Augmented Reality: Convergencia de Medios


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Presentación que comparti hace algunos meses...

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Augmented Reality: Convergencia de Medios

  1. 1. Augmented Reality: Convergencia de Medios 29 Marzo 2012 @engelfonseca
  2. 2. Realmente es una idea antigua Think “Terminator vision”
  3. 3. Sus inicios: Cascos Call this “head’s up” augmented reality.
  4. 4. Por ahora esto es + que suficiente
  5. 5. = aprovechar el potencialde lnternet como recurso de InnovaciónLos celulares son como las estrellas del cielo que nos recuerdan de la nube Flickr: c@
  6. 6. Realidad Ordinaria Flickr: wvs
  7. 7. Con un + Flickr: wvs
  8. 8. ¿ AU importante ?¿ Innovación, medición, UX ?
  9. 9. Augmented termina lo que Internet empezo
  10. 10. Internet 1.0 (1995-1999) was all about thegreat disruptive promise of the“cyberspace” and “online shopping”Internet 2.0 (2005-2009) was the 10 years ittook to really figure out what to do with it:USG, rich web apps, social mediaAugmented Reality (2008…) is where mobiletechnology and wireless broadband makethe internet finaly ubiquitous. Andinescapable.
  11. 11. Hoy hay muchas apps que nos acercan al AG The other day, my dad googled a small duck. This augmented his reality. Call this “head’s down” AR
  12. 12. Mas allá de lo evidente…• Aumenta la transparencia• Incrementa, evoluciona a la privacidad• Acceso atemporal e ilimitado de Tech, Info.• Entretenimiento Omnipresente• Los de MKT no pueden pensar igual que antes… En Teoría, todos podemos aprender todo lo que hay disponible y potencialmente saber de conocer todo de todos, en cualquier lugar desde cualquier lugar.
  13. 13. Recuerdas a Terminator ? Flickr: Jamais Cascio
  14. 14. Tendencia # 11. Compras de Medios Off-line con “ Web Analytics”Se dejará de referir a los medios “ tradicionales” y los medios “digitales” todo se convertirá en medios “ digitalizados” y destinarpresupuesto a cada uno de ellos será cada vez más sujeto aexperimentación en busca de resultados tangibles. El presupuestopublicitario será cada vez más inversión y no gasto a través de lainvestigación de micro y macro tendencias que proporciona Internet conherramientas como Google Analytics.
  15. 15. Medición y optimización de todos los medios Online
  16. 16. Human Analytics
  17. 17. Human Analytics
  18. 18. Human Analytics
  19. 19. Tendencia # 22 . La formula de ”SoLoMo”Todas las marcas tendrán que aprovechar el potencial delas plataformas Sociales, de forma Local y en plataformasMobile de forma Integrada y coordinada con el plan de MKTgeneral de la marca. El factor local en muchas casos seconvertirá en sinónimo de relevancia.
  20. 20. Nonline Analytics ?
  21. 21. Ejemplo QR Evolution Send data to ADS Real-Time Geolocation LogoRecognition Launch Location & QRLogo Logo-based App ADS
  22. 22. Ejemplo QR Logo Real-Time Google User Data AnalyticsGPS Integration Real-Time Admin & User Data reports QRLogo App QRLogo Cloud Services
  23. 23. Nonline Analytics for Offline
  24. 24. Tendencia # 3 R.I.P. QRCodeItems Línea URL / Clicks Bounce Time SiteVisuales Editori UTM Rate Spent Destinat al ion Salud 250 90% 0.:34 Secc 1Logo de Mujer 358 85% 1:03 Secc 2MarcaImagen de Tech 24 10% 4:08 Secc 3ChicaImage de Pro 15 25% 2:43 Secc 4ChicoItem 4 Style 7 30% 1:46 Secc 5
  25. 25. TerminatorVision +
  26. 26. +OrdinaryReality
  27. 27. =AugmentedReality
  28. 28. Shopsavvy
  29. 29. “Amazon VS Retail ”Shop savvy, Amazon mobile app etc: these are a Retailers worst nightmare
  30. 30. Idee Inc., image recognition search on an iPhone
  31. 31. Social Augmented reality
  32. 32. Social Augmented RealityThe knowledge of joining a crowd and knowing:• Who do I know here?• Where do I know them from?• Who should I get to know?• Who here is single?• Are there any naked pictures of them on the internet?
  33. 33. Marketing gimmicks
  34. 34. Mobile phoneEnhances: Voice, conversationRetrieves: Spoken word, direct conversationReverses: Video, picture, text messaging, Augmented realityObsolesces: Public payphones, wrist watches, land lines, leaving notes, advance planning
  35. 35. Mobile + Augmented RealityEnhances: Awareness, tacit knowledge, wisdomRetrieves: Written word, gestures, lore, gossipReverses: “batman vision”Obsolesces: Desktop web, Newspapers, ipods, departments stores, guidebooks, paper maps, paperbacks, magazines, local storage, phone numbers, MSWindows
  36. 36. What is still holding us back?Mobile Processing power Some of these apps running <10fpsScreen size Are small relative to the worldHuman limitations: Serious interaction problem for manyeyesight, thumb width demographicsGPS locating speed Waiting…. Waiting… ah fuck itNetwork bandwidth/latency 400ms pings are not so responsiveTools/APIs Just emergingBattery Power This stuff devours batteriesInstalled base Smartphones not ubiquitous yetFragmented mobile platforms Going to be with us a whileM-commerce & monetization Buying real stuff is hard
  37. 37. What is getting better?Mobile Processing power Moore’s inexorable lawScreen size Tablets, new tech foldable/rollable?Human limitations: Better touch interfaces, naturaleyesight, thumb width gesturesGPS locating speed AGPS, other cues e.g. wifiNetwork bandwidth/latency 4G/LTE brings better speed/latencyTools/APIs Will comeBattery Power Moore’s law brings efficienciesInstalled base >50% by 2012 Ultimately the browser may displaceFragmented mobile platforms native appsM-commerce & monetization We’re working on it
  38. 38. Near Future Tipping pointsiPhone 5.0 expected capabilities: – Faster processor – Video capabilities / Siri – Where the iPhone goes the interactive design geeks followAndroids everywhere – More mobile brands launching android soon – Waiting for the deluge of Chinese off-brandFuture blackberries (R.I.P) – May bring corporate/enterprise killer apps
  39. 39. Who really becomes empowered?
  40. 40. Who also becomes empowered?
  41. 41. Who benefits from augmented reality?Brands ConsumersState Control OppositionPolice CriminalsDeveloped world Developing worldThe center The edgesExtroverts IntrovertsThe old The youngE-government E-anarchy
  42. 42. As a designer, you can choose sides If you are a mobile designer, there’s no shortage of paying work ahead
  43. 43. When augmented reality fails(PROTIP #71: Don’t drop Augmented reality)
  44. 44. The more sophisticated a technology, the more fragile it can be1. Don’t drop augmented reality2. I ran out of batteries so I can’t buy a coffee3. I ran out of batteries and I can’t find my way home4. I am meeting my blind date but she went indoors where LBS doesn’t work5. When a government rounds up opposition based on mobile records
  45. 45. Future: Lunes, 2022, 6:05 AM
  46. 46. Future: 2022, 6:08 AM
  47. 47. Future: 2022, 6:13 AM
  48. 48. Future: 2022, 6:22 AM
  49. 49. Future: 2022, 11:46 AM
  50. 50. Future: 2022, 12:26 PM
  51. 51. Future: 2022, 12:32 PM
  52. 52. Acortadores?
  53. 53. Augmented Reality: Convergencia de Medios 29 Marzo 2012 @engelfonseca