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DORO ® Horseshoe Headrests
   For usage with DORO-Swivel
   Adapter (instead of DORO Skull
   Clamp) or directly with the ...
DORO ® Headrest Accessories
DORO ® Halo Retractor System

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Doro Neurosurgery Brochure


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The cheapest source of Mayfield Doro Neurosurgical Accessories. Europa Medical
+44(0)845 658 4328

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Doro Neurosurgery Brochure

  1. 1. ni a l S tab ili za a t io r DORO C n ® Increased Stability for the Benefit of the Patient
  2. 2. ® RO O D DORO ® Skull Clamp Suitable for children and adults. New mechanical design of the Skull Pin Holder and the Clamp Base ensures improved rigid skull fixation. Stable, high-precision 3-point fixa- tion of the head during surgery. item no. 3003-00 Fixation of patient in prone, supine, lateral and sitting position. Particularly suitable for applications requiring maximum precision. Headsupport (item no. 3020-03). Supports the head in addition to the three-point Skull Clamp fixation. Suitable for application with all standard models. Available with Elastic Head Ring (item no. 3020-61), Twin Elastic Pad, (item no. 3020-54) or a Skull Pin Holder. item no. 3020-02 and 3020-03 Also available in radiolucent! DORO ® Adjustable Base Unit Easy and stable mounting to all stan- Double clamping function allows simul- dard operating tables. taneous fixation of the lateral and verti- cal positions. Newly designed base handle assembly. Particularly suitable for lateral position- Improved clamping function for ing due to longer table rod. increased stability. A crossbar adaptor (item no. 3007-00) Prevents inadvertent opening of the can be connected to the side rails of mechanical system during surgery. standard operating tables for fixation in Rapid mounting and dismantling a sitting position. before, during and after surgery. Isolation prevents stray currents between Flexibly adjustable joints, particularly for operating table and Base Unit. lateral fixation of patient's head. item no. 3001-00 Accessories, Tools: Transitional Member 6" (approx. 14.7cm): item no. 3001-60 2 Hex Wrench: item no. 3001-11
  3. 3. Headre st Sys DORO ® Skull Pins tem Reusable Skull Pins are available in two versions: for children (item no. item no. 3004-00 3004-00) and for adults (item no. (Reusable Pins Children) 3005-00) with 3 Skull Pins per pack. Sterile, disposable Skull Pins, 36 pins per pack (item no. 3006-00). item no. 3005-00 (Reusable Pins Adults) item no. 3006-00 (Sterile, Disposable Pins) DORO ® Swivel Adaptor Connects the Skull Clamp to the Base Unit. 360 degrees rotation. Sturdy, advanced design. item no. 3002-00 DORO ® Ball Pivot Adaptor Connects the Skull Clamp to the Base Unit. 360 degrees freedom of rotation. Horizontal inclination up to 90 degrees. Sturdy, advanced design. item no. 3002-50 3
  4. 4. ult i Pur ® M O R DORO Multi Purpose Skull Clamp ® DO The DORO Multi Purpose Skull Clamp is highly flexible and allows the user to determine the type of fixation exactly as required for the applica- DORO Multi Purpose Skull Clamp with three-point fix- tion at hand. ation and Gel Head Ring From six-point fixation by means 90 mm of skull pins up to the adapta- Multi Purpose Skull Clamp tion of three gel pads. This for children complete results in the necessary sta- 3020-00 bility. MP-Skull Clamp 3020-50 Headsupport 3020-03 Based on the proven DORO Headrest System Pin Holder 3020-01 Pin Holder, adjustable 3020-62 Suitable for children and Reusable Skull Pins (2 Pack) 3004-00 adults of all ages Gel Head Ring 90 mm 3020-61 Modular fixation system for with base (3pcs) Skull Pins and Gel Pads Adjustment Key 3020-65 Three fixation carriers which can be Additional Accessories for Adults: easily exchanged Pin Holder 3020-56 Single Pin Holder 3020-55 Gel Head Ring 140 mm 3020-63 Reusable Skull Pins (3pcs) 3005-00 DORO Multi Purpose Skull Gel Pad Gel Twin Pad Clamp with three Gel item no. 3020-02 item no. 3020-54 Head Rings 90 mm 4
  5. 5. pose S kul lC la DORO ® Headsupport mp The Headsupport is a useful accessory for supporting and fixating the patient’s head in skull clamps with three point fixation. The advantages of this addi- tional support element comprise: Adjustable in all planes for optimum fixation. DORO Multi Purpose Modular system with replaceable pin Skull Clamp with four - holders and elastic pads. point fixation and Gel Head Ring with Base Safe positioning of the patient’s 140 mm head before, during and after sur- gery. No holding of the patient’s head required during fixating and opening the Skull Clamp. Increased safety, for example in operations involving the skull base or patients with bone defects. Can also be used for third-party systems. Gel Head Ring with Adjustment Key base 140 mm, item no. 3020-65 item no. 3020-63 Gel Head Ring with base 90 mm, item no. 3020-61 (pcs) DORO Headsupport, item no. 3020-03, with Gel Pad, item no. 3020-02 DORO ® Spinal Halo Fixation Post To fix the Multi Purpose Skull Clamp to the Spinal Halo Ring. Pin Holder for Single Pin Holder, Children, item no. 3020-55 No additional invasive fixation item no. 3020-01 required. Safe and patient friendly. Spinal Halo Fixation Post, item no. 3020-67 Pin Holder for Adults, Pin Holder, adjustable, item no. 3020-56 for Children, 5 item no. 3020-62
  6. 6. DORO ® Horseshoe Headrests For usage with DORO-Swivel Adapter (instead of DORO Skull Clamp) or directly with the help of the OP-Table Adapter (3009-16). Available for children (3008-00) and for adults (3009-00). Non-invasive system with width adjustment for connection to the Swivel Adaptor. Gel Pads adapt to the skull shape. Can be used for all ages since the unit is adjustable to the respective head sizes. Suitable for prone and supine posi- Horseshoe Headrest for children tions. with Extension Bar item no. 3008-00 without Extension Bar item no. 3008-02 To be used together with the DORO Horseshoe Headrest for adults with Extension Bar item no. 3009-00 Additional Horseshoe Pads for children Swivel Adaptor and the DORO Base without Extension Bar item no. 3009-02 right item no. 3008-10 Unit. left item no. 3008-11 Additional Horseshoe Pads for adults right item no. 3009-10 left item no. 3009-11 Non invasive head support. DORO ® Gel Head Rings for Operating Tables Protects the head, face, neck and ears during all types of surgery and is suitable for use in many surgical Gel Head Rings, open procedures. Ø 90 mm item no. 3014-04 Ø 140 mm item no. 3014-05 Gel Pads perfectly match all head Ø 200 mm item no. 3014-06 shapes. Gel Head Rings, open (diameter: 90, 140 or 200 mm) Gel Head Rings, closed, (diameter: 90, 140 or 200 mm) Gel Head Rest (Adults, Children), rectangular Gel Head Rings, closed Gel Supine Headrest Gel Prone Headrest Ø 90 mm item no. 3014-01 for Adults item no. 3014-10 for Children item no. 3014-08 Ø 140 mm item no. 3014-02 for Adults item no. 3014-09 Ø 200 mm item no. 3014-03
  7. 7. DORO ® Headrest Accessories The DORO Accessories complete our products arround the operating table. Additional items such as the Cervical Spine Support and Crossbar Adaptor, etc., are available to pro- vide the user with a full line of headfix- ation and positioning devices from one single supplier. A designated space is Universal Side Rail Fitting, item no. 3007-50 provided on our Wall Storage Unit for easy storage and quick access to each of the components. Table Adapter, item no. 3010-00 Headrest Wall Storage Unit, item no. 3013-00 Crossbar Adaptor, item no. 3007-00 Side Rail Adapter, item no. 3011-00 DORO ® Operating Table Adapter for Horsehoe Headrests Applicable for Children or Adults Horseshoe Headrests. Adjustable in multiple planes Fixation at operating table without Base Unit OP-Table-Adapter, Cervical Spine Support, item no. 3009-16 7 item no. 3012-00
  8. 8. DORO ® Halo Retractor System Halo Retractor System Introduction and displacement of the retractor arms within the dovetail guide is no more necessary. Build-in handrest provides stability and safety. Flexibility and versatility for all surgical approaches, as complete ring, angled or half ring set up. Ergonomic design, adapted fully to the surgical field Newly developed arms providing a continued adjustment of the retraction For further informations please ask for the brochure “DORO Retractor Systems”. Technik & Werbung Offenburg 3000-01 E Representation: Contact information: pro med instruments GmbH Manufacturing and Distribution of Surgical Products Bötzinger Str. 38 · D-79111 Freiburg Phone +49-0761-44 15 45 Fax: +49-0761-44 15 10 e-Mail: · P M I a n d D O R O a r e r e g i s t e r e d t r a d e m a r k s ( ® ) o f p r o m e d i n s t r u m e n t s G m b H, D - Fr e i b u r g