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A sneak preview of some of the highlights of our upcoming Sparking Strategic Innovation workshop at the Front End of Innovation, in Copenhagen, March 2013.

This workshop will focus on the participants' need and innovation challenges. Through the emerging Strategy Tools for the Next Generation, workshop partcipants will get a series of specific innovation tools.

Learn more at www.strategytoolsforthenextgeneration.com

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FEI Workshop Preview Sparking Strategic Innovation preview

  1. 1. Sparking Strategic InnovationPreview: WorkshopFront End Of InnovationCopenhagen 2013Christian RangenElisabeth Øvstebø@engageinnovate
  2. 2. Workshop goalsCreate new thinking modesConnect strategy and innovationMaster new, visual tools for strategic innovation
  3. 3. Strategy
  4. 4. Strategy
  5. 5. Strategic Innovation Canvas
  6. 6. Map out your strategy
  7. 7. Innovation Thinking Modes
  8. 8. The Innovation Pyramid
  9. 9. Learn to use it from an early age…
  10. 10. Learn more at Strategytoolsforthenextgeneration.com
  11. 11. See you in Copenhagen for the Front End of Innovation 2013
  12. 12. Christian RangenChristian Rangen is an author, speaker and consultant on strategy, innovation andleadership. His consulting projects focus on strategic innovation. Today he hiscreative skills to developing Strategytoolsforthenextgeneration.comHe gives a range of keynote presentations across Europe. His upcomingpresentations include Strategy Tools for the Next Generation (Stavanger), Innovationand Leadership (Oslo), Innovation Pyramid at World Innovation Convention (Cannes)and Sparking Strategic Innovation at Front End of Innovation (Copenhagen)Christian is Co-founder and Partner of Engage // Innovate – a Scandinavian think-tankand consulting company. Here he works with senior leadership on innovativestrategic transformation. His fifth book is scheduled for 2013.He is also a lecturer at BI Norwegian Business School. Here at teaches strategicmanagement, change management, innovation and leadership at both executive andbachelor levels. His focus is innovation, change, leadership and technology. UsingApple, Facebook, Spotify, Amazon and Google as key learning cases, Christian teachesradical innovation and business model innovation in an easy to understand manner.Christian is also the happy owner of the boutique hotel Villa Vista Taiba – a paradisefor passionate kitesurfers…….. and global management training camp quickly ingrowing demand.
  13. 13. Elisabeth ØvstebøElisabeth Øvstebø (Ovstebo) is Managing Partner and Co-founder of Engage // Innovate – aScandinavian think-tank and management consulting company. She also runsStrategytoolsforthenextgeneration.comElisabeth speaks, consults and coaches clients on innovative strategic transformation. Herareas of expertise are strategy execution, leading transformational change, coaching,leadership- and sales training.She is mentor at NHOs Global Future Program. She also teaches marketing and strategy forthe Norwegian oil and gas industry.She runs workshops and give talks on leadership, sales, strategy and innovation. Herupcoming events include “Innovation Pyramid” at World Innovation Convention (Cannes) and“Sparking Strategic Innovation” at Front End of Innovation (Copenhagen, 2013).Her first book, “Dream Bigger: Your Personal Innovation Sketchbook” was published in June2012. Today she’s working on her second, “Strategy Tools for the Next Generation”.Elisabeth has extensive experience from the financial sector, leading development programson leadership, sales and organizational development. She holds a Master ofManagement in from BI –Norwegian School of Management.Elisabeth is also the happy owner of the boutique hotel and Management Camp Villa VistaTaiba, in Ceara, Brazil. Here she charges her energy and develops a range of concepts andideas for her client