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English Attack! Digital Immersion English
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English Attack! Digital Immersion English


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  • 1. ENGLISH ATTACK!The revolutionary Digital Immersion approach to learning English
  • 3. MARKET VISIONThe (R)EVOLUTION in media consumption Music Film Knowledge Education ?
  • 4. TRENDS in English language learningThe (R)EVOLUTION in consumer behaviorPackaged physical Online servicescourse (books, CD-Roms)Product purchase SubscriptionPlace-based training Anywhere / anytime Short-sessionLinear structure discoveryGraded materials Authentic contentIndividual learning Social learning
  • 5. DIGITAL IMMERSION ENGLISHEnglish Attack! is a digital Newly acquired language platform for English Subscribers improve their items are consolidated language learning which English via short, daily with practice games and uses an innovative interactive online sessions the ability to use English pedagogical approach based on current based on learner communicatively within a authentic contentmotivation and frequency global virtual community (movies, music, TV series). of use. of learners of English.
  • 6. Key advantages of English Attack! A TRULY EFFECTIVE way of helping learners improve The English Attack! method was developed in association with researchers in cognitive neuroscience and fine-tuned with the help of teachers of EFL and ESL in various countries as well as with that of experts in video gaming, learning games and mobile entertainment. A 100% ONLINE APPROACH English Attack! was designed to meet the expectations of a new type of learner - digital natives - and is fully in tune with web trends, conventions and best practice. English ACCESSIBLE for all Integrating content based on popular culture, an easy-to-use interface and very accessible pricing, English Attack! is designed for easy, immediate rollout across schools, language institutes, companies or organizations.
  • 7. The English Attack! pedagogical method INTERACTIVE VIDEO EXERCICES 4 Clips from recent movies, TV series, music, news… Over 800 videos. New units published every day. video social photo game The 4 key components of WEB use PHOTO DICTIONARIES PRACTICE GAMES GLOBAL SOCIAL NETWORKsports, travel, cuisine, science, business… friends, comments, leaderboards…
  • 8. Pedagogical Principle #1: Motivation MOTIVATION is a key condition required for learning to occur. Only a method which creates enthusiasm based on what the learner is interested in can lead to voluntary repeat use at a frequency sufficient to enable the effective learning of English. ENTERTAINMENT and MEDIA attract, captivate and stimulate The pedagogical units on English Attack! (interactive videos and visual dictionaries) are all based on popular culture entertainment and media: clips from current films and TV series, music videos, news, sport, travel, hobbies, and business. A REWARD ECOSYSTEM providing constant positive reinforcement Learners’ activity on the site is compensated with the awarding of badges, user level cards, and scores, marking achievement and rewarding effort in a continuous positive reinforcement loop. AUTONOMY involves the learner in the educational objective Instead of being limited by the time and scheduling constraints of a conventional classroom course, the learner can define his or her own task and time in which to do it, choosing – according to what is most motivating at that specific moment – from a huge library of learner units categorized by content theme and difficulty.
  • 9. Pedagogical principle #2: Long-term memory The MEMORIZATION of newly acquired language elements over the longer term (previous three months) is obviously essential to learning. Advances in cognitive neuroscience have given us a better understanding of how information moves from short-term to long-term memory, allowing us to design pedagogical approaches that result in greater effectiveness in retention. CONTEXT accelerates memorization and learning The language exercises on English Attack are based on authentic content (film clips, photography…) and always situated uniquely in the context of that content. They thus engage the learner both intellectually and emotionally. SHORT SESSIONS optimise learner concentration. The video clips used have an average duration of 2 minutes, and a learning unit never takes more than 8 minutes to complete. Each video-based lesson or learning game is limited to a maximum of 8 lexical items, an ideal number for focus and comprehension. REPETITION: the key factor in long-term retention and acquisition The Practice Games on English Attack! allow learners renewed contextual contact with lexical items seen in the video and photo-based exercises. The high “replayability” of these games, together with the score mechanism which creates additional performance motivation, helps accelerate the shift of these items from short-term to long-term memory through repetition and association.
  • 10. Pedagogical Principle #3:Learning effectiveness over time The learning of English is only worthwhile if it is effective over time, with LASTING RESULTS. This can only be achieved via regular and self-motivated exposure to the language over a relatively long period of time. English Attack! can thus be an ideal complement to more intensive but short-duration training sessions such as classroom courses or language study abroad. A constant flow of FRESH AUTHENTIC CONTENT constantly renews the learner’s level of interest, making it easier to get into the habit of using the site several times a week or even daily, even if for brief periods. New pedagogical content is published on English Attack! every day. They might be based on a new film currently showing in theatres, the hit music video of the moment, or a current news item. Currency = motivation. A combined system of level cards and points allows learners to measure their PROGRESS. Everything the learner does on English Attack! generates points, and at set points totals the learner is granted a new Status Card. With 50 levels of cards to move up through, there is a constant challenge-reward loop which creates motivation and positive feedback over an extended time period. The site allows learners to use their developing language skills in the context of an INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL NETWORK OF LEARNERS, from over 70 countries, all of whom use English as their common language. The learner can thus establish contact with some of the over 100,000 learners already registered on the site and use his or her English for true communication.
  • 11. What the MEDIA are sayingSome of our PARTNERSHIPS
  • 12. www.english-attack.compaul.maglione@english-attack.comContact us to receive trial codes for the Premium version of the site