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Localization and Translation Tools

Localization and Translation Tools



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Localization and Translation Tools Localization and Translation Tools Document Transcript

  • Language Technology Tools - The Okapi Framework ENLASO ENLASO is committed to improve localization quality and costs and recently ported its localization tools to the open source Okapi Framework. The Okapi SUPPORTS Framework is a set of interface specifications, format definitions, components CREATING and applications that provides an environment to build interoperable tools for the different steps of the translation and localization process. The project is LANGUAGE hosted on SourceForge.net, a repository of open source software. TECHNOLOGIES Designed to help in localizing software, Web, and documentation content, the TO BENEFIT THE tool suit were initially developed by ENLASO Localization Solutions Architect, LOCALIZATION Yves Savourel, an expert in SGML and XML internationalization and INDUSTRY localization. Savourel's highly acclaimed book, XML Internationalization and Localization, is an excellent source for further information about the suite of language tools. Rainbow Rainbow, a .NET application, allows localization professionals to prepare files in various formats (HTML, XHTML, SVG, etc.) for various given translation environments, converts files from one encoding to another, and also performs a number of additional localization-related tasks. From Rainbow's main window, the user simply selects an input file, chooses the utility to run, sets the options, and then executes. Rainbow features a Script Filter that extracts and merges text from any file format where the extractable text can be identified using regular expressions. The tool also provides support for .NET resource files, PO files, Java Properties, Adobe Illustrator files, and much more. Once translated, Rainbow merges the text back into the original file format. Respecting the need for localization industry standards, Rainbow allows localization professionals to generate TMX (Translation Memory eXchange Standard) documents, as well as other translation memory formats from translated RTF files. The Rainbow installation package also includes Tikal (a .NET console application to execute utilities from a command-line) and Abacus (a .NET application that provides word-counting consolidation functions).
  • Horizon GENERATE Horizon is a user-friendly Windows application that displays files that need to INTERNATIONAL be sent for translation. Users can navigate effortlessly through complex SALES AND DEVELOP directory structures and compare source documents against translated documents. Horizon can load pre-defined file settings created by Rainbow’s GLOBAL BRANDS “Prepare for Translation” function. Through Internet Explorer, Horizon allows THROUGH LEADING- users to easily validate the syntax of translated files. EDGE LOCALIZATION Album SERVICES AND Album is a language tool that enhances and corrects the Windows Clipboard so that it can be used with non-system code-sets that – in some LANGUAGE configurations - Clipboard corrupts. Album also allows Unicode characters to TECHNOLOGIES be entered by their respective code and permits a URL to be converted to an internationalized URL that supports extended characters. Olifant Contact ENLASO: Olifant is a .NET application that allows users to open translation memory www.translate.com files and perform various maintenance tasks on them. Olifant features marketing@translate.com regular expression search and replace, criterion-based filtering, and many 303 516 0857 x103 other functions that are useful to any translation memory user. Download the Tools Now: ENLASO Offices: The tools suite can be downloaded free-of-charge at www.translate.com Boulder, CO or at okapi.sourceforge.net/downloads.html. 4888 Pearl East Circle, Suite 300E Established and Experienced Language Service Provider Boulder, CO 80301 T: (303) 516-0857 Established in 1968, ENLASO has been the premier language partner to F: (303) 516-1701 global companies for nearly four decades. Scalable to your enterprise language needs, ENLASO has an established network of offices in Boulder, Boise, ID CO, Boise, ID, as well as sales and production facilities on the West and East 9543 W. Emerald Street Coast. Suite 105 Boise, ID 83704 ISO 9001:2008 Certified Language Service Provider T: (208) 672-8500 F: (208) 672-8522 ENLASO is an ISO 9001:2008 certified language service provider with auditable documented quality and customer service processes. If you would like to request additional information about ENLASO’s language technologies or enterprise language solutions, please contact us at marketing@translate.com or call 303 516 0857 x103.