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A Brief Look at How Brands Use iPhone Apps Today

A Brief Look at How Brands Use iPhone Apps Today



A presentation on how brands are utilizing iPhone applications in unique or innovative ways. Presentation from Engauge Digital in Atlanta, GA.

A presentation on how brands are utilizing iPhone applications in unique or innovative ways. Presentation from Engauge Digital in Atlanta, GA.



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    A Brief Look at How Brands Use iPhone Apps Today A Brief Look at How Brands Use iPhone Apps Today Presentation Transcript

    •  A brief look at how brands use iPhone apps today Lauren Mullins, Social Media Intern
    • Why iPhone applications?
      • 21,170,000 iPhones sold (as of 2 nd Quarter 2009)
      • 100,000 applications in the Apple App Store (as of 11/4/2009)
      • Over 2,000,000,000 downloads (as of 11/4/2009)
    • About The Apps
      • Apps included in this presentation are examples of brands using iPhone application platform in an innovative and/or unique way.
        • Not all are successful!
      • Does not include applications that are simply a mobile version of an online product.
          • Examples: Yelp, Bank of America, NY Times, etc
      • All applications are authentic brand applications.
        • Some have been developed by 3 rd party application developers.
      • All applications are free unless otherwise specified.
    • Types of Apps
      • These applications use platforms including, but not limited to:
        • Games
        • Quizzes
        • Ordering Systems
        • Online Boutiques
        • GPS Location Services
        • Videos
    • Categories
      • For this presentation, applications have been divided into the following categories:
        • Restaurants
        • Clothing/Fashion
        • Consumer Products
        • Automotive
        • Recipes/Cooking
        • Travel
    • Chipotle Ordering
      • Uses GPS to find nearest Chipotle Mexican Grill.
      • User can order food on their iPhone and pay with a credit card.
      • Pick up food from Chipotle without waiting in line.
      • Manufacturer: Chipotle, Inc.
      • Average Rating: ★★★ ½
      • Similar App: Burger King NOW (Online ordering only available in the Flushing, NY area)
    • Dunkin Donuts: Dunkin Run
      • Allows the user to do a “Dunkin Run” for their friends.
      • App compiles orders from friends for the “runner” to fulfill.
      • The “runner” logs in and starts a run by inviting friends by email address or phone number.
      • The “runner” & friends import their order into the system.
      • Application compiles the orders so they can be displayed on the iPhone or printed out.
      • GPS locates the nearest Dunkin Donuts for the “runner” to fulfill the orders.
      • Manufacturer: DD IP Holder, LLC
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
    • Pizza Hut: Online Ordering
      • Uses an ordering format similar to that of Burger King & Chipotle, but with added features.
      • Order anything from the Pizza Hut menu & fully customize your order.
      • All orders from the iPhone app automatically save 20%.
      • Application also includes a “virtual fridge” that displays current coupons & promotions.
      • Users can also play the “Hut Racer” delivery game while they wait for their order.
      • Manufacturer: imc2, LLC
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Taco Bell: Why Pay More! Shaker
      • Calculates what items on the Taco Bell value menu the user can purchase with their spare change.
      • User types in a dollar amount and shakes.
      • Application generates a list of the 79¢, 89¢, and 99¢ that can be purchased with the given amount of money.
      • Uses GPS to provide the user with the location of the nearest Taco Bell.
      • Not an online ordering system.
      • Manufacturer: The Hyperfactory
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Starbucks: myStarbucks and Starbucks Card Mobile
      • GPS locator of nearest Starbucks store.
      • Create & Share your perfect Starbucks beverages.
        • Facebook connectivity
      • Explore Starbucks whole bean coffee & food options
      • Starbucks’ other app – Starbucks Card Mobile – allows users to view/add to their card balance on the go.
      • Manufacturer: Starbucks Coffee Company
      • Average Rating: ★★★ ½ (both apps)
    • Gap Inc: Style Mixer
      • Application allows user to create entire outfits using Gap products
      • Outfits can be added to the “closet” or can be shared with friends via Facebook connectivity.
      • View others’ outfits in the “community” tap to gain inspiration or even steal outfits.
      • Use the application near a Gap store to unlock exclusive discounts.
      • Manufacturer: Gap, Inc
      • Average Rating: ★★
    • Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karen: Fashion Collections
      • View the latest collection by the specific designer.
      • Collection images include ready to wear and runway couture.
      • Insider content, news, etc
      • GPS Store locator.
    • PUMA: The PUMA Index
      • Application is a stock ticker, with a twist.
      • The DOW index numbers determine the clothing status of the user’s chosen male or female model.
      • As the DOW numbers go down, the model’s clothes come off.
      • Application can be shown to any PUMA sales associate for a 20% purchase discount.
      • Manufacturer: PUMA AG
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
    • LL Bean: Moosentration
      • Twist on the classic game of concentration.
      • 8 picture sets and 3 board types possible.
      • Offers no promotion or incentive for LL Bean shopping.
      • Manufacturer: LL Bean, Inc.
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Oakley: Surf Report
      • Check surf conditions of thousands of beaches nationwide.
      • Learn about what the best conditions are for a given beach.
      • Find great beaches near you.
      • Watch videos/Read news/Learn about pro surfing
      • Manufacturer: Oakley, Inc
      • Average Rating: ★★★ ½
      • Similar App: REI’s Snow & Ski Report; The North Face Snow Report
    • Barclaycard: Waterslide Extreme
      • Based on TV advertisement for Barclaycard.
      • 9-stage waterslide racing game.
      • Uses iPhone accelerometer to stear.
      • User can use their own music as background music during the game.
      • Manufacturer: FISHLABS
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Benjamin Moore: Ben Color Capture
      • Works with iPhone camera.
      • User can match a color in a photo to one of Benjamin Moore’s paint samples.
      • Shake the app to generate up to 4 coordinating colors.
      • Can use GPS to locate the nearest Benjamin Moore retailer.
      • Manufacturer: Benjamin Moore & Co.
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
      • Similar App: Sherwin Williams ColorSnap
    • Anheuser Busch: Budweiser American Ale Finder
      • Uses GPS & Maps to locate nearby pubs/restaurants/retailers of Budweiser American Ale.
      • Anheuser Busch offers a similar application for Bud Lite Lime called “Bud Lite Lime Summer Hotspots.”
      • Manufacturer: Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
      • Average Rating: ★ ½
      • Similar App: Guiness PubFinder
    • Charmin: Sit or Squat
      • Application is a bathroom finding wiki, with all content being added by its users.
      • Uses GPS to find nearby restrooms.
      • Provides ratings, reviews, and pictures of the toilet before you go.
      • Tells you whether the location is currently open.
      • Manufacturer: Densebrain
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
    • Nike, Inc: NikeiD
      • Application for NikeiD line of customized Nike products
      • User can take a picture and user color matching tool to create custom color palette.
        • Create shoes to match a room, outfit, picture, etc
      • Create and purchase your design right from the application.
      • Can search designs created by other application users.
      • Manufacturer: Nike, Inc
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
    • MasterCard: Priceless Picks
      • “ The world is full of priceless things.”
      • Application allows users to share their favorite “priceless” places, things, and deals with the world.
      • “ Priceless” things can be anything from great restaurants to the best bench to view the sunset from.
      • Pulls in offers/reviews and places them in ‘bubbles’ so the user knows where they are coming from.
      • Uses GPS to show “priceless” things near the user.
      • Manufacturer: Mastercard
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
    • Coca Cola: Happiness Factory
      • Game which takes place in the “Happiness Factory” within a Coca Cola machine.
      • Based on a current TV advertising campaign.
      • Application is a shooting game where the user shoots “Mortar Men” from a cannon through various hoops.
      • Facebook connectivity to allow users to publish high scores to their Facebook profile.
      • Manufacturer: The Coca Cola Company
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Coca Cola: Magic Coke Bottle
      • Shake the Magic Coke Bottle to get an answer to your question.
      • The Magic Coke Bottle will generate an answer similar to a Magic 8 Ball
      • Manufacturer: Welikesmall
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Kleenex: Kleenex Lotion Tissue FEEL
      • Kleenex Feelspace is intended to bring the user to a more peaceful place.
      • Interactive scenes include: ocean water, flower petals, snowfall, and sandpit.
      • Manufacturer: ideasforiphone, LLC
      • Average Rating: ★★
    • Pedigree: Shake and Bark
      • Record your dog’s bark.
      • Assign bark to a photo of your dog. (Or select from one of the pre-recorded barks.)
      • Shake the application to hear your dog bark when its picture is displayed.
      • Read stories about dogs who have been rescued from animal shelters.
      • Manufacturer: Mars US
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
    • Zippo: Virtual Zippo Lighter
      • Users can customize a Zippo lighter by picking a design and engraving it.
      • Open and close the lighter with a flick of the wrist
      • Flame reacts to wind/trying to blow it out.
      • Manufacturer: Moderati Inc.
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Other Notable Consumer Products Apps
      • NikeiD
      • Adidas Urban Art
      • Men’s Health Workouts (Also a Women’s Health edition)
      • Master Card ATM Hunter
      • Kodak Gallery
      • HP iPrint Photo
    • Audi: A4 Driving Challenge
      • Application is a game about precision and performance driving.
      • Not an average “pedal to the metal” driving game.
      • In order to succeed, the play must master control and use the brake to avoid hitting cones or crashing.
      • Manufacturer: Audi of America
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
    • Toyota: Prius Experience
      • Tour, Interact, Play, and Draw the Toyota Prius.
      • Application allows users to take a tour of the 3 rd generation Prius.
      • Users can interact with the Prius magazine ads.
      • 2 games: A force-based game and a physics-based drawing game.
      • Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Sales, USA
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • BMW: Z4 Experience
      • Application includes 4 games:
        • Driving Experience (On course driving)
        • Navigation Experience (Puzzle game)
        • Art Experience (Create art with the Z4)
        • Free Driving
      • Facebook connectivity to share scores & art
      • Manufacturer: Artificial Life, Inc
      • Average Rating: ★★★
      • Cost: 99¢
    • Volkswagen: Polo Challenge 3D
      • Driving game featuring the VW Polo
      • Can use accelerometer or tap controls
      • Uses GPS to direct user to nearest VW Dealer for live test-drive.
      • Manufacturer: FISHLABS
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Other Notable Automotive Apps
      • Nissan Cube
      • Nissan Murano
      • GM Mobile
      • Ford Flex Photo Lab
      • Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
      • BMW Sauber F1 Team Racing 09
    • Whole Foods: Whole Foods Market Recipes
      • Recipe search featuring Whole Foods-approved recipes.
      • Recipes feature natural, organic, and healthy products.
      • Allows user to search for recipes by course, category, dietary restrictions, or by ingredients on hand.
      • Manufacturer: Whole Foods Market IP, LLC
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Betty Crocker: The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook
      • Features Betty Crocker’s most famous recipes.
      • Can search by course, meal, food type, or ingredients on hand.
      • Recipes can be emailed to friends.
      • Step by step recipe instructions with pictures.
      • Manufacturer: General Mills, Inc
      • Average Rating: ★★★
    • Weber-Stephen: Weber’s On The Grill
      • Includes 250+ recipes from Weber’s cookbooks including rubs, marinades, and sauces.
      • Will create a grocery list for recipes
      • 100+ professional grilling tips
      • Reference guide for cooking times for red meat, fish, poultry, etc.
      • Videos and information guides to teach user to be a better griller.
      • Manufacturer: rabble+rouser, inc
      • Average Rating: ★★★★
      • Cost: $4.99
    • Absolut: Drinkspiration
      • Intelligent drink finder application
      • Gives drink recommendations based on a variety of categories, including: taste, color, trends, weather, location, and bar vibe.
      • Twitter and Facebook connectivity to share what you’re drinking with your friends.
      • World trend list: See what is being ordered around the world.
      • Download recipes from absolutdrinks.com
      • Manufacturer: V and S Absolut Spiritis
      • Average Rating: ★★★
      • Similar App: Bacardi MixMaster
    • Other Notable Recipe Apps
      • Kraft iFood
      • Women’s Day Magazine Cooking
      • Guides By Bravo (Top Chef Recipes)
      • Hidden Valley Ranch Recipes
      • Al Roker’s Big Bad Book of BBQ ($15.99)
      • Spam iCan
    •  TRAVEL
    • Virgin Atlantic: Flying Without Fear
      • Targeted to customers who have a fear of flying.
      • Includes FAQ, relaxation techniques, fear attack solutions, in-flight experience videos.
      • Based on Virgin’s longstanding “Flying without Fear” course.
      • Manufacturer: Mental Workout, LLC
      • Average Rating: ★★★ ½
      • Cost: $4.99
    • British Airways: BA Flights
      • Up-to-date information on flight arrival and departures.
      • View flight schedules and timetables on any given day.
      • Manufacturer: British Airways Plc
      • Average Rating: ★★★ ½
    • Avis: Avis Reservation App
      • Real-time reservation application, includes availability of specific models/categories.
      • Saves user information to expedite future reservations.
      • Currently works online in airport locations.
      • Manufacturer: Roundarch, Inc.
      • Average Rating: ★★
    • Hilton Worldwide: Hilton
      • Find Hilton hotels using GPS or by city, airport, or address.
      • Can search other brands in the Hilton group – Conrad, Waldorf-Astoria, Homewood Suites, Doubletree, etc
      • Separate apps also available for Doubletree and Hampton Inn brands.
      • Manufacturer: Hilton Hotels Corporation
      • Average Rating: ★★ ½
    • Other Notable Travel Apps
      • AAA Travel Deals
      • Luthansa Airlines
      • Lonely Planet
      • Travel Channel GO
      • Travelocity
      • Expedia
      • Hotels.com
      • ChoiceHotels
    • How often are these being used?
      • Only about 20% of users return to use the app the day after it was downloaded .
        • 30 days in, usage is at only about 5% of users.
    • Usage by Category
      • Sports applications seem better at retaining use over the short-term; entertainment over long-term.
    • Branded Applications care about Engagement
    • Conclusions
      • The best applications are one that offer users a feature or service they need to use frequently or a game that keeps users engaged.
      • Many applications get downloaded, used once and either deleted or forgotten about.
        • Brands need to offer an incentive for users to keep the application on their phone & remember it.
          • Special discounts or offers for using the application is a good incentive, especially for applications that are simple.