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Weekly innovation report 3 30

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT MARCH 2012 • 30 The Pizza Button The Boat in a Backpack Smart Cartons Tell You If Milk is Spoiled Red Tomato Pizza of Dubai is offering Designers Max Frommeld and Arno Tetra Pak has come up with an a “VIP Fridge Magnet” to its loyal Mathies have partnered to bring you innovative solution to help you spot fans. The button is a refrigerator the Foldboat. The Foldboat is a full- spoiled milk before you taste it. The magnet that users connect to their sized row boat that can be folded new Tetra Pak milk cartons come mobile devices via Bluetooth. Once and turned into a backpack for easy with an embedded chip, contained connected, users simply push the transportation. The boat is made within a scannable label, that will button when they have a hankering from a single sheet of plastic and, change color when your milk is for some pizza. Then, voila, their according to the designers, can be officially “spoiled.” The chips can phone orders their pre-selected put together in just two minutes. tell which cow in which farm pizza and the user is sent a Each Foldboat comes with a pair of produced the milk, as well as a host confirmation text message. If the oars made from ash with plastic of other information about user accidentally orders a pizza, blades. They also come with processing and packaging. Tetra Pak they can just send a quick waterproof, floating cushions for the will be rolling these cartons out in How would you use Bluetooth cancellation text and they will not How would you redesign a comfort and safety element. How would you improve upon Brazil, Russia, India and China, and ? technology to make an everyday task easier? be charged. ? large object to make it easier to transport? ? packaging to indicate crucial product information? they hope to have them on store shelves within the READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE next year. Illness Diagnosing Tooth Tattoos The Coca-Cola Beatbox Building Flutter Brings Gesture-Based Music Control Mike McAlpine of Princeton is working Coca-Cola will be mixing music, Flutter is an app for Mac computers on a graphene patch, similar to a sports and architecture for the 2012 that uses your webcam to control tattoo, that can be applied to teeth. London Summer Olympics. This year, your music applications. The app The patches will be one atom thick they will be putting up an allows your webcam to read your and overlayed with amino acid interactive building centered around gestures and, in turn, control music sequences that can pick up on any the same theme as their Move to the applications such as Spotify and kind of bacteria. Not only will they be Beat of London 2012 commercials. iTunes. The application is currently able to tell if someone is ill, but also Users will be able to interact with in alpha and only allows users to what their illness is. Additionally, the the surface of the building in order stop/start their music by raising patches have been tested on food, to remix Mark Ronson’s “Move to the their hand. The creators hope to chicken breasts for now, to show Beat.” The structure features zero add other gestures soon to allow for whether or not the food is safe to eat. Coke branding and the creators are even greater control. The one The sensors come on a silk film that, predicting to see around 200,000 negative about the app is that it How would you use a patch to once applied, will dissolve away How would you use visitors during the Olympic Games. How would you use gesture- needs your webcam, meaning you ? diagnose illnesses and test for food safety? leaving just the ? architecture to control an interactive experience? ? based technology to simplify the computing experience? cannot use it while using other webcam apps such as graphene patch. READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE Skype.Thursday, March 29, 2012