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Weekly innovation report 4 6


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Weekly innovation report 4 6

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT APRIL 2012 • 6 Mold-Injected Plastic Cleans Itself Coca-Cola Knows What You Look Like Create Your Own Jello Band Swiss scientists have designed a Coca-Cola Israel recently used facial Two French design students have plastic that contain layers of a recognition technology to allow their created a new game allowing players specific type of fungus that can fans to log in to Facebook. They to make music using a jelly-like clean your dishes for you. The gave fans the option to opt-in to the substance. Players must “cook” their fungus, the same kind found in blue app when pre-registering for their instruments by mixing certain dyes, cheese, is housed in special Summer Love events. While at the and label them with the sound compartments that allow the events, users found the FaceLook category they produce. The pieces bacteria to access leftover food. The booths and simply looked into the are then placed on a board, a cleaning occurs as the fungus eats screen. The device would then capacitative sensor, and the players the food particles. While this identify the user and auto-post to must touch the jelly shapes to experiment is still in the lab, their Facebook wall with a comment trigger different sounds. The board scientists are saying that the about the activity that was closest reads the variations in vibrations technology is stable enough to to the booth. During the campaign, caused by salt concentration, How would you use transfer to other household surfaces. How would you use facial the booths received tens of How would you use an unusual distance and strength of the finger ? bacteria to keep your products clean? They also hope to soon create an ? recognition technology to simplify an experience for thousands of visits. ? substance to rethink the way that sound is produced? in order to play certain sounds. entire “novel class of READ MORE your fans? READ MORE READ MORE living materials.” This Software Knows How You Feel Hipmunk Finds Flights for Your Schedule iBrain can Read Your Brain Face.com has released an API update Hipmunk is now taking user’s NeuroVigil, led by neuroscientist that can identify your age and even schedules into account when trying Philip Low, has come up with a your mood. The results aren’t 100% to book trips. The app allows for product that they say can read your accurate, but the API is able to give Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal mind. Users wear iBrain and the an approximation using a custom integration and uses the calendar device maps out your brain waves to algorithm. The algorithm takes into information to find flights that fit tell what you are thinking. It can account factors such as face shape around your schedule. The creators also be used to monitor for and even smoothness of skin to come of Hipmunk say that the goal of this neurological problems. The team is up with an approximate age. The integration is to cut down on the testing the device with Stephen goal is for brands to implement the amount of flipping between Hawking at the moment. They hope technology and be able to catch calendars and the Hipmunk app that by working with Stephen they underage individuals that are trying when users are trying to book can improve the device to allow to buy alcohol or even watch movies flights. The app will even tell you of users to, one day, communicate just How would you use age and that they are legally able to do so. How would you allow customers conflicts and for Android users, will How would you use a mind by thinking. ? mood determining technology to improve your The API is available to play with on ? to incorporate their schedules to improve an experience? allow you to hide all ? reading device to help others and improve everyday actions? customer experience? Face.com. READ MORE flights that conflict READ MORE READ MORE with your schedule.Friday, April 6, 2012