Weekly innovation report 3 2


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Weekly innovation report 3 2

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT MARCH 2012 • 2 Breathe Life Back into Your iPhone Let Friends Know You’re Safe via Facebook The Grocery Cart Tag-Along The AIRE mask concept was created Facebook tested a new feature that Whole Foods is planning on rolling to charge your iPhone in an eco- was briefly available in Japan. Dubbed out a series of test robotic shopping friendly manner. The user simply the “Disaster Message Board,” the carts. These carts use Microsoft wears the mask in any situation – feature allows users to post messages Kinect and RFID technologies. Using sleeping, walking, running, etc. The and find out how others are doing in Kinect, the cart is able to identify energy created when the user is the case of a natural disaster. The and track the person in front of the breathing is then converted into simplest and most interesting piece of cart, which could prove hazardous in electricity by a number of small the feature is the option to mark a busy store. The RFID and wireless wind turbines, in turn charging your oneself as safe. The “mark safe” technologies in the cart allow it to iPhone. The AIRE mask was awarded button adds a “safe” tag to your recognize the items that are being the RedDOT Design Best of the Best profile and allows you to tag your placed in the cart and Award in 2011 and the creator is friends’ profiles if they are safe as simultaneously remove them from hoping to begin production of the well. The “Disaster Message Board” the users’ shopping list on their How would you put the power device in the near future. Now we How would you use a allows Facebook users to see how How would you use gesture phone. The shopping cart can even ? of natural energy to work in a consumer product? just have to wait to see if anyone will actually buy it. ? social network to keep people in contact through their friends and family are doing should the worst ? based technologies to improve upon an everyday retail guide you to the items that are on your list. READ MORE a natural disaster? READ MORE experience? READ MORE happen. Just Taap.it to Order Right to Your Seat Share Physical and Digital Objects Facebook Launches Timeline for Brands The Taap.it application uses a local Illumishare by Microsoft uses simple Facebook has officially launched network to connect smartphones to and inexpensive technology to Timeline for brand pages, with the stadium concession stands. Fans can create a truly interactive full transition occurring by the end browse menus and order food and experience. The device looks like a of March. While brand pages will be beverages that are then directly desk lamp, but is fitted with a similar to personal users’ Timeline delivered to their seats. The app camera/projector that records what pages, they will offer a number of also allows fans to vote on players, it sees. It then sends the images to a new features to enhance the brand their performances, and much more remote storage space on another experience. Engauge is working on a to create an interactive event partner device’s camera/projector. POV that details the changes and experience. Taap.it is currently a The image is then projected on to the implications it will have for Craigslist-like system and they the partner’s workspace, allowing brands. Stay tuned for a expect to have the new ordering for full virtual interaction on both comprehensive POV coming soon, features rolled out by the upcoming 2D and 3D objects. A great example but in the interim check out How would you use mobile baseball season. How would you use of this is using Illumishare to play a How will you utilize Timeline to Engauge’s blog for a few of the ? technologies to enhance a live event experience? ? interactive technology to improve remote collaboration game as simple as tic-tac-toe between two people in ? enhance your brand experience on Facebook? highlights. READ MORE across your offices? READ MORE READ MORE two separate locations.Friday, March 2, 2012