Latest Developments in Light Sources and Control Equipment


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Latest Developments in Light Sources and Control Equipment

  1. 1. Latest Developments in Light Sources and Control Equipment Peter Portelli FIES Director – Strategic Development OSRAM Australia
  2. 2. OSRAM activities General Lighting Automotive Ballasts and • Standard Lighting Luminaires incandescent lamps • Headlamps • Electronic control • Halogen lamps • Auxiliary automotive systems for (compact) • Compact fluorescent lamps fluorescent lamps, lamps low-voltage halogen • Headlight systems • Fluorescent lamps lamps, high-intensity (USA only) discharge lamps • High-intensity discharge lamps • Consumer luminaires Display/Optic Opto Light sources for Semiconductors display applications, • LED components Halogen and discharge • OLED lamps for film and TV, • High-power laser special effects and airport lighting, medi- diodes cine and microscopy • Infrared components LED Systems PM&C Machines Customized LED- • Electronic, chemical, • Design and based lighting metallurgical and construction of solutions, e.g. LED glass components machines and modules for general complete production for lamp lighting, automotive lines for lamps and manufacturing and and display/optic their components similar technologies applications • Sintered metals, • Elaboration of connectors concepts for new production sites
  3. 3. Present trends in lighting. • Luminaires are getting smaller in size with cross-functional designs. • Legislation is changing the market • Light control and spill light is an issue. • Energy efficiency a major part of everyday life •Increased need for lighting controls and electronics • Colour from the light source very important. • Light sources have to be smaller, last longer, brighter and not waste energy • “40% of lamps in the range where not there 5 years ago” (OSRAM)
  4. 4. Influences for lamps and Control Gear. Ban on Incandescent lamps. The Building code of Australia limiting watts/sq./m and lumens/watt. (Current draft out to public comment) MEPS • Fluorescent lamps- under review • Ferromagnetic ballast- under review • Low voltage transformers • Compact fluorescent lamps • Luminaires (in preparation) Environmental issues and climate change.
  5. 5. Lamp phase-out in Australia Ban on importation of inefficient (GLS) lamps 1 February 2009 • Ban on sale November 2009 ?
  6. 6. Scope of phase-out Phase-out of inefficient lighting will apply to most lamp types: • Tungsten filament incandescent lamps (including GLS) • Tungsten halogen – low voltage and mains voltage • Reflector & non-reflector • Candle lamps, fancy round lamps and other decorative lamps
  7. 7. Phase 1 – Government’s expectations •Conventional GLS lamps (25W – 100W) eliminated from Australian market • Low efficacy, low voltage halogen lamps to be removed from market place • High quality CFLs dominate • MEPS compliant halogen lamps to remain •4 Communication examples,
  8. 8. Greenlight Australia 2010-2020 • Lighting Council preparing new draft • Seeking ambitious target of 25% savings in first five years, 20% in second five years • Proposing new measures in following areas/technologies: •Lighting design •Lighting controls •Lamps •Ballasts •SSL Quality Scheme •New requirements in Building Code •New rating tools to assist lighting designers, installers and consumers
  9. 9. Proposed luminaire labelling scheme (Indicative label only) 13
  10. 10. Building Code of Australia • COAG 2008 mandate to increase energy efficiency • BCA 2010 draft issued for comment. • Closed 3 August. • RIS to be issued Oct 09 • Sign off Dec 09 • Available 1 Jan 2010 • Implement improved or increased energy efficiency provisions for commercial and residential buildings from 1 May 2010 • Expect incremental change over time to enhance Section J (energy) and I (compliance) requirements.
  11. 11. Paths to Energy Efficient Lighting Building age Building characteristics and requirements 1-3 years Low maintenance costs incurred 3-6 years Maintenance costs increase 6-8 years Refurbishment required; average maintenance costs incurred 8-15 years Minor renovation and refurbishment required 15-22 years Major renovation as well as refurbishment required 22+ years Restoration required; high-maintenance costs incurred Direct Lamp Different Light System Complete System Replacement Source Refurbishment Change
  12. 12. Light Efficiency Roadmap Light source efficiency Year of invention Lumen/Watt White Metal halide Power LED 2010 Fluorescent 2007 1961 2005 1938 Mercury CFL 1981 2002 1904 Halogen 1959 1879 Incandescent 1996 // 1950 2000
  13. 13. Developments in light sources/control gear Halogen Compact Fluorescent Fluorescent HID Control gear LED
  14. 14. What technologies can we use to be more efficient? 1. Change the emitter source 2. Change the outer Bulb Properties 3. Miniaturise the source 4. Change the Power supply Make the lamp hotter/more efficient without using any more electricity
  15. 15. Halogen Cycle Tungsten 1 Halogen Gas - Xenon 2 3 4 Filament approx. 3000K Temperature conditions: > bulb 470K
  16. 16. Energy Saver HALOLUX range 1. HALOLUX A BC & ES 40W 28W ≈ -30% Energy Savings 60W 42W ≈ -30% Energy Savings 2. HALOLUX B BC & ES 40W 28W ≈ -30% Energy Savings 3. HALOLUX R50/R63 BC & ES 40W 28W ≈ -30% Energy Savings 60W 42W ≈ -30% Energy Savings - It allows an easy 1 to 1 replacement in every conventional fixture and offers vs. GLS: double life, 30% energy savings and all other halogen features
  17. 17. Making Low Voltage Halogen more efficient Filter out unwanted components, and convert •The Infra-red coating – (IRC) principle in detail •IRC halogen lamp from OSRAM lies in the principle of thermal recovery. •The special infrared coating (IRC) on the bulb reflects the heat back to the filament. Low Pressure gas fill Reduce heat loss due to convection
  18. 18. ENERGY SAVER IRC Technology Energy balance: halogen lamp without IRC Around 60% of the energy used by a conventional halogen lamp is transformed into infrared rays and is lost in the form of diffused heat. IRC technology converts part of this energy into light and improves the energy balance
  19. 19. ENERGY SAVER IRC Technology IRC: Infra Red Coating The special Infra Red Coating on the bulb reflects the heat partially back to the filament. Less external energy is required to keep the filament at operating temperature. Result: • Greater luminous efficacy: same amount of light with less energy • Less heat build-up
  20. 20. The IRC-Range now called ENERGY SAVER Comparison of the luminous intensity of halogen reflector lamps with 50W 3000 2000 1000 0 HALOPAR DECOSTAR DECOSTAR DECOSTAR 16, GZ10 STANDARD TITAN IRC HALOPAR 16, GZ10 900 cd 2,000h 40° DECOSTAR STANDARD 1500 cd 2,000h 36° DECOSTAR TITAN 2200 cd 4,000h 36° DECOSTAR IRC 2850 cd 5,000h 36° DECOSTAR IRC 35W 2200 cd 5,000h 36° DECOSTAR IRC the efficient true colour light source
  21. 21. Halogen – Basic, Better, Best Basic Better Best 62 W 53 W 38 W Consumption ENERGY SAVER Energy 2,000 Hrs 4,000 Hrs 5,000 Hrs Electromagnetic Electronic transformer transformer Electronic transformer Standard Halogen Long-life Halogen lamp IRC Halogen lamp lamp Lifetime
  22. 22. LED Coinlight Power – the next step Coinlight Power ( ~50W Halogen MR16 Replacement ) Benefits - 700 lumens (max 15W) - 30 and 60 degree version - 3000K and 4000K CCT - No additional heatsink rqd. - 24Vdc Input - Fits into most MR16 fixtures
  23. 23. Comparison of LV Dichroic halogen down lights based on 4000 hours p.a. Energy cost 10c/kWh and lamp change $5.00 each time. $500.00 $450.00 $400.00 $350.00 O p e ra tin g C o s t s $300.00 50W + ICT 50W + ECT $250.00 35W IRC+ECT $200.00 LED Coinlight $150.00 $100.00 $50.00 $0.00 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Years
  24. 24. The many shapes of compact fluorescent lamps. Name Image Features DULUX® Classic Same size as GLS 10,000 switching cycles Approx 60 Lumens per Watt DULUX® 15,000 hours life 500,000 switching cycles ! Concentra Rapid start electrode less technology DULUX® EL 10,000 Hours 10,000 switching cycles Reflector Direct replacement PAR 38 DULUX® EL Dimmable CFLi Leading edge phase dimmer Dimmable 15,000 Hours, 500,000 cycles
  25. 25. Fluorescent lamp diameters •T12 - 38mm Ø - (Old Technology) •T8 - 26mm Ø - (Current Technology) •T5 - 16mm Ø - (Latest Technology) “T” - USA term in 1/8 inch “T8” = 8 x 1/8 = 1 inch = 26 mm
  26. 26. T5 FH Fluorescent Lamp – (Fluorescent High Efficiency) Temperature dependence: T8 in comparison to T5 (lamp free burned) 110 100 Luminous flux (%) 90 80 T5 70 T8 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 Ambient temperature
  27. 27. Performance for a T5 High efficiency lamp. T5 FH28W (nearly constant power supply): Luminous flux / Voltage - Horseshoe 50°C 45°C 55°C 100% 60°C COLD SPOT temperature 65°C 35°C 25°C 90% 40°C 70°C 45°C 75°C 35°C 80% 80°C 55°C 85°C ambient temperature 30°C 70% 90°C 75°C 5°C relative light output 60% 25°C 50% 40% 20°C -5°C 30% 15°C 20% -25°C 10°C 10% 5°C 0°C 0% 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100% relative lamp voltage
  28. 28. T5 FH Fluorescent Lamp – (Fluorescent High Efficiency) Reduction of diameter allows for better luminaire efficiency (+5% compared to T8) allows for smaller luminaire dimensions with the same luminaire efficiency Fits metric ceiling
  29. 29. Fluorescent ballast in the Australian market for 36W T8 lamps. EEI - rating Wattage consumed including lamp. B2- Semi low loss ferromagnetic ≤43.5 B1 – Low loss ferromagnetic ≤41.0 A3 – Typically electronic ≤38.0 A2 – Electronic (high specification) ≤36.0 A1 – Electronic dimming DALi/0-10V ≤38.0 Note: all T5 ballast are warm start electronic A3 to A1
  30. 30. ECG Milestones Dimmable DALI ECG IEC 60929 Standard Dimmable ECG DSI Dimmable ECG 1...10V IEC 60929 Standard Versatility Non-dimmable ECG 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000
  31. 31. Differences of ceramic body Cylindrical shape This body is assembled using cylindrical parts and discs Rounded-off shape This body consists of two identical half spheres Difference is the uniform wall thickness of the rounded-off body
  32. 32. The Direction of Metal Halide Lamps. Cylindrical arc- tube Rounded off arc- tube POWERSTAR HQI POWERSTAR HCI POWERBALL HCI
  33. 33. POWERBALL HCI Uniform Radiation Metal Halide Fill Deposition
  34. 34. POWERBALL HCI Reduced Corrosion Final State 4 100h Brenndauer 10 000h Brenndauer
  35. 35. POWERBALL HCI Convection, Deposition & Corrosion Corrosion Mechanism Convection Convection localised Condensation of Metal Halides Evaporation of Metal Halides Solution of Alumina in MH-melt = Corrosion
  36. 36. Comparison of Luminous Flux: HQI-UVS and HCI 14,000 HQI 14,000 13,500 HCI 13,000 + 15% Luminous flux [lm] 12,500 12,000 12,000 11,500 11,000 HQI-T 150W/WDL HCI-T 150W/WDL
  37. 37. HCI-TT Lamps for HPS Luminaires White light for city centres: • white light similar to halogen lamps • offers very good colour rendering • provides a comfortable ambience • added security with superior colour rendering • simple relamp of HPS luminaires Features: • compatible with tubular HPS lamps • operates from HPS control gear • light colour WDL 3000K (830) • available in 70W and 150W • for use in closed luminaires only
  38. 38. HCI-TT Lamps for Outdoor Lighting Ceramic burner with Support Powerball metal halides filling Outer Bulb Luminous efficacy 90 – 105 lm/W Electrodes Ceramic Colour Temperatur 3000 K Burner Frame wire Frame wire connection Lead-in wire HCI PB are the newest lamps for streetlighting offering the Base most efficient white light
  39. 39. HCI-TT Lamps for Outdoor Lighting HCI-TT Powerball 70W WDL 150W WDL Average Lifetime / h 9000 9000 Wattage / W 70 145 Voltage / V 90 100 Lamp current / A 1,0 1,8 Luminous flux / lm 6500 14500 Luminous efficacy / lm/W 93 95 Colour temperature / K 3000 3000 Colour rendering 87 90 Burning position universal universal Base E27 E40 Length /mm 150 204 Outer diameter / mm 30 46 Light center length / mm 102 132
  40. 40. HID Lamps – Basic, Better, Best Basic Better Best 85 W 73 W 73 W Consumption Energy 9000 hours lamp life 9000 hours lamp life 12000 hrs lamp life 5700 lumen output 5700 lumens output 6800 lumens output Conventional control Electronic control Electronic control gear, gear,HQI-TS gear, HQI-TS HCI-TS Lifetime
  41. 41. OSRAM LED Systems: Standard Light sources: Product portfolio white 7000K Standard white LED 6,500 K 6000K LED System 6500 K 5000K High Noon Sunlight white LED System 5400 K Cold Fluorescent 4,200 K 4000K LED System 4700 K Metal Halide 4,000 K Halogen 3000K 3,000 K LED System 3300 K Incandescent 2,850 K warm white 2000K
  42. 42. LED Complete Value Chain Components Lamp Module LED System Chip Package Optics Board HeatSink Driver Control Power Housing Service Software Supply Fixture OSRAM offers complete system solution
  43. 43. LED White Light – Blue Chip + Yellow converter = White light Yellow Blue White W2 technology 21 lm/W Converter particles dispersed in casting / molding material Yellow Blue W3 technology ThinGaN® with chip level conversion Phosphor layer 40 lm/W on surface emitting chip
  44. 44. Roadmap light output per „point“-light-source ~ 200 – 400 lm OSTAR® Lighting ~ 130 lm DRAGONpuck ® W3 ~ 60 lm DRAGONpuck ® W2 ~ 16 lm COINlight ® 200 – 400 lm 130 lm 3,4W 5 - 15W @ 350mA multi chip 60 lm 3,6W 3 Golden Dragon® @ 350mA 16 lm 1W 3 Golden Dragon® 24 VDC powerTOPLED ®
  45. 45. Technology Road Golden Dragon® OSTAR High-Power LED Package Advanced Power TOPLED® Power TOPLED® 30 lm 1,4W 100-1000lm @ 350mA single chip 10 - 50W multi chip TOPLED® 10 lm 250mW @ 200mA single chip 3 lm 140mW @ 30mA single chip 2 lm 90mW @ 20mA single chip PointLed Chipled 0,8mm MicroSIDELED® 3,4 x 0,725mm 1,0mm SmartLED® 0,6mm Firefly 0,5mm SmartLED® Miniature LED Package 0,35mm
  46. 46. LED Modules Product Overview Chain Spot Linear RGB Control / PS
  47. 47. Product Category - Point Source White Products Dragon Eye Coinlight Ostar OstarHex Coinlight Ostar Dragon Puck Dragon X DragonTape
  48. 48. Product Category - Linear White Products BL02 Linear Flex Linearlight Linear Dragon & Slim Power Flex Linear Dragon
  49. 49. Product Category - RGB Products BL02 EFFECTlight Colormix Flex 2 Coinlight Cluster Coinlight RGB Linearlight Dragon RGB Linearlight Cluster
  50. 50. COINlight-OSTAR® (OG) First OSTAR® high power LED module with primary cooling and optics • LED system Operation with 24 V DC Easy electrical installation • Dimension Ø50mm/ MR16 of halogen lamp Fits into standard luminaries • Connecting cable + female thread M3 Easy electrical connection and COINlight-OSTAR® mounting • Integrated 25°optics (FWHM) Flood lighting Winner of the LivinLuce 2007 Innovation & Design Award
  51. 51. Linear Light Dragon Slim Benefits High power LED profile Available in white, 4 color temperatures Conformal coated to prevent moisture and dust Easy “Plug & Play” connection, up to 6 modules can be connected in series Elegantly designed slim profile 120º viewing angle per LED optional at 60 degrees. Applications Display case lighting Cabinet lighting Fridge lighting Near field lighting
  52. 52. Introducing LINEARlight-DRAGON® Slim Plug & Play high power slim module with heatsink & connect accessories TOTAL FLUX TOTAL FLUX 2100 lm 1200 lm LEDs Fluoro Plastic bracket Steel bracket for mounting Target Applications for direct mounting at variable angles • Display Case Lighting • Fridge Lighting • Small cabinet lighting
  53. 53. COINlight Plus Beam Product Angle cd L70 W V/I COINlight Plus 36º 350 cd >50000 2 10-24V Decostar 35 Std 36º 300 cd 2000 10 12V Unique Selling Point: A MR11 LED lamp that is brighter and longer life while uses less power than halogen. Sales Arguments / Benefits: Target Applications: Brighter than 10W Decostar 35 Standard Excellent for merchandise highlighting Use only one powerful Golden Dragon Plus LED Perfect to be used in groups inside display case Available in white, 4 color temperatures Intelligent thermal design (<85º in operation)
  54. 54. Backlighting of Signage or Cove lighting. BACKlight Power Chain 2nd Gen Benefits - Uses Dragon Plus - Cost competitive - Easily installed - IP rated for external and non IP version for internal apps - Continuous chain up to 50pcs or 10 metes long - 24Vdc input
  55. 55. OPTOTRONIC Overview Power supply Dimmers LED-modules 10 V OT 6/200-240/10 CE 1…10 V 10 V OT 12/220-240/10 LE LINEARLight OT DIM OT 12/230-240/10 BACKLight (LM03A, OT RGB DIM BL02 und BL04) OT 50/220-240/10 LINEARLight Flex OT 50/120-277/10 E OT RGB Sequencer (Side LED) 24 V DALI LINEARLight 24 V OT 6/200-240/24 CE OTi DALI DIM Colormix / Flex OT 8/200-240/24 LINEARLight Flex OT 20/230-240/24 DMX OT DMX RGB DIM LINEARLight POWER OT 20/120-240/24 S Flex NEW OT DMX 3x1 RGB DIM OT 75/220-240/24 COINLight OT 75/120-277/24 E EFFECTLight OT DALI 25/220-240/24 RGB DRAGONstick OT EASY 60/220-240/24 RGB DRAGONchain LINEARLight DRAGON COINLight OSTAR 350 mA 350 mA OT 9/200-240/350 DRAGONpuck DRAGONtape OT 9/100-120/350 E DRAGONeye OT 9/10-24/350 DIM DRAGON X OT 9/200-240/350 DIM 700 mA 700 mA OT 35/200-240/700 OSTAR-Lighting(4 Chip) OSTAR-Lighting(6 Chip) OT 18/200-240/700 DIM
  56. 56. LED Illumination Project References
  57. 57. Hilite - The Alternative to Neon
  58. 58. Hilite Applications Safe low Voltage Petrol Stations Outlining Bridges Signage Food Chains
  59. 59. LED Lighting Project Reference A basement car park in Tokyo, Japan using colored flex as cove lighting controlled with OPTOTRONIC® RGB Sequencer
  60. 60. LED Lighting Project Reference OSRAM LINEARlight LEDs give visitors a warm welcome in Kiev, Ukraine.
  61. 61. LED Lighting Project Reference Innovative Osram Linearlight Colormix modules and DALI system give the crypt of Hamburg's St Michael's Church a venerable, accentuated aura.
  62. 62. LED Illumination Project Reference Nice fittings in a display shop in Munich, Germany showing the flexibility of Dragon Eye installation
  63. 63. LED Illumination Project Reference Front reception of Mitsubishi Electric office in Japan gets a face lift with Osram LED light modules
  64. 64. LED Illumination Project Reference Cove Lighting with Osram LED Linearlight Flex provides an aesthetic classy warm environment in Junisui Restaurant, Burj Al Arab, Dubai
  65. 65. Architectural Lighting LED Lighting Project Reference Walk around the Place du Molard in Geneva, Switzerland and you will be walking on stars. Two thousands LED white modules have been set in the paving stones. As the sun sets, the LEDs begin to shine, giving the square a magical aura
  66. 66. LED Illumination Project Reference Accent and walkway lighting at a kiosk on the Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is basked with LED lighting ( DRAGONpuck® and COINlight modules )
  67. 67. LED Illumination Project Reference OSRAM LED systems show just how powerful they are as the exclusive light sources in the corridors of the impressive Turning Torso tower in Malmö, Sweden. More than 16,000 GoldenDragon® high-flux LEDs on 2700 specially designed DRAGONtape® modules, operated with 350 OPTOTRONIC® 75 units, bathe the corridors in the Turning Torso tower in a pleasant uniform light.
  68. 68. Interior Lighting LED Illumination Project Reference Only LED lighting enables you to trace the artistic curve of the leave in Lotte Adventure World in Seoul, Korea For maximum light output, Dragon Chain modules have been used
  69. 69. Illumination - Fridge Lighting At cold temperature, the light output of Fluorescent lamp drops ~ 25% LED light source becomes brighter TOTAL FLUX TOTAL FLUX 2100 lm 1200 lm Limitations of Fluorescent Lighting Poor uneven lighting / heat distribution LEDs Low application efficacy Fragile Fluorescent Shortened lamp life
  70. 70. A nightcap in the bar… Characteristic lighting with its own distinctive style
  71. 71. Applications Indoor
  72. 72. Why LED Solution in Cove Lighting? Poor Example for current fluro solution.As you can see the lack of uniformity • Poor brightness uniformity • Poor performance for non- linear shape
  73. 73. LED Street Lighting
  74. 74. Product Highlights / Benefits High Power Modular Lamp (HPML) Benefits / USP - No light wastage with oval light distribution focusing light on targeted areas - Modular concept, stackable, easily configurable - Uniform heat dissipation (Long life maintenance) - IP66 rated - wide operating temperature -25 to 55oC enables wide range of applications - rotational bracket (optional)
  75. 75. Robust IP66 design IEC 60592 standards
  76. 76. Modular concept advantage #1 ( One standard module for all different pole heights ) Flexible Array – scalable to meet different street height application 70 lm/W, 3.2V@ 350mA/LED = 1100 lm 4-module lamp 8-module lamp
  77. 77. Alexandria Park LED Streetlights
  78. 78. Alexandria Park LED Streetlights
  79. 79. LED Sign Project Reference B&Q China goes for Osram Backlight modules for reliability and energy cost savings
  80. 80. LED Sign Project Reference Even large signs like Toray in Japan used Osram Backlight modules
  81. 81. Woolworths Signage - Channel letters/Light Box -
  82. 82. Architectural & Architainment Products Architectural Range High Power Linear High Power Spot High Power Flood Controls Architainment Range Coinlight Cluster CC06 Backlight 1st Gen LM03 Coinlight Cluster Linearlight Cluster Controls Highlighting Range Hydrostar (1 / 3 LED) Nautilus Midi OSTAR
  83. 83. LED Lighting Project Reference Hyderabad International Airport Linearlight Cluster: 288 HP Spot RGB: 96
  84. 84. Architecture Wall Washing 500 Floodlights with LS10K
  85. 85. Architecture Wall Washing 14 Floodlights with LS10K
  86. 86. Fountain Spot Lighting 8 Spotlights with LS10K
  87. 87. Large Scale Façade Lighting 5100 COINlight with LS10K Positioning of the clusters in a symmetrical way is similar to viewing a video display wall from a distance but at a much lower cost 3000 COINlight with LS10K
  88. 88. Architecture Highlighting
  89. 89. Color Sign Clusters are hidden behind diffused acrylic panel to provide an uniform color mixing
  90. 90. Interior Architectural Lighting
  91. 91. LED Lighting Project Reference Colorful sail sway in synchronization with the color changes in Pacific Place in Jakarta, Indonesia. The powerful wall washing effect are created with only 9pcs of Osram High Power RGB Floodlight
  92. 92. LED Lighting Project Reference Bright and colorful lines lit up the Nuriggum Square in Sang-am IT center. Coinlight Cluster RGB aligned in a nicely designed profile which fits perfectly onto the building itself
  93. 93. Thankyou