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Published in: Education, Spiritual

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  • 1. The Myth: Greek – a hybrid creature In Greek mythology the centaurus were the offspring of Ixion, the king of Thessaly, and a cloud. Followers of Dionysus , a god of fertiliy, they were regarded as uncouth and savage , though some became teachers of human beings.CENTAURUS Threecentaurus are playingupon the hill. They arestrange. They havehooves. They stamp thegroung strongly. And lookat the poet. Fixing thiereyes. They are fruious andjump around. Then theygo out of the way and raceinto the wood. They arewild and strange .
  • 2. The Myth :Indian - a minor god of the Hindu religion . Ganesha embodies success, prosperity,wisdom, peace,and the good life. A very popular figure in modernHindu festival parades , Ganesha rides upon a rat.GANESHA, GANESH has an elephantface and a human body. He holds oldtreasures in his four hands. He willmake every wish true as he can He hasa broken tusk and hurls at the sun. Heis full and riding on a rat. He is happy.He likes food and full of treats. If youask a wish you should offer him somefood.He has jewelery on his neck and acrown on his head. His body ispink, but can change into yellow orred. He is a wise old god. When you goto India visit the places he likes tosit, so your wishes may come true.
  • 3. The Myth: Greek – European a ater being. Some stories say a mermaid had two tails or legs and could change into a real woman and live as a human on land until the sea called for her return. Mermaids known as the sirenslured sailors with thier singing to a watery death or a new life under the sea. MERMAID UNDERSEA The green and cool Mermaid keeps the sea like a swimming school. Oysters come quiclkly, lobsters come in a showy manner, and dolphins also come to join the dance. Mermaid teaches them to dance. But all the small jellyfish cannot learn the steps of the dance.
  • 4. CHINESE DRAGONAs the sun is coming into a shape like a ball, I am followingmy friend. He thinks that his fast horses would leave mebehind, but I am riding a dragon . It is as quick as the wind.Oriental dragons are fierce, powerful, wise and rich,but also quite benevolent.
  • 5. The Myth :Greek, Egyptian, Middle Eastern • While the sun is going– a fabulous beast found in several down and the shadowsmythologies. In Egypt , where it guarded cannot be seen easilytombs and temples, it had a man’s head on the sand, he getsand a symbol of tthe god Horus. The Greek up, stretches andsphinx was female and lived on the rocks stands. Then moves toabove the city of Thebes. She devoured allpassersby who could not answer the riddle the Nile to wash. Andshe posed. removes the mummy- dust and sand from its body with its heavy tongue untill the cool night air is gone, till the morning. It leaves dry murmurs like powdered rock on Egyptian earth.
  • 6. The Myth : Greek, Roman – a winged horse born from the blood ofMedusa when she was slain by Perseus. Pegasus carried the heroBellerophon in his battle with the Chimera. Some myths say springsrose where Pegasus’ hooves touched the earth. He was the horse of theMuses, connected to poetry.You cannot capture Pegasus. He runs in a ryhtm. His one eye showssorrow the other joy. He runs in heaven and jumps on earth. He haswings. No one but only the poet can ride him without rein. He is thestallion of heaven and steed of the skies. And he sings when flying.
  • 7. The Myth: Australian – a mythcial creature af waterways and billibongs (stagnant pools). Its apperance is most oftencharacterized as being unknown . Nevertheless , it has been described as dark with long fur or feathers, with or without horn or legs, oval shaped , web-footed, both large and small, with gloving eyes and a loud below. BUNYIPBunyip asks the wallaby (Australia kangaroo )whata bunyip looks like. Wallabysays it is horrible. They have webbed foot and feathers. Bunyip asks if they re fine , but wallaby answeres again horrible. Then bunyip asks the same to a man. The man says it doesn’t look like anything becuse simply it doesn’t exist. Bunyip was shoches and murmured “what a pity”
  • 8. Indian – the Hindu mythological mount for the god Vishnu.Garuda is associated with the sun and symbolizes swiftness andstrength. He is a destroyer serpents and cure snake bites.He is in the dusty tamarind tree.Once he was a blazing bird oflight and partly a man. Now hetrims his old tried wings andremembers how he bored LordVishnu over the lands.He is now resting his tried clawsand ancient arms. He doesn’thave a nest, but is warm in thejungle while its feathers aredisappearing..
  • 9. The Myth : Mexican, American Indian – the plumed serpent god ofToltee, Aztec, and other North American Indian tribes. He was identified withthe wind and with great moral principles and respect for life. He taught thepeople writing , painting, dancing, how to raise corn, and cotton, and how towork with gold, metal and wood. Quetzalcoatl In the early times of the world, farmer met Quetzalcoatl in a field by a rustling plant. He whispered in Farmer’s ear like wind. This plant’s leaves is more precious than green plumes and its heart is harder than jade . The farmer asks the name and it answers it is maize.
  • 10. Kracken – Norwegian- a round somewhat flat, floating sea monster large enough to be mistaken by sailor for an island, It causes whirlpools, andwhen it sinks beneath the waves , it engulfs any ship in the area. Kracken lives beneath the icy waves and waits for theships passing. It would eat them as we eat potato chips.
  • 11. Greek, Roman-the watchdog at the Gates of Hades who allowed only the dead to pass. He was said to have three or more heads jaws dripping with poisonus foam. Some say hehad snakes growing from behind his neck and along his back or that his tail was a snake. Gerberus Cerberus three headed terrible dog lies close to the ground and is baying wildly from its three throats. He is watching out Pluto’s house. Nobody can escape from it. It is very dangerous.
  • 12. Greek hybrid lion . Although pictured with a lion’s mane the chimera was considered female. The Greek hero Bellerophon, riding upon the winged horse Pegasus, did battle with her and slew her.ChimeraAre you always polite or can you dare to fight Chimera? If you do, you won’t like it, because it has three dangerous heads; lion, goat and snake. But Belleporon comes riding the winged horse Pegasus, Belleporon is very brave, he says to Chimera you don’t exist, you can’t be real with those many heads. And with a sword he killed it.
  • 13. Greek –a marvelous seahorse with the lower body of a dolphin . ın various sources it has a serpent’s tail . It pulled the chariot of Poseidon, the god of the sea.• Hippocamp the incredible horse; half fish once travelled the ancient Greece sea. It is very brave. Noone can trample down the waves like it with his scarcy scaly tail. It fulfills every fish’s wish. Is it a creature or is it a myth remarkable in minds as a single large body?
  • 14. Anansi – African carrabian- a clever spider who has human qualities . Anansi a folk hero in west Africa , appears in some stories as a human who has spider abilities a real spiderman , sometimes wise , sometimes foolish, and always mischievous.• Anansi is the spider of Ashanti people. In Ashanti people like Kwaku anansi, It is red and funny, wise and lovable, and he tricks. He is a very cunning figure, he causes trouble and always falls in trouble.
  • 15. Okolo : Nigerian – a legendary leopard warrior of theYourba tribe represented in a ceremonial dan mask. Okolo is a very good fighter. People think he is very powerful. He comes from the forest. He stands with pride, the lord of the beasts and then goes back to the forest. He leaps on its prey like a leopard.
  • 16. Manticore Middle eastren – a powerful creature with the body of a lion , the head of a man , a tail with the spikes of scorpion’s stinger, and an oversizedmouth with three rows of sharp -shark teeth. It especially liked to eat humans. The manticore could not be fenced or walled in since it could jump to great heights.Manticore is a mystic beast. He was first a man, then a dragon and there is lion between them. Noone has seen him, nor thecombination of the creatures above. It means manticore cannot be seen, it is not real.
  • 17. • I am a dragon. Children like me. You are a child. All my heads are green, and handsome. All my eyes are red and wild. I have claws on my feet, and hooks on the claws. I am wild. Smoke comes out from all my noses, it is very hot. Fearsome.There are points upon all my tails. All my teeth are sharp and blue. But ıI am a drogon. Children like me like you so I won’t hurt you, I won’t bite you badly.All my scales are like arrows. İf you touh me they will hurt you, so don’t treat me as a pet although you love me.