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English 83 r week 6 day 1 supporting details authors purpose and tone
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English 83 r week 6 day 1 supporting details authors purpose and tone

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  • 1. WE E K 6 , D A Y 1 E . B U C H A N A N ENGLISH 83R 10/1/13
  • 2. BEFORE PEPSODENT APPEARED, WHAT % OF AMERICANS HAD A TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE? a. 7% b. 50% c. 1% d. 75% Please place your “Evidence” homework on the counter before you “click” in.
  • 3. AGENDA • Literature Circle • Continue Discussion of Supporting Details and Implied Main Idea using Reading Strategy “Evidence” and Habits Ch. 2. • Author’s Purpose using Habits Ch. 2 • For Thursday: • Read: “The Science of Shopping:” Reading Strategy: KWL • Quiz: Supporting Details and Implied Main Idea
  • 4. LITERATURE CIRCLE • Please get into circles. • Take Role • Speakers for the day: • Pirates: Samantha; Character Analyzer • 5 Quiet: Moein: Character Analyzer • B’s & M’s: Monica: Investigator • Adriana M: Blossoms: Discussion Director • Fantastic 5: Jessica G: Luminary Lit. • TBS: Yo: Summarizer
  • 5. HABIT CH. 2 EVIDENCE • The homework for today is come up with some evidence and interpretation from Habit Ch. 2. • We know the topic is “The Craving Brain” and we can agree that the main idea of Ch. 2 is “How to Create New Habits.” • Let’s list some of the evidence we found: • 1. The brain naturally creates a habit • 2. Hopkins explains how he didn’t listen to anyone about the toothpaste, succeeded at what he did. • 3. Explanation of turning bad habits into good ones.
  • 6. • 4. Some habits are more powerful than others. • 5. The “Fabreze” thing • 6. Instead of changing habits, we must keep the old cue, deliver the old reward, but get a new routine. • Now let’s get into groups – each group will write some supporting details (interpretation) discovered about the evidence.
  • 7. IMPLIED MAIN IDEA REVIEW • Let’s look again at some of the paragraphs in Habits Ch. 2 to find the Implied Main Ideas. • 1st page of Chapter 2, Paragraph 1 • Claude Hopkins is approached by a man that wants him to invest in a toothpaste product. • 4th page of Ch. 2, paragraph 3 “In focusing on…” • Hopkins used the removal of “tooth film” as the trigger that would get people to use Pepsodent.
  • 8. IMPLIED MAIN IDEA • To review, what is the difference between a stated main idea and an implied main idea? • A stated main idea is found within the reading. With implied main ideas, the reader must determine what the author is implying or referring to. (This question will be on the quiz Thursday). • The quiz will also include several paragraphs where you will need to determine the topic, main idea, and supporting details.
  • 9. REMINDERS • Reminder: • For Thursday there will be a quiz on Supporting Details and Topics. • Also, read the “Science” article and complete the KWL assignment that has been posted on Moodle.