Electricity Options for the Future by Barry Lake
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Electricity Options for the Future by Barry Lake






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    Electricity Options for the Future by Barry Lake Electricity Options for the Future by Barry Lake Presentation Transcript

    • Electricity Options for the Future RENEWABLE ENERGY 3-Aug-09
    • Want is Renewable Energy? “Renewable Energy is energy which is renewable within a human lifetime and can be produced safely and equitably for all time with minimal impact on the environment and future inhabitants” Clean Non-polluting Sustainable 2 3-Aug-09
    • Why Renewable Energy Climate change Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET – the 20/20 target) Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS) Renewable Energy Development Program (REDP) Solar Flagships 3 3-Aug-09
    • Why is renewable energy such a ‘big ask’? High cost Risky Lack of despatchability Different 4 3-Aug-09
    • Main Renewable Energy Types Wind Mature Solar Mature Biomass Mature Wave Demonstration Geothermal Emerging Tidal Demonstration 5 3-Aug-09
    • WIND Proven Available now The cheapest renewable Variable Highly visible 6 3-Aug-09
    • The Modern Wind Turbine Most common design used nowadays is; Three bladed Up-wind Horizontal axis Pitch controlled Steel, tubular tower Epoxy/polyester blades Variable or constant speed 7 3-Aug-09
    • Photo courtesy Verve Energy Coral Bay (2007) – tilt down wind turbine 8 3-Aug-09
    • Wind Turbines Are Getting Bigger 30kW 225kW 225kW 600kW 1.8MW 600kW Photos courtesy Verve Energy 9 3-Aug-09
    • Cathedral Rocks, SA, 2004 10 3-Aug-09
    • SOLAR Proven Available now Next in line? Predictable output Load coincident 11 3-Aug-09
    • The Earth’s Sun Belt 12 3-Aug-09
    • Solar Energy – Two Types Photo Voltaic Concentrating Solar Power PV CSP Sunlight to Electricity Sunlight to Heat to Electricity Heat Solar Concentrator Electricity 13 3-Aug-09
    • Photovoltaics Photovoltaics PV Sunlight to Electricity 14 3-Aug-09
    • PhotoVoltaic (PV) Flat Plate PV Concentrating PV Thin Film PV 15 3-Aug-09
    • Solar Systems Ltd. Dish/ PV 16 3-Aug-09
    • CSP Concentrating Solar Power CSP Sunlight to Heat 17 3-Aug-09
    • Main CSP Types Parabolic Dish Engine Parabolic Trough Concentrating Linear Fresnel Reflector Central Receiver 18 3-Aug-09
    • CSP - Parabolic Trough 19 3-Aug-09
    • CSP - Parabolic Dish (Stirling Engine) 20 3-Aug-09
    • Spain PS10 & PS20 Power Towers Source: Koza1983 21 3-Aug-09
    • 22 3-Aug-09
    • A Giant Footprint 23 3-Aug-09
    • Wave Energy WAVE ENERGY 24 3-Aug-09
    • Wave Energy CONTACT CARNEGIE RE USE 25 3-Aug-09
    • Dry Hot Rocks DRY HOT ROCKS 26 3-Aug-09
    • Geothermal – “Hot Rocks” 27 3-Aug-09
    • But it is not all good news High Cost Technology Risks Intermittency Energy Storage 28 3-Aug-09
    • Costs Capital Cost vs Energy Cost (Levelised Cost Of Energy) 29 3-Aug-09
    • LCOE $/kWh PV CSP Wind Gas Coal Time 30 3-Aug-09
    • Technology Risks Risk of scale-up Cost overruns Failure to meet performance targets Failure to work These risks affect project BANKABILITY 31 3-Aug-09
    • Despatchability Predictability Dance Partner Load Following Energy Storage 32 3-Aug-09
    • The Holy Grail Energy Storage Electricity Other Heat 33 3-Aug-09
    • Hot Salt – Thermal Energy Storage Electricity Sunlight 34 3-Aug-09
    • In Conclusion Future of renewables in WA Early movers – wind & biomass Next movers - solar and wave Major challenges - cost and technology risk There will be no single winner 35 3-Aug-09