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Process analysis pp engl 002-12 final

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This is the Process Analysis essay PowerPoint...

This is the Process Analysis essay PowerPoint...

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  • 1. Professor Diaz ENGL 002-12 10/06/2010 By: Damaris Skelton Rachel Dawson Jennifer Smalls James Hicks II Megan Simmons
  • 2. Table of Contents
    • How Does the Process Analysis Work?
    • Types of Process Analysis
    • Writing a Process Analysis Essay: The Writer’s Eye
    • Writing a Process Analysis Essay: The Reader’s Eye
    • Sample Essay: Black Music in Our Hands by Bernice Reagon (Revelations 71)
    • Review Questions for a Process Analysis Essay (1-7)
    • Work Cited
  • 3. How Does Process Analysis Work?
      • Ever wanted to learn how to do something?
      • Ever wanted to learn why something works the way it does?
    • One looks at a process analysis when trying to answer the questions above.
    • Process Analysis is a clear list of a set of steps for a reader; can appear in a variety of contexts with a variety of purposes
  • 4. Types of Process Analysis
    • Instructional: step by step process that explains, “how-to”
        • Self help; product directions
          • The Anxiety Work Book
          • Children of the Self Absorbed
    • Informative: step by step process that explains how a significant process works
        • Attempts to inform or comment; has a broader focus
          • Explaining Pearl harbor and what lead up to it
  • 5. Differences
    • Informational writing
      • Broader focus than instructional.
    • Instructional writing
      • Usually broken down into steps.
  • 6.
    • Reading the Process Analysis Essay with a Writer’s Eye
  • 7. Style Strategy
    • You must ask yourself questions while writing the process anaylsis essay.
    • Intended Audience: Target Audience
  • 8. Style and Strategy
    • What is the thesis and where is it located?
    • If an essay lacks a thesis, it will most likely lack the correct and necessary support needed to categorize an essay as process analysis.
  • 9. The Reader’s Eye
    • Audience:
      • Determine how much knowledge your audience has about the process you are analyzing
        • Does my essay make sense to you?
    • Language Level:
      • Avoid jargon
        • language individuals in that specific group/field will know
      • Excessive use of jargon is an indication the topic may be too specialized
    • Voice:
        • Instructional: “you”- appropriate since writer is speaking directly to the reader
        • Informational: “you” should not be used since the writer is not telling the reader how to do something
  • 10. Choosing a Topic
    • Informative & Entertaining
    • Find a Topic that’s neither too narrow nor too broad.
    • Find a Topic that interests you
    • Will your topic require research?
  • 11. Prewriting
    • Instructional or Informational
    • Generate plenty of material before organizing essay
    • Free writing
    • Develop the preliminary thesis statement
  • 12. Organizing
    • Outline
    • Sentence outline
    • Make sure outline doesn’t reveal any gaps in the process
  • 13. Drafting
    • Introduction
    • Body Paragraphs (I,II, III)
    • Conclusion
  • 14. Introduction
    • Background & Context
    • Sets up the rest of the essay
    • Informational Essay
      • The context and larger significance of the process is being analyzed.
    • Instructional Essay
      • The context and the importance of learning how to master the process
  • 15. Body
    • Provide the steps (specific & general) that the reader should follow
  • 16. Conclusion
    • Ask yourself what needs to be stressed to the reader at this point.
    • Stray away from summarizing the essay
  • 17. Sample: Process Analysis Essay
    • “ Black Music in Our Hands” ( Revelations : Reagon 71).
    • Example of an informational process analysis essay because:
        • Explains the writer’s own personal process of learning what music represented for other people
        • Explains the writer’s own personal process to understand what music represented to her
  • 18. Review Questions for a Process Analysis Essay
    • 1. First few paragraphs give sufficient background and context for the essay
        • The reader is able to get a sense of who she is as a person before the author actually begins the process analysis.
        • Student at Albany State/interests include music and biology/choir member/singer of three different types of black music (spirituals, R & B, & church music)/includes experiences that involve her singing
    • 2. Thesis:
    • “ I knew that music as a part of a cultural expression that was powerful enough to take people from their conscious selves to a place where the physical and intellectual being worked in harmony with the spirit” (Reagon 71).
        • The writer appreciates the influence that music can have over black people
        • Music is a positive source of energy for black people; the writer enjoyed and needed that experience
  • 19. Review Questions for a Process Analysis Essay
    • 3. The writer includes steps that suggest her process: Discovering what black music meant to her and others
        • Examples given can be understood since they are all her experiences that involved black music
        • She continuously analyzed black music’s influence on people
    • 4. In this type of essay, a reader cannot possibly say that a step or comment does not ring true because:
        • It is a personal essay with the writer’s opinions throughout it!
  • 20. Review Questions for a Process Analysis Essay
    • 5. Topic Sentence was unclear
      • "The next level of awareness came while in jail."
    • 6. Transitions were clear and placed where needed
    • 7. There is an effective conclusion
      • The writer of the essay ties all of what she was talking about together at the end to tell the reader that music is an important part of lives of black people.
  • 21. Work Cited
    • Reagon, Bernice. "Black Music in Our Hands." Revelations . 5th ed. Boston: Pearson Learning Solutions, 2010. 71-73. Print.
    • "Process Essay." Writing Today: Contexts and Options for the Real World, Second Edition . N.p.: McGraw-Hill Companies, 2010. 241-71. Print.