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KISD E-Rate Overview
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KISD E-Rate Overview


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Understanding E-Rate
    KISD Technology Department
  • 2. What is E-Rate?
    How is E-Rate related to KISD’s Technology Plan?
  • 3. The E-Rate Program known as the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Mechanism provides
    discounts to obtain affordable telecommunications and Internet Access.
    What is E-Rate?
  • 4. Telecommunications services
    Internet access
    Basis maintenance of internal connections
    Internal connections other than basic maintenance
    Four categories are funded
  • 5. KISD
    part of a consortium
    certified approved Technology Plan
    follows the “No Child Left Behind Act.”
    Who is Eligible for E-Rate?
  • 6. Check out this website:
    Universal Service Administrative Company
    Detailed information on E-Rate
  • 7. Districts must complete the Texas Teacher STaR Chart Assessment
    Visit for more information.
    Technology plan is based on data gathered from the StaR Chart
    STaR Chart Technology Plan E-Rate
  • 8. The Texas Teacher STaR Charts is an assessment tool developed around the four key areas of the Texas Long Range Plan for Technology:
    Teaching and Learning
    Educator Preparation and Development
    Leadership Administration and Instructional Support
    Infrastructure for Technology
    Purpose of the STaR Chart
  • 9. Junior High STaR Chart Assessment Results
  • 10. KISD STaR Chart Summary
  • 11. 6 campuses
    3,700 students
    62 % economically disadvantaged
    493 faculty members
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan
  • 12. Vision Statement
    It is our vision that the community served by the Kaufman Independent School District will benefit from technology in the school system.
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan
  • 13. Mission Statement for Kaufman ISD
    It is the mission of the Kaufman ISD Technology
    Department to provide students and educators with leadership, infrastructure, technical support and staff development to gain the knowledge and attitudes necessary to function successfully in our changing society.
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan
  • 14. GOAL 1
    Teaching and Learning - Instructional systems technology will be implemented to increase and enhance student learning, instructional management and community usage.
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan
  • 15. GOAL 2
    Educator Preparation and Development - The instructional staff will have access to staff development and to a variety of resources to address the individual needs of students.
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan
  • 16. GOAL 3
    Administration and Support Services - Kaufman ISD support systems will continue to provide skilled personnel, training, and resources required to support ever changing technologies.
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan
  • 17. GOAL 4
    Infrastructure for Technology - Kaufman ISD will provide and maintain an infrastructure for communication with parents and community members.
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan
  • 18. Budget = 854,173.80.
    $230.86 for every student.
    One computer per seven students.
    100% of the classrooms have direct. connection to the Internet and network.
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan
  • 19. KISD is meeting the goals set by the Long-Range Technology Plan and thus receives discounts for the district through E-Rate.
    Summary of the District’s Long-Range Technology Plan