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KV Management a leader in alternative finance solutions for small and mid-size companies is currently seeking polished sales professionals to join our team.

We Offer:

Large Upfront Commissions
Residual Commissions
Marketing Tools / Website
Lead Management Tools
Best Products In Our Industry
Continuous Training
First Class Support

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Come Work for KVM

  1. 1. Agent Introduction<br />Lower Rates<br />Cheaper Capital<br />LOAN APPROVED<br />
  2. 2. We Are Consultants<br />We have helped 1000’s of business just like these get the money they need to improve their business and have helped them save $100’s even $1,000’s every month in processing costs<br />
  3. 3. We Offer Two Products:<br />Short Term Business Loans<br />We offer a true short-term business loan call Credit Card Receivable Financing. This is a loan based on a businesses sales volume and not the owners personal credit score. Our rates are typically 50% to 80% cheaper than our competitors Merchant Cash Advance.<br />Merchant Services Consulting<br />Merchants have always been at the mercy of their credit card processing companies because interchange laws, the rules governing how processors work are so complex that only fortune 1000 companies could afford to have an expert monitor their accounts and eliminate any hidden fees until now. <br />Rate Lock is a contingency base consulting product, meaning our interchange experts will evaluate a companies merchant statements for free, find any unnecessary or hidden fee, eliminate them and then monitor their account to make sure the never come back. Once savings are realized we split the savings with our clients.<br />
  4. 4. Credit Card Receivable Financing<br />This is a True Business Loan Based on a Business Past Credit Card Sales Volume<br />To Qualify a business must:<br /><ul><li>Be in business one year
  5. 5. Process a minimum of $10,000 a month in credit cards
  6. 6. Have a credit score of at least 500 or above
  7. 7. Have one year left on business lease or own the property
  8. 8. Have no open bankruptcies or tax liens</li></ul>80% Approval <br />Rate on qualified applications<br />
  9. 9. Rate Lock Protection Program<br />Contingency Based Consulting on Merchant Services <br />8% to 20% cost reduction<br />This can equal $100’s even $1,000’s put back into our clients pockets each and every month.<br />
  10. 10. Our Independent Sales Agents <br />Are Not Just Another Sales Person<br />You must take a more consulting approach. Take the time and educate merchants about our products and the options that they have. <br />Most companies need capital and have no place to turn. If they know about our options, when the need arises they we turn to us.<br />Every Business that accepts credit cards pays fees to a processing company for doing so. Let them know that a service like ours is available. Most have never heard of a service like ours so take your time and educate them instead of trying to close them and they will join us as a client.<br />
  11. 11.
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  13. 13. Commissions<br />Designed So that You Can Earn $100,000 a Year or More<br />Loan amounts range from $5,000 to $500,000 with the average loan being $40,000, making the average commission paid out to an agent $1,200 per loan. Close 1 loan a week and you’d earn $62,400. Close just 2 and earn $124,800.<br />Rate Lock pays upfront commissions and a residual commission. Sign up 2 clients a week and in your first month you’d earn roughly $3,200 that month, continue for 1 year and by the end of your first year, your residual commission will be over $10,000 a month.<br />