Why Word, Excel and SharePoint are the                      Wrong Tools for Requirements Management                       ...
Top	  3	  Reasons	  for	  Challenged	  Projects	                                                                1.  Lack	 ...
The	  Cost	  of	  Poor	  Business	  Analysis	     1.  Companies	  with	  poor	  business	  analysis	  capabili<es	  will	 ...
Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	     •  Requirements	  are	  more	  data	  intensive	  than	  document	  i...
                     Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	  for	  Requirements	                        Requirem...
Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	  for	  Requirements	                        Requirements	  are	  More	  t...
Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	  for	  Requirements	                        Rela<onships	  to	  other	  O...
Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	  for	  Requirements	                        Requirements	  Classifica<on	 ...
Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	  for	  Requirements	                        Stakeholders	  can	  comment	...
Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	  for	  Requirements	                        Ac<on	  Items	       OYen	  r...
Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	  for	  Requirements	                        Audit	  Trail	  of	  Changes	...
Why	  Word	  and	  SharePoint	  do	  not	  Work	  for	  Requirements	                        Requirement	  Bundling	      ...
Word	  simply	  can	  not	  capture	                          Enfocus	  Requirement	  Suite™	                             ...
Using	  	  the	  Wrong	  Tools	  can	  Lead	  to	  Problems	    Incomplete	  Requirements	    •  It	  is	  difficult	  to	  ...
What	  is	  Enfocus	  Requirement	  Suite™	  ©	  Copyright	  2012	  Enfocus	  Solu7ons	  Inc.	  All	  Rights	  Reserved.	 ...
The	  Enfocus	  Requirement	  Suite™	  is	  a	                        Comprehensive	  Business	  Analysis	  Solu<on	      ...
Enfocus	  Requirements	  Suite™	                          Product	  Components	                                           ...
Support	  for	  Iith	  Industry	  SBest	  Prac<ces	                           Compliance	  w                              ...
Enfocus	  Requirements	  Suite™	                        Facilita7ng	  Collabora7on	  between	  Teams	  and	  Stakeholders	...
Enfocus	  Requirements	  Suite	                        Requirements	  Excellence	  Framework™	                            ...
Requirements	  Excellence	  Framework	                                Two	  Perspec7ves	                     Business	  An...
Enfocus	  Requirement	  Suite™	                                  SoYware	  Components	  ©	  Copyright	  2012	  Enfocus	  S...
Enfocus	  Requirement	  Suite™	                                  Content	  Components	  ©	  Copyright	  2012	  Enfocus	  S...
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Why Word and Sharepoint are the Wrong Tools for Requirements Management


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Why Word and Sharepoint are the Wrong Tools for Requirements Management

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Transcript of "Why Word and Sharepoint are the Wrong Tools for Requirements Management"

  1. 1. Why Word, Excel and SharePoint are the Wrong Tools for Requirements Management Enfocus Solutions Inc. 11230 West Ave. San Antonio, TX 78213 www.EnfocusSolutions.com 210.957.8765 ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.    ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     1  
  2. 2. Top  3  Reasons  for  Challenged  Projects   1.  Lack  of  User  Input   2.  Incomplete  Requirements   3.  Changing  Requirements   All  of  these  are  symptoms  of   Poor  Business  Analysis   Source:  Standish  Chaos  Report,  2011  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     2  
  3. 3. The  Cost  of  Poor  Business  Analysis   1.  Companies  with  poor  business  analysis  capabili<es  will  have  three  7mes  as  many   project  failures  as  successes.   2.  68%  of  companies  are  more  likely  to  have  a  marginal  project  or  outright  failure  than  a   success  due  to  the  way  they  approach  business  analysis.  In  fact,  50%  of  this  group’s   projects  were  “runaways”  which  had  any  2  of  the  following:     •  Taking  over  180%  of  target  7me  to  deliver.   •  Consuming  in  excess  of  160%  of  es7mated  budget.   •  Delivering  under  70%  of  the  target  required  func7onality.   3.  Companies  pay  a  premium  of  as  much  as  60%  on  7me  and  budget  when  they  use  poor   requirements  prac7ces  on  their  projects.   4.  Over  41%  of  the  IT  development  budget  for  soYware,  staff,  and  external  professional   services  will  be  consumed  by  poor  requirements  at  the  average  company  using  average   analysts  versus  the  op7mal  organiza7on.   5.  The  vast  majority  of  projects  surveyed  did  not  u<lize  sufficient  business  analysis  skills  to   consistently  bring  projects  in  on  7me  and  budget.  The  level  of  competency  required  is   higher  than  that  employed  within  projects  for  70%  of  the  companies  surveyed.         Source:  Business  Analysis  Benchmark,  IAG  Consul7ng        ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     3  
  4. 4. Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work   •  Requirements  are  more  data  intensive  than  document  intensive   •  Requirements  need  to  be  managed  as  a  backlog  to  support  agile  and  complex  projects   o  Development  itera7ons   o  Different  Teams   •  Requirements  are  more  than  just  text   o  Related  Business  rules   o  Visualiza7ons  (Process  models,  data  flow  diagrams,  wireframes  etc.)   o  Related  documents,  videos,  screenshots,  etc.   •  Requirements  need  to  be    managed  individually  and  collec7vely   o  Priori7za7on   o  Bundling   o  Lifecycle  management   •  Review  and  valida7on  is  con7nuous  process  not  a  single  event  like  a  word  document   •  Each  type  of  requirement  needs  different  types  of  data  (Pacerns)   •  Requirements  need  to  be  traced  forward  and  backwards  from  the  source  where  they  were   created  to  deployment  in  the  solu7on   •  Mul7ple  people  need  to  work  on  the  requirements  at  one  7me.  This  is  impossible  or  very   difficult  with  a  word  processor  such  as  Word.  It  is  important  to  track  who  and  when  changes   were  made.   •  OYen  7me,  it  is  necessary  to  gather  addi7onal  data  to  make  a  requirement  complete,  this  is   oYen  done  with  ac7on  items.  Trying  to  track  all  of  these  in  word/SharePoint  can  be  a   nightmare.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     4  
  5. 5.   Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work  for  Requirements   Requirement  PaEern   Requirements  are  oYen   created  using  pacerns.    It  is   difficult  to  accomplish  this   using  Word  or  Excel.     This  example  shows  a   requirement  pacern  for  an   opera7onal  report  that  was   defined  in  Enfocus   Requirement  Suite.™  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     5  
  6. 6. Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work  for  Requirements   Requirements  are  More  than  Text   Good  requirements  generally  require  more  than  words  to  be  complete.   Below  is  a  value  stream  map  that  is  acached  to  a  requirement.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     6  
  7. 7. Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work  for  Requirements   Rela<onships  to  other  Objects   Requirements  are  oYen  related  to  other  en77es  such  as  use  cases  or   business  rules  as  shown  in  the  example  below.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     7  
  8. 8. Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work  for  Requirements   Requirements  Classifica<on  and  Analysis   Requirements  need  to  be  analyzed,  classified  and  categorized.    The  example  below   shows  how  a  requirements  can  be  tagged  using  this  powerful  Web  2.0  feature  in   Enfocus  Requirement  Suite.™  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     8  
  9. 9. Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work  for  Requirements   Stakeholders  can  comment  and  add  commentary   Stakeholders  need  to  be  able  review  and  comment  on  requirements.    This  is  much   easier  to  do  on  a  requirement  by  requirement  basis  instead  of  providing  comments   for  a  large  MicrosoY  Word    requirements  document.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     9  
  10. 10. Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work  for  Requirements   Ac<on  Items   OYen  requirements  need  addi7onal  data  to  be  complete.  (  Report  elements,   compliance  data,  copies  of  an  exis7ng  report,  etc.)    This  is  best  done  through  ac7on   items  related  to  the  individual  requirement.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     10  
  11. 11. Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work  for  Requirements   Audit  Trail  of  Changes  Made   It  is  always  helpful  who  and  when  a  change  was  made  to  an  individual  requirement.     Because  of  the  volume  of  requirement  changes,  this  is  simply  not  possible  with   MicrosoY  Word  or  Excel.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     11  
  12. 12. Why  Word  and  SharePoint  do  not  Work  for  Requirements   Requirement  Bundling   Requirements  oYen  need  to  be  packaged  into  bundles  for  development  itera7ons  or   a  variety  of  other  reasons.    This  is  handled  much  becer  in  an  automated   requirements  tool  instead  of  using  the  cut/past  func7onality  of  a  word  processor.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     12  
  13. 13. Word  simply  can  not  capture   Enfocus  Requirement  Suite™   what  is  needed  for   requirements   Solu7on  Analysis   Requirements   Business   Development   Enterprise   Pormolio  Data   Requirements   Func7onal   Requirements   IT     IT  Service   Solu7on  Scope   Services   Impact   (Features)   Nonfunc7onal   Requirements   BA  Planning   Elicita7on   Stakeholder   Stakeholder   Stakeholder     Solu7on  Assessment   Personas   Impact   Needs   Org.  Change   Requirements   Business     Business     Process   Process  Change   Processes   Impact   Requirements   Business   Rule  Book   Transi7on   Rules   Analysis   Requirements  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     13  
  14. 14. Using    the  Wrong  Tools  can  Lead  to  Problems   Incomplete  Requirements   •  It  is  difficult  to  create  requirements  in  a  structured  fashion  using  Word  and  Excel.     •  This  oYen  leads  to  incomplete  requirements  -­‐  one  of  the  biggest  reasons  for  project   failures  in  a  large  study  by  The  Standish  Group.     Incorrect  Requirements   •  Requirements  documents  created  using  Excel  and  Word  usually  are  stored  on  the   authors  computer,  and  are  not  accessible  by  others  in  real-­‐7me.   •  This  makes  it  harder  to  share,  discuss,  validate,  and  track  changes  -­‐  frequently   leading  to  incorrect  requirements  which  oYen  cause  project  delays  &  failures.     Lost  Requirements   •  Most  importantly  -­‐  it  is  very  easy  for  requirements  to  drop  through  the  cracks  when   using  Excel/Word/wikis  to  manage  them.     •  Even  cri7cal  requirements  can  be  lost  when  the  author  forgets,  is  reassigned,  or   leaves  your  organiza7on.    ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     14  
  15. 15. What  is  Enfocus  Requirement  Suite™  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     15  
  16. 16. The  Enfocus  Requirement  Suite™  is  a   Comprehensive  Business  Analysis  Solu<on   Successful  projects  require  a  proven  business  analysis  solu7on,   not  just  a  simple  requirements  management  tool.   •  Defining  the  Problem   •  Preparing  the  Business  Case   •  Op7mizing  the  Business  Process   •  Addressing  Organiza7onal  Change   •  Scoping  the  Solu7on   •  Elici7ng  Needs   •  Developing  the  Solu7on  Requirements   •  Managing  the  Requirements   •  Planning  the  Transi7on   •  Assessing  the  Solu7on   •  Realizing  the  Benefits   •  Managing  the  Enterprise  Pormolio  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     16  
  17. 17. Enfocus  Requirements  Suite™   Product  Components   Provided  as  a  hosted  SoRware  as  a  Service  (SaaS)  Offering   SoRware   Comprehensive  Tool   Collabora<on   Requirement  management   Collabora7on  and   tool  to  deliver  business  value   communica7on  for     and  innova7on.   customer  sa7sfac7on.   Content   Methods  and  Techniques   Training  and  Knowledge   Best  prac7ce  requirement   Business  analyst  training  and   management  methods     prac7ce  aids  for  excellent   and  techniques.   requirements.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     17  
  18. 18. Support  for  Iith  Industry  SBest  Prac<ces   Compliance  w ndustry   tandards   The  Enfocus  Requirements  Suite™   provides  full  support  for  every  task     in  IIBA’s  BABOK.   In  addi7on,  the  following  other  best   prac7ces  are  addressed  in  the  tool:     •  CMMI     •  ITIL  Service  Strategy  and  Design   •  BPM  CBOK   •  TOGAF   •  PMBOK   •  APQC  PCF    ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     18  
  19. 19. Enfocus  Requirements  Suite™   Facilita7ng  Collabora7on  between  Teams  and  Stakeholders   Solu7on  Teams   Stakeholders   Shared  Repository  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     19  
  20. 20. Enfocus  Requirements  Suite   Requirements  Excellence  Framework™   The  Requirements  Excellence  Framework™  is  a  complete   business  analysis  methodology  that  addresses  both  business   analysis  and  stakeholder  tasks.   Using    Requirements  Excellence  Framework™  helps  deliver   maximum  value  to  the  business.  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     20  
  21. 21. Requirements  Excellence  Framework   Two  Perspec7ves   Business  Analysis  Perspec7ve   Stakeholder  Perspec7ve  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     21  
  22. 22. Enfocus  Requirement  Suite™   SoYware  Components  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     22  
  23. 23. Enfocus  Requirement  Suite™   Content  Components  ©  Copyright  2012  Enfocus  Solu7ons  Inc.  All  Rights  Reserved.     23