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Weekly innovation report 2 3

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT FEBRUARY 2012 • 3 Vicks® Targets Potential Flu Sufferers BankAmeriDeals Service in Testing NFC-Enabled Front Doors Vicks® recently took Googles flu Bank of America is currently testing Yale® Locks has produced working prediction data and created a its new "BankAmeriDeals" service NFC-enabled door locks. While doors campaign targeted toward possible among its employees. Employees have had NFC (Near Field flu sufferers. The campaign will see deals on their online Communication) locks for some time displayed mobile ads in locations statements and then choose the now, they are now being paired with with high concentrations of the flu. specific ones they want to use. an accompanying mobile app. The The ads were displayed in mobile These deals will be based on past app allows users to store multiple apps such as Pandora and were spending patterns. While at the deal keys and place them into sets, easily targeted using the available offering locations, employees will pay full price; however, at the enabling users to keep office keys demographic data. Additionally, beginning of their next billing cycle separate from house keys. The app Vicks® targeted mothers within a two mile radius of retail locations employees will see the discount connects to the lock using NFC that stocked the behind-the-ear amount added back into their technology, which sends a signal thermometer being advertised.  balance. between the phone and the lock to How would you leverage How would you use existing authenticate the user. ? timely data to deliver the best experience to your ? behaviors to reward your consumers? ? How would you use a mobile app to change an age-old concept? consumers? READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE Folding, Shareable Cars Google Launches Public Alerts Impact-Monitoring Devices for the NFL European governments are Google will now be providing severe An NFL running back will wear a considering a car sharing system weather alerts to residents of select specially equipped chin strap during similar to Zipcar. However, unlike U.S. cities using information from this year’s Super Bowl to monitor Zipcar, these cars will be a new type the USGS, the NOAA and the the impact of the hits he takes of standardized electric vehicle, as National Weather Service. Users can during the game. The equipment well as foldable. Not only will they search for weather in their area and will also alert coaches and medics be ideal for cramped European will be presented with severe when special attention is needed streets, they will also allow for weather warnings, the level of after a hit. Both the creators and three of the vehicles to fit into a severity, and the necessary actions the NFL hope this will help educate single parking space. The creators to stay safe. This new service gives them on how best to protect NFL of the vehicle stated that they users one place to stay on top of all players from concussions and other minimized size and were able to add current weather alerts in the U.S. serious injuries. the folding feature due to the lack of a gas tank. How could you use public How would you use ? ? ? How would you use technology to help solve large-scale information and technology to technology to improve the transportation problems? provide utility to consumers? safety of sporting events? READ MORE READ MORE READ MOREFriday, February 3, 2012