Achieved OHSAS 18001 certification 2007 • Signed an MOU for Tan Cang-Cai Mep terminal & total logistics business in Vietnam • Signed terminal agreement with PSA to continue long-term partnership • Ordered five 8,600TEU-class container vessels and two cape-sized bulk vessels1962 • Launched Transpacific service • Opened a newly constructed terminal (370 acre) at Pier-T in Long Beach, US • Implemented company-wide process innovation 1972 • Signed COA with POSCO and entered dedicated bulk business 2003 • Sooho Cho appointed Chairman of Hanjin Shipping • Established Hanjin Overseas Tanker Pte., Ltd. in Singapore 1976 • Launched US Container Service • Started the second phase on-dock operation of the Dedicated Terminal in Long Beach • Published 1st Sustainability Report 1977 • Launched Europe Container Service • Accredited by Bureau Veritas Quality International for Quality, • Opened a maritime training center • Established Hanjin Container Lines Co., Ltd. (HJCL) Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems • Signed an MOU for terminal development in Jacksonville, Florida 1978 • Launched Korean carrier’s first Middle East Route (HJCL) 2004 • All Hanjin Shipping vessels became fully compliant with the ISPS code 2008 • Established Logistics BU to expand 3PL business 1979 • Introduced Transpacific Service (HJCL) • Hanjin Shipping listed on Forbes 400 A-List Companies2005 • Chosen as preferred bidder for terminal development in Algeciras, Spain 1986 • Launched All-Water East Coast Service, Korea-Japan Service (HJCL) • Established a local company in Vietnam • Agreed to merger with Keoyang Shipping, a bulk-oriented subsidiary • Opened an exclusive terminal in Seattle, USA ( HJCL) • Initiated Process Innovation Project • Established emergency back up system 1988 • Hanjin Shipping Co., LTD born through a merger with Korea Shipping Corp. 2009 • Appointed Eun Young Choi to CEO • Pyeong Taek Container Terminal opened up 1991 • Introduced Pendulum Service between America and Europe via Asia • Busan New Port Terminal Phase 2-1 begins operations • Instituted Ethics Management • Opened an exclusive terminal at Pier-C in Long Beach, USA • Began construction of Samoul’s plant • Established terminal operation companies; Busan Int’l Container Terminal (BICT), 1992 • Established an exclusive terminal in Osaka, Japan • Signed 20-year contract with POSCO Gwangyang Int’l Container Terminal (GICT) • First 4,000TEU-class vessel deployed, Hanjin Osaka • Signed an MOU for dedicated shipyards with Qingdao Shunhe Shipping in China • Opened Ship Repair Yard in China 1994 • Mr. Sooho Cho inaugurated as President of HJS • Ordered four 4,300TEU-class container vessels • Launched Hanjin Shipping Holdings on December 1st • Opened an exclusive terminal in Tokyo, Japan 2006 • Opened AIT (Antwerp International Terminal) in Belgium • Introduced Supply Chain Carbon Calculator 1995 • Introduced first LNG vessel, Hanjin Pyeong Taek • Established a local company in Valencia, Spains 2010 • Launched ALPS, a new and advanced IT system 1996 • First 5,300TEU-class vessel deployed, Hanjin London • Opened a sales office in Antwerp • Received first 8,600TEU-class container vessel 1997 • Acquired majority interest in DSR-Senator Lines • Established a local company in Bangkok, Thailand • Adopted eco-friendly reefer containers • Ordered four additional 4,300TEU-class container vessels • Signed 15-year contract with KOMIPO • Opened an exclusive terminal in Kamcheon, Korea • Opened a sales office in Bremen, Germany • Received first 10,000TEU-class container vessel • Newly opened an exclusive terminal at Pier-A in Long Beach • Established a local company in Colombo, Sri Lanka • Opened dedicated terminal in Algeciras, Spain 1998 • Launched new company-wide IT system under the name of “New Information System” • Ordered five mega-sized 10,000TEU-class container vessels, a first in Korea • Selected as the best transport company by DJSI Korea • Established a new intermodal customer center in Chicago • Established a terminal operation company, Hanjin Pacific (HPC) • Launched Hanjin Shipping Holdings on December 1st • Opened exclusive container terminals in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Kwangyang, Korea • Established a vessel management company, Hanjin Ship Management (HSM) 2011 • Deployed Hanjin Ras Tanura, first own VLCC 2000 • Established an affiliate IT company, CyberLogitec • Established a local company in India • Opened Tan Cang Cai Mep terminal in Vietnam • Achieved company-wide ISO14001 certification 2007 • Established a local company in Australia • Deployed Hanjin Tubarao, first own VLOC 2001 • Established Hanjin Logistics Inc. (HJL) in Chicago • Established a joint venture company in Genoa, Italy • Launched a smartphone application service • Opened a 120-acre exclusive container terminal in Oakland • Hanjin Shipping Consortium became the operator for the 7th & 8th berths • Signed COA with KOSPO • Established a terminal operation company at Pyeong Taek container terminal GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 8 | 9
  7. 7. CORPORATE HISTORY AWARDS 2000 • “Customer Service Award” by Fred Meyer Stores1949 • Established Korea Shipping Corp.1962 • Launched Transpacific service 2001 • “Star Performer” Award by Lloyd’s Loading List 1972 • Signed COA with POSCO and entered dedicated bulk business • “ Carrier of the Year” by Exel Logistics 1976 • Launched US Container Service • “ Carrier of the Year” by Target Corporation 1977 • Launched Europe Container Service • “ Service Award” by Payless Shoesource, Inc. • Established Hanjin Container Lines Co., Ltd. (HJCL) 2003 • “Ocean Carrier Excellence Award” by Global Shippers Association 1978 • Launched Korean carrier’s first Middle East Route (HJCL) 2004 • “Customer Service Award” by Marine Digest Cargo Business News 1979 • Introduced Transpacific Service (HJCL) • Honored by International Business Association in Long Beach 1986 • Launched All-Water East Coast Service, Korea-Japan Service (HJCL) for Hanjin Shipping’s contribution to Long Beach regional development • Opened an exclusive terminal in Seattle, USA ( HJCL) • Chairman Cho received the “Honorary Medal of Gold” from the City of Hamburg 1988 • Hanjin Shipping Co., LTD born through a merger with Korea Shipping Corp. • “ Carrier Service Excellence Award” by Fred Meyer 1991 • Introduced Pendulum Service between America and Europe via Asia • Opened an exclusive terminal at Pier-C in Long Beach, USA • “ Most Valuable Company in Shipping” by Korea Management Association 1992 • Established an exclusive terminal in Osaka, Japan • “ Excellent Qualifications & Credibility” in International Liner Service in China • First 4,000TEU-class vessel deployed, Hanjin Osaka 2005 • “Partnership Award” by Target Store 1994 • Mr. Sooho Cho inaugurated as President of HJS • “ Best Partner” by Best Buy • Opened an exclusive terminal in Tokyo, Japan • “ Asia’s Top 50 Companies” by Forbes 1995 • Introduced first LNG vessel, Hanjin Pyeong Taek • “ Best Partner” by Samsung Electronics in China 1996 • First 5,300TEU-class vessel deployed, Hanjin London 2006 • “Carrier of the Year” by Ryder 1997 • Acquired majority interest in DSR-Senator Lines • “ 2006 Carrier of the Year” by Rayonier for two consecutive years • Opened an exclusive terminal in Kamcheon, Korea 2007 • Late Chairman Sooho Cho received Honorary “Port Pilot Award” • Newly opened an exclusive terminal at Pier-A in Long Beach from the Port of Long Beach 1998 • Launched new company-wide IT system under the name of “New Information System” • “ MASTA Award” by MASCO CORP • Established a new intermodal customer center in Chicago • Opened exclusive container terminals in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Kwangyang, Korea 2008 • “Best Partner” by Samsung Electronics Logitec 2000 • Established an affiliate IT company, CyberLogitec • Singled out for earning USD 6 billion in exports by The Korea • Achieved company-wide ISO14001 certification • International Trade Association on Korea’s 45th Annual Trade Day 2001 • Established Hanjin Logistics Inc. (HJL) in Chicago 2009 • “Best Partner” by Samsung Electronics in China (including Year 2005, 2006, 2008) • Opened a 120-acre exclusive container terminal in Oakland • “ Ocean Carrier of the Year” by Owens Corning for seven years • Established a terminal operation company 2010 • Named ‘2010 Logistics Supplier of the Year’ by Hewlett-Packard Company GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 8 |
  8. 8. CONTAINER BUSINESS Our container business unit uses over 100 vessels, in- cluding 10,000 TEU-class ships that sail Asia-Europe routes. - 3.7 million TEUMOVING THE WORLDONE SHIP AT A TIME BULK BUSINESSWe carry everything and everywhere. Hanjin Shipping moves more than just The eight specialized teams in the bulk business unit consist a Bulk Planning Team, a Dedicated Businesscargo -success is what we ultimately deliver to our customers. With an Team, a Tanker Team, and Tramper Groups 1 (Capeextensive fleet of vessels and excellent global networks, Hanjin Shipping Team, Panamax Team) & 2 (Handymax Team, Handy Team), all of which are designed to meet every cus-transports more than 100 million tons of cargo to 6,000 destinations every year tomer need and demand.in the safest and quickest manner. Korea’s leading shipping company, Hanjin -Shipping offers seamless transportation service over air, land, and sea. HanjinShipping not only carries containers and bulk cargo, but also services our 8 teamscustomers with dedicated terminal operations and door-to-door moves. TERMINAL BUSINESS With dedicated container terminals operating around the world, we offer a wide range of efficient transpor- tation services. - 13 terminals THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS Hanjin Logistics Inc.offers comprehensive service coverage, from consolidation, warehousing and freight forwarding to IT services, and specialized ser- vices such as transloading. - 150 global clients TRUSTED AFFILIATES & SUBSIDIARIES Hanjin Shipping offers total shipping and logistics services in close collaboration with leading affiliates, from third party logistics and ship management to lo- gistics IT solutions and energy issues. - 3 GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 12 | 13
  9. 9. CONTAINER BUSINESS CONNECTING EVERY Our container service diligently works through 35 major CORNER OF THE WORLD trunk routes, connecting 90 major ports to 10,000 destinations around the world. Carrying 3.7 million TEU of containerized cargo annually, our container fleet consists Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America… of 100 major vessels, including 10,000 TEU-class ships that Anywhere and everywhere is our port of call. sail our Asia-Europe routes. Our aim is to be the world’s top Embark on a voyage to success with us! SCM service provider, and one that is recognized, respected, and trusted by the global community. For better customer convenience, we now offer information about our new fixed weekly routes and schedules on our website. GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 14 | 15
  10. 10. Our bulk carrier service plays an important role in global industrial development. Service coverage extends to every kind of bulk cargo trade, ranging from Handysize dry bulk to crude oil carrier. Operating on a long-term contract of affreightment (COA) basis with major industrial players, we transport strategic commodities and resources on all the world’s oceans with efficiency and reliability. The eight teams in the bulk business unit work around-the-clock to provide optimal services for our bulk and tanker customers.BULK BUSINESS ENSURING THE SUCCESSFUL DELIVERY OF YOUR CARGO Grains, oils, gases, minerals… We deliver anything and everything safely and quickly. Ensure that success is delivered right to you! GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 16 | 17
  11. 11. Our 13 dedicated container terminals operating at major portsaround the world ensure the efficient and safe stevedoringservices of your cargo. After opening Total Terminal InternationalAlgeciras, Spain in 2010, our services now extend to the Africancontinent. Busan New Port, now equipped with cutting-edgegantry cranes that can lift up to 100 tons, is emerging as thelogistics hub for Northeast Asia. Hanjin Shipping anticipatesits newest dedicated terminal to be completed in Jacksonville,Florida in 2017, which will open up more possibilities to North,Central, and South America for our customers. TERMINAL BUSINESS DELIVERING SUCCESS RIGHT TO YOU From the Straits of Gibraltar to the Korea Strait, wherever you are is our destination. Ensure that success is delivered right to you! GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 18 | 19
  12. 12. With an extensive network that covers 34 countries around the globe,Hanjin Logistics has become one of the most trusted partners in supplychain management. The scope of our services ranges from air to sea andfrom warehousing to transloading. The recent launch of our air serviceconnects the U.S. and Korea, and the newly built Hanjin-Kerry LogisticsCenter will further reinforce the reputation of our efficient supply chain,integrating our customer service capabilities through inter-affiliatesynergies and advanced computerized management systems (CMS). THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS LOGISTICS TAKES ON A NEW LOOK From warehousing to transloading, our services extend to every corner of the world and to every need of our customers. We are redefining success for you! GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 20 | 21
  13. 13. PROVIDINGA KALEIDOSCOPEOF LIGHT CYBERLOGITEC TRUSTED ASSOCIATES & AFFILIATES ZESCOWe provide seamless shipping and logistics services to our customers, addressingall of their needs. This is how we maintain our reputation as the most trusted HANJIN SMbusiness partner for success. Our comprehensive service network is powered by aclose collaboration among our affiliates and our subsidiaries network. Utilizingtheir outstanding expertise in logistics IT solutions, ship repair, and shipmanagement, CyberLogitec, Hanjin SM, and ZESCO all provide the backingnecessary to deliver our world-class services. GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 22 | 23
  14. 14. Total IT solutions for logisticsCyberLogitec OPENING A NEW ERA OF SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS WITH ADVANCED IT TECHNOLOGY CyberLogitec is an IT company specializing in shipping and logistics. With its comprehensive understanding and vast experience and know-how, CyberLogitec looks to continue to research and develop leading technology solutions. We will also provide optimal IT service for our customers in the rapidly changing marine transport industry. CyberLogitec’s services and solutions encompass all shipping and logistics businesses, including marine terminal operations, bulk & container carrier operations, as well as vessel management. GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 24 | 26
  15. 15. A leader in advanced ship management service The world’s best ship repair serviceHanjin SM ZESCO DELIVERING REAL PROVIDING THE RIGHT BENEFITS TO OUR ANSWERS TO ANY KIND CUSTOMERS OF SHIP By combining new employment, supervision, and training programs with our ever ZESCO is strategically located on Qushan Island, 15 miles south of Shanghai competent ship management services, we will provide highly experienced Yangshan Container Terminal. This enables timely and specialized ship repair engineers and quality crews that best match each ship, along with cutting-edge services for Hanjin Shipping and other leading global shippers and carriers. IT vessel management solutions and a variety of marine engineering services. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities and highly experienced professionals, Hanjin SM has a large number of professional multinational crews and full-time ZESCO is the top choice for various types of ship repair work, ship conversion, qualified shore-based staff who can competently manage any vessel, including and offshore projects,ensuring the highest quality of service at fair prices. container vessels, bulk carriers, LNG carriers, and chemical tankers. In addition, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality, and eco-friendly operations both on board and ashore. GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 26 | 27
  16. 16. FULFILLING OURCORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY:REACHING OUT TOLOCAL COMMUNITIESCompanies are also members of society. Indeed, businesses cannot thrivewithout the support of the communities in which they operate. At HanjinShipping, our roots lie in our communities. As such, we strive to give back to andbuild the local communities we operate in by sharing our profits on a consistentbasis. As a responsible corporate citizen, we remain faithful to our commitmentin maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction, while ensuring thesuccess of our business partners and working relentlessly for the sustainablefuture of our planet. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION ENVIRONMENT CO-PROSPERITY WITH PARTNERS We believe that the best way to guarantee the The ocean is our most important business When it comes to our business partners, our highest customer satisfaction is by being sin- platform. This means we have the utmost duty paramount concern has to do with sharing our cere and efficient through our operations. Our to protect it for generations to come. Hanjin prosperity with them. Our primary goal is to supply chain management (SCM) system en- Shipping has long adopted responsible envi- streamline all operational procedures in our ables efficient inventory control and lowers lo- ronmental policies and has our very own relationship with business partners through gistics costs. Supply Chain Carbon Calculator. close and consistent communication. - - - Supply Chain Management 15% of 2008 levels by 2015 e-Marketplace (SCM) System GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 28 | 29
  17. 17. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We Proudly ProvideHanjin Shipping strives to provide fast, safe and convenient customer services. An extensive global network of service • Vessel Schedules • Shipping Instructions • B/L Surrender Checks • Delivery Orders • Reports • Bookingsroutes, a cutting-edge fleet, advanced equipment and container terminals, and a customized e-Service portal enhances • Draft Bill of Landings • Arrival Notices • Invoicescustomer convenience and enables competitive shipping services. At the same time, we never stop listening to our customers, and any other services our customers request.as we respond to their needs and concerns quickly to enhance customer satisfaction. through EDI Portals (Electronic (GTN / INTTRA / Data Interchange) CargoSmart) Hanjin Desktop Shipping Programs WebsiteCustomer Satisfaction SurveysSince 2003, Hanjin Shipping has conducted annual Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) A CUSTOMER Recently, with the evolvement and expansion of Supply Chain Management (SCM) for VIP customers like Nike, Target, and Toys R Us, Hanjin Shipping provides precisesurveys to understand what matters most to our customers and how well we areperforming. The latest results have showed that customers are most satisfied with VALUE CREATOR tracking information for the entire cargo transportation process. Furthermore, vessel schedules, booking notices, shipping instruction drafts, and invoices are senttheir relationship with our sales people. They have also said they are more satisfiedwith our performance than any of our competitors. Going forward, we will continue WITH AN ADVANCED through reliable and efficient communication programs, allowing customers accessour focus on improving our service quality, while providing customers with the CARRIER SERVICE to them anywhere and at any time.highest level of service. Hanjin Shipping Mobile Application – iHanjinCompliance with International Trade Regulations Hanjin Shipping’s user-friendly e-Service provides innovative e-content toHanjin Shipping fully abides by all international transportation regulations. We customers. In an effort to keep up with current trends and the demands ofoperate our business within the framework of customer countries’ maritime laws, customers, Hanjin Shipping launched a smartphone application called iHanjin inincluding the United States Ocean Shipping Reform Act (1998). For the past 10 years, June 2011 for iOS and Android users. This application gives customers easy accesswe have observed all customs regulations governing export and import declarations, to cargo/vessel tracking, cargo arrival notices, GPS-based office searches, a carbonand performed our duties as a carrier dutifully concerning international trade. calculator, a Quick Response (QR) code and booking requests from their mobile phone. Hanjin Shipping is proud to be the first carrier to use the QR code throughHanjin Shipping e-Service which customers can check tracking information by simply scanning the QR code onSince the launch of Hanjin’s e-Service at the start of the 21st century, our top priority the bill of landing with their smartphone. (For customers without a smartphone, weis to provide customers with on-time and on-line-based services. At present, more also provide a limited version of our mobile web service at m.hanjin.com.)than 70,000 customers benefit from our state-of-the-art e-Service tools. for android for iPhone GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 30 | 31
  18. 18. ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITYSince the beginning of industrialization, the increase in the use of fossil fuels has brought a sharp rise in CO2 density, causinga rise in the earth’s average temperature. As a logistics service provider, Hanjin Shipping is committed to protecting the envi-ronment. With an environmental management system and climate change initiative in place, we strive to ensure a sustain-able tomorrow.Previous CO2 reduction goalThanks to our efficient vessel manage- 2015 2008ment professionals and active operationalprograms to reduce CO2 emissions, HanjinShipping was able to achieve our CO2 re-duction goal earlier than planned. 83.4 CO2 g/TEU-km ⇢15% 71.0 CO2 g/TEU-km reductionWe have now established a new and moreambitious CO2 reduction goal CO2 g/TEU-km HJS 2008 HJS 2009 HJS 2010 12% HJS TARGET BY 2015 17% Supply Chain Carbon Calculator (SCCC) 29% Hanjin was the first company in the global shipping industry to offer customers use of a Supply Chain Carbon Calculator on our website (www.hanjin.com), allowing them to calculate the carbon emissions of their intended container transportation byBUILDING A BETTER period, multiple routes, and bill of landing (BL). In May 2011, new functions wereTOMORROW, A BLUER added so that calculations can be customized by BL or bya shipper’s own data. The calculation formula for marine routes is based on guidelines provided by the CleanOCEAN AND Cargo Working Group, with CO2 index data verified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas), aA GREENER WORLD respected independent foundation with the purpose of safeguarding life, property, The following CO2 reduction activities will enable us and the environment. to reach our goal. 1.1 Route optimization 2.1 Vessel size (average TEU) 1.2 Vessel speed (eco steaming) 1.Network management 2.Fleet management 2.2 Ratio of chartered vessels 2.3 Age of Vessels Management of CO2 reduction activities 3.1 Efficient vessel operations 3. Vessel operation & 4.2 Application of new technology to new ships 3.2 Fuel & vessel performance management 4. Technology application 3.3 Port productivity management performance management 4.2 Application of new technology to existing vessels GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 32 | 33
  19. 19. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIP SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY : SOCIAL CONTRIBUTIONWin-win management with third party service providers and suppliers is at the core of a company’s competitiveness. At Our philosophy of sharing constitutes the underlying principle of our social contribution activities. In line with our philosophy,Hanjin Shipping, we strive to reinforce our partnerships with suppliers at every turn. Our win-win management with suppliers we offer financial support, and initiate volunteer activities for those in need through a number of different social contributionfocuses on four areas: transparent and fair transactions; strengthening strategic alliances; environmental preservation; and projects based around culture, art, education, and disaster relief.establishing business ethics.A MORE PROSPEROUS FUTURE,A HAPPIER SOCIETY Compliance Program (CP) Volunteer Activities As part of our Compliance Program (CP) for fair trade, Hanjin Shipping offers all contractors In collaboration with non-profit organizations, Hanjin Shipping takes part in regular equal opportunities to bid for projects, providing them with clear and fair evaluation criteria. volunteer activities and provides donations to those in need. Every year, our In 2007, we initiated a company-wide management innovation drive, including upgrading our employees deliver coal briquettes and other everyday items to the underprivileged. supplier portal site and phasing in the same program into the e-Marketplace. This highly The company also encourages company-wide volunteer activities through various efficient purchase process helps Hanjin Shipping streamline ordering and contracting charity events and the employee orientation program. In April 2010, we donated procedures, while significantly reducing our suppliers’ workload. surplus containers to Doty Memorial Hospital, a charity hospital that provides free medical services to multicultural families and the underprivileged. In addition, our Purchase Policy subsidiaries and foreign offices also frequently donate financial assistance, food, and other everyday items to local communities in need. Supplier Management Preservation of the Environment Cultural, Artistic and Educational Support Transparent and fair trade, Environment protection and compliance strengthening strategic alliances While trying to ensure equal opportunity to education for the next generation of children, Hanjin Shipping is also dedicated to promoting cultural and artistic Establishment of a activities in Korea. To this end, we engage in various cultural and artistic initiatives, System Improvement purchase system through strategic Quality purchase practices, the extension of our such as our sponsoring of an exhibition of Korean contemporary artists in LA and Upgrading the purchasing Maintaining the best process and fostering experts corporate social responsibilities and quality through standardization Houston and another one on Fernando Botero, which was held in Korea. As part of greater cooperation with best-performing suppliers our firm commitment to education, Hanjin Shipping also donated school supplies and computers to China’s Elementary Schools for Hope project. Price Optimal Timing Support Reasonable price policies Establishment of a stable supply system GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 34 | 35
  20. 20. GLOBAL NETWORKHanjin Shipping operates a fleet of 200 ships, transporting over 100 million tons of cargoannually through its extensive global network, including 13 dedicated terminals, 6 inlandbases, 30 local corporations, and 200 overseas sales offices in 70 countries around the world. GLOBAL LOGISTICS LEADER 36 | 37
  21. 21. GLOBAL DIRECTORYHead OfficeSEOULHanjin Shipping Co., Ltd.Hanjin Shipping Bldg., 25-11, Yoido-Dong, NORTHEAST ASIAYoungdeungpo-Gu, Seoul, Korea EUROPET : 82-2-3770-6114F : 82-2-2287-3400 NORTH AMERICAwebmaster@hanjin.com MIDDLE EASTBUSANHanjin Shipping Bldg., 79-9, Jungang-Dong4 Ga, Jung-Gu, Busan, KoreaT : 82-51-460-8000 SOUTH ASIA AFRICAF : 82-51-469-1596Headquarters SOUTH AMERICAAMERICA REGIONAL HEADQUARTERSHanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. OCEANIA80 East Route 4, Suite 490, Paramus,NJ 07652, U.S.A.T : 1-201-291-4600 With the clear mission to become the mostF : 1-201-291-9393/9844bkim@us.hanjin.comEUROPE REGIONAL HEADQUARTERSHanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. EUROPE Sweden Morocco Korea recognized, reputable, and trusted leader inAdmiralitaetstr. 56, 20459 Hamburg, GermanyT : 49-40-37685-0 Belgium Switzerland Nigeria Taiwan total global logistics service, Hanjin ShippingF : 49-40-37685-510info@de.hanjin.com Czech Republic Turkey South Africa will continue to develop new routesASIA REGIONAL HEADQUARTERSHanjin Shipping (CHINA) Co., Ltd. Denmark Ukraine Tunisia OCEANIA and expand its operational26th Floor, Zhongrong Hengrui InternationalPlaza East Building,No 620 Zhang Yang Road, Estonia United Kingdom Australia capabilities to best servePudong, Shanghai P.R. ChinaPost Code : 200122 Finland SOUTH ASIA our customers.T : 86-21-28995300/28995588F : 86-21-28995353/5389 France MIDDLE EAST Bangladesh NORTH AMERICAdany@cn.hanjin.comSOUTHEAST & WEST ASIA REGIONAL HEADQUARTERS Germany Bahrain Cambodia CanadaHanjin Shipping (S) Pte Ltd. PSA building,460 Alexandra Road #07-02, Singapore 119963 Greece Iran India MexicoT : 65-6222-7055F : 65-6536-3973 Hungary Israel Indonesia U.S.A.csang@sg.hanjin.comom Ireland Kuwait Malaysia Italy Lebanon Myanmar SOUTH AMERICA Lithuania Oman Pakistan Argentina Malta Saudi Arabia Philippines Brazil Netherlands U.A.E. Singapore Chile Norway Sri Lanka Colombia Poland AFRICA Thailand Ecuador Portugal Algeria Vietnam Peru Romania Benin Uruguay Russia Egypt NORTHEAST ASIA Slovenia Ghana China Spain Ivory Coast Japan