Human Development
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Human Development






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Human Development Presentation Transcript

  • 1. BABY, BABY,BABY, OHHHH!~(HumanDevelopment)By Lavine Von
  • 2. What is human development? Human development is the process between fertilization to birth. During human development, the embryo goes through 3 trimesters of development.
  • 3. Craftyjoe / FreeDigitalPhotos.net1st TrimesterThe first 3 months of a baby’s development.
  • 4. 1st Month Fertilized egg begins to split into stem cells to create different parts for life.  Blood cells take shape & circulation begins. The, placenta, a round, flat organ, transfers nutrients and wastes in and out of the baby. Basic face features, eyes, mouth, lower jaw, throat starts to develop.
  • 5. 2nd Month Brain, digestive track, and sensory organs begin to develop. Arms, legs, fingers, toes ears, and eyes start to develop. Euthmen @ Flickr ->
  • 6. 3rd Month Baby has a basic, recognizable shape. Teeth begin to form. Reproductive organs begin to develop. Circulatory and urinary systems begin to function, liver produces bile. Chance of miscarriage drops.
  • 7. 2nd Trimester4th – 6th Baby develops movement.
  • 8. 4th Month Eyelids,eyebrows, eyelashes, nails, and hair are formed. Teeth and bones become more hard. Nervous system starts to function. Reproductive organs fully developed.
  • 9. 5th Month Hair forms on baby’s head, shoulders, and back. Muscles begin to develop. Patrimonio |
  • 10. 6th Month Baby is more responsive. Skin a reddish color, wrinkled, with veins visible.
  • 11. 3rd Trimester7th – 9th month. Baby can survive out of its mother.
  • 12. 7th Month Fatstarts going into baby. Baby’s hearing is developed. More movement. More responses to light, sound, and pain. David Castillo Dominici /
  • 13. 8th Month Maturity and body fat reveres continue. Baby’s brain is rapidly developing. Internal organ systems developed for most part. Lungs may be immature. smokedsalmon /
  • 14. 9th Month Lungsare nearly fully developed. Baby’s reflexes are coordinated:  Can blink, close the eyes, turn the head, grasp firmly, and respond to touch. Baby’s position changes for delivery. Clare Bloomfield /