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Strategy Tools for the Next Generation - ECONA Talk


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Talk given at ECONA Stavanger, May 2012.

Talk given at ECONA Stavanger, May 2012.

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  • and felt above the knee,"What this most wondrous beastis like is very plain" said he,"'Tis clear enough the elephantis very like a tree."The fifth who chanced to touch the earsaid, "E'en the blindest manCan tell what this resembles most;deny the fact who can;This marvel of an elephantis very like a fan."The sixth no sooner had begunabout the beast to grope,Than seizing on the swinging tailthat fell within his scope;"I see," said he, "the elephantis very like a rope."So six blind men of Hindustandisputed loud and long,Each in his own opinionexceeding stiff and strong;Though each was partly in the right,they all were in the wrong!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Strategiverktøy for morgendagensentreprenører, risikosøker e og pirater
    • 2. What if you couldchange the future of your company? Where would you begin?
    • 3. har akkuratkjøpt 150 stk. til alle sinenorske ledere. …før boken erkommet i salg…
    • 4. How manybusiness modelscan you think of for…..?
    • 5. How manybusiness modelscan you think of for a COW?
    • 6. CowParade is the largest and most successful public art event in the world• CowParade events have been staged in over 75 cities worldwide since Chicago in 1999. Our host cities include New York City (2000) – Houston (2001) – London (2002) – Tokyo (2003, 2006 and 2009) – Dublin (2003) – Prague (2004) – Sao Paulo (2005 and 2010) -Mexico City (2005) -Buenos Aires (2006) -Boston (2006) – Denver (2006) – Moscow (2006) – Paris (2006) -Cape Town (2006) -Milan (2007) – Istanbul (2007) – Madrid (2009) – Taipei (2009) – Lima (2009). Xiamen, China (2010) – Rome (2010) -Margaret River, Australia (2010) – Rio de Janeiro (2011) – Austin (2011).• Over 300 million people in 32 countries have seen at least one CowParade exhibit.• In excess of $30 million has been raised by CowParade for worldwide charitable organizations.
    • 7. ‘’The single biggest barrierto strategicinnovationis the limitsof our minds’’
    • 8. Spark Strategic Imagination. - Professor Johan Roos
    • 9. What is Strategy?
    • 10. There were six men of Hindustan, The fourth reached out an eager hand,to learning much inclined, and felt above the knee,Who went to see an elephant, "What this most wondrous beastthough all of them were blind, is like is very plain" said he,That each by observation "Tis clear enough the elephantmight satisfy his mind. is very like a tree."The first approached the elephant, The fifth who chanced to touch the earand happening to fall said, "Een the blindest manAgainst his broad and sturdy side, Can tell what this resembles most;at once began to bawl, deny the fact who can;"This mystery of an elephant This marvel of an elephantis very like a wall." is very like a fan."The second, feeling of the tusk, The sixth no sooner had beguncried, "Ho, what have we here, about the beast to grope,So very round and smooth and sharp? Than seizing on the swinging tailTo me tis mighty clear, that fell within his scope;This wonder of an elephant "I see," said he, "the elephantis very like a spear." is very like a rope." So six blind men of HindustanThe third approached the elephant, disputed loud and long,and happening to take Each in his own opinionThe squirming trunk within his hands, exceeding stiff and strong;thus boldly up and spake, Though each was partly in the right,"I see," quoth he, they all were in the wrong!"the elephant is very like a snake." Mintzberg, (1998) Strategy Safari
    • 11. “Nobody really knows what strategy is” The Economist, in Markides, 2004
    • 12. Let us go back in time
    • 13. Boston Consulting Group 1965
    • 14. "Bruce called a staff meeting for a Saturday morning in thefall of 1965. He explained that to survive, much lessgrow, in a competitive landscape occupied by hundreds oflarger and better-known consulting firms, we needed adistinctive identity. He had concluded that we shouldn’tfight the competitive battle as generalists, but shouldinstead stake out a special area of expertise. "He askedwhat we thought that specialty should be. Manysuggestions were offered, but in each case we were able toidentify several other firms that already had strongcredentials in that particular area. The discussion began tostall. Then Bruce asked a momentous question: ‘What about business strategy?’ I objected: ‘That’stoo vague. Most executives won’t know what we’retalking about.’ Bruce replied, ‘That’s the beauty ofit. We’ll define it.“
    • 15. A Timeline on Strategic Management*
    • 16. SWOT Classical strategy Positioning BCG Matrix PLC Concept of PESTEL strategy Corporate Porter’s TQM Scenarios Strategy 5F1950 1960 1970 1980 Knowledge Transformational BCG Strategy workers leadership
    • 17. Lean Value Crafting Chain strategy Balanced 7S VRIO Scorecard Resource- Knowledge Strategic Six Sigma company intent based view1980 1985 ”In search of Excellence” TQM (2)
    • 18. Emergent strategy Strategy as revolution Mass Strategy Employee custimization safariengagement Rise and fall of strategic Learning planning HR-organizations Competitive champion advantage Core through people Disruptive Ongoing dynamic prosessCompetences innovation Disruptive Intellectu- Strategymaking BPR Networks as serious play technologies cal capital1990 1995 Positive BSC (2) psychology Sears case
    • 19. Human Sigma Office of Strategy Management Execution Crowd- sourcing Business Blue Ocean Danish EQ Strategy strategy barometer Knowledge-based theory of The Long Management the firm Tail Innovation(2) Strategy Stratey Deep Say your NPS maps Index Discount str. strategy?2000 2005 Gallup path
    • 20. Future strategy tools Strategic innovation Innovators dream of what might be…. Innovation Innovation thinking Pyramid modes2010 2011 - Pirate 30/30Innovation thinking rule
    • 21. % En historie om….passion, brygg ogen modig hobby…
    • 22. % ….mangler nå bare en strategi….
    • 23. % …..kveldens høydepunkt…. Verdens råestebryggeristrategi
    • 24. Classic strategyfocuses on positioning.
    • 25. Strategic innovationaims to re:define the game.
    • 26. Anybody can be strategically creative. You just have to learn how. - David Kelley, IDEO
    • 27. Innovation Thinking Modes
    • 28. Pirate Thinking Dream Bigger Think BigJust outside… Rangen & Ovstebo, Strategy Tools for the Next Generation (2013)
    • 29. Hva har de følgende selskap til felles?
    • 30. Alle ble startet av folk under 30. *Bezos var 30, Nike hadde en eldre kollega.
    • 31. Hva gjør ditt selskap med ansatte under 30?
    • 32. 30/30 Regelen i strategi
    • 33. Innovasjons Pyramiden ? Rangen, Christian og Øvstebø, Elisabeth (2012) Working paper. BI – Norwegian Business SchoolThe Innovation Pyramid by Rangen, Christian and Ovstebo, Elisabeth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
    • 34. Innovasjonspyramiden• …er et verktøy for å utvikle felles språk, felles forståelse og felles action rundt innovasjon.• …er både et strategiverktøy og en gøyal prosess for å utfordre organisasjonen til å drømme større, skape endring og få innovasjon til å skje.• …sammen med ‘’visual thinking facilitation’’, hjelper bedrifter skape innovasjon i praksis.
    • 35. Ni nivå påinnovasjon
    • 36. 1.Design og markedsføring
    • 37. 1. Produkt
    • 38. 2.Produkter
    • 39. 3. Tjenester
    • 40. 4. Markeder, kunder og kanaler
    • 41. 5. Teknologi
    • 42. 6. Prosesser
    • 43. 7. Ledelse
    • 44. 8. Forretningsmodell
    • 45. 9.Bransje
    • 46. UN HATELettere... Merkrevende Inkrementelt Radikalt Små, logiske skritt Aldri blitt gjort før
    • 47. % En (helt sann) historie om….Passion, Brygg ogen modig hobby…
    • 48. % ….mangler nå bare en strategi….
    • 49. % I grupper….. Lag Villgjærs innovasjons- strategi
    • 50. Lettere... Merkrevende Inkrementelt Radikalt Små, logiske skritt Aldri blitt gjort før
    • 51. Hva kan jeg gjøre da….?
    • 52. X Bli med til Cannes i september..trenger flere norske…
    • 53. Y Delta i Ledelse av innovasjon Stavanger, september 2012 Oslo, februar 2013 Les mer om Norges mest spennende innovasjonsprogram her.
    • 54. Morgendagens innovatører
    • 55. God sommer! Twitter: @engageinnovate Blog: Web: E: M. +4792415949
    • 56. Christian RangenChristian Rangen is an author, speaker and consultant on strategy, innovation andleadership. His consulting projects focus on strategic innovation. He gives a rangeof keynote presentations across Europe. His upcoming presentations includeStrategy Tools for the Next Generation (Stavanger), Innovation and Leadership(Oslo), Innovation Pyramid at World Innovation Convention (Cannes) andSparking Strategic Innovation at Front End of Innovation (Copenhagen)He is also a full-time lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School. Here at teachesstrategic management, change management, innovation and leadership at bothexecutive and bachelor levels. His focus is innovation, change, leadership andtechnology. Using Apple, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and Google as key learningcases, Christian teaches radical innovation and business model innovation in aneasy to understand manner. He runs an active blog at is Co-founder and Partner of Engage // Innovate – a Scandinavianthink-tank and consulting company. Here he works with senior leadership oninnovative strategic transformation. He is a gifted public speaker and presentsfrequently at international seminars and conferences. His recent keynotes onInnovation, Pirate thinking, strategy and Apple has drawn excellent reviews. Hespublishing his fourth book in 2012 with the fifth scheduled for 2013.Christian is also the happy owner of the boutique hotel Villa Vista Taiba – aparadise for passionate kitesurfers…….. and global management training campquickly in growing demand..
    • 57. The nine levels of innovation Key questions to ask 1. Design & How can we creatively repackage our products? How will a radical repackaging change our story? Marketing How can we radically change the marketing mix? How can we use design to enhance what we are trying to do? How can we use Pirate thinking to rethink our marketing? What are the marketing ideas nobody’s using in this industry? 2. Products What natural product extensions would our (new & existing) customers love? If we were trying to beat ourselves out of the market, which products would we introduce? What special skills or knowledge do we have, that could become products? What products would completely upset the balance in the existing industry? 3. Services How could we add services to our existing product line? How can we introduce services to our existing customers? What underserved needs do we see in our customers today - and tomorrow? Given no limitations, how far and how creatively could we stretch our range of services ? What kind of services would really make a BANG! in our market? 4. Markets, What markets do we wish to play in? Which customers are not being addressed in the existing paradigm? customers How do we reframe the existing segmenting? Through which channels can we reach customers differently? and channels How do we create new channels never-before-seen in our industry? 5. Technology Which technologies would create amazing results in our industry? What groundbreaking technology could we transfer from other industries? How could we become a technology leader? What would happen if we did? How can we be the ones to create entirely new technologies? How can we partner with other firms to introduce new technologies? 6. Processes How can we redesign how we run our company? If we were bought by an American Private equity firm, what would be the first changes they did to how this firm is run? If we were told to become 35 % more effective, 27 % faster and 69 % more profitable; how could we? If we were starting a competitor to our existing firm; what core operating processes would we keep, change and cut? Fast-track processes cut existing work processes in half – then in half again. Where could we introduce fast-track thinking? How can we drive innovation thinking into our business? How do we make innovation a part of everyone’s job? 7. Management How can we dramatically increase the effect of our leaders? How can we unleash the forces of postive, innovative employees? How can we radically change how we manage our workforce? How can we become management innovators? If your goal was to become the world’s # 1 Great Place to Work; what would you do? How can we use the possibilities of social media to rethink leadership? How can we increase our people’s flow percentage (% time in deep flow state)?8. Business model How can we be the ones to introduce a series of new business models into your industry? What would happen if we could learn from the best, across industries, and introduce new business models into our industry? How can we dream up –and test – 37 new business models for our company? What would ‘’Swing for the fences’’ mean to our company? What urgent steps should we take to balance our business model portfolio? How do we fund, and train our people to create business model innovation? The 30/30-rule says bring 30 % under 30 years into the strategy process; how can we? 9. Industry How can we redesign the competitive field and launch an entirely new industry? What parts of today’s industry can we selectively forget? What areas can we radically transform to create the future? How can we create an industry that does not exist? Instead of looking at our existing business, look 5-8 years into the future, then create it. Where should we begin.....?
    • 58. Strategiverktøy for morgendagens entreprenører, risikosøkere og pirater