Health Care- Health care personas


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Health Care- Health care personas

  1. 1. Health Care Personas Personas are used to define characteristics and attributes of various types of users; they document key assumptions about the user, such as the level of computer literacy, business knowledge and skills, working hours, and expectations. Using personas has become a best practice for both user-centered-design and agile development communities. Specifically, health care personas include: ——Director of Occupational Therapy pp Directs ——Director Department of Occupational Therapy in treatment and rehabilitation of patients. of Home Health Care pp esponsible R for overall planning and administration of all of the hospital’s home care activities for all departments. ——Director of Emergency Services pp stablishes E and administers emergency services policies and procedures in cooperation with inpatient department heads and administrative personnel. ——Director of Biomedical Engineering pp esponsible R for all functions related to the maintenance and repair of biomedical patient care equipment. ——Director of Behavioral Health pp Responsible ——Director for implementation of psychological services. of Volunteers pp rganizes O and directs a program for training and utilization of volunteer workers who contribute their services to supplement work of regular hospital staff. ——Director of Support Services pp Responsible ——Director of Substance Abuse Center pp Directs ——Director all aspects of substance abuse programs. of Speech Pathology pp Assigns ——Director for development and implementation of support services. patients to staff therapists for treatment and reviews patient’s progress. of Risk Management pp Plans, coordinates, and directs the hospital’s risk management and loss prevention programs. © Copyright 2013 Enfocus Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved 1
  2. 2. ——Director of Rehabilitation Services pp Responsible ——Director for all rehabilitation services. of Public Relations pp rganizes O and directs public relations activities with objective of maintaining an image favorable to community, general public, and hospital staff. ——Director of Patient Relations pp unctions F as representative of the hospital in working relationships with patients and family members. ——Director of Pastoral Services pp Coordinates ——Director of Outpatient Services pp Prepares ——Director pastoral activity with clergy of all faiths. and submits budget for clinical services. of Ancillary Services pp esponsible R for coordination of physical, recreational, and occupational therapy services and respiratory, pharmacy, and medical records. ——Director of Ambulatory Services pp Supervises ——Director and coordinates the administration of ambulatory services. of Admissions pp irects D admitting staff’s interviewing of patient in order to obtain necessary personal and financial data in determining patient’s eligibility for hospital admission. ——Diagnosis-Related Group Coordinator pp ssists A the Medical Staff and Fiscal Services in assuring that an adequate system, encompassing clinical financial data, is maintained to assure appropriate Medicare Reimbursement to maintain a high level of quality patient services while staying within the financial limits of a DRG System. ——Audiologist pp lans, P directs, or conducts a comprehensive program to improve or restore patient’s hearing level. ——Attending Physician pp Responsible physician for particular patients. © Copyright 2013 Enfocus Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved 2
  3. 3. ——Speech Therapist pp iagnoses, D treats, and performs research related to speech and language disorders by evaluating causes and test results. ——Patient Representative pp Serves ——Patient as a representative of the patient in matters pertaining to quality of patient care. Accounts Supervisor pp irects D and supervises activities of billing office personnel in preparation of inpatient and outpatient statements of service and processing of third party billing. ——PACS Administrator pp erform P all related activities for supporting the hospital’s Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS). ——Nursing Home Director pp esponsible R for planning all activities of the hospital’s nursing home to ensure proper health care services to residents. ——Nurse Recruiter pp Conducts ——Medical interviews and recommends candidates to management. Director pp Responsible ——Managed for planning, directing, and coordinating all medical affairs issues. Care Executive pp esponsible R for planning, directing and coordinating all managed care operations, including financial, physician managed care contracts, and patients’ objectives. ——Laundry Manager pp irects D laundry personnel in service activities such as washing, cleaning, ironing, processing, and delivery of uniforms and linens. ——Housekeeping Supervisor pp rains T and supervises housekeeping personnel to maintain cleanliness for specified hospital areas which might include several floors. © Copyright 2013 Enfocus Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved 3