Crisis Management in the Digital World


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Crisis Management in the Digital World, presented by Rene Smith (@Reenazoid) at Digital Atlanta 2012

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Crisis Management in the Digital World

  1. 1. Crisis Management in the Digital WorldRene SmithSocial Engagement ManagerEngauge@reenazoid
  2. 2. A Little About Me @reenazoid #DigATL
  3. 3. A Crisis Can Happen to Anyone.
  4. 4. A Crisis Can Happen to Anyone @reenazoid #DigATL
  5. 5. A Crisis Can Happen to Anyone @reenazoid #DigATL
  6. 6. A Crisis Can Happen to Anyone "With this many Flos, you could be screwed out of your progressive policy payout TEN TIMES all at once!" @reenazoid #DigATL
  7. 7. A Crisis Can Happen to Anyone 7
  8. 8. What Constitutes a Crisis?
  9. 9. 3 Key Elements of a Crisis @reenazoid #DigATL
  10. 10. 3 Key Elements of a Crisis1. An Unexpected Event @reenazoid #DigATL
  11. 11. 3 Key Elements of a Crisis2. Threat to organizations goals and image @reenazoid #DigATL
  12. 12. 3 Key Elements of a Crisis3. Short Decision Time @reenazoid #DigATL
  13. 13. The Crisis Lifecycle
  14. 14. Volume of Chatter Crisis Lifecycle Crisis Preparation Catalyst Response Recovery @reenazoid #DigATL
  15. 15. Phase 1: Crisis Preparation
  16. 16. 5 Keys to Crisis Preparation1. Develop an action plan2. Build relationships3. Response matrix4. Escalation plan5. Employee social media policy @reenazoid #DigATL
  17. 17. Develop an Action Plan @reenazoid #DigATL
  18. 18. Establish a Crisis TeamCommunity Manager Brand Manager Public Relations Corp. Communication Customer Service Analyst Legal C-Suite Executives @reenazoid #DigATL
  19. 19. Identify Levels of Crisis Code Yellow Code Orange Code Red Off the ChartsConsumer issue Multiple complaints on Extensive social chatter Extensive social chatterinvolving identified buzz the same issue Some media coverage Extensive media coveragewords @reenazoid #DigATL
  20. 20. Define Roles and Responsibilities Identify issue Crisis Crisis with Management Crisis Escalation and Management Plan Activation Averted moderation on StandbyScenarioSample No more posts Identify issue Posts on Consumers continue to activate online. Major News outlet picks up seen on page for with moderation Facebook page the story, driving users to continue to post on Facebook. 6 hours Community manager Brand responds to Identify spike PR, Corp. alerts brand issue on appropriate Communication and Social, PR, Legal and Sentiment category managersCrisis Plan in negative channel.Activation legal alerted to the Corp. Comm team stablished to activity or issue. work to prepare a monitor specific Analyst activates Social Influencers articles being response, escalation trend on listening respond on page as shared on Brand discontinues acknowledging and daily, weekly and consumers, monthly level. regularly scheduled addressing the issue. social Social Influencer circulating correct posts. briefed information. Community Community Community CommunityInvolved Manager, Brand Manager, BrandParties Community Manager, Brand Manager, Brand Social Agency, Manager Manager, Manager, PR, Manager, Manager Social Brand Manager Analyst, Social Corp. Comm, Analyst influencers influencers legal, C-Suite Execs @reenazoid #DigATL
  21. 21. Establish a Timeline 1-4 Hours 4-8 Hours 4-24 Hours 24-48 HoursEscalate issue to key Analyze volume and Craft response(s) Post responsestakeholders sentiment Obtain proper approvals Continue to monitorPublicly acknowledge Provide recommendedthe situation response @reenazoid #DigATL
  22. 22. Build Relationships with Influencers It only takes 10% of a population to convince the majority to adopt a belief. (RPI, 7/11) @reenazoid #DigATL
  23. 23. Create a Response Matrix @reenazoid #DigATL
  24. 24. Develop an Escalation Plan Community Manager Code Yellow Code Orange Code Red Off the ChartsCustomer Service Analyst Brand Manager Public Relations Corp. Communication Legal C-Suite Executives @reenazoid #DigATL
  25. 25. Establish an Employee Social Media Policy @reenazoid #DigATL
  26. 26. Phase 2: Crisis Catalyst
  27. 27. An Unexpected Event @reenazoid #DigATL
  28. 28. Monitor the Situation Social Community Listening Management Trends Sentiment Volume Influencers @reenazoid #DigATL
  29. 29. Phase 3: Crisis Response
  30. 30. Crisis Response “Responding to word of mouth in times of crisis is not enough.” – Brian Solis @reenazoid #DigATL
  31. 31. Follow the Established Crisis Plan @reenazoid #DigATL
  32. 32. Acknowledge the Situation @reenazoid #DigATL
  33. 33. Be Clear in Responses @reenazoid #DigATL
  34. 34. Don’t be Afraid to Apologize @reenazoid #DigATL
  35. 35. Call on Brand Spokespeople @reenazoid #DigATL
  36. 36. Communicate Through Appropriate Channels @reenazoid #DigATL
  37. 37. Evaluate Response Tactics @reenazoid #DigATL
  38. 38. Phase 4: Crisis Recovery
  39. 39. Crisis Recovery “Effective crisis management does not end when the social chatter subsides.” - Me @reenazoid #DigATL
  40. 40. Crisis Recovery You need to continue to monitor ask yourself these questions: @reenazoid #DigATL
  41. 41. Crisis Recovery1. Was it limited to social?2. What is the volume?3. What is the sentiment?4. How has it impacted your search results?5. When should you return to business as usual? @reenazoid #DigATL
  42. 42. Dos & Don’ts of Crisis Management
  43. 43. Do1. Be proactive2. Follow established crisis plan3. Acknowledge the situation4. Be clear in responses5. Communicate using appropriate channels @reenazoid #DigATL
  44. 44. Don’t1. Operate business as usual2. Ignore the situation and hope it will go away (it won’t)3. Delete posts4. Be afraid to apologize5. Stop monitoring @reenazoid #DigATL
  45. 45. Questions?Rene Smith#DigATL@reenazoid