Road Safety Survey Results By Simon Ingleson


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Road Safety Survey Results By Simon Ingleson

  1. 1. Road Safety Survey Results Presented to Engineers Australia WA Division By Simon Ingleson Advertising Director The Sunday Times
  2. 2. Background • Few issues spark more community debate than road safety. • As part of our road toll campaign ‘Under 199 in ’09’ we ran WA’s biggest road safety survey. • Results show level of concern our community shares at the growing road toll. • Western Australians want our police and courts to get tougher with rogue drivers.
  3. 3. Methodology • In-paper survey appeared in The Sunday Times and PerthNow on March 29. • WA’s biggest road safety survey with 51 questions and over 8000 responses. • A sample of 2000 were randomly selected and analysed by independent research company Galaxy.
  4. 4. Road toll Have had a friend or family member killed in a road 36% crash. Have had a friend or family member seriously injured 34% or permanently disabled from a road crash. Base: All respondents
  5. 5. Driving above speed limits 61% admit to driving above the speed limits. 40% 35% 34% 30% 25% 24% 20% 17% 15% 15% 10% 5% 5% 5% 0% Every day Several times a week At least once a week About once a month Rarely Never Q. How often do you drive above the designated speed limit? Base: All respondents
  6. 6. Amount over speed limit 54% admit to driving over 19km/hr over the speed limits. 40% 35% 34% 30% 25% 24% 20% 17% 15% 15% 10% 5% 5% 0% Less than 9km/hr Between 9km/hr and 19km/hr Between 19km/hr and Between 29km/hr and More than 40km/hr 29km/hr 39km/hr Q. What would be the most that you have ever driven above the speed limit? Base: Respondents who speed
  7. 7. Road safety Have not worn a seatbelt 34% while being a driver or passenger in a car. Have used a mobile phone without a hands-free kit or 55% sent text messages while driving. Agree with the law that it be 86% illegal to use a mobile phone while driving. Q. Base: All Respondents
  8. 8. are… WA drivers are… None of the above Tolerant 7% 2% Helpful 4% Friendly 6% Arrogant 55% Impatient 82% Discourteous 68% Q. Do you think Western Australian drivers are: Base: All Respondents
  9. 9. Speed cameras Agree that multanovas and 59% speed cameras are used too often for revenue raising. Disagree that multanovas and speed cameras should 59% only be installed at black spots. Agree that the location of 56% speed cameras should be kept secret. Q. Base: All Respondents
  10. 10. Speed Would not support speed limit reductions on WA 73% roads. 86% Agree that we need more traffic police on our roads. Disagree that speed limits in high pedestrian areas 73% should be reduced by 10km/hr to 30km/hr. Disagree that drivers should be penalised if they 68% alert other motorists to speed cameras. Q. Base: All Respondents
  11. 11. Young drivers Agree that P-plate drivers should be 80% restricted in the number of passengers they can carry. Agree that P-platers caught speeding 60% should lose their licence. Agree that P-plate drivers should be 89% restricted from driving high-powered vehicles. Agree that road safety and driver 91% education should be a mandatory subject in WA schools. Q. Base: All Respondents
  12. 12. Hoons Disagree that the level of hoon behaviour has 67% reduced in their neighbourhood due to police efforts to curb hooning. Think that impounding 67% penalties for hoon drivers is not a significant enough deterrent. Agree that hoons should have their cars sold, with 49% the money put towards safety campaigns. Q. Base: All Respondents
  13. 13. Drink driving Think that if a drink driver kills/seriously injured 70% someone they should be charged with murder/attempted murder. Support government moves to immediately 70% suspend drivers licences if they blow over 0.08. Think that if a driver is banned for life from getting 75% behind the wheel, their licence should never be reinstated by the courts. Q. Base: All Respondents
  14. 14. Drink driving Agree that anyone caught drink driving should be forced to 68% install alcohol interlocks in their cars before they can get their licence back. Think that the allowable blood- 73% alcohol limit for all drivers should not be dropped to 0.0 per cent. Q. Base: All Respondents
  15. 15. Drink driving Have driven with a blood alcohol level above the 1 in 3 legal limit. Have driven home after drinking because they 1 in 3 found it too difficult to get a taxi/public transport. 1 in 10 Have driven after consuming illegal drugs. Q. Base: All Respondents
  16. 16. Regional road safety 71% Think theto 100km/h. on country roads should not be reduced speed limit Disagree that roadside 58% barriers should be constructed along all regional roads. Q. Base: All Respondents
  17. 17. Licensing 80% Think thatto turn in their licence. of 75 should not be forced all people over the age Think all drivers should be forced to complete 43% ‘refresher courses’ every five years. 50% Think double demerit campaignsroadlong weekends are not effective in reducing the on toll. Q. Base: All Respondents
  18. 18. Infrastructure and safer systems Would not be willing to pay tolls on roads if it meant 72% better and safer roads throughout WA. Think car manufacturers should be compiled to include 74% safety systems in new cars such as a trip switch that prevents the car from being started if seatbelts are not worn. Think double demerit campaigns on long weekends 50% are not effective in reducing the road toll. Believe State Government should give financial 52% incentives to businesses that buy fleet vehicles with at least a 4 star safety rating. Q. Base: All Respondents
  19. 19. Other road users 78% Think that all major roads should have cycling lanes. Believe that cyclists in general 72% do not pay enough attention on roads. Think there should be a limit on 78% the number of cyclists allowed to ride in a pack. Think that speed limits on suburban roads should not 87% be reduced by 10km/h to 40km/h to protect cyclists. Q. Base: All Respondents
  20. 20. WA’ WA’s worst black spots Worst Roads • Old Coast Rd • South West Hwy • Great Eastern Hwy • Reid Hwy • Albany Hwy Horror Intersections • Reid Hwy & Mirrabooka Ave, Mirrabooka • Reid Hwy & Alexander Dr, Mirrabooka • Roe Hwy & Great Eastern Hwy, Midvale • Beaufort St & Walcott St, Mt Lawley • Roe Hwy & Tonkin Hwy, Forrestfield Q. Base: All Respondents
  21. 21. Reactions to the survey • Road Safety Minister Rob Johnson said he was impressed by the big response to the survey, saying it demonstrated the high level of community concern. • He has flagged support for road safety and driver education to be introduced into the school curriculum for Year 10, 11 and 12. • Said he would discuss the idea with Education Minister Liz Constable.
  22. 22. Reactions to the survey • Road Safety Council Chairman Grant Dorrington emphasised that government agencies can only go so far. • He said that every road user has to take responsibility for their own behaviour. Motorists have to do their bit.
  23. 23. Commitment to the community • The Sunday Times gives commitment to readers to investigate dangerous roads, get answers and solutions from politicians and road-safety authorities. • Ask that politicians and road safety authorities don’t just listen but take action.
  24. 24. Thank you