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Weekly innovation report 12 23

  1. 1. WEEKLY INNOVATION REPORT DECEMBER 2011 • 23Facebook Timeline Released Worldwide Canal+ 360-Degree Video Experience Shrinking Market For Handheld Games Facebook’s new profile layout, the A French entertainment channel has As gaming-capable mobile devices Timeline, has officially been rolled created a 360-degree, multi-device such as smartphones and tablets out worldwide. Users are not forced experience for a new show. Users become more popular, a surprising to switch at the moment, but can become an investigator in the series market is being affected. The casual switch at their leisure and explore who can track the family in the show adult gaming demographic for the new changes as they wish. using a desktop, iPad, and iPhone. handheld, portable game consoles Designed to be a digital scrapbook of When viewing the experience on an “has practically disappeared” says a user’s life, the Timeline is iPad, for example, users can spin in Peter Warman, CEO of Newzoo. In designed to evoke an emotional a circle to follow characters in the 2009, iOS and Android platforms response from a user’s profile, what show. This virtual experience was made 19% of the portable game ever that emotion may be. Along shot exclusively for the show and is software revenue. In 2011 they now with Timeline, each user now has an one of the most immersive media own 58% of that market. Market activity log that allows them to view experiences that revolve around share for Sony and Nintendo has Will you design your Timeline all of their activity on Facebook second, and third, screen What direction do you think decreased 5 and 34 percent, ? ? ? How would you utilize mobile to represent who you really from the day they joined. devices to create a more technology. handheld games should go in, respectively, in the same time. are? in order to stay competitive? immersive TV-watching READ MORE experience? READ MORE READ MOREFacial Recognition Vending Machines Gym-Pact Rewards Users For Working Out Weather Channel’s Customize Ads Vending machines have officially A new start-up created by students at Weather Channel’s iPad app now reached the 21st century. A Harvard University is designed to features new, customizable ads that Japanese company has developed a motivate users to go to the gym and play at high traffic times. Ace vending machine that utilizes both reward them if they do, with cash. Users Hardware’s “Get Your Weekend touchscreen and facial recognition sign up for the app and select a number Back” campaign are featured at technology. A see-through display on of workout days per week and the night and on weekends, when the the front of the machine shows financial penalty they get if they skip a iPad is used the most. They are also product information and animations. day. If the user misses a day the penalty localized and relevant, changing The facial recognition technology is fee is deducted via a registered credit depending on the weather and able to recommend products based card. The reward comes in when users location of the user. For example, if on a person’s age and gender. The who fulfill their weekly quotas, then are the user checks the weather and machine’s also have a “public safety given a portion of the money collected snow is forcasted, the ads will offer mode” that can display emergency via the penalty fees. Those who skip the snow removal products and show the How would you use facial and evacuation information when How would you use mobile gym pay the ones who do go. How would you utilize custom nearest Ace Hardware location. ? recognition technology to suggest products to needed. ? technology to incentivize people to stay healthy and fit? ? advertisements to increase the relevance of your ads? consumers? READ MORE READ MORE READ MORE